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Vaccination Detoxification
  Vaccines are filled with harmful adjuvants and components.

Coerced vaccination with no possibility of exemption is becoming a reality.  Nurses are ordered to comply in order to keep their jobs.  Children in California are mandated to receive vaccinations.  Just recently, New York City is requiring the measles vaccination or pay a $1000 fine with possible jail time.  Now we are experiencing mandatory covid shots from colleges and employers.

Keep in mind that unless someone is literally forcing the shot into you that you have a choice whether to get the shot or not.  In other words, there is a huge difference between forced and coerced.  With coersion, you actually have a choice.  Choose wisely. 

What do you do if you experience such gunpoint medicine?  I explain more about my personal program for vaccination detoxification below.

But first, as a note, vaccinations are not "safe and effective" as per their marketing mantra.  Rather, vaccinations are "unavoidably unsafe" as per the Supreme Court.