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Not only is ERA flawed, as is every thing else the Democrats try to pass, but we need to repeal the 19th Amendment, passed August 18th, 1920. It has vastly expanded the government, severely deteriorated the family, and ruthlessly emasculated the man.

Before the 19th Amendment, women relied upon a man to provide for them and children. And this gave men something to do, and kept them industriously occupied in a noble task. Afterward, men became expendable, and the male reasoning and strength became subject to female fickle caprice.

To have a successful society, you must have two factors. These factors were present in America in 1900, they are definitely not present today, and we will never fix America until they are.

1) Make it easy for a man to acquire a job where he can support a wife and children on a single income.
2) Make sex outside of heterosexual marriage extremely difficult to obtain.

Women control 60% of the wealth in America, and they are the main supporters of the Democrat party too.

So, the party that has most of the money in America, as the Democrats control all twenty of the wealthiest congressional districts in America, is also the party constantly trying to raise taxes and regulations, to gain even more control.

Is this not like the woman's nature? She was put in a sphere by God for her good and that of mankind. When she leaves that sphere, as deceived Eve did, there are terrible consequences that ensue.

The woman was created to serve the man, not the other way around.

Because of selfish women, we have 25% of women in America who are on psychotropic drugs. Just last week, I came across a distraught woman who was sobbing and wanted to kill herself. Upon interrogating her, I discovered she had just run away from her husband, who was apparently abusive to her because she had 6 children with another man. She was also addicted to prescription drugs, and had a long list of health problems because of it. I instructed her to go home and apologize to her husband for being so unfaithful to him, and to throw away her drugs and check herself into a rehab facility. She ran away crying, probably either overwhelmed with guilt after realizing everything she had done, or because she was too stuck-up to comprehend my instructions and admit that her situation was her own fault. I sure do wish that more women would take more accountability for their actions and stop trying to blame everything on men.

"Go and sin no more".

Of course, men are not guiltless either, as many have been negligent in obeying God and in upholding their roles as leaders of the homes. Men should be speaking out to ban porn, but you rarely hear many men doing that, because the vast majority of men are using it.

If a man uses porn, what use does he have for a married wife? It is the sex drive that drives a man into marriage and to have and care for children.

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An omnipresent, omnipotent being, God knew what man would become. He made a world capable of taking everything man could do to it and still not be conquered. We’ve dropped millions of tons of waste in the oceans, 100s of nuclear tests underground, and yet she still prevails. Anyone who knows the full power of the Lord Almighty would naturally make this logical connection. The climate change HOAX is nothing but a plundering of money and resources, but what’s even more sinister is that it grows government and its power, reach, and scope. Soviet Russia had a environmental protection group as did the Nazis. Coincidence? Nah.

Only an ignorant, amoeba brained, left wing communist would believe such a thing as climate change. Then again, the prevalence of Sanders is proof that suckers are born every day, aren’t they?

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(commenting on the article “Christian Supporters of Trump, the President Can Defend Himself”)

I disagree completely. It is absolutely safe to say that us Christian Republicans have not gone far enough in defending him.
Our enemies hypocritically accuse us of worshiping him and attack us for it, even though that’s what they did to Obozo.
Only filthy RINOs don’t defend the man when the devil-worshiping libtards make up blatant lies against him.
When you look at the wickedness of the DemonRats, it’s obvious that this matter is black and white, good and evil, and that God is 100% on the president's side.

I cheered for Donald, as he was immediately my favorite in the primary.
I voted for him because he seems like a wonderful person. I've never failed
to be pleased at how great that decision turned out to be. I know that he's
a Christian and a true conservative, even though some laughably claim he isn’t.
He's quickly become the best president of my lifetime and has done, with
virtually no exception, a wonderful job to this point, in my opinion.

I promised I'd support the new president as much as I could, without fail.
I promised I'd defend his honor when his enemies lied about him. So far,
I've done both, and hopefully will continue to be ethical in my support.

I somewhat get the author's point here, and agree we don't need to explain our choice
to the traitorous Never-Trumpers, and much LESS so to the demon leftists. Both groups can
go to hell. But I disagree with the claim in this title - Trump has not shown weakness
or restraint when defending himself. For that fact, I have a completely different take on
this matter; I think Donald should let US defend him and not try to do it himself. I believe
his rating would go sky-high if he would allow us to do that FOR him.

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Jeff Baker #fundie #wingnut breitbart.com

Just because 90% of our nation is ignorant and won't bat an eye at your BS doesn't mean i won't. Freedom of religion meant freedom to go to any denomination of Christianity and the government wouldn't prefer the Baptists over the Methodists. They absolutely did not mean to open the floodgates to absolute flakiness like the dummies who are deceived enough by puny satan to worship him. After all he will spend eternity in flames. I advise you to consider finding a better God who is not 100% given to lies and deception. You know like Jesus the Creator and lover of mankind.

NIGELTEAPOT #fundie #wingnut

NIGELTEAPOT #fundie #wingnut dailywire.com

Blasphemy is the third worst sin that cries to Heaven for vengeance, what you are also doing here. calumny and despair are also mortal sins,

Being a Mother is not only the most Natural thing in existence, it is the singular reason women exist at all. spirits (like your demons) have no women as they have no ability to reproduce and each are of their own individual, unique "species." In fact, the demons before falling were utterly repulsed at the idea of sex or women or childbirth,

the devil used to be a spirit supremacist that appealed to the weakest spirits by claiming that he would bring about the Second Person of God because spirits were "obviously better" than beasts.

the devil committed suicide when God announced Humanity (Rational Soul like spirits along with an inseparable Body Lovingly Made in the Image of God).

Not only were humans greater than spirits, refuting the devil's racism, but God Himself chose to be Human for His Second Person.

The actual Bearer of Light is the Virgin Mary, a fully Human woman, refuted everything the devil knew.

in fact, the devil was just an arrogant janitor created specifically to serve and clean up after humans. refusing to admit what he actually was, the devil committed "suicide by cop" and then dedicated his time before damnation to try to drag humans to hell with him.

you have become one such human, but I would recommend Repenting.

Sure, you will have to pay the blood price for all your sins that cry to Heaven for vengeance, but I assure you, you would be wishing you did Eternally if going to hell.

NIGELTEAPOT #fundie #wingnut

NIGELTEAPOT #fundie #wingnut dailywire.com

Demons are created, contingent beings like you are. In fact, you were even superior to them before to turned yourself into a beast of hell. you can even become human again if necessary. you are an unthinking possessed slave of demons; you invert the Truth because the Truth kills demons.

I not only know what you are saying, I already have killed some demons and I could even make yours experience very unpleasant things whenever you try to contact them to the poky they will do them to you to save themselves.

How do you kill immortal souls? Well, I'm the Prophet. your birth and that of your other rejects necessitated mine. The question is if you take the carrot of actual knowledge and you free us from your tyranny, or I give you the stick that frees us all from your tyranny.

That doesn't work, but you now have a Rosary. I'll also tell my ex-"high wizard" friend to add you to his.

you have a St Michael and St Benedict Prayer to return your curses back to whence they came. you also have a Rosary to make your eyes open or Permanently closed. your reign of terror is ended, but you get to choose how.

you are a low-ranking devil worshiper in a front for the singular coven in the world. I’ll bet that you are a child rapist and murderer hiding behind rhetoric and curses. hell was made specifically for you.

NIGELTEAPOT #fundie #psycho

NIGELTEAPOT #fundie #psycho dailywire.com

trying to dedicate all of the slain babies to your master the devil? usually your kind does that at midnight, you seem inexperienced in your devil worship (though deadly serious about it).

The Babies are being Martyred in the worst satanic ritual of all meant to attack the Greatest Sacrament of the Eucharist. they are Martyred in effigy of the Baby Jesus, and so therefore Baptised in their Blood.

Babies have also come from God, nor do that have shame over sin as you do.

Please, just go to hell in peace without trying to drag babies and others with you.

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females are petulant children.....demanding selfish tantrum throwing children...........as long a they are treated as such .......all is good. Men are and always will be the dominate sex ........that’s just how it is........society is built by MEN not females.

Silence DoGood #wingnut

Silence DoGood #wingnut breitbart.com

What a waste of time. The Democrats are corrupt liars and are treasonously trying to wage a coup to subvert the Constitution and the will of the 63 million voters who elected Trump.

These Democrats are evil, wicked, and utterly deranged!

The wrath of God will destroy them and it is the duty of every American, to stand and denounce these pagan wretches, publicly, at every single school board, city council, and public meeting in America.

They rely on our apathy, silence, and cowardice.

“Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war”
Julius Caesar

John miller #fundie #homophobia #wingnut

John miller #fundie #homophobia #wingnut townhall.com

Not calling names. You are a nasty weirdo who puts nasty things in your BUTT!
You don't know the difference between a man and woman.
You don't even know which restroom to use.
And you don't know an adult from a child.
You want people to believe you are capable of raising a child? Pfft.
O'blunder tried to take those who protect children from weirdos like you out of the equation. TRUMP PUT THEM BACK!!! HA HA HAAA
Get a cat! Or do like Muslim pedophiles and get a goat!
The days of the freaks and weirdos warping U S children are OVER!
I'm not the punk-ass Christians you weirdos are used to pushing around. Call me a MILITANT CHRISTIAN! I'm taking down all the weirdos I can in this life time by calling you what you are to your face: TRASH!!!
I will tell EVERY CHILD I know that alphabets are evil FILTHY trash who spit on God with their disgustingly WRONG lifestyles.
PS, normal children think you are weirdos too. It takes brainwashing to convince them otherwise. And now you can't brainwash or warp or harm children anymore! Thank God!
And, as soon as the demon RBG Is dead, you won't be able to kill them in the womb anymore!
Jesus Christ Rebukes you and so do I.

Silence DoGood #fundie #homophobia

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Submitter‘s note: (I know I harp on this guy a lot, but I feel like FSTDT was specifically designed for people like him.)

It would be nice for conservatives to recognize that homosexuality is a crime against nature.

Homosexuals belong in jail. We do not need them to prevail, we need God. If they want to repent, they are free to do so, but they aren’t welcome in the conservative movement, celebrating their debauchery.

America was sabotaged by the Kinsey Report.

Strongly recommend all read ‘Sexual Sabotage’.

Silence DoGood #sexist #wingnut

Silence DoGood #sexist #wingnut breitbart.com

Don’t you dare ever lecture a man again.

You know practically nothing about America’s history. You need to listen, and talk less.

John Adams was no Democrat, in the sense of Democrats of the last century.

However, Gen. MacArthur was fired by one.

"History fails to record a single precedent in which nations subject to moral decay have not passed into political and economic decline. There has been either a spiritual awakening to overcome the moral lapse, or a progressive deterioration leading to ultimate national disaster."
Douglas MacArthur

As a woman, you are to teach other women and children. You are not to teach men, and especially not me.


Patriot76 #homophobia

Patriot76 #homophobia dailywire.com

Gays are human, but have a disability. Left-handedness is not a disability, because there's nothing a lefty can't do. Also a lefty doesn't misrepresent or distort anything. If someone with mental illness, though, "eats" by putting food in their ear, that's a disability. It would also affect their entire life, including by malnutrition.

Gayness is nothing to be proud of or to promote, although some gays can manage to make successful contributions to society anyway.

Straight people who for whatever medical reason are unable to conceive do not parade and promote their disability.

Gayness is obscene and should not be seen in public, any more than people going to the bathroom in public.

Promoting gayness to kids is psychological child abuse. Dealing with someone's psychological issues is one thing, but actively promoting such is horrific.

Ryan Messano #homophobia

Ryan Messano #homophobia timesheraldonline.com

A local resident was removed from Tuesday’s Vallejo City Council meeting after he made homophobic remarks.

The incident began when Ryan Messano questioned why Brenda Crawford, who is an African-American and openly gay, was being nominated as the city’s new representative to the Senior Coalition of Solano County.

Messano began his remarks by explaining that if the late Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. was in the room, he would not have approved of Crawford’s appointment.

“We now have a nest of homosexuals infesting our city right now — who have absolutely no business getting involved in our politics,” Messano said as he looked at the audience in attendance.

“None!” he added.

After Messano repeated his previous comments, Vallejo Mayor Bob Sampayan interrupted.

“Mr. Messano, I’m going to stop you,” Sampayan said.

Messano refused to stop talking.

“You’re going to stand down,” Messano shouted to Sampayan. “I have free speech in America and you’re not taking it from me.”

Sampayan called for a recess to the meeting, while also asking Vallejo police in attendance to remove Messano from the chambers.

The microphone to the public comment podium was turned off as three members of Vallejo police, including the chief of police, attempted to escort Messano from the building.

“I’m not going anywhere!” Messano shouted, his voice being picked up by the chamber’s other microphones.

“You communists in this room are going to face the music,” Messano added before those microphones were turned off as well.

At the request of Sampayan, the council left the dais until Messano was escorted out.

Messano eventually left the room after a brief standoff with police.

“His comments were disparaging, disturbing, and inciting anger and disruptive to the entire proceedings,” Sampayan said in an interview during a council recess later in the evening.

Sampayan said the City Attorney’s Office, along with Vallejo Police Department, are exploring taking out a temporary restraining order against Messano.

Reached by phone Wednesday, Messano said the mayor was acting in a hypocritical manner for removing him but not the pro-cannabis speakers who, according to Messano, verbally attacked the City Attorney during council hearings on marijuana.

Messano said he isn’t a bigot but “attacks on the family need to be confronted.”

“I’m not advocating harming anyone,” he added.

When told about the move by the city regarding a possible temporary restraining order, Messano said he is looking into filing a lawsuit against the city for denying his First Amendment rights to free speech.

Richard Porter, executive director of the Global Center for Success (GCS), confirmed to the Times-Herald on Wednesday that Messano is no longer a board member for the nonprofit, which assists homeless in the area.

“His views/viewpoints are his and they do not reflect the views of GCS,” Porter said about Messano, who left the board three months ago.

In February, Messano got into a verbal spat with Sampayan regarding whether the mayor or anyone in attendance had read biographies about the nation’s Founding Fathers.

Silence DoGood #fundie #wingnut

Silence DoGood #fundie #wingnut breitbart.com

This is what happens when our Marxist schools have brainwashed millions into sexual debauchery and historical revisionism.


America was not built on the backs of slaves, but by humble and hardworking men who were serving the Lord.

Native Americans were absolute barbarians, and Manifest Destiny was the best thing that could ever have happened to them.


It’s exhausting keeping up with all the myths you corrupt types emotionally cling to to justify your wicked lifestyle. You hate the truth, you hate to learn, and you love to talk.

Here is a book explaining why the West prevailed.


Note, the cultures we conquered had barbaric sexual habits, just like you do. Probably why you relate to them so much.

Now, keep your big mouth shut, unless you can name ten biographies of the 204 Christian Founders of America you’ve read. You’ll be blocked if you respond without those.


Also, do not run to Google for more brainwashing.

You believe the way you do because you’ve been conditioned by the media, schools, and tech companies.

Silence DoGood #sexist #wingnut

Silence DoGood #sexist #wingnut breitbart.com

You are repeating Marxist propaganda. Men and women have their own spheres. Please read “Lies Women Believe”, and “The Naked Communist”. Also, please visit “The Transformed Wife”, and don’t visit Google to research these.

You equate a woman staying home and caring for children to slavery. Yet, none of us would even be here if women a century ago didn’t do that, so these women are big-time ungrateful. We give them liberty out of the sheer goodness of our hearts, and women thank us be doing their best to run this country into the ground?! Utterly shameful!

The Democrats are communists, and they are incompatible with America. When you read the book on communism, you’ll understand.

Women will never vote for small government, because that means they’ll have to be in subjection to men again, which most hate to do. So, they rebel against God and destroy their own country.

The laws of nature won’t change, whether you assent or dissent with them. You defy them to your own peril.

Silence DoGood #racist

Silence DoGood #racist pjmedia.com

There is nothing in the Constitution that expressly forbids segregating schools or forbidding miscegenation, and SCOTUS has no business trying to change that time-honored fact. ‘Loving v. Virginia’ and ‘Brown v. Board of Education’ are clear examples of federal overreach.

Ted R. Weiland #fundie #sexist

Ted R. Weiland #fundie #sexist townhall.com

Just think: Had the Constitutional Framers (like their early 1600 predecessors) established government upon the Bible's immutable unchanging moral law, including mandatory biblical qualifications for civil leaders (instead of banning them in Article 6*):

"Moreover thou shalt provide out of all the people able MEN, such as fear God, MEN of truth, hating covetousness; and place such over them, to be rulers...." (Exodus 18:21)

"As for my people, ... women rule over them. O my people, they which lead thee cause thee to err, and destroy the way of thy paths." (Isaiah 3:12)

"But I suffer not a woman to ... usurp authority over the man...." (1 Timothy 2:12)

One word alone in Exodus 18:21 (pick anyone of them) eliminates Hillary, Pelosi, Ginsburg, Ocasio, etc., etc., etc. The remaining qualifications would send all of their cohorts in crime (women and men, donkeys and elephants alike) packing as well.**

*For more regarding Article 6's Christian test ban, google online Chapter 9 "Article 6: The Supreme Law of the Land" of "Bible Law vs. the United States Constitution: The Christian Perspective."

**Then Chapter 28 "Amendment 19: The Curse of Women's Suffrage."

Ryan Messano (aka Silence DoGood) #sexist #racist

Ryan Messano (aka Silence DoGood) #sexist #racist messanonews.com

Should we revoke the 19th Amendment and cease to allow women to vote?

In 1925, America witnessed the Scopes Trial, which saw evolution enter the public schools. It started slowly, but now this fairytale is taught in every public school in America, and since you teach one fairy tale, the reasoning goes, why not teach more? So, we also teach the fairy tale that racism is alive and well in America, the fairy tale that climate change is real, the fairy tale that drugs are healthy, and the fairy tale that a woman getting an education and getting a job is good, and a woman marrying, having children, and staying home is bad. The last point is the one we shall focus upon. Of course, when you teach children that they are animals, they eventually begin to act like them, and that describes every liberal in the world. This my friends, is why we have today’s Democrat party. They don’t understand virtue and wisdom, because after all, animals don’t have virtue and wisdom, and they think and act like animals.

When the 19th Amendment, giving women the right to vote was being considered for ratification in 1920, there were millions of men and women who advocated against it, saying that if a woman got the right to vote it would destroy the family and the nation. They were right. Our national debt is far higher, our crime is way higher, porn is legal, prostitution is more of a problem than it once was, and STD’s are present in a 1/3rd of America’s population. We did not have these problems AT THESE HIGH rates, prior to women having the vote, and they are all directly linked to it.

As a result, the Western World and America are dying off. It’s time to revoke the 19th Amendment. The woman was the last creation of God, and the most perfect of all His Creations, and her sphere is in the home and teaching other women and children. She was never designed to teach or lead men, and when the woman is out of her place, the entire nation falls apart, as has happened. While our homes, and children are a disaster today, with fewer and fewer children being born each year, we see women reveling in going to college, traveling, and going into politics. The price is the destruction of our nation.

By, 2100, it is projected that Africa will have 4.3 billion people!!! And all of North America will have 500 million. Demography is destiny. You cannot destroy the future population of a nation and expect for it to survive. It’s time to stop being selfish, since if our Founders had our attitudes the nation would have been toast in 50 years, and to start being selfless and confining sex to marriage again, as we once knew to do, largely before the disastrous Kinsey Report sabotaged our nation.

John miller #fundie #homophobia #wingnut

John miller #fundie #homophobia #wingnut townhall.com

I believe alphabet dope trash are angry because reality is slapping you in the face.
Y'all need acceptance and for everyone to tell you it's ok to be filthy dope alphabet trash. It is NOT.
Y'all have to be strung out on drugs to even accept your own lives.
And now you've discovered (other than yo mama and other trash) nobody accepts you, you’re a freak and can't handle the truth. Boo hooo! Most people find you utterly disgusting and don't even want you in their presence. You give people the creeps.
Heaven has a wall and gates and souls are heavily vetted.
Guess what? Illegal Mexicans can go to heaven. Unless they're a practicing alphabet!
And I won't be worried about PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP leaving office for FIVE MORE YEARS!!!!
PS Epstein didn't kill himself!!! Lmao

Oscar #homophobia

Oscar #homophobia townhall.com

The clear answer to the question in the title is yes, religious freedoms must lose
when gay "rights" wins. It's a zero sum game; there is no other alternative - it is
as simple as America, or homosexual "rights"; we cannot have both at the same
time. To our shame, we Americans did not take this existential threat seriously,
had no idea how powerful is the pervert lobby and only realized it after the radicals
took over and we began to lose our rights. The domino effect is in effect. The trickle
has become a flood. The gays won an inch and took a mile. That happened, folks,
not in North Korea, but in a nation FOUNDED for religious rights! In the shining city
on a hill. And if it could happen here, NO country on earth is safe.

Had someone told me just a few decades ago, that in a cynical ploy for votes, the
left would one day hitch its wagon to sexual per version, I would have laughed him
to scorn. I'm not laughing now.

Silence DoGood #fundie #wingnut

Silence DoGood #fundie #wingnut breitbart.com

Greece and Rome were the tech and science leaders of their day. And they are in ruins today.

Communists and the French Revolution relied on tech and science, and they utterly failed.

What made America great was never science or “advancement”, but what Patrick Henry said.

". . . Virtue, morality, and religion. This is the armor, my friend, and this alone that renders us invincible. These are the tactics we should study. If we lose these, we are conquered, fallen indeed . . . so long as our manners and principles remain sound, there is no danger."
Patrick Henry

Silence DoGood #fundie #homophobia

Silence DoGood #fundie #homophobia pjmedia.com

Here are three rogue SCOTUS decisions:

1965: Griswold vs. Connecticut, legalizing birth control.

1969: Stanley vs. Georgia, legalizing p-rnography

2003: Lawrence vs. Texas, Legalizing homosexuality.

All of these were illicit decisions and all practices should still be illegal. Do this, and the Democrat party will be destroyed. They are the party of death and decay, and these practices are all practices of pagan death cultures.

“Our liberty depends on our education, our laws, and habits . . . it is founded on morals and religion, whose authority reigns in the heart, and on the influence all these produce on public opinion before that opinion governs rulers."
Fisher Ames, American Founding Father

Notice how he says our liberty depends on our laws, for the libertarian libertines who insist laws legalizing corruption are a good thing.

NIGELTEAPOT #fundie #wingnut

NIGELTEAPOT #fundie #wingnut dailywire.com

NIGELTEAPOT: wishing hell on others is mortally sinful. you just killed your soul

JackJ: Isn't that what you constantly do to others? I suspect over half my Disqus notifications are from you, calling me "damned one" and saying how much want me to go to hell.

NIGELTEAPOT: beast of hell, you damn yourself by the worst sins of all. you base your entire paid troll gimmick on the sins that cry to Heaven for vengeance.

once more, there are only two payments for those: special punishment in h*ll worse than all others AND a blood price that must be paid.

I am pointing out the state you put yourself in and where you already are. I also tell you to Repent, which you instead ignore because you STUPIDLY do not realize there is no limit to punishment in hell.

Silence DoGood #fundie #sexist #wingnut

Silence DoGood #fundie #sexist #wingnut dailywire.com

Women working and voting has destroyed America.

Women caring for children, home, and husbands made our nation great.

Strong women are those who teach other women and children, not those who deign and dare to usurp Gods order and lead and teach men.

No one who has read ten biographies of the Founders will disagree with me.

Many women have been abused by men, and so they are terrified of being in subjection in marriage. How sad, they lose out on the most blissful role a woman on earth ever had.

Meanwhile, feminists, 40 million strong, fell all over themselves to buy ‘50 Shades of Grey’. How does this work?

Silence DoGood #fundie #sexist #wingnut

Silence DoGood #fundie #sexist #wingnut dailywire.com

(I know this dude says a lot of the same stuff, but it always makes me laugh when I read it.)

What don’t you understand about the facts?

70% of single women vote Democrat, the majority of married women do too.

Without women voting, there’d be no Democrat party. They vote for the interests of their gender rather than for the interests of the society, and Marxism would not exist in the West if not for this fact.

The vast majority of women are incapable of voting with their brains instead of their emotions, and this fact alone, among others, makes them far inferior to men.

This isn’t hard, it’s basic math.

Further, the family and nation have collapsed with women voting. Wake up and smell the coffee. We did just fine before women voted, not so much ever since. Their place is the house, particularly the kitchen, and nowhere else.

John miller #fundie #homophobia

John miller #fundie #homophobia townhall.com

John miller: Maybe I'm in the minority here; But I would rather see a child raised by wolves or apes. And NEVER be influenced by mentally ill sexually confused Alphabet freaks.

Good Christian Traditional families have been refused adoptions since the big eared Muslim King and his manshell wife soiled the white house on day 1.

O'blunder tried to continue brain warping children on his way out the door by signing papers denying Christian agencies the ability to handle adoptions unless they agreed to also sacrifice children to Satan by giving them to mentally confused same-sex adults who were living together and practicing unnatural acts apposed by God and describe as "abominations" in the Holy Bible.
That’s why you see big-hearted Christians HAVING TO adopt black or brown babies from SHITHOLE countries.
More sadistic liberal sacrificing of children. They murder them with abortion ; they control and warp them through adoptions.
Just President Trump undoing more of Obama's evil against children being twisted into a lie.

JaxJJ (not me): You're an idiot and a freak. There's no other way to put it and no decent Christian would have anything to do with you.

John miller: I wouldn't spit on a tickle your ears alphabet accepting hypocrite you modern freaks call "Christians"
I'm going with God's word ! And I love that TRASH like you get offended by what I said. Your ignorance Is humorous to me. But God will cast Alphabets and their sympathizers into a lake of fire right along with your prince of darkness to be eternally disposed of like the garbage you are.
To put children with mentally confused sexual perverts I nothing shy of satanic!!!

Silence DoGood #fundie #wingnut

Silence DoGood #fundie #wingnut breitbart.com

Typical soy-boy Democrat male. Brainwashed by the media, tech companies, and schools. Likely has heavy porn and drug usage. Both of these are necessary to keep the brain in a stupor. Male Democrats are heavily into these two practices, and/or are heavily promiscuous.

The left controls the internet security, but it would be nice to pull up his internet search history. The vast majority of Democrat men are into some very interesting things online. This needs to be done with mass shooters as well, since the vast majority happen to be Democrat males. Nearly every Democrat male mass shooter is into porn. No coincidence internet porn was introduced in 1993, for the first time in human history, and mass shootings in America have increased dramatically, rate-wise, since then. And we are just getting started. The mayhem internet porn causes in societies and on individuals is just now being discovered. It will get very ugly.

Of course, the tech titans are making billions off of porn and drug investments, so they really don't want us figuring out their dirty secrets. 'Where issss ze evidence' they will shriek, as they hide it.

Silence DoGood #sexist

Silence DoGood #sexist breitbart.com

Donald Trump Jr. gives a great illustration for how bad the 19th Amendment has been for America, enacted August 18th, 1920. He coolly, calmly, and collectedly lays out the facts for his fathers actions to put America First, and is constantly interrupted by hysterical hyenas.

Don Jr. brings logic and reason, and all the women, including his fiancé, keep trying to interrupt him and overwhelm him with their feelings. Then, if he protests, they tell him he’s insensitive.

Note how all the women are guided by their feelings, and don’t know squat about American history, including the estimable Kimberly Guilfoyle.

The women on the View are all incensed, and cannot think critically to save their life.

I imagine that if Trump got on the show, their heads would explode due to their inability to be in the presence of such a brilliant man.

It’s wonderful we have a few conservative women voting, but the women on the View represent the majority of female voters in America.

Without women voting, there could be no Democratic party.

Since the 19th Amendment, government has tremendously expanded, and the family has tremendously deteriorated. This is wrecking America.

The women of the View perfectly illustrate the female nature. Emotional, reliant on affection, relationship based, and fiercely tribal and territorial. Women are far more fitted for cooking food and bearing children than they are for jobs or even education.

The vote has been damaging for women too, as it led to 30 million women being slaughtered by abortion in the last 46 years, and the greatest rate of women enslaved in porn and prostitution than ever before in American history.

So, repealing the 19th Amendment will put women back where they belong, heal the family, and destroy the Democratic party.


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The refugee program was set up for displaced Europeans following WW2 - not as a tool for non-Caucasian denizens of TW cesspits to freeload off US/Western taxpayers.

The USA does not owe the World a living.

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(commenting on the article “Brutal Video Emerges Of Female Teacher Violently Attacking Teen Girl, Report Says”)

Silence DoGood: The student was probably disrespecting the teacher, and disrupting the order. The last video shows the student hitting the teacher.
As soon as we get the crazed unions out of the schools, and ban porn and drugs (which conservatives are pretty apathetic and cowardly about), I’m all about bringing back corporal punishment into schools. Very effective a century ago, when a teacher used a paddle (or, if necessary, a bullwhip) on unruly kids.

AllofOurTwists: I don't see what you're obviously seeing. I see a defensive move - the kid swung her arm in nearly a full arc and hit from the side - seated - I might add. There is no way she could have inflicted damage even if she had connected; her weight wasn't behind it. Calling it a punch is disingenuous. What the teacher did - three times - was punching. At no time, in either video, is the kid in an offensive or threatening position.

Why was the sub looming over the kid? Was the kid sleeping? Did the video start in the middle of the altercation? What started it? A smart mouth - heck, even name-calling - does not justify what the video shows this supposed adult doing.

Silence DoGood: The fact is that today's children are the most disrespectful in American history. They need to learn respect through any means necessary.

A short while ago, two years ago, my 17-year-old son defied his mother, in MY home. I ordered him to apologize, he didn't, then defied me. Told him if he said anything else, he'd regret it. He did. He ended up in the bathtub, and got up furious, wanting to fight. Due to a freak brush of my nose against the wall, my face was bloodied, but I don't regret what I wound up doing to him at all, only that I hadn't exercised a lot, and so got out of breath quickly, though I'm pretty fit. Since then, he has been very well-behaved, has excelled in school, and has turned into a model citizen.

Part of love is correction. Tolerating disrespect from a child isn't love, it's hatred. The supreme form of hatred is to ignore another’s wrongdoing. Love corrects, hatred leaves another to destroy itself.

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Silence DoGood #fundie #sexist #racist #wingnut breitbart.com

Democrats and their Antifa dogs have deeply wounded America. There are many Americans deeply harmed by the Democrats evil duplicity, and not only do we have the blood of those killed by brown trash like illegal aliens and MS-13 crying out for justice, but we have the innocent blood of 60 million babies, exterminates by bloodthirsty Democrats in abortion clinics. King George III wasn’t guilty of a fraction of what the Democrats are guilty of.

God can heal, assuage, and comfort those harmed, but ultimately, justice must be done. The Democrats aren’t even slightly sorry for their wickedness, they are proud of it, and fully intend on getting worse.

‘Because sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily, the hearts of the sons of men (Democrats) is fully set in them to do evil’
Ecclesiastes 8:11

‘Truth forever on the scaffold, Wrong forever on the throne,-
Yet that scaffold sways the Future, and, behind the dim unknown,
Standeth God within the shadow, keeping watch above his own.’
James Russell Lowell

We are God’s own, fellow patriots, along with tens of millions of other Christian conservatives, and his angels protect us.

Phyllis Schlafley was one of the rare jewels among the women in America, who combined intelligence, patriotism, and knowing her proper place.

God created the woman the last of his creation for a reason. Only the women who know their traditional place and do not say or do anything above their time-honored station are worthy of any respect or honor.

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(talking to a Buddhist who believes in ‘live and let live’)

NIGELTEAPOT: let you destroy everything and turn everywhere you are into hell? No.

you outright reject this by the absurdity of relativism, but you have lived in Christian countries so long you forgot how unique to Christianity all is.

Everything you know and take for granted was created by, and can only exist within, the Church.

Without your remaining Catholic Capital, you collapse like all pagans.

Buddhism is a warrior religion based around the devil's lie that "gnosis/enlightenment/illumination" will make "ye be like gods." really, you are just being tricked to worship suicide and hell by demons.

so you follow paganism and absurd delusions of giving up all the way to hell, all in the hopes of making your shame over sodomy go away?

Christianity is about what is Love, what is Absolutely True, and Natural Law.

you were allowed to be born here instead of in hell for one reason: to Repent. you have so far chosen against that.

NIGELTEAPOT #fundie #wingnut

NIGELTEAPOT #fundie #wingnut christiannews.net

you do evil to yourself.

you posted on some Columbus article a while back, but I don't think the paper will make it out of moderation there. So I will post it here as it applies.

you remind me of when Venerable Fulton Sheen said that those against the Church will listen only to heretics and third rate lies of dishonest historians.

All to lie to themselves I the hopes of hating the Church in the hopes of ignoring the Church.

In Eternity, you will not be able to lie to yourself. the greatest pain of hell is knowing you have wronged God.

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I absolutely DO NOT agree with you, Reagan! Letting gays adopt and raise children is one of the worst forms of child abuse. I want to know how this was ever approved in the first place. I do not remember the people of this country ever voting on approving this policy, and I suspect it would have been voted down by them. Now, with all the radical Leftists' propaganda/indoctrination/misinformation about this topic being taught in our schools from day one and forced on this country, the ruinous supposed acceptance of same-sex marriages and its 'legalization' and 'twisting' of the Constitution by the SC (that we were never allowed to vote on either), people of faith are being trashed and innocent children victimized. CHOOSING the gay life style is a sin against God and nature (an evolutionary dead-end). It will not bring happiness to those who chose it and that choice should totally disqualify them from adopting and raising children.

temporary guest #fundie #homophobia

temporary guest #fundie #homophobia townhall.com

(commenting on an article about why Christian adoption agencies shouldn’t discriminate against homosexuals)

I guess if I need advice on how to be a moral Christian, I won't need to read the Bible anymore. I can just consult Michael Reagan. He doesn't seem to have a problem with judgement. He's got it all locked down.

If Michael Reagan knew scrap about how precious children are in the eyes of the Lord, what the Bible says about homosexuality and those who practice it, and what the Lord, Himself said about those who offend children, he'd know better than drop a load of sanctimonious, judgemental, phony, fake-righteous crap like this. How does surrendering children into households of LGTBQ people keep a Christian unstained from the world? For a Christian, it does exactly the opposite. By what moral authority do you tell Christians they should be willing to do that? There is nothing in the Bible that tells Christians they should do such a thing, and most certainly not in the name of Christ. The Bible takes sexual perversion very seriously, and doesn't care who calls it "love".

Using children to moralize a leftist political argument is a thing democrats are very good at, isn't it? Moralizing every political issue and politicizing every moral issue, done by sanctimonious, self-righteous democrats, is exactly what created the mess the country is in today.

Throwing babies away with the bath water never has been, and still isn't a good ideal. It certainly isn't a Christian one, so don't expect Christians to cow-tow to your personal moralizations. If YOU really care about Jesus' children, Mr. Reagan, think on that for a while.

You seriously want to help? Then help get the 800 pound LGBTQ/democrat imposed government bear off the backs of Christian organizations. Christians can't even bake cakes or sell flowers, can't even say a man is a man and a woman is a woman without getting that bear on their backs, right here in the "land of the free and the home of the brave". Why don't you do something about that? Why don't you defend and aid Christian adoption agencies rather than condemn them? You certainly have more clout than I would.

The world's not perfect, Mr. Reagan. Get over it. This judgemental, anti-Christian (not to mention anti-Trump) diatribe of yours is pathetic.

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The true cultists ignored 8 years of Clinton immorality while in the oval office and 8 years of a muslim jihadi doing all he could to change our history and our traditions while fundamentally transforming us into his vision of kommietopia. I will support Mr. MAGA against no matter what crimes he is claimed to have committed by your lunatic fringe cult. Since he has never been accused of murder, rape, or pedophilia by anyone but your cult, I will not accuse him - it's all fake news. But if he ever is legally convicted in a legitimate court of law, I will vote for Mike Pence. I would not vote for the cult that demands infant sacrifice to their death lord.

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John Malintone #wingnut #psycho dailywire.com

(commenting on the story “Brutal Video Emerges Of Female Teacher Violently Attacking Teen Girl, Report Says”)

John Malintone: I loved everything about this teacher. I'm just going to disagree with everyone else and rain down the love for this teacher.

If a student punches or hits a teacher in the face, I think it's the teacher's duty to literally beat the s**t out of the student. I want to be able to smell the s**t. S**t should literally squirt right out during this beating.

What on earth horrible parents does this student have that they have produced a child that strikes adults in the face, let alone their teachers. These parents need to be horrified by the actions of the school so that they understand the consequences of what they have produced. And teachers should get qualified immunity (like cops) for having to deal with horrible kids like these.

Although they fired this teacher, I guarantee, if they had not fired the teacher, the following day every single student would be in line. Their attitude and obedience would immediately fall right in line like a well-made compass.

Vanway: The teacher appears to be restraining the girl before she swats at the teacher, and the pie'ces de re'sistance was the stomp of the head. Sorry, but this means jail time!

John Malintone: If somebody hit me in the face, I'd probably step on their head too. Just sayin’.

AllofOurTwists: And if someone who outweighed me by 80 pounds was standing over me with her hands on me, while I was seated, I'd strike whatever I could reach to defend myself.

John Malintone: Unless they are a police officer. Or ... your parents... or... maybe a teacher. So disagree with that.

AllofOurTwists: Seriously? No. If someone has her hands around my neck or whatever the hell that sub was doing in the second video - which is not at all clear - I would strike out. It would be reflexive.

John Malintone: If a cop had his hand on me anywhere. I would definitely not strike out. Nor would I strike out if it were my dad, my mom, my uncle, my principal, or my teacher.
In my day, if the teacher had you by the collar or the arm and was pulling you to the principals office, you were expected to submit quietly, and you most certainly did NOT strike them in the face. So - disagree.

AllofOurTwists: I don't see what you're obviously seeing. I see a defensive move - the kid swung her arm in nearly a full arc and hit from the side - seated - I might add. There is no way she could have inflicted damage even if she had connected; her weight wasn't behind it. Calling it a punch is disingenuous. What the teacher did - three times - was punching. At no time, in either video, is the kid in an offensive or threatening position. Why was the sub looming over the kid? Was the kid sleeping? Did the video start in the middle of the altercation? What started it? A smart mouth - heck, even name-calling - does not justify what the video shows this supposed adult doing.

John Malintone: “I don't see what you're obviously seeing. I see a defensive move - the kid swung her arm in nearly a full arc and hit from the side - seated - I might add.”

Yeah - we are in different worlds, that's certain. The "child" is not entitled to "defense" against teachers, principals, police officers, parents, etc. That is my point. If a teacher grabs you by the arm to take you to the principal, you don't get to punch them. Negative.

“There is no way she could have inflicted damage even if she had connected; her weight wasn't behind it.”

Doesn't matter.

“Calling it a punch is disingenuous...”

Punch, hit, slap, doesn't matter.

“Why was the sub looming over the kid? Was the kid sleeping? Did the video start in the middle of the altercation? What started it? A smart mouth - heck, even name-calling - does not justify what the video shows this supposed adult doing.”

You're right. These don't justify it. Hitting the teacher in the face justifies it.

AllofOurTwists: Teachers cannot lay hands on kids, period. If any millennial puke teacher touched one of my kids, I'd sue the school into oblivion. This isn't the 19th century. The disciple of my children is mine to oversee - no one else's.

John Malintone: Well then, I pity your kids’ futures. Without healthy beatings as a child to keep them in line, they will grow up pampered and spoiled and thinking that the world owes them a living, like the disgusting millennials today.

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Mark E Labriola #fundie #wingnut dailywire.com

Josh Harris is a "MEGA" Church apostate who never knew Christ. He is an ungodly representative of the Church of which he has never been a member. He espouses anti-biblical positions and has no right to speak for us. Of course the unsaved Godless media wants to put him on some platform. Lord come quickly...Trump is called by God as was Cyrus to rebuild the Temple. God's judgment will fall on unbelievers and NEVER the Church which is washed in the blood of the Lamb.

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The Left hates plastic because it comes from petroleum---and petroleum continues to kick the ass of every one of the Left's pet "alternative energies."

They can't ban petroleum yet, though they're itching to---so they wage war on plastic. To that end, they babble about how "plastic lasts forever," or some such nonsense. Anyone who has ever owned anything made of plastic knows that this is ridiculous; plastic breaks down, as you know if you've ever had a switch snap off in your hand, had a plastic housing crack without warning, seen your Tupperware get greasy and start to melt of its own accord, watch what happens to some plastics when they're left out in the sun too long.

Plastic is less permanent and stable than its predecessor celluloid, and is certainly less permanent and stable than the bronze, brass, iron, earthenware and wood used by pre-modern civilization. Note, by the way, that were it not for these durable materials our archaeological record of prior civilizations would be much the poorer; is it likely that our easily-shattered, readily crumblable plastic artifacts will last 3000 years as the detritus of the Assyrians did?

The War on Plastic is merely a proxy, a micro-war for the Left's War on Petroleum.

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(I know I milk this guy and his alternate account a lot, but he is always FSTDT gold)

Our Founding Fathers did not give us the Second Amendment and the right to bear arms for it to be taken away by politicians who refuse to address the three real causes of gun crime: Mind altering drugs, pornography escalation into violence, and radical Islam. Not a single mass shooting in America, from Columbine in 1999 forward, has ever occurred without one or more of these factors being present. Why do our bureaucrat liberal politicians desperately want to take our guns away, but refuse to give up the guns protecting themselves? Are their lives more important than ours, and worth protecting but ours are not?

It is said that the great Japanese World War II genius Admiral Yamamoto, who was behind the Pearl Harbor attack, expressed reservations about attacking the United States mainland, because he is reputed to have said (though liberals will dispute this to the high heavens) that “behind every blade of grass is a gun.” Anyone knowing Yamamoto’s genius knows it is something he could have said. Not only does massive gun ownership of citizens ward off impending invasions, but it also, ensures our own government does not tyrannically trample the rights of Americans. Let us not forget that before Hitler, Stalin, and Mao began their atrocities, they instituted “gun control.” When the citizens no longer had guns, they no longer had any will to resist murderous government policies.

Today, we volunteer not to read, and are unfortunately foolish by default, and now our greedy and power hungry rulers want our guns to ease us into slavery. They whine and cry about the murders that their own disastrous social policies cause. They love the chaos these vehicles produce, as it increases their power.

Let’s not be fooled by the Democrats’ temper tantrums. They are badly deluded, and foolish. Speaking of which, what in the world are John Garamendi and Mike Thompson doing joining in these “protests”? Please return to your districts and take care of the sad state of affairs here, and cease trying to enslave your citizens even further. Unless I hear the words radical Islam coming out of your mouths, I really shouldn’t be hearing a peep from either of you two on taking anyone’s guns away. And you both have a lot of nerve, because you are proud gun owners yourselves. The latest ridiculous efforts to deny guns to those on the terror watch list, sounds really good. But, unfortunately the terror watch list often places the wrong people on these lists, and it is quite difficult to get ones name off. Getting anything done through the government is difficult, and the government should never have the right to put people on lists to deny them their God-given right to bear arms without due process. If they are a terrorist, and evidence is available, then going through a court should not be too hard.

We have a glorious heritage, and it is time to go back. It is time for us to start living the lives our Founders lived, and we will then have the peace, joy, prosperity, and freedom they enjoyed. Let’s avoid the clever lies of the left, and let’s start honestly looking at history for ourselves. If you have not read history books outside of your college, that were written more than 50 years ago, you probably know Marxist revisionist history, and are misinformed. If your loves in life are television and movies and you seldom read worthwhile literature, I hate to inform you, but you are easy to control, and you are being enslaved.

Let me close with the words of Alexander Hamilton, “For it is a truth, which the experience of ages has attested, that the people are always most in danger when the means of injuring their rights are in the possession of those of whom they entertain the least suspicion.” Let’s wake up to the unscrupulous knaves who are Democrats, who are running our nation into the ground. Let’s call them to account, and let’s reclaim the glorious heritage we were given, so that we too may leave a legacy that will be remembered 1,000 years from now. We cannot escape history. We will be judged. We will either be found foolish and wanting, or wise and inspired, the choice is ours, our destiny is in our hands.


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Battle royale games are basically the modern form of gladiatorial combat. When St Peter saw the gladiator arena in Rome, he was disgusted. St Peter noticed the people in the arena were just pawns being used by the audience. The audience was using the slaves in the arena vicariously to live out their own bloodthirsty desires. St Peter noted that the audience projected themselves into the shoes of the fighters, and we’re not just watching but absorbing the accomplishments of the fighters as if they were their own.

This is shown by how gladiatorial games were banned originally. The emperor’s favorite priest was invited to Rome, and his attendants were ordered to show him around while the emperor was busy. The attendants got the priest into the coliseum to see the biggest fight in a while; a duel. The priest was appalled and jumped into the arena and stopped the gladiators from fighting.

The two gladiators were shocked that anyone would consider them human enough to save, but the arena was immediately swarmed by the crowd. The priest and the gladiators were then beaten to death by the crowd, as they had came their for blood and wish fulfillment and they were going to get it. When the emperor found out about this, he had the coliseum shut down and everyone in the seats that day publicly executed because he had seen that this vicarious bloodthirst turned his people into monsters.

GK Chesterton said that jazz music marked a strange return to this kind of thing. In the past, music was a community activity, but jazz marked a paradigm shift towards a slave/master relationship in music. The musician on stage gets to pretend to be the master for some time, famed over by the audience, but in reality it is the audience that is in control. The gladiator pretends to be superhumans and dominant when in the ring, but should they ever stop fighting the crowd would remind them what they really are. Chesterton said that should a jazz musician test just how in control he is, by sitting down in the middle of a performance and asking the audience to play for him, that the jazz musician would be dragged into a back alley and killed for his insolence just like a gladiator who had thought too much of himself.

Eventually jazz turned into rock music and the full return to the gladiator style of entertainment came back. The people who watched an rock band play, do so not to enjoy music but instead imagine they are instead on stage playing themselves. They turned these musicians into stars not because they liked them, but just so that the crowd could pretend the accomplishments of the musician were there own. Yet, should the musician get a big head and think they were the ones in control, they would be dropped or worse by the same people who claimed to worship them.

The performer pretends to be a master but is really a slave. The audience pretends to be a slave living vicariously through the performer, but they are the real masters.

Really, the love of these games is just a stepping stone towards reviving gladiatorial combat just as jazz and rock and big league sports were as well. Since the west is almost out of the fumes of Christian capital it has been running on for a hundred years, is it beginning to make the same pagan mistakes as the BC west.

NIGELTEAPOT #fundie #wingnut

NIGELTEAPOT #fundie #wingnut patheos.com

NIGELTEAPOT: So novelty like silly breathing exercises will give "peace," but not Absolute Truth?

The Old Testament was written by the Prophets of the Old Covenant and the New Testament was written by the last Prophets of the Old Covenant and the first Bishops of the Church (Apostles).

It was not written by "savages," but actual pagans like you do think that you can accuse your enemies of what you alone are guilty of.

Man is Made in the Image of God. That you are utterly taken by the capital sin of pride, and therefore believe that you have usurped Divine Will, does not mean that you are absolved from your evil by pretending your enemies are guilty of what you alone are guilty of.

That type of projection spoken about above is the par excellence example of despair, which is mortally sinful.

It is a strange game you play. you believe you have usurped God, and therefore have made yourself Divine. Then you realize you are not Divine, and so try to project onto God your own evil qualities. Then you try to accuse Christians of trying "make God in our image" as if to absolve yourself of your pride by the projection of despair.

It is absurd, sub rational, and damns you outright. Are you so reprobate that you cannot see what you are doing?

John Arthur: Which planet are you from?

NIGELTEAPOT: All men are born on this earth.

John Arthur: But do you come from outer space? Aren't you the one who is "absurd, sub rational, and damns you outright."? Isn't it you who is projecting despair? You exhibit no compassion towards those with whom you disagree and are a disgrace to a compassionate and caring Christianity.

NIGELTEAPOT: I have no idea what lead you to believe that "I know you are but what am I" is an argument, you have been trying it for three messages now.

In fact you double down on it by doing it twice in this same message.

Once more, if I hated you, I would encourage ou just like your demons are. Instead I am hurting you to wake you up. Seems to be working as you are clearly restless at your situation.

NIGELTEAPOT #fundie #wingnut

NIGELTEAPOT #fundie #wingnut christiannews.net

you tried to scare yourself out of repenting by claiming what you do to yourself is done by God. this is blaspheming by the mortal sin of despair: trying to absolve yourself by projecting in the hopes another is damned in your place.

No, God does everything to Save you, but you rejected Him. All of your sins and evils are self inflicted.

God left you to your own self-destruction because you asked for it. No sense wasting time on those who are suicidal and therefore outright do not want to be in the Hierarchy of Grace.

hell is the default. As your kind say: the path of the "basic bitch"

NIGELTEAPOT #fundie #psycho

NIGELTEAPOT #fundie #psycho christiannews.net

Khanhminh Nguyen: One of my former classmates told me herself that I would die a horrific way if I didn't stop being a Buddhist. I asked her if she talked about [Revelation 14:14-20], and she answered yes. She even told me that it was the best judgment her god had for non Christians.

If this passage was Koranic words, people would be horrified. Nevertheless, because it was biblical text, believers' sentiment was softened and even cheerful. That's why evangelical Christians frighten me just like "moderate" Muslims.

NIGELTEAPOT: She was right, you should have listened instead of becoming possessed (sins that cry to Heaven for vengeance all but guarantee it)

The Greatest Act of Love by God is hell as everywhere the wicked are turns into hell.

you were born here instead of hell to give you a chance to repent. you then must prove yourself worthy of a spot in the Hierarchy of Grace left vacant by the demons.

you were weak and so God removed His Grace from you (or what little is allowed to the unbaptized, if any) and that was to harden your heart so you destroy yourself but also to let demons push the process along.

you could Repent, which being go beyond your weakness and ascend to a higher state of ring than sodomite monster, but that would require Strength. you would have to completely give up all of your evil to do so from your situation.

I think you can do it, but I also see a sad, suicidal man trying to do the work of demons out of fear of demons. Hopefully the Holy Spirit can convert you, but you would have to prove yourself worthy first.