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Why is ‘white nationalism’ doomed to failure?

Simply put, it is a slippery slope that leads to miscegenation

I’ve been searching the major American racial right sites these days for an article on Tucker Carlson’s recent interview with Putin[…]I only found one by David Zsutty in Counter-Currents[…]
I discovered that the commenters consider Russians to be pure whites. Contrast that not only with Mauricio’s recent quote but with what I say in our featured post:

He who has transvalued his values endorses the Generalplan Ost[…]the aim of which was to deport more than thirty million Untermenschen from the western parts of the Soviet Union to Siberia

Such an exterminationist ideology, which cannot contrast more with the neo-Christian racialism of our day, is based[…]on principles that were taken for granted in the Germany of former times[…]
What emerges from the echo chamber that is the comments section of Zsutty’s article is that these typical white nationalists have granted racial amnesty to many Slavs[…]
But all this[…]vanished like dew with the tale the Establishment has been telling us since 1945, a tale to which the so-called nationalists subscribe: the rejection of Nordicism

So-called white nationalism is a slippery slope not only because it betrays the legacy of the American eugenicists of yesteryear like Madison Grant, but Hitlerism itself. Once one starts sliding down the slope by calling pure whites a large part of the Slavs, who as Putin conceded coexist with many other peoples and ethnicities within Russia, the ideological foundations are laid for the eventual extinction of the Aryan (compare Putin’s ideology with Pierce’s ‘Extermination or Expulsion’)[…]
The ethno-traitor phobia that white nationalists feel for Nordicism, a Nordicism that includes not only National Socialism but Grant’s legacy

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This One Bible Verse Shuts Evolution Down

It’s a good feeling when something is finished. Whether it’s a construction job, the baking of a cake, or the writing of a book, finishing gives us a sense of accomplishment.

The Scriptures tell us, “Thus the heavens and the earth were finished, and all the host of them” (Genesis 2:1, KJV). The heavens and the earth were finished. Creation was complete. The horse was finished. It had been made by God with two eyes, two ears, one mouth, four legs, and a curve in its back to comfortably accommodate the curve of a human rider.

The dog was also finished. It had two ears, two eyes, four legs, one tail, and one bark. Both the horse and the dog also had all the necessary parts to breath air, digest food, see sights, hear sounds, and reproduce after their own kind. Plus, both had male and female. Everything was finished, complete, ready to go.

The theory of evolution says that nothing is finished. Nothing is complete. Nothing is ready to go. The horse is still evolving. So is the dog. To believe this, all you need is a big imagination, a small brain, millions of years, and the word “perhaps.”

Perhaps in millions of years, the horse will have five legs, another mouth, a bigger curve (people are getting bigger), and three ears. Perhaps it won’t. Same with the dog. Two barks? Three tails?

Evolution only evolves where it needs to evolve, and perhaps it will conclude that four legs, one mouth, a cool curve, and two ears are a perfect design for the horse. Same with the dog.

In reality, nothing evolved or is evolving. It was all created by the genius of God, and everything is complete. It is finished, just as the Scriptures say.
Then There Are Birds

“…and let birds fly above the earth across the face of the firmament of the heavens” (Genesis 1:20, NKJV).

According to the Smithsonian Magazine, an estimated 50 billion birds inhabit the earth, with around 9,700 different bird species. Of these 50 billion, approximately 1.6 billion are common house sparrows. All these birds are the distant descendants of those first created by God in the beginning. He created them male and female, and each continued to reproduce after its own kind, all the way to our modern day.

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There comes a point in the persecution of sexuality when pedophiles are the only sane people left in the world. That time is now. Everyone else has either lost their mind or pretends to go along with the antisex insanity with their public persona so they can have a “respectable” role. I bet you don’t even dare to call out the female sex offender charade with your real name. I don’t play that game. I am not afraid to associate with pedophiles when everyone else has gone insane. I am afraid not to because else you literally have no friends and everything is fake and based on lying to people who would kill you for your real self just to keep up the appearance of normiehood even though they themselves are most likely lying too.

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Part of the craze of adolescent girls declaring themselves to be boys is a female version of the Peter Pan syndrome of boys not wanting to grow up into men. Puberty is scary for girls and not a few girls would like to just stay the way they are a little longer and not turn into women right now. Lots of parents kind of feel the same way.

Roughly, age 6 to 11 is kind of a halcyon era of childhood that other Great Apes species move through much quicker. It’s a time to learn lots of little skills without being distracted by sex. Lots of girls can’t wait to get to puberty and womanhood and boys, but lots of other girls don’t want to be in such a rush.

So then these natural feelings get plugged into a crazed ideological fad because crazed ideological fads are how we roll these days.

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New York City councilman Yusuf Salaam, who once took part in the gruesome gang rape of a jogger in Central Park, is now furious that an NYPD officer dared to pull him over for having illegally tinted windows. Salaam wasn’t even arrested or given a ticket, but after getting away with gang rape he apparently thinks he deserves to be completely above the law.

What a disgusting pig.


Readers added context

FALSE: It is a matter of public record that Salaam was NOT a perpetrator of the Central Park rape. His (and the rest of the Central Park Fives') convictions were tossed out, and they were exonerated after an unassociated serial rapist and murderer confessed to the crime.

Context is written by people who use X, and appears when rated helpful by others. Find out more.

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Most conservatives know the 2020 presidential election was rigged. Some of us use the word "electioneered." Some use the word "stolen."

But one of the biggest challenges has been articulating the details of HOW the election was rigged.

Yes, we know... mail-in ballots, drop-boxes, ballot harvesting, changes in election law, etc. But that is VULNERABILITY for fraud, not like... proof.

Here's your proof. 28% of mail-in voters in 2020 admit committing fraud. If even as few as 4% actually did... then Trump would've won the presidency in 2020.

Study linked below.

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I don't feel sorry for peoples like that.
They behave like savages, drive a car like douches, and after that they are surprised to got a crash.
They hitted a truck and 2 of them died, but what if they hitted persons who just walked on the sidewalk, or a car with childrens inside?
Rest to their souls, but for the rest...

This is the result of stupidity/lefty propaganda hooking up, you get a generations of arrogant idiots that will blindly surrender their lives for cheap thrills.

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I deleted an earlier tweet about New York city councilman Yusef Salaam because I think additional details and context are warranted.

Many people, even on the right, think the Central Park Five case is a story of five completely innocent men, railroaded at random by a racist justice system, who have now been fully and totally exonerated beyond doubt. This is not true and I’ll explain why.

I said Salaam once “took part in a gruesome gang rape,” but did not elaborate. I should have said "Yusef Salaam once confessed to participating in a gang rape. In this confession, Salaam admitted to beating jogger Trisha Meili twice with a metal pipe, and to groping her breasts while others raped her.” I should have mentioned that along with being raped, Meili was beaten so badly that her eye socket was crushed and her brain was severely damaged.

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“The same belief in magic reveals itself in the claim that certain words or ideas associated with ‘white privilege’ are a form of ‘epistemic violence’, capable of wreaking untold psychological damage on women and minorities. When a group of LGBT+ activists at a university claim that giving a platform to a ‘Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist’ will ‘erase’ the identity of trans students, it is tempting to dismiss this as hyperbole. But maybe we should take what they say at face value. If we grant them that courtesy, we have to conclude that the members of this cult attribute a terrifying supernatural power to those in possession of ‘white privilege’. They really do believe that the people at the top of the intersectional hierarchy can literally ‘erase’ people by uttering certain words, almost like magic spells. In this context, the ‘safe spaces’ that have been created in universities, in which students are protected from the harmful effects of these spells, are a bit like churches — holy places where evil cannot penetrate.”

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Lisa Frankenstein: Mary Shelly Rolls In Her Grave

Where the fuck do I even fucking begin with this fuck!? So my girlfriend and I go to see Night Swim and this unholy abomination before God was shown on the theater screen, and when the trailer ended I turned to her and I said "There is a LOT I hate about this fucking movie, going by the trailer alone". So, apparently, we have a protagonist who, somehow, manages to bring back the body of some dead guy (I'm assuming by the magical properties of "plot") and becomes his living girlfriend, all the while defying societal norms in an attempt to "live her own truth" and "accept how awesome she is", and I'm only assuming this based on how cunty Lisa herself is acting throughout the trailer. Do I even NEED to say what all is wrong with this, you've seen the trailer at this point, YOU KNOW what's wrong with it: the Mary Sue insert main protag; the propogandist attack on societal norms thinly veiled as "attacking the patriarchy"; ALL the characters existing solely to either prop up Lisa and her struggle, or exist as shallow cardboard cutouts as strawman arguments AGAINST the ideals being pushed in this drek!

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On the afternoon of January 4, Libs of TikTok creator Chaya Raichik shared a meme on X suggesting that multiple recent school shooters have been transgender. Raichik added the claim — spreading rapidly among anti-trans accounts — that the alleged perpetrator of a shooting in an Iowa school that day identified as “genderfluid,” adding, “What’s going on?”

But one of the photos in the meme Raichik shared — supposedly of the shooter in the 2022 Uvalde, Texas, school shooting — was of an innocent woman

Far-right 4chan trolls had originally shared photos of an unrelated trans woman, identified by NBC News only as “Sam,” to claim that she had perpetrated the massacre. The actual shooter, 18-year-old Salvador Ramos, was killed on the scene by police

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Stew Peters spoke with[…]James Edwards about the so-called “national epidemic” of “Black-on-white crime”[…]
“Every day we turn on our TV[…]and we see another Third World invader or inner city parasitic animal attacking an elderly white person in a nursing home, who’s been left there completely defenseless, with no one to speak up for them and no one to come to their aid”[…]
Peters asked if elderly white Americans won World War II just to be “abused and raped and killed by ghetto savages”

Peters then turned to his guest[…]“These people are getting away with this because we don’t have a serious justice system,” Peters told Edwards. “But we can defund it[…]We can expose it. And we can get rid of these animals and exterminate these parasites, can’t we?”[…]
Edwards then invited the show’s viewers to “look back” at the “mythical amount of violence that white Southerners supposedly displayed against Blacks during the so-called civil rights era.” He complained that there are still headlines about the lynching of Emmett Till[…]
“And I say that the most remarkable thing about violence in the South at that time was how remarkable little there was”[…]
Edwards said that he “had the opportunity to interview the officer who arrested Rosa Parks” in 2008. He told Peters that “this wasn’t gonna be a shock” to him or his audience, but that “everything you’ve learned about that time in history is a lie,” calling it “no different than” the modern “BLM riots”

In a 2010 article commemorating the 55th anniversary of Rosa Parks’ arrest, Edwards called Parks a “Communist” and wrote, “It never ceases to amaze me how lawbreakers (Parks, ‘civil rights’ activists, illegal aliens, etc.) are heralded as heroes by the media while hard working, tax paying, God fearing Middle Americans are treated as criminals”

He also complained about the attention being paid to white murder victims. “You hear about Emmett Till,” he said. “Of course what about Cannon Hinnant[…]? Any movies about that?”

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Tucker Carlson’s descent into pushing conspiracies hit a scientific new low as the former Fox News host suggested in a new interview that he’s open to the theory that Earth may actually be flat.

Speaking to the Blaze’s Alex Stein (via Meidas Touch), Carlson was asked about the Flat Earth theory. “Well, I’m open to anything,” he replied. “How could I not be open to anything at this point? I mean, there’s been so much deception that you can’t trust your preconceptions.”

After dismissing the notion that history trends toward “enlightenment and technological progress” as “a complete lie,” Carlson added, “The most basic stories we’ve been told about history, about the Earth, the physical Earth itself, which has been completely changed by climate change for millions of years, once you realize all of that, then it’s like, I don’t know, what is true?”

However, Carlson wouldn’t brand himself a Flat Earther only because guns of all things taught him that the world is probably round. “As far as the curvature of the Earth, that’s a thing in shooting,” he said. “I like rifle shooting and past a certain distance you have to take that in account. That suggests it’s real. Because one thing I know that is guns. Guns are real.”

Not surprisingly, this isn’t the first time Carlson has baited Flat Earthers, using their ridiculous cause as an entry point to examine other conspiracies, like the “truth” behind 9/11 and aliens.

“Flat Earth people have been able to cruise beneath the radar for so long — and by the way I’m not discounting that possibility for the record, in case any are here, because I’m an open-minded man,” Carlson once said at a Turning Point Action conference. “Present me the evidence of its flatness, and I will amplify it.”

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Vincent James and Nick Fuentes: The Rosa Parks And Martin Luther King Jr. Of White Nationalists

James: “We’ve reached millions of people. There’s a big benefit to that but it’s something—I’m not saying that I regret it, I’m just saying that it’s not easy. It’s not for the weak, that’s for sure. To go through the things that we [have]—journalists stalking us and shit like that—it’s not for the weak.”

“The fact that we have sort of paved the way and made it easier for people to talk about these things, you’re kind of jealous. It’s like, ‘What the fuck man?’ It’s like, ‘Dude, I lost my job, all these things happened to me, I lost my bank account to say these things.’ It’s kind of like, almost, you know, Martin Luther King in a way, kind of, or Rosa Parks.”

Fuentes: Yeah, We’re the first ones. We’re the ones getting beaten down and firehosed.”

James: “Yeah, it’s kind of like that, It’s almost exactly like how those Blacks were hit with fire hoses.”

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How deep in the trenches of the political and cultural divide do you have to be to think that setting up freaking RAZOR WIRE to protect your own damn border is seen as extreme to the point that you need to take control of the state's national guard?! Hell, my girlfriend is Puerto Rican, and SHE thinks the government's take on this is insane! Good news is that 25 states of the United States, literally HALF, are backing Texas, bad news is that the other half either don't care or are against Texas. Folks, this is how the first Civil War freaking started: dispute over states' rights! Except back then, it was over whether or not states could secede from the Union (and no you sad, sad victims of our modern education system, it WAS NOT about slavery as that was invented by the Union and weaponized by President Lincoln and almost backfired in their faces), and now the same thing is happening again for the same damn reason, that of a tyrannical and overbearing government! Joe Biden and his administration are on their way out, and they know it, so this has the reek of a last desperate grasp of power. If there is a civil dispute, the current administration could use that as incentive to try to stay in power, and I DARE you to try and tell me that they won't try to spin it that way in the coming days!

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[From “Can Texas Constitutionally Engage in War and Protect Itself From Imminent Danger?”]

This verdict temporarily permits Border Patrol agents to remove the razor wire that had been placed along the banks of the Rio Grande, pending the outcome of an ongoing lawsuit. The Biden administration’s argument hinges on the belief that the presence of this wire impedes Border Patrol agents from efficiently reaching migrants as they attempt to cross the river[…]
Before turning to the expected analysis of federalism, state sovereignty, and the so-called Supremacy Clause, let’s look a lesser-known, little spoken-of clause in the Constitution[…]
Article I, Section 10 of the U.S. Constitution preserves to the states the authority to “engage in war” if actually invaded or “in such imminent Danger as will not admit of delay”

Given the number of “immigrants” and their age and gender (young adult, male), Governor Abbott and AG Paxton could make a very compelling argument that the conditions of invasion and imminent danger are clearly present along the southern border[…]
That is to say, even if one makes the argument that Texas is not being invaded, as that term would be understood by the Founders, there is still a very strong argument to be made that the state is in imminent danger[…]
The state’s decision to exclude federal agents from certain areas can be interpreted as an assertion of its right to manage its own law-enforcement resources and strategies. While the Supremacy Clause of the Constitution ensures that federal law generally takes precedence over state law, it does not grant the federal government an unlimited mandate to intervene in state-controlled areas[…]
As for this so-called Supremacy Clause[…]
If the Founders had intended to include Supreme Court opinions in the list of those things making up the “supreme law of the land,” then they would have done so. They didn’t, therefore they aren’t

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One of the latest inhuman projects, yet propagated as an environmental savior is industrial "decarbonization" of the world. It is called the First Movers Coalition (FMC), consisting currently of 96 members, with "more than 120 commitments" to purchase near-zero emission goods and services by 2030.

Be aware, these "commitments" are nothing more than "promises", or in Cult lingo "Predictive Programming" which is but a warning to the population of what might happen.

This ritual is a MUST for Cults to be successful. They also create fear, which in turn, makes people submissive and drastically reduces the human immune system. That is their main goal. It is one of the more effective tactics of mind manipulation "science" à la Tavistock Social Engineering Institute in the UK.

Remember the Covid farce? It is now admitted even by mainstream having been largely "exaggerated". People may take note, but the farce goes on, with the next lie, with the next false pandemic, or fake climate disaster, or energy shortages.

Or not? Will We, the People, stand up?
What these Masters of the Universe do perhaps not know is that eliminating CO2 is a step closer to destroying Mother Earth. Because CO2 is as important for life and for the equilibrium of climate as is oxygen, the one chemical that is said is necessary for life to survive (other than water), with its symbol "O" or "O2".

Without CO2, "food" for the trees, there is no oxygen. Trees transform CO2 into oxygen in a process of photosynthesis.
There is no need for industrial interference, for WEF-UN-promoted industrial disturbance of the equilibrium of the universe. All such interferences as the WEF promotes on many fronts are "gentle" steps towards euthanizing humanity, and what ever other "useless eaters" can be replaced by robots, transhumans and AI.

Oxygen is what humans and most life forms need to breath. What the new WEF promotion, FMC, propagates to do, is helping to reduce natural oxygen production.

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(Translated from German by the submitter)

A few helpful distinguishing traits of men in women’s clothing, in cases where it’s not that obvious, such as with the “pretty” Happy Rpthschild in the entry above.

Men have a ca. 10% bigger skull then wenches* and the traita at the skulls are different, such as a square chin and mandible, a more tilted forehead and a more prominent brow bone.

Another good distinguishing trait are the clavicles. Men have straight and more massive clavicles and wenches more gracile and v-shaped. In men, the shoulders are broader than the hips. Men have longer arms then wenches and bigger hands and feet as well, famously do not have a nidriff (one can see that very well with Giselle Bündchen), a longer upper body. Due to the wider pelvis, the legs are situated differently in wenches and thus, the gait is different as well.

* (He consistently uses the word “Weib”, which once used to be the standard word for woman, corresponding to the German words for female (weiblich, as well as Weibchen - not Weib - as a noun in biology), but became degoratory during the 19th Century, rather than Frau, which in parallel was an elevated word that became the standard word.)

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[From “I Come Not for the Hottentot…”]

I come not for
Hottentot nor Hausa,
Mongol nor the Malay,
Neither Berber nor the Bantu

I seek the great White race —
Sons of Vikings and Norsemen,
The Rus
the Gaul
and Saxon.

Are Danes the sons of Dan?
Are Saxons Isaac’s sons?
Are Iberians of Eber?
Is this the Dispersion among the Greeks the Gospels teach?

my heart yearns for my race
for them alone I give all
of my eternities

— Fritz Berggren
Thanksgiving 2023

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(Note: spacelazarwolf is not the OP. This is a targeted hate message anonymously sent to him, a Jewish trans man.)

Hi Breastie!! I'm the Good Faith Advise Anon! And I've come to share some lighthearted facts (。•̀ᴗ-)✧

One of the most prominent finantial inversors of the Trans comunity and movement less spoken of in public is Jewish business male George Soros, being one of the main sponsors of the EU trans lobby orgs through his open society foundations (. ❛ ᴗ ❛.)

Most violent crimes, specially those particulary henious such as rape, assault, robbery, murder, and child abuse; Males commit 80-90% of these with notorious difference. Victims includes both females and other weaker males themselves (ㆁωㆁ)

Homosexuality is a material reality based on the exclusive attraction towards other individual based on shared same sex. A person having willingly sexual activities with someone of the opposite sex is simply and objectively not homosexual 乁[ ◕ ᴥ ◕ ]ㄏ

Love ya Breastie!! (つ≧▽≦)つ

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[Bolding added.]

Antisemites are everywhere and some will undoubtedly jump at a chance to act out violently, but everyone who acts out violently didn’t start out as a violent anti-Semite.

While you may not believe this, the people shouting gas the Jews may not actually be anti-Semites even though what they are saying is anti-Semitic and horribly callous, but they are being radicalized and becoming more dangerous.

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At least 4 independent studies (Hooker, Mawson, Garner, and my own surveys) found an odds ratio of 5 or more for autism being more likely in the vaccinated vs. unvaccinated. This means that 80% or more of autism is caused by childhood vaccines. There aren't any studies of fully vaxxed vs. fully unvaxxed showing otherwise that any of us are aware of. Congress tried to get the NIH to do a study on vaxxed vs. unvaxxed, but the bill never made it out of committee.

Steve Kirsch #conspiracy #dunning-kruger #pratt #wingnut twitter.com

We have only have about 100 friends left and one of them lost both of her young brothers to the vaccine. She’s now the only sibling alive.

How do you explain that if the vaccine is safe?

Do you even know what the odds of that happening to her are? And the odds that I would know a person who lost all their siblings to the vaccine given we only have 100 friends left?

Hint: there should be fewer than one person on earth that has had that happen to them if the vaccine was safe. And secondly, it would never be in my friend network.

Just that one anecdote alone means it’s highly likely that the vaccines are causing excess deaths.

And if you don’t believe me, why don’t you show us your calculations?