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sangell #fundie theconservativetreehouse.com

[Commenting under "Oprah Compares Young President Obama (aka Trayvon Martin) To Emmett Till Lynching…"]

There’s something very disturbing about the glorification of a murder victim like Emmitt Till as an example of ‘black suffering’. He didn’t die trying to register to vote or enroll in university. He died because he made sexual advances on another man’s wife. The wife was offended, told her husband and, not for the first time in human history, an enraged jealous husband defended his wife’s honor by killing Till. Would it have been different if Till was white? Maybe, maybe not

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Guyver1 #fundie theconservativetreehouse.com

As someone on the ground here in Florida, I can verify Florida is solid Trump territory, just like during the primaries.
This is great. In 2008 and 2012, by this time, the Obamabots were in full seek and destroy mode, ganging up on anyone who expressed support for anyone other than their false god (small g on purpose) Obama. They would all start squawking at the same time in order to drown your voice out.
This time, the situation is reversed. Republicans, democrats and independents realize this goes beyond political affiliation, and we are being very vocal about it. The Marxists are being real quiet, at work, the few times they have spouted pro-Hitlary nonsense, several things have happened:
1. We pound them with facts, not propaganda. And we do so loudly.
2. Their buddies have not jumped in to back them up.
3. When they realize their buddies are not going to back them up, that these are now one on one engagements, they tuck tail and run.
As for the polls, agree 100%, they are junk.
Funny that you mention Quinnipiac. Years ago, they used to call me all the time- until I realized that their questions were designed in such a way that no matter how you answered, they got the result they wanted. Think along the lines of ‘How frequently do you beat your wife’, no option for ‘I have never beat my wife, and never will’. The last time they called I told them I was now aware of their game and rigged questions, then I told them (in those exact words) to go pound sand, and to take my name and number off their calling list.
So now it is not just a question of the polls being rigged (they are), there are now millions (maybe tens of millions) on our side who refuse to participate in their junk polls. So that throws their fake numbers off even more.

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TrumpIllinois2016 #fundie theconservativetreehouse.com

There is desperation in Obama’s words.

If Trump were losing, Obama would make the point that Trump is the Republican Party, that he represents the Republican Party, in order to paint the Republican Party as dangerous losers going forward. Instead, obama is arguing that republicans should denounce Trump and that Trump doesn’t represent the Republican Party. In other words, Obama fears that if the Republican Party embraces Trump’s ideas, the democrats have a lot of losing ahead of them in the years to come.

If you’re opponent is a train wreck, you watch and laugh. You don’t try to change their behavior or go out of your way to change an outcome (I.e your opponent losing, and you winning).

The media and the democrats are panicked.

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facebkwallflower #conspiracy theconservativetreehouse.com

We need to be careful we are not being manipulated by people we think are all in with us. Allen West has an article up saying just about the same thing about Trump should not have stepped into Khan Krap and needs to be more choosy (paraphrased). Mr. West thinks he missed an opportunity to talk about money laundering to the sanctuary cities. Well, I say,

It was not a mistake for Trump to speak out against Khan. Because he DID, light was shown on who the Dad really is and it ain’t pretty and his activities undermines the rule of law. So, Thank God Trump spoke up and risked having Mr. West take an opportunity to slam Trump in the name of “concern”. Newsflash! Trump is aware of the situation Mr. West wants him to talk about instead and he also knows when the right time is in this campaign to bring it to the forefront. Not bringing it up was not in exchange for his Khan rebuttal. Why did Mr. West not just report on the scam, leaving Trump out of it or say, “I look forward to the firestorm when Trump brings this up.”

The first step is to think Trump should have kept his mouth shut. The second is to believe he always speaks at wrong times. The third is to just stay home because lost faith in Trump. Do NOT fall into the traps. The snares are everywhere.

Trump DID GOOOOOOOOD about the Khan thing. So much is coming out that the Dems are quieting on fb and quit posting his story. And we have more pieces to the Clinton Fraud puzzle.

a big THANK YOU to Mr. Trump

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fnn #fundie theconservativetreehouse.com

Obama had ZERO executive experience when he became POTUS. He famously never so much as ran a lemonade stand before he entered the White House. So not surprisingly, his legacy is the destruction of Libya, the near destruction of Syria, the resulting refugee crisis that is tearing Europe apart, and the launching of Cold War II with Russia. If you don’t think that last one is important then watch the movie Dr. Strangelove over and over again until you get it.