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Conservative conspiracy theorists are apparently convinced that an upcoming emergency broadcast is going to turn everyone with a Covid-19 vaccine into zombies.

According to a few "theories" floating around on social media, the EAS system will supposedly trigger something in the Covid-19 vaccines — maybe "nanoparticles" according to one believer — to nefarious ends. Many of the posts and videos spreading fear about the call claim it will activate graphene oxide in the Covid-19 vaccine. The only problem being that graphene oxide is not in the Covid-19 vaccines.

The "what" of the conspiracy is what seems to be most in discussion. Some have theorised that it will awaken a dormant Marbug virus in the vaccinated, leaving them to suffer with Ebola like symptoms before it "sadly turn some of them into zombies."

Like any good post-2020 conspiracy theory, the EAS conspiracies incorporate a bunch of other popular theories to maximize its potential adoption.

The same woman who predicted zombies were coming noted that the EAS test would be conducted using "5G," which — along with the Covid-19 vaccine — has long served as a boogeyman in conspiracy circles.

Some users have suggested wrapping their phones in tin foil — a conspiracy classic — or hiding them in microwaves or faraday cages ahead of the test. One Reddit user even claimed his landlord sent out a complex-wide message informing his tenants that he planned to shut power off to the entire building for three hours in the middle of a work day to protect against any adverse effects.

In right-wing media personality Glenn Beck's world, the call actually won't interact with the Covid-19 vaccines at all, but instead suggests that global nuclear war is imminent.

"FEMA is conducting a nationwide emergency alert system test on Wednesday. Russia is also conducting emergency tests this week to prepare for nuclear blasts," Mr Beck said. "That’s JUST a coincidence though, right? Nothing to worry about, right???"

What Mr Beck failed to mention is that federal law mandates the EAS must be tested once every three years. The last test was on 11 August, 2021, so the test seems unlikely to be a novel event that was cooked up in response to Russia's aggression in Ukraine.

Dave Blount #racist #conspiracy #wingnut

[From "Treason Enables Largest Invasion in Human History"]

We live in historic times. The most massive invasion in human history is taking place before our eyes:

Was the second Persian invasion (480-479 BC) of Greece, where over 500,000 forces were deployed by King Xerses, the largest invasion? How about the D-Day deployment of 1.1 million Allied troops? Wrong on both counts. The largest in history is over 7 million primarily young military-age males, unvetted, illegally crossing into the US; Joe Biden is their de facto commander, and DHS Secretary Mayorkas is Chief of Staff. At the current pace, over 10 million will have entered the US by the end of Biden’s term

An invasion on this scale requires not merely surrender or even complicity but the active assistance of those ruling the victim country:

• Border Patrol agents have been videoed cutting through razor wire at the southern border and allowing migrants to enter the US
• Texas Governor Greg Abbott had the wire installed as a deterrent to those looking to make the crossing over the Rio Grande and into the state
• Border crossings have risen to 8,000 a day in the week ending September 22, according to the Washington Office of Latin America

Death camps are so 20th century. To go with our soft tyranny, we now have soft genocide. The end result is the same, but for some reason it engenders less resistance

Unless rule of law is restored quickly, starting with the law against treason, America will be extinguished by the leftists who chose Joe Biden as their figurehead, as Americans are displaced out of existence

Ann Barnhardt and Carlo Viganò #fundie #conspiracy

This is Viganò’s presentation that the Trad Inc “Catholic Identity Conference” in Pittsburgh censored and refused to show.

Viganò says at the 29:00 mark that Bergoglio’s acceptance of the Papacy was INVALID. Just previous to that at the 27:40 mark he states that there cannot be two popes – one prayerful, and one governing.

Earlier, beginning at the 13:04 mark, he utterly torches the ridiculous “Universal Peaceful Acceptance” trope with St. Catherine of Siena’s restoration of Pope Urban VI to the Papal throne over Antipope Clement VII. If you remember, it was Antipope Clement VII that even St. Vincent Ferrer mistakenly backed and named daily in his Mass at the Te Igitur, until St. Catherine’s correction.

Trad Inc refused to show this video presentation which was highly touted in the marketing for the Catholic Identity Conference. I understand the attendees and online subscribers were NOT pleased.

Well, far, far more people will see it here – FOR FREE – than would have ever seen it at the CIC or behind a paywall. Please spread, share and repost aggressively.

Remember, the reason Bergoglio is an Antipope is because Pope Benedict obviously never validly resigned. All of the other stuff subsequent to Pope Benedict’s invalid attempted partial resignation in February ARSH 2013 is historically interesting, and points to the fact that “something is terribly wrong”, but it isn’t the root of the problem or the FULLNESS of TRUTH. Jorge Bergoglio doesn’t need to be tried as a heretic or “deposed” because he is not and never has been the Pope. The Venn Diagram of “Bergoglio” and “Papacy” has ZERO OVERLAP. He is simply a criminal usurper. All that has to be done is to publicly state this, and then physically eject him from the Vatican. Give him a black cassock and put him on a plane to Buenos Aires. It would certainly be prudent to laicize him, but not essential.

Whales of Sirius B via Galaxygirl #ufo #magick

Greetings land walkers. We are the whales of Sirius B. We have been in contact with your creatures of the deep on your water world for eons. Together we form a network of high intelligence and love, grounding light and wisdom in the deepest of dark waters. We see not in the dark but follow our own inner light, our own inner knowing. We see this could be of benefit to the land walkers.
These are troubling times upon your water world. We assist Gaia by sending our light and energies to our cetacean earth family. We bridge light and balance anchor points across dimensions, but not across time as all is now.
Children of Earth, land walkers amongst the galaxies, we see you. We see you with our hearts, we see you as you are, as the great ones who volunteered to come and swim in the depths to shine your lights so that the others around you could see, and realize they too have an inner light. You are all spark plugs of Creator. You are all magical in your creativity. Do not be afraid of what is to come, do not shy from your inner light. Light is what brought you here, and light is why you came. It is your destiny. For you are of it. (The whales are blowing bubbles all around me and I am seeing peoples’ faces in the bubbles as they find their light within.)
Little ones, you have been burdened. Many of you wonder what else you may do to assist. We assist by bringing light to dark water, by raising the vibration of the waters so that the planets may sing. You are currently swimming in what feels like darkness but it is surrounded by light. (I am seeing a fish bowl with dark water that is surrounded by blinding light).
We whales of Sirius B are much larger than the whales of your world. Our energies have an impact through great distances, just as your energies do as well. Do not be frightened by the depths and the deep. Magic lies there waiting to be discovered. And that magic we believe is you.

Julie Bindel #transphobia

Misognyistic trans activists have suffered a huge defeat
Women did not fight for single-sex hospital wards based on “gender identity”. Thank goodness the NHS is finally waking up to this

Finally, the NHS is putting women’s safety first. Steve Barclay, Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, is set to announce proposals that would see trans women banned from female wards, and ensure people have intimate care provided by doctors of their own sex.

It is nothing short of a disgrace that trans activists managed to reverse the female-only policy in the first place.
Following our successful feminist campaign for women-only wards decades ago, things progressed as they should have, with the safety and dignity of the patients paramount. Had men’s rights activists at the time protested against single-sex facilities, demanding the “right” to access our space, they would have immediately been identified as suspect, and we all would have ascribed an ulterior motive to their demands. It would have been plain to see that these demands were about easy access to vulnerable females.
Why, then, did the NHS so readily capitulate to trans activists claiming that some men are “really” women, based on an inner feeling, without considering the obvious risks such a scheme would pose? That bad men might make use of well-intentioned ideas should surely have occurred to someone.
The fact that this policy is at last changing shows that the NHS might just be starting to realise the significance of biology. In doing so, it needs to sort out its language. Feminists like me did not fight for single-sex prisons, hospital wards, rape crisis centres, bathrooms and changing rooms, so that we could share a “gender identity”. We did so because of the tsunami of sexual violence women and girls endure at the hands of men – sexual violence based on biological reality, not gender identity.
Trans ideology, and the capture of so many of our institutions, has led to an almost complete destruction of the rights women won, following hard, hostile battles, to keep ourselves safe from predatory, opportunistic sex offenders.

Judy Byington/White Hat Intel #wingnut #crackpot #conspiracy

WARNING: Word was that during the FEMA Emergency Broadcast System “Test” on Wed. 4 Oct. the Cabal had plans to attack our Phones, TVs and WiFi Technology. Absolutely Do NOT participate. Turn off ALL devices. Unplug ALL computers. Disconnect ALL information technology from WiFi between 2 and 4 pm EST on Wed. 4 Oct. Another attack was believed planned for
Wed. 11 Oct. – the same date as Biden was expected to be removed from office.
These EBS broadcasts were not to be confused with an Emergency Alert System (EAS) Activation that was expected at any time. A new 5,000+ army of Star Link Satellites was already in place to take over Mainstream Media Satellites (and the FEMA EBS broadcasts). On this Star Link System the EAS will broadcast the Global Alliance’s takedown of the Cabal, showing arrests and Tribunals of Global Elites charged with Crimes Against Humanity. The documentaries have been made in 55 languages and 600 dialects and will be shown on all channels on the Planet.

Tues. 3 Oct. Putin warned that a fateful Event was about to happen. On Tues. 3 Oct. he staged across the eleven Russian Time Zones, a simulated US Nuclear Attack Exercise with assumed martial law and full mobilization.
White Hat Intel:

The United States is under Military Control. This EVENT has already happened. These operations and Continuity of government (COG) is the principle of establishing defined procedures that allow a government to continue its essential operations in case of a catastrophic event such as nuclear war.
In the US, COG is no longer limited to nuclear emergencies.
Trump, Musk and Tucker Carlson were working together behind the scenes.
The US White Hat Military is controlling the Supreme Court SCOTUS.
The Brunson case is being saved for the EXPOSURE of a military COUP that happened through 2020 stolen election.

@AthenasWrench #transphobia

Another ex military guy who trooned himself out. Seems to be a lot of military guys who end up living out their fetish full time. Wonder why that is? Same as computer guys. ANother big market for sissy porn and transing themselves out.
EXCLUSIVE: Trans skateboarder, 29, who beat 13-year-old girl to first prize in women's competition is a divorced, ex-Navy father-of-three who was REJECTED from Olympic qualifiers for having too much testosterone

Indian in the Machine #ufo #magick #wingnut #conspiracy


I know many are anxious about these tests and what they mean.

We are told by galactics that these frequencies, can change:


The big question is this… if someone does NOTHING, will they lose a significant portion of their ability to ever be ‘themselves’, or live ‘from the soul’ or even, a connection with God.

You, me and humanity… we gotta stop:

Becoming androids
Getting wiped out
Getting swept away in the storms
Being at risk of technologies of which we may lack awareness or education
Tuning out God

And recognize…

Our unhealthy patterns keep us in slavery, which can go on for several lifetimes
We can make a commitment to powerful loving and wise energies.
We will become a higher frequency version of ourselves, if we want.
We can drop all old energies, but it requires of course, to stand up, connect with God and to get busy on our missions.
The deep profound beautiful side of life and ourselves.

“Creator… thanks for this amazingly bizarre earth sh*tshow that has tested me to the core, I still believe you and I can have the closest relationship and thus, if I’m hanging out with you, I am protected, because no one is going to be able to defeat you. Please protect me from all harmful technologies like the emergency broadcasting system, and please help us stop 5G too! PLEASE HELP NEUTRALIZE ALL HARMFUL TECHNOLOGY ALREADY INSIDE MY BODY! Please show me how to create heaven on earth, and to help me become more wise, power and loving… so be it!”

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( @Nature_and_Race )
Disgust of homos and trannies isn't just a Christian thing.

Ancient Pagan/Heathen Germans were reported to have pressed homosexuals into bogs with wicker hurdles, while they were still alive, because the act of faggotry earned capital punishment.

Claims to be a Pagan, yet is just another historically illiterate, Judeo-Christianity addled retard. Just put the gay little dead kike on a stick around your neck already, you Spiritual Jew.

( @Jb100 )
@Nature_and_Race Being called "gay" was the biggest insult to our Norse/Germanic/Anglo-Saxon pagan ancestors. Homos didn't last long back then.

( @John_Knox )
@Nature_and_Race even sub saharan africans have always hated faggotry.

( @Nicholas_Scholl )

The Greeks seemed to not have shared those same sentiments though.

According to the stories about Hercules I read.

( @CrimePays1985 )
@Nicholas_Scholl @Nature_and_Race Yea they gave a whole new meaning to sword carrier

( @Woodzun )
@Nicholas_Scholl @CrimePays1985 @Nature_and_Race

They really weren’t. I’m not giving the sources because I don’t have them at hand, but the Greeks were not fond of faggots in the slightest. Most of this “Greeks were fags” shit comes from a book written by a jew.

( @Woodzun )
@CrimePays1985 @Nicholas_Scholl @Nature_and_Race

The ancient Greeks were not open flamboyant faggots no matter how much every Marxist/kike wants them to be. Greek men would have been ostracized for faggot behavior. Especially as a submissive.

Only 600 out of 80,000 pieces of art depict homosexual behavior, with many being debatable.

There are no known sexual depictions between adult men and young boys, despite the fact that retards say that the Greeks were pedophiles. Which is actually the claim by a jew that I was referring to.

Ancient Greece was a hyper-masculine society, this notion of it being some bastion of homosexual tolerance is not grounded in any historical reality.

( @Chromedomedestro )
@Nature_and_Race And it should still earn it today. Forever.

various commenters #wingnut #racist

( @MorpheusMAGA )

spoilerLeftism is a religion of self-loathing.
It teaches white people to hate their
race, boys to hate their sex, women
to hate their femininity, Americans to
hate their country, westerners to hate
their history. What a contemptible,
toxic thing it is.

( @joeguererra )
@MorpheusMAGA matt walsh defends the very jews who created "leftism". He is a liar and a hypocrite

( @KingCracker1488 )
Left = Jews

( @TheBasedGoy )
@MorpheusMAGA "Leftism" is just Judism. The Jews own the JEWdicial system.

( @Whtwtr )
@TheBasedGoy @MorpheusMAGA The left is communist and the right is Zionist. The jews created both. That is why they say, they don’t care who gets in office. They own them both.

( @Goldteethandgramssukka )
@MorpheusMAGA is there a certain group that loves promoting that shit that control the right and the left…….. you work for them!!! It’s what they do🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️ But ya it’s only ze left 😂😂😂 nothing do do with ze jewz

( @itsonlyinyourmind )
@MorpheusMAGA stupid Matt.
Who created leftism?
Who teaches Whites to hate their race?
Who taught boys to hate their sex?
Who teaches women to hate their femininity?
Who teaches americans to hate their country and westerners to hate their history?

The answer to every question is your jew masters Matt. You stupid fucking jew paid cuck.

Jews ARE the left.
Jews designed the left.
jews created CRT and the LGBT (whatever) degeneracy.

fucking controlled op grifting faggot pretending to be on our side.
Get fucked Matt.

I bet his children don't even like him. He is quite hateable

( @Gravewalkers )
@MorpheusMAGA Leftism sure sounds 100% IDENTICAL to Moloch Judaism. Strange that LEFTISM and jew mean 100% identical the same things.

( @Blastin )
@MorpheusMAGA It's NOT Leftism. It's Jewish Communism period!

Ray Comfort #fundie

New World Coming

Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Luke 11:2

Atheists often complain about the God in whom they don't believe. They point to children with cancer or the many who are starving and say that God is evil for creating such suffering. There is much irony here. Not only do they not believe in God, but they also deny His explanation for suffering. As a result, they are left with no God to blame and no explanation. The Bible says that we live in a fallen creation. It was when sin entered the world through Adam that it brought with it disease, suffering, and death. Everywhere we look we see evidence of the Genesis curse. Fortunately, because of the cross, we have a glorious and won-derful hope. It is because the coming kingdom will have no sin; there will be no suffering. Ever. No disease, no tears, and no pain. We will inherit this whole earth without the curse and will have pleasures forevermore. That's when we will see God's will be done on earth as it is in heaven. “Nevertheless we, according to His promise, look for new heavens and a new earth in which righteousness dwells” (2 Peter 3:13).

Do I ever dwell on the joys of the coming kingdom? Take a few minutes and think about the glorious hope we have in Christ.

Father, please send a worldwide revival, then hasten your coming.

*** From, Jesus in Red (365 daily devotions).
Available or wherever good books are sold.

Dr. Abby Johnson #fundie #wingnut

When we took God and prayer out of schools, the schools started indoctrinating our kids

When we took God out of our lawmaking, we started ignoring morality

When we took God out of our politics, the country started deteriorating

Bring God back into our country’s decision making

itsnotaboutewe #transphobia

What If Gender Ideology Had Been Invented Earlier?
Those of us on this side of gender ideology see it for what it is - a cult that has captured society and is making fools of some of the most powerful people in the world. What's happening is like something out of a dystopian futuristic novel or a scary work of historical fiction. Imagine if this lunacy had actually happened earlier in history. What would have been the likely outcome?

If gender ideology had come along in the Middle Ages, would the priests of that time have embraced it, as some of our church leaders currently have? Would they have preached diversity and inclusion, and made special laws that put men in dresses into a slightly lower priestly class? Would they have decreed that anyone who speaks against the new religion should be cast out, punished, or even burnt at the stake? To prove that this new ideology was true, would the priests have forced the King to have all the female cattle, sheep, and pigs, killed in order to prove that mammals can indeed change sex? How would the resulting mass starvation have been recorded in the history books? Who would be blamed?

If gender ideology had come about in 1900, would there have been enough people identifying as men to send to war by 1914? Would the war have been lost by the Allies because of this? How would this terrible defeat be recorded and explained for future generations to learn from?

I keep mentally plopping this crazy ideology into different timelines and trying to figure out how history would have been changed by its presence. Not in any scenario does it improve life for those to come after. It always causes havoc and social upheaval.

How will our grandchildren view this time when they look back? Will it be decided that this was the worst case of mass hysteria in history, and blame technology, social media, and the weak minds of politicians? How will it be explained that a people who were so advanced that they sent probes to Mars also believed that people could change sex by just saying so?

The other side is always saying we are on the wrong side of history. I can't see a future to look back from if this cult does not implode soon.

Leopards Eating Faces Award

Jey Rence Quilario (aka "Senior Agila") and the Socorro Bayanihan Services Inc. (SBSI) #fundie #sexist #psycho

BOYS as young as six years old were being trained to become part of the private army of a cult leader in Surigao del Norte which he called "Soldiers of God"

Witnesses on Thursday told senators that the cult leader, identified as certain Jey Rence Quilario, alias "Senior Agila," also conducted forced child marriages

Two Senate committees conducted a public hearing on the reported "systematic abuse, rape, forced marriage of children, trafficking, forced labor" in the context of "cult-like activities" among members of the the Socorro Bayanihan Services Inc. (SBSI) in Sitio Kapihan, Socorro, Surigao del Norte

SBSI, with over 3,000 members, including former policemen and teachers, has reportedly maltreated children

Upon the motion of Sen. Ana Theresia "Risa" Hontiveros, Sen. Ronald "Bato" dela Rosa has ordered the detention of Quilario and three other cult leaders -- Karren Sanico, Rosille Sanico, and Janeth Ajoc -- at the Senate premises after they were cited in contempt[…]
One the girls who escaped the cult, identified as a certain "Jane," testified that Quilario even "authorized" husbands to "rape" her if she refused to have sex with him

A witness invited by the Senate Committees on Public Order and Women and Children also said that Quilario had prevented about 200 children from attending school so that they would not be able to "disobey" him

Wesley Yang & Dr Jordan B Peterson #transphobia

( Wesley Yang )
“Misgendering” is really the foundational civil liberty. When lying about reality becomes compulsory, no one is free.

"I am the one being punished for speaking truth."

Powerlifter April Hutchinson says she's being threatened with suspension for calling trans athlete Anne Andres a biological male.

@Lea_Christina4 | @piersmorgan | @TalkTV | #PMU

( Dr Jordan B Peterson )
or else!

Deluded trans narcissists
brandishing their fetish
as if it were
virtue itself

Nick Watts #fundie

What is the “Begging the Question Fallacy”?

Read the following hypothetical exchange carefully.


Sy Garte has a Ph.D. in Biochemistry. Garte is a fellow of the American Scientific Affiliation (ASA) and serves as vice president for the Washington, DC, metro chapter of the ASA. He’s also a Christian.

“Begging the question” is a logical response to a questionable claim. But, said “logical question” is just that: a question, that will most likely lead to further intellectual dialogue.

“Begging the question fallacy” is actually not a question at all, but rather a truth-claim made by the interlocutor, whose claim is equally impotent to be proven scientifically.

In this case, whether or not you believe Jesus is God, virtually all scholars, Christian and non-Christian, state he most certainly existed, as well as reportedly performed signs that could not/cannot be explained naturally.

The interlocutor’s claim is not scientific, but philosophical. That miracles are impossible, or possible, is a philosophical claim, not a claim supported by science.

Think deeply, nw

various commenters #wingnut #racist

( @Trouble_Man )
This is what institutionalized White hatred looks like

( @lofisquatch )
@Trouble_Man How much more can it possibly take to wake White people up? The race war is here, we didnt want it or start it but that's irrelevant now.

@Trouble_Man Don't worry.. they will get prego, collect the $1000 for 9 months, and have a late term abortion, then get prego again, to keep the scam rolling.

( @StephenFlemmi )
@Trouble_Man It's not rocket science guys. They just hate us and can't live without us.

( @WhiteEagle1927 )

This is very interesting. So this means a pregnant Black woman can get paid $1,000/mo...that's $9,000 that us taxpayers pay for...and then she goes and gets an abortion just before or right after giving birth...sounds like a plan...

( @General_Pinochet )
@Trouble_Man We all know African nigger run countries have technically sophisticated garbage and sewer waste systems.

( @Barthaneous )
@Trouble_Man I am not kidding when I say this is level one treason. Worthy of hanging.

They are using Americans tax money for people who I can bet don't even pay taxes or use already government welfare.

This is unacceptable. It's not the governments responsibility to take care of people's financial issues . period.

various commenters #wingnut #homophobia #fundie

( @RealStewPeters )
Someone accused me of being hateful, and mentioned “how I talk about gays”.

No. I don’t hate anyone.

For example, regarding faggots: I don’t hate the faggots, I hate their faggotry.

I hope this clears things up.

Goodnight! I love you! ♥️

( @srtjr99 )
@RealStewPeters well do jews...

( @Frenlycoofer )
@srtjr99 @RealStewPeters Jews aren’t people

( @americanpie77777 )

If a homosexual or any sinner refuses to turn from the sin and repent , they will not be allowed to enter God's kingdom. If they repent and turn from the sin they can. If you tell them this and they refuse to repent or turn away from the sin then they are condemned and put in derision for their sin. Any sin .Calling them Faggot is a hate term like the N word for blacks or the C word for women. Hate does not bring a sinner to repentance , Love and knowledge can. How can you teach God's word or claim to be of God if you yourself sin in your attempts by using hate instead of love to teach them Stew ? Most will not hear God's word but some might. If they do not we are to have nothing to do with them. What business has the light with the dark ? None.. Use these verse to show them it is a sin and they can not enter the kingdom of God unless they repent the sin and turn away
Sin of homosexuality
Romans 1:26-27, 1 Corinthians 6:9-10, and 1 Timothy 1:9-10

( @kasartisan )
@RealStewPeters I don't hate anything or anybody but I hear you. I stand with God on this one, as I know you do Stew. They are a abomination. 'Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination'

( @antifederalist )
@RealStewPeters I just don't want their faggotry constantly shoved in my face.
I agree with you Stew, glad you said it.

( @Catholic_Dude )

They always slant things like that.

They're liars. It's just that simple. People who chronically conflate actors with their acts lie to manipulate others.

Homosexual acts are barbaric and abominable. That is the truth. Liars call truth "hate."

Dr. Abby Johnson #wingnut

Gavin Newom has replaced Dianne Feinstein with the President of EMILY’s list, a fundraising machine for pro-abortion political candidates.

The fact that the left gloats, encourages and celebrates the death of children in the womb should tell you everything about them.

Rep. Lauren Boebert #conspiracy #wingnut

Today we had the first of many hearings in the Impeachment Inquiry of Commander and Thief, Joe Biden.

Joe Biden is a liar, and a criminal. Joe and Hunter Biden worked together to enrich the Biden Crime Family by selling Joe’s influence as Vice President to members of the CCP and billionaire oligarchs.

This is only the beginning.

Elon Musk #wingnut

Elon Musk escalated his feud with Ukraine last night with a tweet mocking the country's president Volodymyr Zelensky for his pleas for wartime assistance as the future of US aid to Kyiv hangs in the balance.

In a post on his social media platform X (formerly Twitter), Musk posted a meme showing a photoshopped image of the Ukrainian leader and the caption: 'When it's been 5 minutes and you haven't asked for a billion dollars in aid'.


Clif High #ufo #racist #crackpot #conspiracy

The Space Alien invaders used their superior technology to convince the humans that they, the Space Aliens, were our ‘gods’. Some of the Space Aliens, such as Elyon (aka Adoni), even claimed to be ‘the creator’ of the Universe.

These Space Aliens were variously known as Elohim, Annunaki, Devas, Theoae, and many other labels in various human languages.
In Elamite, and those of its more ancient precursor languages that we understand, the ‘gods’, known as ‘hapir’ (it’s plural), were specifically interested in gold (‘huzi’ or ‘huzzi’), and demanded it as a major part of the ‘tributes’ that the humans in that area were to provide on a very regular basis under penalty of death. This context of ‘gold for gods’ is repeated constantly throughout all those parts of humanity where the ‘gods’ beset the people. Ultimately we see this being seized upon by the Khazarian Mafia with their ‘love’, and ‘lust’ for gold that knows no satisfaction.

But what did they, the gods, do with all the gold?

It seems that they, the hapir, the gods, ate the stuff.

Yes, there are very ancient texts that describe the metal gold, being prepared, then consumed (along with the blood and fats of human children) by the gods. There are other languages where ancient texts also speak to the consumption of prepared gold by the ‘gods’.
One element of this historical journey for ingested gold, is that it is, even now, as it has always been, known as a nootropic, a mind enhancing metal. In the ancient texts, labels applied to the anonymous humans who took the gold preparation were centered on the concept that they were the ‘Princes of Light’. As noted in my previous articles, the connection mechanism between the human body and the Space Alien mind-to-machine interface device was by way of bio-photonic activity within the human body. In my opinion, the word ‘prince’ is a bad translation of a technical description, the context, and meaning for which has been lost over these thousands of years.

The Armchair Political Analyst #wingnut #racist #fundie #conspiracy

Who is not aware by now that the U.S. Federal Government is nothing but a global international crime syndicate that terrorizes the world community of nations via its worldwide war machine and terrorist network as well as tyrannizes its own citizenry via an institutionalized cultural marxist agenda implemented by the firmly entrenched communist/fascist Uniparty?

Which means that the only way to shut down this increasingly oppressive and ruthless BEAST System is to starve it to death.

Truly, the only way for the American people to throw off the yoke of this totalitarian superstructure is to STARVE THE KHAZARIAN BEAST. The quickest way to starve it is to stop funding its utterly satanic agenda.

And, the best way to do that quickly is for the House to completely defund every single department that has been weaponized against the US citizenry.

Which means that, at the very minimum, the DHS, IRS, DoJ, FBI, HHS, CDC, FDA, NIH, DoEd, DoEn, DoT, etc. all need to be closed down post-haste. Which means that those government workers should be fired immediately. What a savings to the US taxpayer whose own money is paying for their victimization and oppression and enslavement.
Remember, the Khazarian-directed cultural marxists are hellbent on transforming every major American city into a Sodom and/or Gomorrah.
When we all know what happened to the biblical Sodom and Gomorrah, just how long will the Highest Power allow so much wickedness to prevail statewide and nationwide?

When totally defenseless infants and completely powerless school children are now forced to suffer at the hands of their totally deluded parents and/or criminal bureaucrats, what else can be done but to shut down the nakedly demonic juggernaut?!?

Donald Trump #wingnut #psycho

Outgoing Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley believes former President Donald Trump’s recent suggestion that he deserved to be executed after speaking with a Chinese general during Trump’s fraught final months in office is part of a broader swipe at the US military by its former commander in chief

Speaking to CBS’s Norah O’Donnell in a “60 Minutes” clip released on Wednesday, Milley – who also said he will “take appropriate measures” to ensure his and his family’s personal safety in the wake of the former president’s remark – offered no regrets about his efforts to reassure his Chinese counterpart about the stability of the US during Trump’s efforts to stay in office. In a Truth Social post last week, Trump said the backchannel communications by Milley amounted to a “treasonous act” that was “so egregious that, in times gone by, the punishment would have been DEATH!”[…]
Asked by O’Donnell if there was “anything inappropriate or treasonous” about the outreach to China, Milley replied, “absolutely not. Zero. None”

Milley made two backchannel calls to China’s top general, Li Zuocheng, that were revealed in “Peril,” the 2021 book by journalists Bob Woodward and Robert Costa. In October 2020, as intelligence suggested China believed the US was going to attack them, Milley sought to calm Li by reassuring him that the US was not considering a strike, according to the book. Milley called again two days after the January 6 riot at the US Capitol to tell Li that the US is “100 percent steady” even though “things may look unsteady”

Milley’s actions prompted sharp criticism from Trump and his allies, including calls for Milley’s resignation and that he be tried for treason

Patricia Cota-Robles #magick #ufo #conspiracy

As the new 5D Solar frequencies of Crystalline Light flow in, through and around every particle and wave of Life on Earth, it seems as though the obsolete patterns of separation and duality are becoming more and more prevalent. As these distorted patterns surface around the World to be Healed and Transmuted back into Light, people are responding in a multitude of ways. Because of a lack of understanding, many of their responses are actually exacerbating this purging process.

Today, the Beings of Light are informing us that the powerful Eclipse Series we will experience this month is providing the masses of Humanity with a unique opportunity to comprehend what the Oneness of ALL Life means at a very practical level. On October 14th we will experience a New Moon Annular Solar Eclipse and on October 28th we will experience a Full Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse.

Due to the Quantum Shifts that have taken place within our Earthly Bodies and our Twelve 5D Solar Strands of DNA so far this year, Humanity en masse is in a position to comprehend on a far more Conscious level the Sacred Knowledge being revealed about the Oneness of ALL Life.
However, on the other hand, our Sisters and Brothers in the Family of Humanity who are still asleep and those who are deliberately resisting moving forward in the Light are responding from their basest fears.

These souls are lashing out at every person and every thing that they perceive is different from them or disagrees with their belief systems. Their fear is intensifying the “us versus them” illusions which have created so much of the pain and suffering for Humanity, the Elemental Kingdom and Mother Earth. This destructive and polarized thinking is now creating painful stumbling blocks for people as they strive to Awaken and move forward in the Light.

One of the most important things the Sacred Knowledge within our 5D DNA is confirming is that there is no such thing as “us and them.”

@DragonKitigan & @ThatUmberella #transphobia

( @DragonKitigan )

( @ThatUmberella )
Thanks for that Dragon. It's mind boggling that STILL so many people are confused about SEXUALITY & GENDER & conflate the two.
SEXUALITY is LGB or hetero, GENDER is ideological woo, woo waffle, promulgated by John Money a pervy, paedo doctor who sexually abused twin boys! That's where this sick ideology came from. 20 years later his terrible abuse became public knowledge, but they still take their ideology from this man!!

@DragonKitigan #transphobia #conspiracy

First they tried it on adults who were mentally unwell and/or grieving. Given their success at targeting unwell adult butches, they knew it would be smooth sailing at twisting the minds of children. I hate this ideology with every fibre of my being. If ever a class action is taken, I’ll be in line. Don’t really care about compensation. I just want the criminals out. Good luck to this man.

‘Transition is now being sold to people on a mass scale. It’s like PPI, but more sinister'.
'In a few years, I’m sure we’ll have law firms asking people if they transitioned and would like to claim compensation'. via

various commenters #wingnut #racist

( @PatriotKat )
@Halp You want to see noticing? Check out the comments on this YT....whites, blacks, asians, EVERYONE IS NOTICING. Over 9K comments of hating on the jews.

Jonathan Greenblatt went on that Charlamagne niggers YT channel to do damage control and blew the whole thing up. Dumb jew.

( @ardito )
@PatriotKat @Halp THIS. Greenblatt basically said "We had to use our power to "get" Ye in order to prove we have no power". I had to watch that video a few times to make I wasn't hearing it wrong-"get " is the keyword.

( @Farmer_B2 )
@Halp When "conservatives" start talking about jews like they do "the left" or "liberals", then we will have a path for victory. But most people are still talking about Democrats and Republicans like those are real things.

( @Malignant )
Go look at twitter, #thenoticing
It’s like 99% of people just posting deplorable shit Jews actually did and said, with a handful of people screaming that it’s antisemetism and needs to be shut down.

( @Londonlad )

Best not mention Nirvarna in front of the Zionist Yids. They'll demand a central bank is opened there.

( @Terran_Ghost )
@Halp "No goy! You're not allowed to read our own publications and texts! Those are for our eyes only! What we say about you and plot against you is none of your concern!"

( @whoohoo001 )
@Halp Gentiles realizing "antisemitism" doesn't mean anything.

( @JHadron )
@Halp - I always use articles from the jewish press to debunk arguments made by jews. They are unable to respond and run away.

( @BattleDwarfGimli )
@JHadron @Halp Same. Discovered that technique a few years back. For real fun, collate their holocaust articles and watch the narrative fall apart before your very eyes.

various commenters #wingnut #racist

( @Halp )
You’ve reached noticing nirvana when the adl calls you an antisemite for posting articles from the Jewish Daily Forward.

( @Greg69 )
Translation: The planned Jew race war pitting Blacks against Whites must get back on track!

( @Erindschmitt )
@Greg69 @Halp but the blacks now know the jews owned almost 100% of the atlantic slave ships. An as merchants profited of them in chains marked with their god remphams star and Mason symbols. The oppressors ww with the royalty/ rulers in every land.
Read the secret relationship between blacks and jews 3 book set.
An the anglo chattel slavery into plantation america: read america in chains and stillborn of a nation by james lafond.
Research the bacon rebellion when we united.

( @jbwilson24 )
@Greg69 @Halp That's pretty blunt.

Unite with Jews against Whites. That may have been a PR disaster, because it clearly states that Jews are not Whites.

Great, if Jews are not White, then there is no White privilege.

( @Mich_Fit )
@Greg69 @Halp how long ago did they cancel Kanye 🤣 do they think Black people are stupid.

( @MeVotingDoesNotMatter )
@Mich_Fit Black "people" are stupid.

@Greg69 @Halp

( @MeVotingDoesNotMatter )
@Greg69 I could easily believe they want a race war between Whites and blacks but I think it's hilarious.

Like it even matters which group we remove first.


( @Murqus )
@Greg69 @Halp The jews are ALWAYS advocating censorship and ALWAYS fomenting wars -- and they wonder why everybody despises them!

( @Anti_Zog_1488 )
@Greg69 @Halp THIS is what you are up against!

|This shyte is how the jew manipulates the nig to hate us!

Now tell me that "yakob" wasn't a kike pretending to be WHITE!

( @1488Mussolini )
@Greg69 @Halp .... These fuckin' kikes are pure anti-white vermin from hell...👹🔥

Charlie Kirk #wingnut

Extremely popular Signature Room in Chicago is now closed. Lockdowns, high crime, safety issues, over 30% vacancy rates on the Magnificent Mile, and the downfall of Chicago cited as major factors.

Democrat single party control will destroy everything good and beautiful. The vermin never build, only destroy.

h00n23 #sexist #racist

(about diverse female character designs in the anime OP):
They want to sell merch. People prefer buying merch of attractive female character

Second muscles on men are considered attractive because muscles are masculine.

Is it big boobs? Because in most anime/manga women are skinny and have body type. Yet I only hear people complaining about one piece lol

It is not sexist lol Look how female influencer look like. That's what most people find physically attractive.
Vast majority of people don't fine masculine buff women or fat women attractive.

sexualized female character design don't look good to me because it's my preference but those design are profitable? Because many find it attractive

Women looking attractive is important because most people don't want to buy merch of ugly women.

There are people who think that non skinny women look good but they're minority. There are people who prefer hook nose but most people don't find hook nose attractive. Understanding this point is extremely easy

What make diverse female body type good thing lol I went touch Steven Universe

Why do you even think that it is sexist lol I can't see it literally. Oda probably does care about making attractive character because people like attractive character. Dude people who want ugly female character are in minority

History Channel #ufo #conspiracy #mammon


Rumor has it there's been an alien employed at Area 51. See more in this scene from Season 19, Episode 7, "Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind."

Watch all new episodes of Ancient Aliens, Fridays, at 9/8c, and next day on The HISTORY Channel website at


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"Ancient Aliens" explores the controversial theory that extraterrestrials have visited Earth for millions of years.

HISTORY® is the leading destination for award-winning original series and specials that connect viewers with history in an informative, immersive, and entertaining manner across all platforms. The network’s all-original programming slate features a roster of hit series, premium documentaries, and scripted event programming.

Skyler “Sky Life” Cowans, Isis Indriya & cult, Melanie Kirchdorfer #magick #quack #ufo

(Submitter’s note: re-arranged into chronological order)
Ancient Egyptian Magick, Oracle Divination & Feminine Leadership with Isis Indriya

Isis Indriya is the creator of the "Academy of the Oracle Arts," an original mystery school that honors ancient Egyptian magick practices....

The Oracle Divination Board with Isis Indriya

The Oracle Divination Board is a divination technology that came to Isis Indriya in a dream and a vision....

Ritual with Isis Indriya at the Mesa Altar

This is the extended version of our ritual at the Mesa Altar with Isis Indriya and her clan....


My Parasite Cleanse

I got sick upon returning from Mexico and had to do a parasite cleanse to get better. Here is what I did....


Messages from the Cosmic Cauldron

Here's a little message that came through while on a solo trip into Yellowstone National Park. Full video is being posted on YouTube tomorrow!

Melanie's Abduction Story

This is the extended interview with Melanie Kirchdorfer describing her alien abduction experiences....

John Piper #fundie

Why was it right for God to slaughter women and children in the Old Testament? How can that ever be right?

It's right for God to slaughter women and children anytime he pleases. God gives life and he takes life. Everybody who dies, dies because God wills that they die.

God is taking life every day. He will take 50,000 lives today. Life is in God's hand. God decides when your last heartbeat will be, and whether it ends through cancer or a bullet wound. God governs.

So God is God! He rules and governs everything. And everything he does is just and right and good. God owes us nothing.

If I were to drop dead right now, or a suicide bomber downstairs were to blow this building up and I were blown into smithereens, God would have done me no wrong. He does no wrong to anybody when he takes their life, whether at 2 weeks or at age 92.

God is not beholden to us at all. He doesn't owe us anything.

Now add to that the fact we're all sinners and deserve to die and go to hell yesterday, and the reality that we're even breathing today is sheer common grace from God.

Edward Lahmann, and Michael Willison #wingnut #conspiracy

(Edward Lahmann)
we are a constitutional republic not a democracy there is a big difference between the two republic you own your property and can move around freely democracy government owns everything you own nothing and can only go where the government allows. dems are always stating we are a democracy and keep trying to insert more government control and you can find videos of dems stating so all over the web wake up they are wanting us to be a total socialist state

(Michael Willison)
the US is not a Democracy, we are a Constitutional Republic. a Democracy leads to communism. read history before the left gets rid of all of it. now they are working on the Constitution itself. we all should be ashamed of ourselves for voting in these people who want power only , nobody in DC cares about the US Citizen, none of them. VOTE ALL OF THEM OUT. Convention of states is needed now, read the Constitution ....

Cindy Cook, Charles Brobst, and hs lafever #conspiracy #wingnut

(Cindy Cook)
"Representative democracy" is an oxymoron. Also, if more typical democrat liberals knew factual American history, they would know and understand that the founding fathers knew more about the failed history of democracy like they want it which is why they made this country A Representative Republic.
Far too many people don't even know the actual definitions of many words today due to the democrat liberals changing the definitions of them and one expects them to know English grammar.

(Charles Brobst)
LOL When Trump was elected Hillary and Democrats screamed like stuck pigs that the election was false, stolen, illegitimate, and needs to be overturned. Pelosi, Maxine Waters, and other democrats and Liberals started a petition online to get Trump removed that garnered over millions of signatures. Democrats have been for decades have been trying to subvert the Constitution and formulating lies and half-truths about the Republican party. It was Obama that weaponized the IRS against conservative non-profits and Biden who weaponized the DOJ against conservatives. Let's see what happens to the N.Y. Congressman that pulled the fire alarm. The January 6 protestors are being arrested, prosecuted, and sentenced to jail for the same violations he committed.
NOTHING about this violates community standards unless the truth does.

(hs lafever)
the left is calling for the destruction of the constitution and all of its protections...
only the republicans are defending the constitution, and the little person, if the democrats can ever eliminate the electoral college system, and strip us of our constitutionally protected civil right to bear arms that is proof that the republic is dead, and that the neo marxist democrat soviets have won.

Billy Rood #magick #ufo


In the Bible there is reference to Ezekiel and the wheels by which Ezekiel ascended into heaven. This was the Mer-ka-Ba.

In the Torah, there is reference to the Merkavah (as it is spelled in Hebrew) which has two different meanings: One meaning is ''chariot,'' which is a vehicle; the other is the ''Throne of God.'' When the two definitions are combined, the true meaning comes to life.

In Ancient Egypt, this primal pattern was called the Mer-Ka-Ba. It was actually three words, not one. Mer meant a kind of light that rotated within itself. Ka meant spirit, in this case referring to the human spirit. And Ba meant the human body — though it also could mean the concept of Reality that spirit holds. And so the entire word in ancient Egypt referred to a rotating light that would take the spirit and the body from one world into another.
This concept of the Mer-Ka-Ba as an ascension vehicle is not new. It is very, very old.

What actually is the Mer-Ka-Ba? Technically, it is an electro-magnetic field sitting at about four degrees Kelvin, found primarily within the microwave range — at least in the third dimension — that is entirely geometric in nature. Specifically, the geometry used is called ''Sacred Geometry,'' as this particular geometry is found in the creation patterns of all things in Creation.

The Mer-Ka-Ba field is extremely complex, involving the five Platonic solids and other sacred polyhedrons. It is believed to extend through all possible dimensional and parallel universes, and can possibly change its nature from electro-magnetic to whatever is appropriate.

The blueprint of the Mer-Ka-Ba is found throughout nature and all around in our galaxy.

Raymond Ibrahim #racist #wingnut #conspiracy

According to a Sept. 11, 2023, report, "Muhammad" is the most popular name for newborn baby boys in Israel.

Although Israel is a Jewish nation, it is also right smack in the Middle East, so this finding may not be overly surprising.

What, however, does one make of the fact that all throughout Western Europe, which for centuries represented the antithesis of Islam, newborn baby Muhammads are also taking over?
Muhammad is the most popular name in major Belgian cities – including Brussels, in Oslo, the capital of Norway; and in the Netherlands' largest cities.
For example, according to an even more recent report, from Sept. 26, 2023, Muhammad is the most popular name for baby boys born in the United Kingdom.
All this may seem innocuous enough. After all, what's in a name?

On the other hand, because more numbers equate more power and influence, many Muslims see their progeny as their contribution to the jihad – the ancient "struggle" to make Islam supreme.
This same strategy is being used in the Muslim world against Christian minorities. Unlike in the West, however, where women freely give themselves to Muslims, Christian minorities are seized and seeded by Muslim men.

Even so, Muslim women remain the primary incubators for this demographic jihad A Christian Eritrean volunteer and translator, who worked in migrant centers in Germany and was often assumed to be Muslim by the migrants, once confessed that "a number of the Muslim migrants she has spoken to have revealed a hatred for Christians and are determined to destroy the religion."

Gazetteller #wingnut #conspiracy

First, this is how I see things: Trump, the Commander-in-Chief of the U.S. Armed Forces, should announce on Sunday, October 1st, NESARA reports that we will have a new currency, the USN, and we hope everyone knows what’s going on, that the EBS will be broadcast within a few hours.

“We hope that Friday, October 6th, will be the real beginning.” This just postpones things, but I want to release the information before we have the EBS on Sunday or the following Friday. If NESARA is announced on October 6th, the Republic’s elections will take place on Tuesday, January 30, 2024, 116 days later. And there will be no NFL games for people to attend in stadiums, and fewer people will already be watching their TVs.

Trump shouldn’t have NESARA and the USN announced only on the EBS and have banks, phones, and the internet all shut down immediately when the EBS starts, as many won’t know what’s happening because they don’t have a TV or radio to turn to.

This is not like Hawaii on December 7, 1941, or the WTC attack on September 11, where it’s a major attack, and you need to get home at that moment to turn on your TV or radio. But since Trump is the chosen Commander-in-Chief of the U.S. Armed Forces, and not just the President, he is responsible for making this EBS announcement.

The reason Trump would announce NESARA, the USN, his new QFS account, and the 120 days until the Republic’s elections in his speech is to warn people that something is coming, it’s time to get home and prepare for the 10 days of isolation and the disclosure of these 110 years of chaos. People shouldn’t get the idea that this is a Trump campaign maneuver and exclude everyone else from the scene

Edward Menez #racist #wingnut #sexist #conspiracy

If you have read the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, you'll know that over a century ago the overarching Jewish plan was to control society. The Protocols even boasted about how they promoted their agents, such as Charles Darwin (not Jewish) and Karl Marx.

What do these subverters have in common? They are almost always Jewish Satanists, or at least beholden to them. Think Sigmund Freud when it comes to Psychology and perverted sexuality. Or Betty Friedan when it comes to feminism.

With Philosophy, the man would be Ludwig Wittgenstein, founder of "post-modernism": the belief that everything is perception and truth is unknowable. This is Jewish Cabalism which is simply a pretext for Cabalist Jews to define reality according to their perversion.
Ludwig Wittgenstein is just another Jewish pawn put in place by the writers of history to override God's Creation. They tapped Einstein to be the face of "The Theory of Relativity" so we get confused whether we're moving or not. They forced Newton to be the face of "The Theory of Gravity," when the Laws of Density and Buoyancy were all that was needed. They made Copernicus come up with the ludicrous idea of Heliocentrism to take away the idea that God created the universe. And they installed Ludwig Wittgenstein and his post-modernism claptrap to make us question whether there is such a thing as Truth--God's Truth.

And it continues in the present with Bill Gates, Elon Musk, and Mark Zuckerberg, as the media puts another autistic Jewish puppet in front of us and asks us to worship him. Wittgenstein is clearly--even from his mainstream Wikipedia page--a joke that has been played before our hyper-believing eyes to make us believe he is a philosophy legend on the level of Plato.

Wittgenstein is another hagiographical Jew, one among a million, who suddenly springs from nowhere to make a splash on the public thanks to mainstream media.

Feynman and Coulter's Love Child #racist #psycho

[From "More violent niggers murdering their superiors"]

Two black teenagers steal a car and go joyriding. They film themselves as they rear-end another vehicle, then spot a man bicycling along the side of the road. They deliberately run him over, killing him, as they film the murder, laughing

These savages are niggers. N-I-G-G-E-R-S. They loudly and proudly call themselves that in the video, so I find no reason we should ever dance around calling them anything but

Instead of "reparations", niggers like these need to be found, their throats slit in the public square, whites dance around their bodies and cheer, and then their mothers forced to sit in a chair Clockwork Orange style as they have to watch the video of it happening over and over and over again

Every single nigger who misbehaves like this, we repeat the exact same ceremony[…]
That same weekend, of course, was yet more citywide nigger violence in Alberta, this time in Calgary. Oh, and…uh…checks notes…Tel Aviv[…]
What are niggers from Eritrea doing in Tel Aviv? Don't they have enough trouble with sand niggers causing violence in Israel? Did they think to themselves that they were bored of this and why not import some O.G. negroes to perform the one task they seem uniquely capable of performing?[…]
Steyn of course is quick to point out that maybe niggers would be better behaved if we didn't keep telling them that behaving in a civilized manner in a civilized society is so white and therefore bad even though the superior white culture and standards of conduct are objectively better than what the niggers are replacing it with[…]
Of course, in the past week the infamous Gregoire Lake has been the site of another murder where no whites were involved: a Red Injun teenager found dead on the side of the road. No mealy mouthed "oh he died in a bike crash" headlines, of course

Vivek Ramaswamy & Dr Jordan B Peterson #transphobia

( Vivek Ramaswamy )
If a boy thinks he’s a girl, that’s a mental health condition. Affirming his confusion at school isn’t compassion. It’s cruelty. Parents have the right to know.

Vivek Ramaswamy TRIGGERS The View When He DECLARES Transitioning Kids is CRUEL!

( Dr Jordan B Peterson )
"Gender affirming therapy"
Is not about gender
It affirms nothing but delusion
And to term it "therapy"
Is an anti-truth


@ljlyon , @JonKUhlerLPC & @gendermapper #transphobia #kinkshaming

( @ljlyon )
All Radical Feminists are against pedophilia & any abuse towards children. We are against BDSM & KINK & sex trafficking & the entire sex industry. All Radical Feminist support the Nordic Model of supporting women caught in the sex industry & looking for a way out with supportive government programs. Radical Feminists are against Transsexualism/Transgenderism & exhibitionism & paraphilia fetishes which largely develop in males/men again compared to men it is very rare for girls/women to develop a paraphilia fetish. The phenomenon of girls transitioning over the last 5-10 years has more to do with social contagion than it proves that females are equal to men in developing sick and twisted violent behavior as you are trying to claim. Wrong Again, Jon

( @JonKUhlerLPC )
The Trans Deception is more than social contagion. It is time to do some homework, as opposed to waxing eloquently from an Agenda-driven mindset, which blinds you to how sophisticated predators operate, as they target kids. Predators are found among both genders, so time to drop your blind hatred of men, and begin to care more about properly protecting women and children. Spend some time listing to this interview with Alix Aharon, @gendermapper, to learn how some of the most vile predators against young women are female, pushing and facilitating the Trans Deception.

( @gendermapper )
Many of the worst pushers of transgender pornography are women- one of them is Buck Angel who is responsible, amongst other things for producing stomach churning porn for dysphoric females, as well as a range of sex toys for women with mutilated bodies. I'm a total abolitionist, 5 years ago I would have never believed how many dangerous women are trans pushers and porn fetishists, but I go on pornhub and only fans and I've started to live in the cold, harsh reality. Most predators are of course men, but I can't discount what I've seen as irrelevant or not worthy of documenting.

various commenters #wingnut #racist

( @Woodzun )

I’ve actually seen them defend the Chinese lol. They just hate White people.

We should have kept Africa.

( @travisrock99 )
@Woodzun @Nature_and_Race Do the Africans know the difference between whites and jews?

( @Woodzun )
@travisrock99 @Nature_and_Race

Lol. No. Most White people don’t either.

Even the blacks who understand the JQ still just think that jews are “fake White jews”.

They’re dumb.

( @MrTurnerDiary )
@Woodzun that nigger basketball player who they worship and he appears to be their spokesperson loves the Chinese. Niggers hate whites and will defend and support all other races in spite of us. Demographics is destiny. @Nature_and_Race

( @MrTurnerDiary )
@Nature_and_Race I don’t care, I hope I live to see the day when they are all deported back to Africa. The Chinese can have them.

( @auroch37 )
@Nature_and_Race If their jew handlers don't tell them to bitch about China, they don't bitch about China.

( @Maldrannon )
@Nature_and_Race Because the niggers bitching about Whites in White Countries never actually had anything to do with justice, or even with their people or some lofty "fight" for their kind.

It was never anything to the average nigger than a politically opportunistic method of parasitism off of racially pride-stricken Whites who had foolishly accepted the notion of parity with their inferiors.

It was for what the nigger could get out of that racial guilt at any given moment.

And they got A LOT out of it.

Fast tracking for employment, priority in Unis and across practically every position of value, even White women who are happy to throw themselves at a nigger dick to show they are "open minded and progressive".

How I despise it all.

( @RealAnnyIrish )
@Nature_and_Race If the jews and their allies succeed in their plans including the genocide of the White race, morality on earth will take a nose dive and the world will become an unrecognizable hell hole with open slavery on every continent as a norm and negroes, for the most part, will be literally back in chains.

( @MisterS )
@Nature_and_Race Black negroes want nothing to do with Africa now. You could literally torch the place to the ground, and the blacks here could care less unless it was white people doing it and they could get some more "free gibs" out of it.

various commenters #wingnut #racist

( @Nature_and_Race )
Every day we hear blacks bitch and moan about White people in White countries.

Meanwhile, China has essentially colonized all of Africa, has enslaved millions of Africans, forcing them to labor away in various mines, and is exploiting all of Africa's natural resources.

And not one celebrity nigro has complained about it once.

( @brextremist )
@Nature_and_Race Sometimes I think that the blacks don't respect us because we set them free from slavery and decolonised Africa. They view it (maybe correctly) as weakness, and an invitation for their aggression. Basically, we're too nice to them.

( @TheRougarou )
@brextremist @Nature_and_Race

Ummm, it's actually because neither of those things actually happened.

( @SonofLali )
@TheRougarou @brextremist @Nature_and_Race Yes, But they don't know that.

( @MrsMP )
Whites never enslaved or freed the niggers.

@brextremist @Nature_and_Race

( @Bundleofstix )
@brextremist this is correct. That is in fact how their kulture works. Empathy is virtually unheard of in black Africa. There’s a certain kind of tribal empathy but only in an ‘us vs them’ mentality. Interpersonal empathy is a new concept there brought by exposure to Whites, and the majority are literally too low IQ to possess or grasp it.


( @WhackALib )
@brextremist @Nature_and_Race Niggers hate whites because they're jealous...they wish they were white....😂

( @brextremist )
@WhackALib @Nature_and_Race True. Every time a nigger sees a White person, it's just a reminder to them of the fact that they are just subhuman prehistoric savages, who can never even hope to be as good as us.

( @Erinwhile333 )
@Nature_and_Race When the last White person has died, or stopped working more likely, and the whiners Gibs stop, they will look around and realize the Whitefolks they thought were the problem, were the only thing standing between them and the shackles they never had set light upon them before. The real slavery will begin and all the crocodile tears will roll for the gross malfeasance and misattribution errors, they made blaming White Folks, for all their perceived problems.🙄🤷‍♀️

( @maximus_the_wise )
@Nature_and_Race We saw how the blacks in the NBA totally cowarded to the Chinese. It's only safe to hate on white people when you're a black on the Jewish plantation.

u/Politically_Motivated #racist #conspiracy

Examining the evidence of the "Holocaust"
This has been an interesting subject of research for me, as it is the lie that all the other lies are built on. The biggest lie, in essence. The official narrative does not even mathematically make sense and has been admittedly modified by "official" sources. Below are some good examples of the fabricated stories.

This man claims to have survived only because the gas chamber held 200 and he was number 201. This is such a ridiculous claim that I don't know how anyone could take it seriously. The alleged gas chamber was built to precisely house 200 people and they just simply let him live because he didn't fit? Come on.

This man claims to have survived six gassings. No explanation on how only he was able to survive cyanide gas.

Article on how Mexicans were routinely doused with Zyklon B when crossing the border to prevent spread of disease, somehow they did not die.

No trace of mass graves at Treblinka where supposedly a million people were buried in mass graves.

All camps inspected by US were deemed to be concentration (labor) camps, not death camps. The ones "inspected" (Read: fabricated) by Russians were all death camps. What an amazing coincidence!

A jew was sacrificed each day to a bear and an eagle. Totally legit 100%

Anne Frank died to Typhus in the camps. This was the reason for almost all deaths.

The war crimes trials claimed 7 million died in Auschwitz alone. Even the official narrative admits this is bullshit.

This man claims he was able to fool the guards by walking backwards away from the gas chamber and only survived because of that. Because the Germans would have been this retarded, right?

Treblinka had a giant electric chair where thousands of prisoners were murdered every day. Imagine the power bill.

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