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In the previous era, the Age of Aries, (~2000BC – ~0AD), humanity was offered the possibility of taming the wayward desires of the physical animal body and bringing us more into alignment with our Divine nature through spiritual and mental disciplines. Again, the decadent state of the world tells us that humanity has failed here also. Interestingly, the Age of Aries is symbolised by the ram, a stubborn, headstrong animal, epitomising our base nature; note the ubiquity of representations of the ram in Egyptian art during this period, and even the supreme god of the Egyptians, Amun, was represented with a ram’s head.

In each of these eras, World Teachers have appeared, and often at their beginning, to set the energetic impress for the ensuing new era, giving the core teachings of the Ageless Wisdom that were suited to the era and offering in their very being a model of how humanity was to live in that era.

For the Age of Pisces, the initiating World Teacher was Yeshua (Jesus) within his message of universal love and brotherhood, while for the Age of Aries, it was Krishna, with his detailed instructions in the Bhagavad Gita of how humanity could renounce desire and live in a self-less way.

Humanity fully entered the current era, the New Era of the Age of Aquarius, at the end of 2012. This is the real significance of the end of cycles around this date foretold in Mayan prophecies and those of other cultures. The Age of Aquarius offers humanity the energy of an enormous expansion of our awareness, the ability to feel and read what is really going on around us, to be free of our illusions and not stumble along in their darkness. Note that the sign Aquarius is symbolised by two waves of water. Water is a sign of infinite awareness, and the meaning of the double waves is that awareness only finds fulfilment in connection with others. There is no solitary path here. All of humanity must arise together in awareness in this era. Not one of us can fully evolve while any of our equal brothers is holding himself or herself less. Also the name Aquarius is actually Latin for ‘water carrier’, so indeed denotes a person who bears awareness. As in previous eras, a World Teacher has appeared at the beginning of this era to present teachings and an inspiring model of how we are intended to live in order to master the energy being offered.

Serge Benhayon is the World Teacher who initiates this New Era of the Age of Aquarius. He began his work in 1999, just as the initial impulses, but not yet the full power, of the energy of the New Era were released.

Since 1999 and more intensively since 2012, he has been consistently teaching courses, presenting teachings and providing healings, all to one goal: to prepare humanity for the enormous increase in awareness and hence acceleration of evolution that this New Era offers us. He lives the truth of the Ageless Wisdom teachings in each given moment throughout every facet of his life and in this way is able to offer inspiration to us all in how to arise and claim the awareness that is our birth right and thus live the greater truth of the Divine beings we are.