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The Church has again dissociated itself from the Ġesù Salvatur Christian community
The probe began last July when the media published interviews with three former members of the Catholic group, who claimed it had discouraged them from dating non-members. Another woman claimed she had been told not to keep her lesbian daughter at home in case she was under some form of curse.

As an interim measure, Archbishop Charles Scicluna had instructed members of the clergy not to host Catholic members of the Gesù Salvatur community in any premises belonging to the church.
[…][Clyde] Attard’s daughter, Amy, had broken ties with the community that her father leads, taking to Facebook to describe it as “a cult”.
said community members had suffered, claiming they were “too afraid to speak as they fear they will send curses to them”.
The Church commission, which heard the experiences of those willing to meet up, including the leaders of the community, said Komunità Ġesù Salvatur was giving “a wrong and confused interpretation of Church teachings, an erroneous interpretation of scriptural texts, and an attitude that hurts those who are passing through challenging situations in life”.
“With the help of several experts, it has been confirmed that the Komunità Ġesù Salvatur demonstrates the sociological characteristics of a closed and rigid community which causes harm to many persons, even if a number of people joined the community in good faith,” it said in its statement.
The church also acknowledged that some people may have been adversely affected by the community over the years and has therefore offered free support services by professionals.

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As an American I see first hand what illegal emigration does to a country. Most illegal emigrants come from a Third World nation, they are usually uneducated, some carry diseases while others are criminals escaping from their homeland. There is no control as to who would enter a country. If these people really want to enter the country legally they should file proper papers and wait their turn instead of jumping the line.

Usually, illegal emigrants will increase the taxes for the natives because they have to be housed, fed and provided with schooling, medical and legal services. Furthermore, the crime rate would increase - they form gangs which will roam the streets and terrorise the native population - and they will bring down the pay structure of the nation because they will perform work at a rate much lower than the natives and legal emigrants would be willing to accept.

Since Malta is a very small island that lies only a few hundred miles from a continent filled with misery and ignorance, I am afraid that Malta will be easily overrun by these illegals and Malta as we all know it will no longer exist.

By the way, I was born in Malta and still have dual citizenship.

The interest of Malta is one of my primary concerns along with the concerns of my adopted country, the US.