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Only problem is, without any kind of organized resistance, one person shooting a bunch of shit up will only make it easier for them to lock everything down, just like they want. I’d love to just start shooting people, but that would last all of 10 mins before you end up in a shoot out with police. Then you’ll get owned by the jew media as a lone nut gunman and extremist, and they will make anyone who stands up against them look bad.
The answer is still ORGANIZED RESISTANCE. This bullshit about one man doing it all is what has to stop. This hide in the corner and wait for everyone else to act has to stop. People will either get off their sorry asses and DO SOMETHING like I have for the past five years, or they can simply fuck off, because they deserve what’s coming.

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Passover is not long away, just about a month from now. Keep a close eye on your children, before they end up crucified, and drained of their blood while still conscious. Anyone defending jews and their behavior needs to know and understand jewish ritual murder of non-jews. This behavior is beyond unacceptable, it’s so filthy fucking disgusting, that people should immediately want all of their lands rid of the jew.
Haman tried to facilitate just such a thing, by ridding Persia of jews in the fable of Esther, the infiltrating subversive seductress jewess who’s slimy, slutty tactics still give her people reason to rejoice today. Much like the tales of little jew girls escaping death camps to grow up with a pack of wolves, or shrunken jew heads and jew skin lampshades, this too is a fable, but is still none the less used as a way for jews to revel in blood sacrifice, ritual murder, and genocide against all non-jews.
People need to stop thinking of jews as humans with a conscience like themselves. Do these sound like the kind of people you want running your courts, governments, banking system, corporations, media, etc? Do you think these blood thirsty beasts should be allowed quarter amongst our people, so that they might dine on the flesh of our children? How many jews are a safe number to keep around in light of the facts? If you have human compassion, a human conscience, and even one iota of common sense, your natural response will be “not a single fucking one”.

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Great article. Once people get passed the holocaust and stop seeing jews as victims or misunderstood people, and start actually looking at what they are and what they do, it’s all over for them.
Jews make up 80% of the worlds leaders, and if they are not jewish, they are married to one (like Harper in Canada) or are sponsored by Jews.
It is important to learn about the jew, about who your enemy is. They see you as the enemy whether you like it or not and know everything about you, they make it a point to understand non-jews to use it to their advantage, those days are OVER.
These disgusting rats will eventually try to take over America by force, and thats where they will meet their fate. Americans of all colors and religions will unite against the jew rat that has been abusing them.
They know the majority of non jews know nothing about them. Again, that is coming to an end, they know the end is near.

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The truth is, 911 was pulled off by jews to force a number of different agendas on our people. These include, but are not limited to, pushing us into wars that suit their needs, removing more of our freedoms, propagandizing our people, making patriots out to be terrorists, etc. and unfortunately, many of these have worked flawlessly. We don’t need a new investigation. 911 was a jewish terrorist attack, covered up by the jewish media, with the same modus operandi (method of operation) as the King David Hotel attack, i.e. jews dressed like Arabs blow up a building and blame it on Muslims.

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We need to start a new program to combat communist jew gun control efforts. Many times their efforts consist of false flag shootings like Sandy Hook, followed by the jewish media screaming how we’ll never be safe as long as guns are around. In the near future, we will have a section where anti-gun jew fucks and their supporters can be exposed and properly ridiculed, until such time as they can face the consequences of their treason.

Recently a bunch of feminist jew cunts thought they would protest guns on campus by giving out dildos. They look like a bunch of dildos doing it, so let’s start with them. These dumb uneducated commie feminist infected pustules figured since dildos were banned on campus, but guns weren’t, they would protest by acting like whores and handing out dildos. They are flanked by feminized bitches with mustaches and beards that I won’t dare call “males”or “men”, but they dress like guys anyway. These freakish abominations have a name for their protest “Cocks not Glocks”. I guess even these guys like cocks. In the pictures they seem to enjoy playing with them way too much.

This is what you have to look forward to if you don’t stand and fight for freedom and righteousness. Your women will all be degraded to a pile of bottom feeding fake ass feminist tramps who will drop their pants to anyone. Your men will be girly little bitches who like sex with men, dogs, and children as much as they do a grown woman. To top it off, you’ll all be disarmed useless pussies crying in “safe zones” because your fake candidate lost a fake election that never happened. (oh yes, we’ll cover that soon too)

I’m not really mad though. Anyone that thinks handing out dildos to protest guns is funny needs shot, and the idea of that makes these whiny bitches mad. Wouldn’t that be ironic? Going before a firing squad for trying to ban guns? I think that is very fitting, but this article is Nooses for Gun Control so back to that.

These snakes always speak with a forked tongue. Remember, they walk among us, appealing to our sensibilities. There is a reason the Marcus Cicero quote has been displayed so long on the front of this site. An enemy at the gates is less formidable than one who pretends to be just another America with a differing view.

“I do believe in the second amendment and the right to own guns and bear arms, however I don’t think that public university is really the place for that,” said one commie lying fuck. This pile of shit doesn’t believe in the second amendment, or your right to defend yourself. She wants guns banned, and picking away at this little thing is her method of helping ban them.

This Hegelian dialect says one thing, then turns right around and says the other. People always ask me, “how do you know this/that”, and the answer is always the same. You need to listen to how someone says something, not what they are saying. This person above is saying she wants to ban guns, but only here and there. She “believes” in the second amendment, but that doesn’t mean she will let you have it. Even the commie jew professors were filing injunctions to stop people carrying firearms.

Anyway, let us get to the point. They want to give away dildos for gun control, we will give away free rides in a noose to all gun control proponents. Nooses for Gun Control will cover all the expenses. Rope. Trees or custom built gallows, and even a bucket to kick out from under them! Every expense will be spared to ensure the least amount of comfort, but any gun control nut wanting to show their psychotic little heads will get free rides. No questions asked. Bodies will be burned and the ashes spread to the four corners of the earth for good measure.

Listen folks. It is really this simple. The only reason for gun control is to make you easier to kill. Stop beating around the bush and acting like they give a fuck about your safety. The moment they have your guns, the open slaughter will commence. These people mean to kill anyone who resists their take over. If you’re confused as to what this will look like, have a look at this movie about the Katyn forest massacre.

Too many people want to argue the points on gun control. They want to break out all the statistics, and try to “win” an argument based on the truth. The truth they rely on is that gun control only causes more trouble, and the enemy will counter with appeals to emotion and cries about saving the children. This will go on for eternity, but slowly they will whittle away our gun rights to nothing if we continue to allow discussion. If I have to spell out how this is being done already, take a look at this current article HERE where Obama the dark skinned jew and Socialist Security criminal mob are making up their own “rules” to stop people from acquiring guns.

Rights are like facts. They aren’t up for discussion or debate. I seriously don’t care what whiny emotional bullshit they use. Rights aren’t something that can be debated, because they are set in stone. Anyone trying to debate your rights is your enemy. Nothing else needs said, but they will try!

There is nothing to argue with gun control. Anyone who wants you disarmed means you harm. Period. Taking guns makes people easy to kill, and serves absolutely no other purpose. Oh wait, it does make it impossible for you to fight back. Look at the draconian measures being treasonously imposed by the corporation posing as the legitimate government in Commifornia. These fools pick away at banning all kinds of things, including now magazine releases they call “bullet buttons”. These commie jew fucks even require background checks just to buy ammunition! Ask yourself who ever gave them that power? Some commerce clause? What?

This communist shit hole Commiefornia would be a great place to set up gallows to hang treasonous twits. By the way, under the definition of treason, almost anyone working in government can be hung until dead. They are literally aiding and abetting enemies of our country in the form of the private corporations they serve. There are NO legitimate “government” employees today. They all work for a private company, but we’ll cover that at another time.

Anyone who has any reason they want guns banned here or there, or blocked from carrying this way or that, or just doesn’t quite feel comfortable with people having guns or using them for whatever reason is already guilty of treason. Stop trying to discuss the finer points of gun control with people who want to take your guns, just so they can kill you with guns. Nobody gives a shit about statistics. They don’t matter. The only thing that matters is getting as many gun control nuts free rides in a noose as soon as possible.

From now on, when you enter a gun control conversation, it will go like this. The gun control freak will try to tug at people’s emotions, “those poor children that got shot in that school, we can never let this happen again”. Your reply will be, “You’re right! Gun control is a serious problem that can only be solved by judicious use of a noose!”

What else is there to discuss? Anyone who wants your guns out of sight, wants them banned. Anyone who wants their use or carry curtailed, wants them banned. Anyone who wants them banned, wants to kill you. No more discussion. Every discussion about gun control should end in discussions about nooses from here on out, because there is NO DISCUSSION.

No Quarter.

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I’m in this til I die. I know how long it’s been goin’ down and I know it won’t end anytime soon. These kikes are EVERYwhere. But just as important as ridding ourselves of them is re-educating our people from scratch.

You know from my emails Adam that I’m pretty far down the rabbit hole.

Anyway i’m not worried about any of this shit. It’s HIGHLY concerning and WE ARE AT WAR, but nothing to worry about.

I was pretty heated when I posted the above posts, cause I fucking DESPISE jews and like I have told you Adam in emails I always have this sense of desperation and urgency about getting rid of these kikes, but I’m truly not worried. At all. I KNOW these JEWS ARE DOOMED.

. I just hate the idea of them hurting my fuckin’ people. Which they do ALL THE TIME. I guarantee as I type this at LEAST a couple hundred people are being tortured and murdered by these kike rats. That makes me SO FUCKING ANGRY. It makes me want to go out RIGHT NOW and KILL EVERY YID I SEE.

But no. I want them EXTINCT so I bide my time, preparing for their demise.

I just hope better, stronger men than myself are doing the same.

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I’m not saying the entire KKK is jewish, because it’s not, but like all groups that stir up racism and cause division, it certainly has it’s share of them. Both in leadership, members, and provocateurs, there are always plenty of jews afoot. It just so turns out that the KKK got it’s name from the Greek word kyklos meaning circle, and jews got the name kike from the yiddish word kikel meaning circle as well.

Knowing jews are always found on both sides of the racism equation (i.e. KKK, Nazi Party, NAACP, ACLU, SPLC, ADL) it’s at the very least quite intriguing that these names have such similar origins. Another intriguing note is that jews often attach great significance to names, and are known to alter them like this to fit different purposes.


If all human non-jews are smart they will put the racial differences aside, and focus real racist hatred onto the jews stirring the pot. This doesn’t mean you can’t be a white nationalist, a black nationalist, or a person of any race who is proud of their skin color, heritage, culture, or whatever you may think defines you. I am not racist except against jews, and I implore others to look at it the same way.

The jews are the most racist people on the planet, and yet they use racism to divide the rest of us, so they may rape us at will. Naturally, we should all be racist against them, if for nothing else than rational self defense.

All that any of this is meant to identify is that white, black, and every other non-jewish race are stuck on a sinking raft together. We can either fight with each other as we ride our limp dingy down into the darkest depths of the sea, or we can recognize we are sinking because of the jew with the ice pick, poking all the holes in our floaty. If we’re smart, we can work together to throw their asses overboard, and finally get on with patching the raft, before we never see dry land again.

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[In response to the comment 'How many tattoo artists did Germany have working to apply 6 million tattoos on the Jews before they were ready to be killed?
Can you imagine they had to tattoo 6 million people before they killed them in the time allotted.

Well said. That’s a lot of work doing tattoos and getting jew blood on you just to slaughter them. The jews can’t make up a good lie to save their life. Everything they say is so fucking ridiculous you have to be on psyche meds to believe it. This is the result of pharmaceutical companies making BILLION$$$$ all around the world.

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Great site and great truth ,it seems everyone is waking up to these low live scum the subhuman jews / freemasons ,even the Jewsuits are jewish ,they were liars from the beginnings just like their fathers liars ,the synagogue of satan ,Hitler knew why he had to get rid of them and its a real shame he didn’t kill them all ,the holohoax as we all now know it is nothing but jewish pig bullshit ,the freemasons worship ur-anus and are behind the rape and murder of millions of kids they are scum ,and I would like to see the world take off where Hitler left , and destroy their buildings sell their assets and jail or kill them all they are worthless human scum and as soon as the whole world wakes up as their pitiful Talmud says they will kill us openly and rightly so hey freemason pig your going down you lowlife subhuman jew scum liar

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If you reject truth, no matter where it comes from, then you live a lie.

Rather than believing, start looking for real answers. The jews have everyone “believing” that muslims did 911. Look what that lie has created. Belief must be smashed to smithereens so that truth can prevail. No matter what that truth is.

The Abrahamic religions were designed to get you to reject REALITY. You’re not just rejecting true spirituality. You are rejecting a whole other world of possibility that is alive and well all around you. You are doing exactly what they want you to do. Ignore the truth, rather than learn about it, because once you realize what’s really happening on other levels, you become dangerous to them.

Don’t worry about offending me or anyone else. If the truth is offensive, the people offended by it need to look at themselves.

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The main secret about the moon may be that it’s an artificial alien satellite, parked in Earth orbit millions of years ago to stabilize the Earth’s rotation and precession in order to allow intelligent life forms to evolve. Prior to the moon’s arrival, the Earth’s rotation and precession may have been too unstable, leading to periodic cataclysmic pole reversals which wiped out all evolving life forms. Also, it’s well-known that the moon regulates the Earth’s tides. What were the Earth’s tides like before the moon arrived in orbit? Possibly unpredictable and tsunami-like?

Supposedly, seismic tests done on the moon have revealed that it is hollow, which isn’t possible with a real moon or planet. Adam’s comment about how unlikely it is that only one side of the moon ever faces Earth turned on a light bulb for me. Although I knew that was the case, I had never really thought about how unlikely it is.

I also agree with the comment that the “Cold War” explanation for the moon hoax doesn’t cut it, because the Jews have controlled Russia since 1917, and the United States since at least 1913, when the “Federal” Reserve was forced upon us. So, it doesn’t make sense that they would stage such a risky, expensive, and elaborate hoax just to make one puppet hand (the U.S.) “fool” the other puppet hand (the Soviet Union). The military, intelligence, and scientific directorates of the Soviet Union were surely intelligent enough and had enough espionage and technical capabilities to easily figure out that the moon landings were hoaxed, yet they never called the U.S. on it – they played along.

I don’t agree with the idea that the moon landings were hoaxed just as a way of funneling more money to Israel, because there would have been much easier and less risky ways for the Jews to do that. Imagine the risks they took to pull off multiple moon landings hoaxes – what if something went wrong, and their hoax was suddenly exposed to millions of TV viewers? There has to be something about the moon itself that they don’t want people to know, and therefore they took the huge risk of hoaxing the moon landings so that, as Adam said, NASA could later say, “Been there, done that. Nothing more to see on the moon – move along.”

Here’s an article about how NASA has issued orders to the private companies wanting to explore the moon to stay away from the Apollo “landing sites.” Most likely, because there’s nothing at those sites!


Or, on a more hopeful and somewhat less “far-out” note, it could be that the Jew-created, German-bashing spoof movie “Iron Sky” is a reality, and that those “evil Nazis” may have antigravity ships and bases on the moon’s far side, waiting to conquer Earth. This sounds ridiculous, but there is actually a lot of evidence that the Germans had made incredible technological advances in the closing years of WWII, possibly including antigravity “flying saucers” or UFOs, and that they managed to ship those secrets to Antarctica and/or South America, where they developed them further. I can easily see why the Jews who control the U.S. and Russia would want to hide German antigravity UFOs and German military bases on the moon, if that is the case. It could also explain why U.S. and Russian nuke sites have been repeatedly probed by UFOs from 1947 up until the present day. Why would aliens from another star system be so concerned about our nuclear missiles, which could never reach them anyway? This “German UFO/ moon base” scenario could explain the NASA Space Shuttle video in which it appears that a missile was fired at a UFO in Earth’s upper atmosphere, which then immediately darted off into space to evade the missile.

Or, it could be that both scenarios are true – the moon is an artificial alien satellite, and the Germans have used their antigravity UFO technology to establish military bases there. I can certainly see why the Jews would want to hide such a reality from the people. If such a scenario is true, I’m pulling for the Germans!

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All space travel is a hoax. Man has never been outside of the earths atmosphere. Space station, satellites, hubble telescope, going to other planets with rovers, all fake. Matter of fact how much that were told about space is real? Do we really have nine planets? If space is a vacuum, or absolute zero, and void of matter. Why would a alleged planet such as Saturn have ice rings around it? Can anyone answer that?

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Why is it everything in our solar system turns on an axis, except the moon? Even the sun spins on it’s axis, but not the moon. If you look at their bogus claims as to WHY it is that we only see one side of the moon, things start to get real fishy. They actually try to say the rate the moon turns on it’s axis is relative to the rotation of the earth in such a way that the earth can never see the other side! If that doesn’t bake your noodle, I don’t know what will. That one point is enough to prove something is seriously wrong with what we’ve been told about this “moon” of ours. I could go much further, but I don’t think I need to. Go find a logical reason as to why we only see one side of a moon which science claims IS IN FACT TURNING on it’s axis.

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[On how viruses were supposedly invented by Jews in order to kill off non-Jews]

The technology for genetic manipulation has been around since the pyramids were built. I agree jews are not exactly smart, just manipulative and underhanded, but most viruses didn’t show up until the late 1700's to early 1800's at best. Yes, they were fully capable of creating these things at that time.

Viruses are NOT living things, and do NOT reproduce in nature. A virus needs a host to reproduce. A virus can not move or do anything on it’s own. In fact, a virus wouldn’t do anything if YOUR CELLS did not reproduce it and run it’s instruction set. On that note, viruses are nothing more than a set of instructions. They are a non-living strand of DNA/RNA wrapped in a protein with a specific delivery vector. They have absolutely zero reason to exist in nature, and did not exist until man (or non-human jews) created them and released them on mankind.