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RE: S. African Township Becomes ‘Racial’ Flashpoint in Rainbow Nation

Indian immigrants fight back against black marauders.

When nonwhites are attacked for their race and/or fight back in defense of their race, they are congratulated for fighting back.

When whites are attacked for their race and/or fight back in defense of their race, it is "racist, hateful" and "oh, come on! This has nothing to do with race!" "White genocide is a white conspiracy!"

Everywhere whites are at, they are humiliated, terrorized, attacked and many whites will not unite as whites.

“We are not racist,” insisted Karim Loven, the head of a local policing forum.

See non-Whites have to say it too :) Doesn't matter to blacks though everyone is racist towards them

I would advice these Indians not to start acting like the cuckolds white men have become. Even I don't want nonwhites to feel inferior, but I also do not want them thinking they have a right to attack us or dehumanize us either.

I'd say "You're only calling me racist because I'm white" or I'd say "This is another excuse for blacks to commit crimes."

Dominik Tarczinsky did just that in a famous interview, he said "call me racist or whatever you like, I only care about safety of my country.

If that were the words uttered by every white man in positions of power, our race would have a much higher chance of survival. Seems like it's only Eastern and Central European men with any racial backbone among the white race. I hope they stay prowhite, strong and traditional.

Worst case scenario this is the beginning of a total annihilation massacre of White and Indian South Africans.

But at least Indians have a continent they can flee to, people (even whites) will be sympathetic to their plight, Indian army could be sent in to rescue them, and Indians--unlike whites--will unite for their people. Whites, even when they're being targetted as whites, will not unite as whites.

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Okay, you know? I get it. People are celebrating “pride month” because they were the minority and suppressed and so on and so on…

But you know what I don’t get? Why everyone is so eager and keen to “overdo” it with the colors and similar?

Just think of it this way: people celebrate because they wanna be “on the same level” and “equated” with each other, “normal” people, which I can understand as a legit reason so don’t get me wrong here.

… but literally going on the streets and s-c-r-e-a-m-i-n-g around that they are “gay” and similar with all the rainbow colors n shit?

And than [sic] they feel “offended” if you say something which “could” hurt them and say things like “normal” people could literally do at other months of the year”…

Well in that case…

See you next month b*tches.

[black-grey-white flag and middle finger]

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The rant of a hopeless Hungarian detrans woman about the current state of trans activism in my country

Sometimes I feel like my country's more woke than western countries when it comes to transgenderism, because even though the trans community is getting more visible, it is not followed by the appearance of gc/radfem voices (Not that feminism is flourishing here, anyway) All the popular feminist pages I found on FB are libfems, there are only a few "queer" groups and all of them are of course inclusive.

2 days ago the government announced a referendum made of 5 questions, 3 of them dealing with whether the promotion (or even depiction?) of transgenderism in front of children and the gender change of minors should be illegal.

This referendum is just a means to shift attention from the government's recent wrongdoings, but the opposition's reaction disgusted me.


1. evaded the topic of transgenderism affecting kids and started stating the numerous other issues regarding the well-being of children that should be addressed first

2. Defended the transing of kids

3. Made distasteful jokes.

Political parties, meme groups, comments everywhere were making jokes and being sarcastic. For example, MKKP is a joke party but quite popular, and they were sharing memes like "are you also afraid of your child becoming a transformers?"

There's nothing remotely funny about this. They are a registered political party who joke about the mutilation of children. Let that sink in. For them it is a joke but for many people this is reality. And I'm very tired of people arguing "seeing a queer person won't make your kid queer". That might be the case with sexual orientation, but gender identity is a whole different case. The rapidly increasing number of trans and non-binary kids is proof enough.

I can't believe there's still anybody in their right mind who doesn't recognise this really is a trend. Even worse, it's a religion and it's followers can't be reasoned with. That's why I'm hopeless.

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[Submitter’s note: This is a letter to the company which employed him as a trucker]

Dear Schneider, I have had a great experience with Schneider. I have given the company my blood, toil, sweat, and tears, having worked 70 hours nearly every week I’ve been here.

Initially, I was disturbed by having to deliver to Walmart and Target, two of the biggest exploiters of the 1.4 billion slaves in China. But, I said nothing, while I avoid shopping at those two places like the plague.

Today was the final straw. I have to follow my conscience, and Target is constantly harassing me to wear a mask. Three reasons that makes no sense. First, 99.7% of those who get Covid under 70 recover. Second, the masks are not small enough to block coronavirus microbes, and third, the CDC and who both change the definition of a pandemic in 2009, from death to infections. Under the original definition, there would be no lock down, or mandatory masks. Due to this, I cannot cooperate with the biggest hoax in human history. I love my job, Schneider, and the many great people who work at Schneider, but I can no longer cooperate with a deliberate attempt to destroy the American middle class. If I have to lose my job, at least my conscience is still my friend. Here I stand, I can no other, so help me God, Please advise, Thank you kindly, Ryan

[BTW he was dismissed the following Monday]

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The answer to that question is best discussed privately.

He's watching me.

He's always watching me.

He never stops spying on me, stalking me, and doxxing me. Nor do the people he normally hangs out with. It's like they think they rule the Internet.

What the fuck are you talking about?

My mortal enemy. The man who tried to rain on everyone's parade at my high school graduation. The man who played the world's most horrible romance prank on me last year and tricked me into giving him my email so he could use it to create various porn site accounts in a bid to steal my identity. The man who continues to threaten various people he doesn't like online with physical violence by challenging them to fights where he thinks he can win, and solely because he thinks it's funny.

When evil incarnate walks the earth, he is the face it wears.

THE VILLAINOUS…well, I'm not going to reveal his name in public, even though I know what it is courtesy of an unexpected ally.

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Eric Dubay says the greatest lie and most successful cover-up in history, NASA and Freemasonry's biggest secret, is that we live on a plane, not a planet; that Earth is the flat, stationary center of the universe. Eric is an American living in Thailand where he teaches Yoga and Wing Chun part-time while exposing the New World Order full-time. He is the president of the International Flat Earth Research Society.

From Mel Fabregas: Let me begin this interview by stating that I have no attachment to the flat earth. I have no attachment to the oblate spheroid, and even to the sphere. If our home is any of these, so be it. I wouldn't be surprised of any. What I continue to be surprised and suspicious of are the people who continue attacking those who simply ask questions. I recently attended a conference that deals with the most open minded topics you could possibly imagine. However, when it comes to the flat earth topic, it was a no no. Look, I can't say I blame people for thinking this is the most absurd topic under the sun, or the firmament, rather, but you, open minded people who discuss aliens, UFOs, reptilians who rule the world, Bigfoot, and the rest of it, why do you continue telling people to stop looking into the flat earth? Those of you who study the pyramids and ancient civilizations, you venerate these ancient ones, and rightfully so, and some of these very ancient ones believed the earth was flat. Why do you then continue looking into their achievements if the notion of a flat earth is so absurd? Shouldn't that discredit them too? And those of you who continue writing to me saying the ancient ones knew they lived on a sphere, how did they know? Perhaps they had advanced technology that allowed seeing the skies above. Just because you see sphere above you doesn't prove you are standing on one. You can still play pool on a flat table and basketball on a flat court. Perhaps the psyop is questioning those who question the true shape of our plane(t).

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Why Can’t Biden Stop This Invasion?

In 1954, after a million Mexicans had crossed over into the United States, President Dwight Eisenhower sent Gen. Joseph Swing to send them back. In the vernacular of the time, the mission was named Operation Wetback.

Mission accomplished. Problem solved. And the point:

America used to regard its southern border as sacrosanct and vulnerable, requiring constant vigilance and occasional action to secure.

This June, 188,800 illegals crossed into the United States. Nearly a million have arrived since Biden swore an oath to defend the Constitution that obligates him to protect the states against invasion.

Biden is conducting the border policy of a failed state.

And U.S. immigration policy is being set by people from Third World nations who can find their way to the Rio Grande.

Why cannot we stop this invasion?

Vice President Kamala Harris redefined her mission as discovering what makes people leave their home countries and trek across Mexico.

Good question: Why are people from developing nations leaving their home countries and crossing Mexico to get into the USA?

After all, our academic, cultural and political elites have told the world that America is a place of “systemic racism,” created by white supremacists, for the benefit of peoples of white privilege, where ethnic minorities remain oppressed.

Why would such a country, of all 193 nations in the U.N., be, far and away, the first choice of peoples migrating from the Global South?

Could it be that people from developing nations are not so ignorant as to believe this anti-American progressive propaganda?

But from the standpoint of the nation to which they are coming, the illegal migrant millions present real problems. They consume far more in benefits than they pay in taxes. They are dead weight on the welfare state.

Why is he failing? Either he can’t do what is needed to be done, or he won’t do it.

America’s border paralysis is induced by liberal ideology.

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This place must be confusing for them


I don’t understand this, can you explain it?

Leftists push heavily for open borders, immigration, overrepresentation of minority groups, the creation of a melting pot, etc. Those who oppose this get branded as ignorant racists. This subreddit is meant for peoples of different nations who oppose this push for mixing of cultures. No hate, just a shared desire to keep our respective cultures alive

Isn’t this whole sub an exercise in multiculturalism?

In a sense, I suppose. It's admiration of other cultures, and a desire to see them flourish and be preserved. The phrase has been memefied to hell, but I would call it 'separate but to be treated equal'.

when your neolib masters talk about "multiculturalism" they mean multiracial society plus one world monoculture. Multiculturalism = nationalism

For all their pretensions to be cosmopolitan citizens of the world, left-wingers - especially American left-wingers - can be incredibly narrow-minded, e.g seeing race relations all over the world through the lens of the American history of slavery.

In my personal experience, Left-Wingers have been the most uneducated, ignorant and conspirational individuals I have ever met.

And I happen to be an ardent moderate mind you.

racists will talk in a less demeaning fashion to minorities vs anti-racist libs

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'Nobody should trust Wikipedia,' its co-founder warns: Larry Sanger says site has been taken over by left-wing 'volunteers' who write off sources that don't fit their agenda as fake news

Larry Sanger, 53, co-founded Wikipedia with Jimmy Wales in 2001

He said site has been taken over by Democratic-supporting volunteer editors

Sanger said left-leaning editors do not allow Wikipedia users to edit pages

He mentioned the Wikipedia entry on Joe Biden as example of leftist bias

Biden entry doesn't make mention of scandals and Hunter Biden laptop

He said he agreed with the assessment that ‘teams of Democratic-leaning volunteers’ remove content that isn’t to their liking, including information about scandals linked to President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter Biden.

When asked by Unherd.com if Wikipedia can be trusted, he replied: ‘You can trust it to give a reliably establishment point of view on pretty much everything.

Sanger cited the entry on Joe Biden, which he says is a sanitized version that doesn’t include arguments from a GOP perspective.

‘The Biden article, if you look at it, has very little by way of the concerns that Republicans have had about him,’ Sanger said.

‘So if you want to have anything remotely resembling the Republican point of view about Biden, you’re not going to get it from the article.

‘And there is a paragraph about the Ukraine scandal.’

‘Very little of that can be found in Wikipedia.’

Sanger added: ‘What little can be found is extremely biased and reads like a defense counsel’s brief, really. If only one version of the facts is allowed then that gives a huge incentive to wealthy and powerful people to seize control of things like Wikipedia in order to shore up their power.

The Joe Biden entry on Wikipedia also makes no mention of Hunter Biden’s laptop.

Even when Tony Bobulinski, Hunter's business partner, went on Trump-supporting Fox News to confirm he had emails verifying those on the laptop, the story was largely ignored.

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"All this shows is that whites aren't stupid enough to smoke big fat blunts in the street, asking to be arrested."

Then you have a racist view. You must be American.

There was nothing racist about that view.

Nothing inherently racist about being an American either.

Your assumptions here show your distain and hatred for the USA. I'm sure the Democrats are proud to have you on their team, you fit right in.

What white guilt? Why do you lie so much, Poor lil Dumb-Dumb?

Oh now Luk is suddenly no social justice warrior....never said he believed in "white privilege" or called any inequity "systemic racism" or "white supremacy".

He's totally outside of the (D) narrative when it comes to racial iidentitarianism in the USA.....a real Rand Paul/Ted Cruz equal opportunity type.

Luk......the ultimate SoCal airhead.

You're an SFV porn baby aren't you???

MLK's most famous quote is alt-reich white nationalist bullshit by modern (D) standards.

"I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character."

^^ flies right the fuck in the face of "woke" bigots everywhere.

His four little black children who were being judged by the color of their skin.

Yes, and guess who is the hardest for continuing to judge everyone by the color of their skin???

Democrats and the "woke" left that comprise their base.

The shitheads definition of a white supremacist is anyone who is white.

Not even....

Notice when black people attack Asian seniors in broad daylight of blue cities???

White supremacy!!!

Whiteness, white privilege, white supremacy and white nationalism are all just bunk terms for things (D)'s don't like.

It gets them triggered so they call it racist and white _____.

Because WHITE IS BAD!!!!!

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The So-Called Overwhelming Evidence For Evolution Gets Funnier and Funnier!

Evolutionists whether atheists or not are really quick to say, "Well the evidence for evolution is OVERWHELMING! Either you check it out or you don't." then they say, "Hey NEVER question the evidence!" every time the absurdity of the matter is even brought up. Some use supposed DNA tests, invoke the name of "science", carbon-14 and the fossil record.


The absurdity of the evidence goes with all the so-called evidence that was just from the following - a chimpanzee, a jaw bone, one tooth, another jawbone, just some broken bones which are really unscientific. The scientists are already acting as if they were already fully aware of the origin of the fossil by just looking at it. There was no investigation whatsoever and suddenly, you are not even allowed to question something like, "Sir how did you figure out that tooth was the Nebraska man?" which violates the scientific value of giving scrutiny to what is taught. Christians are commanded to test all things, atheists, on the other hand, are, "Believe me or else!"


The report above has scientists again, trying to find "evidence" for evolution among the bones which just gets more absurd every time. As if determining human evolution by just one piece of bone was already stupid enough, now they are collecting skulls and now they want more fossils. It doesn't take a biologist with a doctorate degree to figure out something is wrong with how they are doing their science. After all, they better answer me the question, "Can you give me methods of how you knew that skull was truly a transitional species?!" Most of them just keep getting defensive and show just how much they really hate God.


Again any further attempt to "prove" evolution just leads to more confusion to anyone who adheres in it, even if they are not atheists. This so-called evidence is just getting more and more stupid. What is even more stupid is that these people claim to be so smart, they call anyone who disagrees with them to be stupid. The Bible says in Romans 1:22, "Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools."

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Question: Did Australopithecus Africanus have a face like a bonobo?

Answer: A. africanus is nothing but an old ape skull. It’s no different than any ape skull, but it’s made into a hominid by modelers that give it human characteristics.


A. africanus and bonobos both have (1) laid back foreheads like any ape, (2) large brow ridges like any ape (3) small craniums like any ape (4) 45 degree protruding jaws like any ape. They both have “U” shaped dental arches, again like any ape. Humans have “V” shaped dental arches. They are both apes. Modelers and artists from the Smithsonian and Nat Geo and the like “evolve” old ape skulls into “hominids”. A. africanus is just an old ape skull.


Here is the model made by the Smithsonian. Notice that model forehead is much more vertical and human-like than the skull, the cranium is much larger on the model, the model’s brow ridges are much smaller. The model is given human hair, human skin, human eyes with 50% sclera showing, human-like expression. A. africanus is nothing but an old ape skull, but the folks at the Smithsonian want you to think you are looking at your ancestor.

So, to answer your question, yes, A. africanus has a face like an ape since it is nothing but an ape.

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Society Is Breaking Down As The Left SUPPORTS Child Strippers

Look at the the child drag shows. Come on, there is a hard line for a lot of regular people, but the left supports the child stripping 100% at every turn, probably on tribal grounds because they don't actually care because they have no mo[rals].

I'm fairly revolutionary in a lot of respects, but I draw the line with the kids stripping for money, and what a lot of people who are in the culture war don't understand is, these people don't share your values at all. There's a video of a four-year-old twerking, and they're all laughing and clapping and cheering as that happens.

Why aren't there armed men shutting down child stripping and grooming shows? Why aren't people in New York going up and being like, "Stop what you're doing to this four-year-old child right now, put that camera away and stop this twerking." In New York they overwhelmingly have the same moral framework, they like it, they celebrate it.

I can't imagine this as we move down this path to where you get prominent progressive channels, with millions of followers, praising and defending child stripping. I'm like, that's not going to last, because when you have like with the James Younger case in Texas, where a dad says, "My son is my son." And the mom says, "My son is actually my daughter and is trans.", at a certain point, a parent is going to
be like, "Do not touch my child."

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The Word does not specify a 'chip' in the right hand or forehead but does say a 'mark.' I agree that the chip could be the mark of the beast and I would never get one but I am at this time more inclined to believe that the vaccine for COVID-19 is closer to preperation for 'the mark' because it is now being said that they need to have proof that one has been vaccinated so there is now a 'stamp' with tiny needles dipped in a formula that will leave a mark/tattoo in your skin that cannot be removed and will show up when scanning under a light. It is being said that quantum dot technology is involved and the stuff in the vaccine will change your DNA. For those who do not receive the vaccine, they will be unable to buy, sell, trade, go out anywhere.... Sound familiar?
I cannot say for a fact what is or isn't the mark of the beast but I can say that as for me, I will not accept anything that resembles or comes close to the description of the Mark! My hope is that we, the body of Christ are gone before the mark is forced.

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Question: Why did humans evolve with a protruding nose?

Answer: The answer is simple.
They did NOT EVOLVE with a protruding nose because evolution (macro) is nothing but a popular MTYH. It is Santa Claus or the tooth fairy.
It has zero credible scientific evidence supporting it.

Your question falsely infers that evolution (macro) is true and real - it is neither.
Macro evolution is a popular myth, a fairy tale, devoid of credible scientific evidence. Recent discoveries in genetics shows that it is NOT possible.
(See book Signature in the Cell by Stephen Meyer.)

The evolution battle is often MISrepresented as science against religion – this is baloney!
The real battle is between good science and Darwinism.
When Darwinian/Macro evolution is scrutinised using the scientific method, it crumbles.
The scientific method demands: observation, measurement, repeatability. Darwinian/Macro evolution has none of these, all it has is circumstantial evidence which is open to interpretation. Ask yourself: What evidence is there that our great …. Great grandfather was a bacterium?

Dr John Sanford (Geneticist and inventor of the Gene Gun) said :
“The bottom line
is that the primary axiom [of Darwinian/Macro evolution]
is categorically false,
you can't create information with misspellings,
not even if you use natural selection.”
There is significant dissent from Darwinism. For proof of the dissent to go http://www.dissentfromdarwin.org/ and download the list of brave scientists who are willing to publicly declare their dissent from Darwinian/Macro evolution. Micro Evolution is observable science, Darwinian/Macro evolution is a fairy-tale supported only by propaganda.

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Robert Heinlein wrote about the crazy years. This period covered the late 20th century and early 21st century. A growing number of people are regarding this as prescient.

No means no is the past. The future is yes means yes or as it is now often called affirmative consent.

In an affirmative consent jurisdiction, a woman engaging in sex with a man need not notify the man when she withdraws consent.

Consider now that consent can be withdrawn at any time.

Even a short delay can result in jail. Kevin Ibbs became known as the 30 second rapist and was imprisoned for 4 years. Maouloud Baby continued for only 5-10 seconds and was sentenced to 15 years imprisonment with all but 5 suspended. Both of these cases occurred without the additional risk of affirmative consent.

Any man that has sex with a woman in such an affirmative consent jurisdiction is allowing her to point a gun at his head – permanently.

As if all this wasn’t bad enough, there is a variant of affirmative consent called enthusiastic consent. So far no jurisdiction has gone this far but feminists continue to push for it.

Note that the entire discussion to this point revolves around women’s consent. While these laws are written in a gender-neutral manner they are always applied in an entirely gendered manner. And the gender that gets to go to jail is the male gender.

Affirmative consent laws have the potential to cause irreparable damage to our society. I believe these laws will be revoked or more likely pared away in the future. By then it may be too late. The damage will have been done. Damage to human relationships and thus ultimately damage to the family structure. A society that harms the family structure will ultimately fall to one that does not.

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RE: Fox News Host Says Native American Land ‘Wasn’t Stolen’

We won this land on the battlefield.

There were many battles and skirmishes, and many pioneers and settlers bore the brunt of the Indian outrages.

But the land itself was not won on the battlefield.
Control of the land is ceded by TREATY.

Nearly all of the land that makes up the 50 states was acquired by treaty, often with the payment of money and other subsistence.

That makes the whites the biggest suckers of all.
Why? Because the Indian did NOT own land. He had no concept of land ownership.
Land was something of a gift of nature, like the sea, that could be traversed and hunted and occupied, but did not belong to anyone.... except the more powerful tribe.
The Indian lived in a place and occupied it and kept other tribes from taking it.
The concept of land ownership was brought to North America by the Europeans.
So the Indian was doubly-amazed.....

You say you are going to give me all this stuff, including money, firewater, and food, in return for ownership of land that I did not know I owned? Yeah, I will take the deal. WE are nomadic people and WE can just move over that line you keep talking about.
What a deal.

Brad Stine #crackpot #fundie #pratt christianpodcastcentral.com

The RELIGION of Atheism Explained

What if I told you there was a group of humans in the 21st century that still believe in miracles? 

They will tell you with a straight face ... they are enlightened and don’t believe fairy tales and myths. ...

... only in that which they can touch, taste, hear, smell and see. It must be measurable and quantifiable and testable, observable and repeatable. 

And their genesis story goes like this: In the beginning there was NOTHING!!!!!! And it blew up! 

… Nothing blew up once, and made everything. Atheists believe that inorganic non-living material can resurrect from the dead and become alive to begin to evolve and through struggle and difficulty become more advanced with the hope that someday we will live forever. They believe in morals coming from nature and instilling in us the need to be nice to each other and help each other even to our detriment in order to save the world and become enlightened beings whose good works will last eternally. They even believe there are other life forms out there that are always more advanced than us. Always more moral and altruistic. They will come here someday to teach us how to become saved from ourselves through their superior knowledge, wisdom and gifts to us where someday mankind will lie down with the lion and the lamb and all will be redeemed. 

... atheists have to mimic and counterfeit the reality that is God’s revelation to man and his salvation through His Son in order to make their belief system coherent, livable , purposeful and meaningful. 

Atheism is simply the religion of the proud who refuse to acknowledge their Creator, but manage to craft their own idols out of fantasy and wishful thinking all the while attacking and demeaning Christians who, though not perfect, do have the one thing they long for: The actual answer to the question they have no way to answer. 

Why are we here? 

Because your Creator said so. 

Maybe it’s time you abandon your fairy tale and join us, the water’s fine!

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RE: India is proposing a 2-child policy to keep its population under control

(Thom Bombadil)
And every single one of them will proceed to relieve itself on the streets and then go an bathe next to bloated dead bodies. Just imagine walking through that hell for a day. A bunch of weird brown trolls from a D&D game that worship a 9 armed demon god.

And this is where (((intel))) hires most of its staff from.

We should have that for these feral aliens in our land

(geboren Weiss)
I've seen articles stating that white people aren't having as many children, and people would respond, "Good. The world is already overpopulated. If white countries aren't having as many children, then immigration is there to keep the population from shrinking." They don't even realize how stupid their argument sounds because the ones overpopulating aren't white countries, and non-white countries have too big of a population. They're fine with overpopulation, as long as it's not white people.


All humans, provided they are able and can provide food and shelter, have a right to choose how many children they will have.

Then that should cut curry land out completely for that right. They dump their excess population on our left wing run White countries who are stupid enough to take them. How many more unskilled indian cash register monkeys, supermarket shelf stackers and smelly taxi drivers (who can't use a GPS) do we need? We actually don't need any of them....

Hyper-breeding rats won't understand this.

They will just ignore it. And what do you expect when they crap wherever they feel like it.....I bet that's a welcoming smell

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Question: When I was a child, I was taught that dinosaurs were reptiles, but now it seems that they are treated like ancestors of birds. Does this mean that dinosaurs were in between the evolution of reptiles and birds?

Ronald Small: There is no such thing as evolution. That is why no one can show me an example of evolution. NOT ONE. Evolution requires new, novel genetic information to form out of thin air. Show me a single case of it. It doesn’t exist. Dinosaurs did not evolve into birds. For goodness sake, REPENT YOU HEATHEN! Buy a Bible!

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Pakistan’s prime minister, Imran Khan, is facing backlash after he blamed victims of rape for wearing “very few clothes”.

Speaking to Axios about the “rape epidemic” in Pakistan, he made comments that led to huge criticism from women’s rights groups. He said: “If a woman is wearing very few clothes, it will have an impact on the man unless they are robots. It’s common sense.”

Reacting to his statement, more than a dozen women’s rights groups, including the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, released a statement demanding an apology. “This is dangerously simplistic and only reinforces the common public perception that women are ‘knowing’ victims and men ‘helpless’ aggressors,” they said.

Meanwhile, Maryam Nawaz, the vice-president of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz and daughter of the former prime minister Nawaz Sharif, said Khan was a “rape apologist” and that people who validated rape had the same mindset as the perpetrators.

Kanwal Ahmed, a campaigner for women’s rights, tweeted: “Makes my heart shudder to think how many rapists feel validated today with the prime minister backing their crime.”

And weekend protests have been organised in the cities of Karachi and Lahore.

It comes after Khan was accused of “baffling ignorance” earlier this year after he advised women to cover up to prevent rape. At the time, his team said his comment had been misinterpreted.

Speaking to Axios, he said these comments were “nonsense” and claimed he was referring to Islam’s “concept of purdah” which is to “avoid temptation of society”, often done through covering oneself.

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10 reasons why atheists are dumb

1. they constantly say gods aren't real like they're angry about it. If you're angry about something not existing you should seek it out, not reject it.

This describes the behaviour of most internet atheist celebrities.

2. you follow evolutionary hypotheses like the faithful, even though the scientifically knowledgable you aspire to be wouldn't do that.

3. if atheism is the absence of belief then you are all stupid by default

4. they think evolution from animals to man happened dispite there being no good evidence for that "fact", then blast theists for not having any evidence for the existence of ONE deity. Fail!

5. they refer to themselves as free-thinkers but won't think freely about God(s)

6. they have never studied Christianity past what they learned in Sunday school

7. they sympathize with other religions as if they were good, but hate Christianity

8/ they hate close-mindedness, yet follow atheist celebrities advice like it's gods will, in everything they do

9. they think since some holy books are bullsh*t therefore all holy books are bullsh*t- that's crazy logic

10. they hate their parents and that's the main reason they stopped believing in religion

Anonymous Commenters #dunning-kruger #pedo #pratt literotica.com

Great story because it addresses some very real issues.

1. People need more sex than they get and many people are emotionally deformed because of the unnatural lack of sex in their lives.

2. The roll of government should be limited to protecting the innocent. But the issue of incest is a moral or religious issue not a political issue. When it comes to consenting adults having sex there is no reason that the government should have an opinion. So regardless of whether or not a person likes or dislikes the concept of incest it really is not the kind of thing that should be under the control of governments.

Great story and I myself have been wondering how many family members have crossed over the incest line since the Pandemic started . I'm sure many younger , teens especially have since if they were sexually active with a bf or gf can't so they turn to a sibling or parent .

Missy #conspiracy #pratt #racist amren.com

RE: Longford Councillor Becomes First Black Woman to Be Elected Mayor in Ireland

In the back of her mind, she is thinking, "damn these white folks are dumb to let black people like me do this!" Snickering at the lifestyle never possible in Nigeria among her own race.

The bottom line is white people have been made stupid due to the comforts of civilization, unable to discern threats. The key to survival for gullible white nations such as Ireland is not breeding with them. All other mistakes but that one can be undone. Low class whites will breed with them, and nothing will be lost. And nothing personal against Uruemu Adejinmi, I'm sure she's a nice black lady. But she is taking advantage of a race that has lost it's bearings on reality.

you had me up to the 'nothing personal' part

I consider it all very personal

Because I'm sure if you met her, you would agree that she is a nice person. Her race is a problem for the white race, but this does not negate that there are nice upstanding individual blacks within the black race. We are dealing with the problems of group dynamics. Groups invade, displace, and genocide other ethnic and racial groups. Uruemu Adejinmi's group is a danger to the Irish. Uruemu Adejinmi's group has a territory called Nigeria. It doesn't mean the Irish need to hate them or the Nigerians are bad people.

I'm not nice about it, just logical. Ethnic and racial displacement of native peoples such as Irish in Ireland must not be allowed. It is not ethical. Hate is a waste of our time, we have logical and scientific reasons for preservation of human racial and ethnic groups and their native territories.

Wasp #pratt #racist amren.com

Speaking as a "Math" person, I wanted to clarify something: Asians do very well in many courses relating to Math IN THE US, which has an extremely dumbed down version of Math. Most esteemed mathematicians have NOT been Asians (yes, I know about Terence Tao bla bla), but statistically, no, just no. Most famous and important mathematicians have been, and continue to be, White men. I have given tough problems to students and Asians are not that much more above average when you control for quality. Sure, if you put a Chinese student in a typical American Algebra class, he will laugh. Our schools are a joke to cater to our dumbed down population. This country has a lot of people with low intelligence. Our schools, based on egalitarian fanaticism, refuse to track students and in fact are doubling down on the dumbing down. So, there you have an observation from someone like me who has trained students for Math competitions.

Second, there are very few blacks in Math, but we do have some. It is possible, though rare. Most mathematicians are still, MALE and White/Asian. This is why so many people hate Math as a reality. In Math, you cannot bs your way out.

"Creative genius" is really rather rare in the Asian race. They are indeed very hardworking (not all Asians though. Often, stats tend to ignore the "lower tier" of the Asians such as Filipinos, who are known to be more gangster like and have a lower IQ. Northern Asians do indeed have high IQ levels, but not the creative genius power of the Western White man, particularly the protestant northern European. They are more comparable to army ants: they are dedicated, work well in unison with groups, master a book to perfection, but not much in the way of individual creation.

Chris Roberts #pratt #racist #wingnut amren.com

There are three kinds of people who get into socialism. White people (i.e. people who are not allowed to have a racial identity), mixed race people (i.e. people who do not have a coherent racial identity), and a smattering of low-ethnocentric Jews (i.e. people who reject their racial identity). Of the insignificant number of POC who get into socialism, half of them just want to bang white chicks and the other half think socialism is the best for their group.

One thing the DSA does is that they will cynically leverage identity to win elections. They will find a majority POC area with a white incumbent who has been in office since forever and recruit some POC to run against them and sometimes that person will win for reasons entirely related to identity. So on the surface it might look like socialist ideas are taking hold in POC communities but they are really not.

Socialists want no one to have an ethnic identity and think of themselves as just a generic homo sapien. I don’t think that is something most POC want. Most POC like having an identity. Whites don’t like having an identity because their identity is demonized. This is why I say that white people get into socialism for identitarian reasons. White socialists are like “Well, if I can’t have an identity, NO ONE CAN!!!”

I once wrote an article called “Chapo Trap House is Too White Even for Me (and I’m a White Supremacist)” which I thought was a funny title but I was only half joking. I really do believe that Democratic Socialism is whiter than white nationalism. See, other races will practice racial nationalism but this whole notion of “I consider my in-group to be the entire human race” is the kind of retarded crap that you only ever hear white people say.

Various Commenters #pratt #racist #wingnut reddit.com


Growing up in America as a SWM is one of the hardest things a person can do on this planet. Hopefully things get easier for us as we work hard to defend our rights.


I can't tell if you are trolling or not, but even though racism has been normalized against white people in the past year, just being in America is a massive privilege. We live in absolute luxury compared to most of the rest of the world.

But hardly any countries in the world are running such long term massive government, media and entertainment psyops programs against its defining culture and people. Our culture of free enterprise, hard work, Judeo-Christian, free people and free markets built the great country we are in and others come to join. The prevailing social media is now trying to destroy it.


In what ways are people racist to straight white males?

The biggest way is the assumption of racism. It is extremely common for left wing people to treat white people as if they are morally inferior and have racist motivations, based openly and explicitly only on the color of their skin. Many many of the publicized accusations of racism have literally 0 evidence, and almost always the white victims life is severely impacted. It’s a dominant cultural force at this point and I’ve experienced it many times at a personal level.

It was an honest question. You just don't have a real answer.

What? You ignored my real answer. Anti white racism is rampant on the left. Either address the point or move on.

Edward Smith #fundie #pratt quora.com

Question: How can abiogenesis to explain the origins of life?

Edward Smith:

It can’t. It is proven to be impossible for inert chemicals in the ground to form anything by themselves, save a few crystals. Scientists have long known it to be a non-starter, even evolutionary scientists recognise this and outline the problems in their books and articles.

The issue is not with the science, it is with evolutionists who refuse to accept the scientific evidence and insist it happened anyway, purely because life exists. More reasonable people, including many other evolutionary scientists, accept the need for creation, but then say evolution took over. Conveniently side-stepping the obvious.

Petros #pratt #psycho #racist #wingnut amren.com

I am a black man and even though it is painful for me to say this but the black race is the most destructive race in the whole world. I say this because it was my own observation in my family and in my neighborhood. I don't have any loyalties to the black race, although it's painful for me to say this I wish I wasn't forced into my existence as a black man. Everywhere I see where the black race exist there is chaos,crime and poverty. I truly believe the only way to deal with the black race is through eugenics. There shouldn't be more than few thousand black people that exist around the world. I will do my part to end the cycle by not having kids and not spreading the black Genome further. The only way to save the world is removing the black Genome from the world's gene pool.

I really want to be proud of my race and be part of the extended black family but the problem is I couldn't find anything to be proud of, all I see is poverty, crime nothing more.. I want to see something historical accomplished by my race but is I couldn't find anything beyond simple hunter-gatherer lifestyle while the other world civilizations created Advanced societies. Most black people don't want to face this painful fact but I can't run away from the facts. I simply can't be a part of the victim class of the today's Black America it is better for me to die fighting for the betterment of human civilization as a whole and the betterment of the human civilization needs the eradication of the black race at least to a lesser population. I am a fact driven person and all my experiences have been horrible with black people. I have been treated way better by other races of humans

Fred Reed #pratt #racist #wingnut amren.com

[Thoughts, Unoriginal But Perhaps of Value, on Brains]

The panic arises only regarding blacks. Suggesting that Jews are smarter than other whites, which perhaps most believe, or that East Asians are smarter than whites, as seems to be the case, does not greatly roil the waters. Hispanics don’t seem to matter. Blacks do.

White European society seems to accept the superiority of Jews and East Asian, and the consequent differences in prosperity, without dangerous levels of resentment. The resentment of, and by, blacks is intense and explosive.

Swingline #homophobia #quack #pratt godlikeproductions.com

I'm just going to say it: LGBTQ = Mental Disorder

Truly, it is the opposite of everything in the natural environment according to science.

o If you believe in evolution, then it would die out.

o If you believe in a God, then God said it is wrong and it should die out.

Male and Female, of any species, have specific parts to create the next generation to continue.

Various Commenters #dunning-kruger #pratt #racist #wingnut amren.com

(Son of the 1st Revolution)
For all of our intelligence, we are just organisms trying different strategies to propagate our species as far as possible.

He says that Asians are more altruistic than whites, but is it altruism when they are helping out fellow Asians? How many times have we seen Chinese set up funds to feed poor whites in Appalachia? Or, to help out poor whites in Russia or the Ukraine? Yet, whites help out Asians in poor countries.

If anything, whites have a suicidal need to help out people from without their species and this is recipe for genetic suicide.

(Michael Himmler)
China is still a developing country, with GDP per capita equivalent to 10,000 USD in 2019. Japan is the fourth largest donor country in the world. An average Japanese donates more than an average American.

(Son of the 1st Revolution)
I cannot tell the difference between the average Japanese and the average Chinese. The fact that they donate to people who look like themselves, but not to whites, black, hispanics or anyone else makes them just one more selfish group in my eyes. That's not altruism.

(Michael Himmler)
We should praise the Japanese for doing so.

Race is biological. End of discussion. Race is real and those who deny racial reality are deluded fools living in a fantasy world. Every single person on this planet except a sizable percentage of whites is racially aware. Tread at your own peril, because if you think race is not an issue to other peoples, you are just beyond hope.

Race is not biological. Nor is it genetic (although genes can detect blacks). It certainly isn't evolution, the least reason being that evolution does not happen (not my job to educate people 30 years behind the technology curve).

whiteuser1 #crackpot #dunning-kruger #pratt #psycho #racist stormfront.org

Blacks are the only category of human that have invented nothing, never developed any society, buildings, technology, moral code, or anything that fundamentally separates humans from animals. Add to this the simian shelf, skeleton proportions, skull shape, teeth shape, and other body features only found in gorillas and chimpanzees, and no other human race - and it makes you question whether blacks are even really human.

I have never seen a subsaharan african who was civilized. Any bit of intelligence always coincides with some other race polluting their animal-like bloodline. It is easy to conclude that pure, subsaharan africans have no traits that make them distinctly human.

I have done my research. What I did find led me to the conclusion that there is a very high certainty that blacks are indeed human-gorilla or human-chimpanzee hybrids, and not fully human. It seems that the closer a black is to its pure unadulterated racial form, the less human it looks and behaves.

At some point, I will write an article to compile my new research into the topic.

If researchers were to compare blacks as a species not already "assuming" them human, it would not be taxonomically possible to conclude that blacks are of the same race or specials as other humans, in the same way that it is not possible to conclude that chimpanzees or gorillas are human.

From a rational standpoint, there is a phrase, "if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it's a duck". Likewise if it looks like an ape, walks like an ape, and acts like an ape - it's an ape.

From a moral standpoint, blacks are the least human on every level of all the races, as defined in my first paragraph above.

So, are blacks human? You decide.

Smega-Smuga #pratt #sexist reddit.com

According to this and many other similar studies, sexual activity is waaaay down among unmarried heterosexual men and is for the most part unchanged among heterosexual unmarried women

Because simple awkwardness is seen as being a creep or worse, predator. Any error at all and you are crucified. Doesn't help that radical Feminism was shoved down our throats as kids with concepts like reacting on non-verbal cues and consent is paramount to rape. You have to be so overly direct and clear what you want that it comes off as creepy and unacceptable, because women like the game of non-verbal socio-sexual signalling. It doesnt help that in college this was slammed down our throats by radical Feminist activists preaching about rape culture and scaring young men to even interact with women by trying to do the right thing. Especially with revoking consent after a sexual act because of regret, or drunk sex. Then watching the very thing radical Feminist activists preached to us being thrown out the window in actual dating and causing men to simply not know how to move forward at all because, any misunderstanding is contributing to the "campus rape culture of the white patriarchal colonial imperialist man-pigs". Feels borderline abusive the the amount of socio-sexual pigeon holing and gas lighting thats been rammed down our throats. That's not even taking in to account experience and partner count imbalances based on supply and demand of partners. Why even bother potentially runing your life because men have no legal, sexual and reproductive rights and safe guards, and are automatically deemed guilty until proven innocent.

Olga Brodie #dunning-kruger #pratt #racist #wingnut stormfront.org

Re: "White women shouldn’t report rape by black men"

In Sweden leftist politicians slightly ''accuses'' us (Swedish girls) by saying that we'll report about rapes done by non-Swedes much easier (and more often) than rapes done by Swedes. And politicians are blaiming that it is one of the reasons why statistics looks like as they do.

How do the Cowardly Degenerate GREEDY Politico Swine, Explain away the FACT BEFORE mass Third World turd Immigration, RAPE was near NON-ESISTENT in Sweden ? VIOLENT Crime as well. These GREEDY SCUM Politicos are Willing to SACRIFICE They're Daughters Well Being & Safety to Fulfill the jew-Marxist Agenda.AT NO TIME IN THE HISTORY has Taken place Before that an White Ethnic Group Voluntarily Financed other Ethnic SAVAGE TURD not Whites Conglomerations the Furtherance of their SAVAGE FOREIGN Culture on White Territory to the Disadvantage, Harm and Damage of our own People. Americans & Native Europeans are Paying people who Openly Proclaim to be our Enemies to Eradicate our RACE & Civilization & Telling us to Celebrate this as Tolerance. They are not even Hiding They're FIENDISH Genocidal Plans any Longer! As Another Commentators Stated I am at a LOSS of Words. We White Women When we go out Without our Husband's Should Always be Accompanied with Mister's Smith Wesson or Sam Colt! Along with Mister Situational Awareness! NOBODY Is going to Assist us but, we Ourselves, our Families. The Anti-White Whites Pushing this DESERVE Execution for TREASON to People & Culture.

dominic #pratt #racist #sexist incels.is

It's not even funny how hard white women mog other races of women

Everyone knows it except some delusional /pol/cels attracted to moon faced flat asian women.

It's suifuel if you're ethnic. Even if an ethnic got with a white woman by miracle (as is every ethnics dream), the ethnic genes would make the offspring uglier. Still a major fucking upgrade.

My dad was a tall, attractive, light skin Pakistani from a wealthy family, an American university degree, and a high paying American job. He could have picked ANY girl he wanted from back home, and he picked my white mom who was a fat single mom at the time. My brothers mog other Pakistanis and are genetically superior to them.

Ethnic males are so obsessed with white women it's insane. Latinos are incredibly obsessed with white women. Indian men of course also. Asian men, don't even get me started. Black men of course are obsessed with them as well, half the time rappers are rapping about white girls and how dey got da yt gurl an' shieet.

I was researching Dalida. She grew up in Egypt, born to white Italian parents, and came to fame by winning Miss Egypt or some beauty pageant. JFL average looking white woman goes to ethnic land and wins all the beauty pageants.

I genuinely think that a major factor for ethnic men moving to the west is secret hopes for some white pussy.

Inb4 some copers say "some latinas and arab girls look good!" - yeah the ones with a lot of white dna lmfao. And also Japanese draw all their characters as white because asian girls are ugly af. People cope by saying "nooo the Japanese see the characters as Japanese!" Are you trying to tell me the Japanese see this blonde blue eyed Nordic Germanic looking mfer as Japanese?

God I hate being ethnic.

Son of the 1st Revolution #pratt #racist amren.com

I don't doubt that Asians and Ashkenazi Jews are more intelligent than whites. However, that does not mean that white people do not have the same right to self determination as all other races do. Regardless of IQ, even if we were dumber than blacks, we should still have the right to lobby for our own self interest, or own civil liberties, hell, our own right to exist.

Black people have the NAACP, hispanics have La Raza, LULAC (or whatever it calls itself today), why cannot white people be allowed to have the same? We are a minority on this planet and we have an open border.

Question: If it takes thousands of years for evolution to take place, and in the case of IQ, for different races of people to develop variable IQ's, how long does it take for the "fruit hanging from the trees" to devolve a society?

Unfortunately, between whites marrying blacks and Hispanics, plus, the welfare dependency class having more kids, it seems that even in the white population we are devolving. The opening scene in "Idiocracy" seem more prophetic than ever.

TheViking Hermit & deathzero0212 #pratt #racist #sexist #wingnut youtube.com

(TheViking Hermit)
Critical Race Theory is extremely strange and dangerous in that it makes “white people” out as the ultimate bad guy, while also portraying “white people” as an unstoppable force that no other group can defend against or complete with, thus only policy and handouts can save them… it labels conquest, victory, hard work and critical thinking as “white”, heck even Math and Scheduling is “white”…implying that non-whites can neither conquer, be victorious, work hard, or advance… it’s both hateful of “whites” yet creepily venerating of them.

I find this same creepy double edge thought process in modern feminism where men are labeled as evil, and yet to promote women they compare themselves to and strive to be more, like men. Focusing on careers not family, making short hair popular, acting more aggressive, promoting less feminine and more ‘butch’ body types, demanding more clothing styles similar to that of men, desiring performance an competition at the same levels as men. Almost like to goal is to be men, rather than focus on what women are doing.

True, which is why Critical Theory and Feminism makes no sense. There's never been any logic or reason to their positions, it's entirely emotion-based and tribal. They contradict themselves all the time and many of us have spent the past 10 years making fun of their truly awful positions. However, despite how easy it is to debunk, reason against or disprove most of their points, they are still winning the culture war, mostly through their funding and institutions, fake news, celebrity culture, etc. Like Marxists say, "there is no truth but power." They don't care to speak truth, they only want to win, which is what they are doing...

Various Commenters #dunning-kruger #pratt #racist #wingnut amren.com


Ten weeks ago, Gregory Hood and I launched a new podcast: Left, Right, and White. Now we’re inviting you to suggest topics for future episodes.

Greetings. How about discussing the tremendous ecological cost of unsustainable population growth fueled by heavy immigration flow?

You can always tell when an "environmentalist" is just an anti-white nutjob when their first priority is not controlling the population explosion of Africans but instead the immigration of these useless millions into white countries.

(Mr Anthrope)
Exactly - this is where the left/greens/marxists reveal their hypocrisy. They hate humanity, want euthanasia, full term abortion etc, yet when presented with the opportunity to rid the world of a billion people with the Flumanchoo, they lapse into full Stalin mode globally. Unfettered immigration? More garbage, crime, health system burdened, cars on fire or blocks, buildings defaced or razed, women with a half dozen kids by 5 men, all absent of course and no accountability (that would be racist).

Middle and upper class whites will scorn a working class white family as "white trash" if they go into a grocery store and get lots of good deals for cheap, but a black or Hispanic does it, these same whites either say nothing or say "Why, those Hispanics are good shoppers!" A white woman with more than 2 white kids, these whites scorn her for being a breeder, yet say nothing about nonwhites who have large families (and on our dime, too). Middle/upper class white people will lose their bleep when they see a confederate flag or a white nationalist rally, yet willingly support, kneel to and praise nonwhite militants (BLM, La Raza) who want them dead.

PM_ME_STRIPPERS & iwantroshani #pratt #psycho #sexist incels.is

RE: People who have an older sister


what is it like having one?

the fucking worst and they really dont understand pretty privilege, and/ or they think that having 100 + of the opposite gender swiping on them is not that big of a deal because " insert bullshit female dating complaint here"
And yes, annoyingly enough everytime they break up with chad they will complain and complain and cry that they will be forever alone even though having 10 + boyfriends in their lifetime. Meanwhile here i am sitting in the darkness not bothering to vent because my situation is real and permanent and i know its pointless, wanting to kill myself every day

It's a crap tbh I wish I had an older brother instead to statusmaxx trough him,and would avoided bullying in hs

yea i would of preferred to have an older brother, even if they were chad they would at least maybe have some sympathy and understanding of our situation. If not, not really any loss either way


One day you end up stealing and fapping on her panties

I used to do this with my moms

I was just joking
But it must have been a good coom

They were the good days lol, then I realized how degenerate it was and just quit altogether. I wonder if my mom still wear the panties I coomed in lol


I was a coomer lol. I would go to anything for the coom. I'm much better now tho.

coomers really something else

Lol yeah it's something I'm ashamed of for sure.

torino #crackpot #dunning-kruger #pratt #wingnut jassa.org

It is telling that no one has ever answered Wojciech Ketrzynski when he raised questions about the ethnicity of the Suevi.

The mainline teaching is:

Suevi occupied most of Germania

After Suevi disappeared, they were replaced by Slavs who came somewhere from the East

Slavs have nothing to do with the Suevi because the latter were “Germanic”.

Several questions come to mind:

I. How is it possible that this giant tribal union devolved into nothing?

The Suevi of later years are:

the smallest contingent crossing the Rhine in 405/406;

the Suevi of Swabia;

the Suevi of Vannius;

The first group was small. As to the second group, German writers have went out of their way to draw an equal sign between the Schwaben and Alemanni. And yet the entry of the Alemanni suggests that the later Schwabia has as much to do with the Suevic Suavia as 19th century Prussia with 13th century one. The Suevi may well have left years before the Alemanni got there. The same claim is made about Bohemia with the Czechs taking the name of the Bohemians who had been driven out years before (or were the Czechs just coming back?).

II. How is it possible that when the “fog of war” clears, the Suevic area is entirely occupied by Slavs?

If the Suevi left the area, they did not leave it empty. And if they did then plenty of other invaders who would have kept portions of the country. But there are only Slavs.

What happened to Ockham’s Razor? Did historians leave it at home?

VIII. If the Slavs borrowed terms from “Iranian” languages, why couldn’t they have borrowed them from the Jazyges?

Because the Slavs did no live next to the Jazyges. The Suevi did. If they spoke an Iranian language, then the Danube Suevi-Jazyges connection could have provided all the materials needed.

torino #conspiracy #crackpot #pratt #wingnut jassa.org

III. How do we know that the Suevi were “Germanic”?

Because they lived in “Germania”? But so do the Turks, Poles, Portuguese, Croats, Serbs and Syrians today.

The Langobards and Angles bear Nordic names. But the origin myth of the former speaks of the far north when the Suevi were in the south. It is not improbable that they simply took over the local Suevic tribes.

The names of Suevic rulers (e.g., Ariovistus) or sorceresses (e.g., Veleda) have Slavic explanations and many sound Slavic.

IV. Why German writers insist on writing Suevi as Suebi? And Legii/Lougii as Lugii?

The sources speak of the SueVi almost exclusively so why all the effort to write Suebi? Because it sounded more like Schwaben?

Sources speak of Legii or Lougii, the German scholarship tries to use the spelling of Lugii. Is that because Lechy is a commonplace nickname for the Poles and that would suggest population continuity?

V. Why do all Slavic languages have “słaby” as “weak”?

Shouldn’t someone ask whether this may be a reference to the Schwaben, the weak Suevi that let themselves be taken over by the Alemanni?

VI. Isn’t it strange that the Suevi of the Danube suddenly become Suavi in the 6th century?

Just before the Sclavi show up the Suevi become Suavi. Curious.

But note also that the very first mention of the Suevi may already have been in the form Suavi [see L. Cornelius Sisenna]

VII. If the Slavs appear, as per their own records in Pannonia, isn’t it convenient to find the Suevi there right before?

Slavs record their beginnings in Pannonia. We know there were Suevi (Suavi) there right before the Slavs appeared. Isn’t that odd?

F. Roger Devlin & Charles Murray #dunning-kruger #pratt #racist #wingnut vdare.com

In these cities, black arrest rates for violent crime are on average 9.6 times as common as white rates. The Latin rates average 2.7 times white rates.

“Racist cops!” shout the faithful. Murray responds with the “largest and most rigorous study” he can find:

The odds of arrest for white offenders is approximately 22% higher for robbery [and] 13% higher for aggravated assault . . . than they are for black offenders.

There are no equally good studies for murder, but in New York the black/white ratio in reports to police has recently been 14.8, higher than the arrest ratio of 11.6.

Murray adds: “Triangulating data indicates that the arrest rates reflect, and perhaps understate, race differences in violent criminal activity.”

There is really nothing to criticize about Murray’s presentation, although it will be ignored by those who most need to face up to that evidence.

In a final chapter, he goes beyond the data to speculate on what might happen “If We Don’t Face Reality.”

He believes the current double standard forbidding Whites from pursuing their group interests, while encouraging such behavior in other groups, is a lesser evil than Whites starting to behave like everybody else. In his own words: “If Whites adopt identity politics, disaster follows.”

But disaster for whom? Not for Whites. Murray acknowledges:

If a minority consisting of 13 percent of the population can generate as much political energy and solidarity as America’s Blacks have, what happens when a large proportion of the 60 percent of the population that is White begins to use the same playbook?

The final chapter of Facing Reality is, unintentionally, the most encouraging argument in favor of white identity politics that I have ever read.

Various Commenters #pratt #racist #sexist amren.com

(Nathan B. Forrest)

Many of them hate white women more than they hate white men. Why are there so many "Karen" incidents to mock, humiliate, and destroy white women on social media? This is especially true for many black and hispanic women, who seem to have a seething hatred of white women.

Absolutely, non-White would absolutely love a White husband but most Whites find them unattractive. The can't stand White women especially if there is a chance that their man would go for one.

I doubt most black women would want to be with a white man.

You obviously don’t know black women that well.

May be just part of general sadistic propensity of blacks to target whom they see as the most vulnerable easy prey to torture, being cowards at heart. E.g. that incident with the dog leash in Central Park in which a black man threatened and then recorded weak liberal White woman calling police on an "African-American man" so he could post online to destroy the life of "Central Park Karen"...most likely would not have happened if that was an athletic 6'4" White man walking his dog, all else being equal...

When the media promote anti-White hatred, they do so with the full knowledge that they are stoking anti-White violence. And when that anti-White violence occurs, they decline to report on it. The media has already established attitudes of resentment that have made Whites the primary VICTIM---not perpetrator!---of interracial violence. I fear that we will soon see an explosion of violence against Whites. Remember what happened in Haiti.

New-Ad-2473 #crackpot #pratt #psycho #racist reveddit.com

He's a low iq monkey that wants to be accepted cuz be has a disgusting half slavic mutt child.

And its almost ironic, us slavs never colonized you blacks and even fought the nazis and yet blacks and people of color treat us like we enslaved and colonized them and take our women and label us racist. (Like you tico perfect example)

It really makes you think whether we were on the right side of history.

And thats precisely the reason if my daughter ever brought home a black man I would immediately disown her. Remove her from my house and cut her off completely finacially.

Interracial children suffer higher rates of identity disorders, grow up in dysfunctional households and have a wide variety of genetic disorders.

Lion + tiger = liger

Horse + zebra = zebroid

Cow + Buffalo = beefalo

Liger, zebroids and beefalos are all dsygenic creatures that suffer low fertility, low life expectancy and a wide variety of other genetic disorders.

African + Slavic is like trying to breed a lion + tiger = dsygenic.

He/She would be accepted by Poles. I have no worries

I promise you poles will not accept him. I know multiple polish women with half black babies, and the only accepting groups are black/social circles fully black.

Have you ever heard the 1% rule? If you have 1% black DNA your basically black and the only accepting groups are black.

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IX. How is it that all these tribes turn out to be Slavic?

Although the word “Slav” – in that form – does not appear before the 6th century, many of the tribes which we call Slavic do appear before the 6th century:






Legii (Lugii)




probably most of the Veneti and others

The common explanation is these were “Slavicized”. But this is strange. After hundreds of years of Germanization the Slavic Sorbs persist till this day. If the Slavs really Slavicized all these Germanic tribes they did so extraordinarily quickly.

But then why preserve the names of the original tribes? Elsewhere, when a small group of conquerors (Bulgars, Rus) take over a tribe quickly, they may become Slavicized but they keep the name and impose it on the rest of the population. If the group were larger, wouldn’t it be even more likely that they would have imposed their names on the various peoples in question?

X. If the above tribes could have been Slavicized, why not the Suevi?

Historians are ok with pointing out connections between Germanic and Slavic tribes. At least so long as theses tribes are small and insignificant. No one has suggested a Slavicization of the Suevi. It seems that that would make too many uncomfortable.

XI. And why if one can derive the name Slav from the name of a river, that river cannot be Solawa?

We know why. Because, we are told, the Slavs came from the East.

Solawa is particularly problematic because not only could its name be used etymologically to derive the name of the Slavs but it also occupies the region where the ancient authors found the river Suevus. That river, in turn, is associated with the Suevi and so the circle closes.

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XII. Was Grimm wrong in claiming that “Suevi” and “Slavs” Are Cognates?

Jacob Grimm was an excellent linguist. Yet his claim of the two words being cognates is almost embarrassingly swept under the carpet. Brueckner called it “unfortunate”. Curiously, Brueckner did not say that Grimm was wrong (presumably because then he’d have to explain why).

XIII. Why are so many the ancient German river names ending in -awa? and place names in -owa?

XIV. What do the Niemcy have to do with the Nemetes and the Slavs with the Suavi?

There is the old theory about the Slavic word for Germans – Niemcy – being a reference to the Niemcy not speaking Slavic (i.e., the “mutes”) and the Slavs being people of the “word” (slovo), i.e., being the ones who do speak a mutually understandable language. And yet, this theory seems to be based on nothing and to be based on a Volksetymologie.

At the same time the Nemetes just so happened to live right next to the Suevi.

XV. How can Suo-vene/Sla-vene have nothing to do with Vene-ti and nothing to do with Sue-vi either!?

There is a description of a Slav linguist conference where one of the participants raised the Suo-veni and Vene-ti link. The reference to this event goes on to explain that it was quickly explained to the overly curious linguist why he can’t be right. This recollection was brought up by the author of the book presumably to discredit any similar notion.

Yet the remarkable thing is that the book never says what the explanation given to the linguist was!

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JFL [HONKFUEL] Trannies are absolutely destroying feminism

And there's absolutely nothing feminists can do about it, because the media, corporations and banking elites are behind this one, so even most "feminists" (libfems) support it, social networks are censoring dissenting opinions, even reddit feminist subs got banned and FDS can't say shit about trannies anymore, the media is heavily promoting it, etc.

I know FDSers lurk here so, DEAL WITH IT WHORES. I hope a tranny rapes every single one of you.

We tried telling them that not all men are rapists, but they'd take even that as an attack. They would consistently disregard the suffering of males who get accused of rape despite not doing it, and even censored the keywords "false accusation" on twox to make sure no one would talk about it. Every attempt by males to defend ourselves, even simply advocating for our rights or talking about our suffering, they would see as an attack and censor it and treat us like creeps for it.

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Extremely based

i love looking at radfem/ anti trans sites like ovarit when they get so triggered because of muh " womanhood". If a dude wants to live as a woman who gives a fuck. It might be degenerate but theres plenty of more degenerate things going on.

They're extremely toxic to society. If they didn't lash out at others, expect to be called mam, pretend to be women on tinder with filters etc, I'd be "ok" with it, but as it is they're just disgusting.