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[2024-07-19: Trump described the shooting in depth in his RNC speech. Here’s what he said.]

[...] opened his speech at the Republican National Convention [...] spent 15 minutes recounting in great detail his personal perspective of the assassination attempt [...]

[...] because I was discussing the great job my administration did on immigration of the southern border. We were very proud of it. [...] Behind me and to the right was a large screen that was displaying a chart of border crossings under my leadership. The numbers were absolutely amazing. [...]

There was blood pouring everywhere and, yet, in a certain way I felt very safe because I had God on my side. I thank him. [...] we had many bullets that were being fired – crowds run for the exits or stampede. But not in this case. It was very unusual. [...] Nobody ran and by not stampeding, many lives were saved. [...] The reason is that they knew I was in very serious trouble. They saw, they saw me go down. They saw the blood, and thought actually, most did, that I was dead. They knew it was a shot to the head. They saw the blood. [...]

Bullets were flying over us, yet I felt serene. [...] I’m not supposed to be here tonight. Not supposed to be here. [...] I stand before you in this arena only by the grace of almighty God. [...]

But I could see it, I wanted to do something to let ‘em know I was ok. I raised my right arm, looked at the thousands and thousands of people who were breathlessly waiting and started shouting, Fight! Fight! Fight! [...]

There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for others. [...]

Nothing will stop me in this mission because our vision is righteous and our cause is pure. [...] Gonna turn our nation around and we’re going to do it very quickly. [...]

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Nope. Real-life people recognize it as a marketing trend, same as any other. It's an unfortunate side-effect of the fact that nowadays you get tons more word-of-mouth from a Tweet than you would with a commercial. As such, companies think that it's "good business" to pander to the interests of people who spend all their time online... Which, as it turns out, are predominantly overweight, rainbow-haired, perpetually-offended, sexually-confused, easily-triggered, Gender Studies Majors and other (barely) high-functioning social misfits.

That's who's online all the time, sharing Tweets and memes and "making themselves heard", and so in turn, companies feel forced to pander to them. Because it SEEMS like there's a lot of them, but the thing is, they're just incredibly loud. As we see in Real Life by how most "woke"-infested movies fail hard, the growing number of lawsuits nationwide to stop letting schools indoctrinate impressionable kids with their nonsense, and the fact that people really, REALLY love Chick-Fil-A, MOST people are definitely NOT on the bandwagon.

Companies are slowly coming around to this. By now they've figured out that most of these people don't have real jobs and are barely scraping by under the crushing debt of their Liberal Arts degrees, and so in turn it makes no sense to bend over for them.

Kevin Downey. Jr #transphobia #conspiracy

Gov. "Comrade" Gavin Newsom (D-Calif.) recently passed a law stating that schools cannot alert parents if their teen boy mentions wanting to "Hassan Chop" his twig and berries.

Would they notify the parents if the kid claimed he was suicidal?

The sexualization of children is for two demonic reasons: first, to separate kids from their parents so "the state" can brainwash them. And, what's more insidious, I have a feeling that the Maoists want to add an "M" to the LGBTFBI crew. The "M" stands for "MAP" or "minor-attracted person." They won't use the word "pedophile" because they'd hate to offend a child rapist and also because they want to destigmatize and normalize the sexual assault of kids.

Your liberal, pink-haired sister will fight for the genital mutilation of kids and will think she is better than you for doing it because she is in a cult, and her desperate need to belong to something, as well as her burning desire to feel superior to you, is more important to her than anything else.

So how do we fight the cultural Marxism worming its way through every institution in America? You do what Americans have always done: fight back.

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By now most have heard of the unprecedented IT outages due to a Bill Gates’ Microsoft update, and the associated widespread disruptions in banking, travel, commerce and even hospitals going offline. This incident may very well have just served as a warmup to a far worse worldwide CyberPolygon attack on infrastructure, with the “solution” paving the way for much more devastating global IT exploits

The outage (problem) was met with the solution (CrowdStrike remediation method) in order to offer up the “solution” which in turn will cause the far greater problems with the cover story being a ratcheting up these Hegelian Dialectic “solutions” whereby forced 15 Minute City mass lockdowns featuring the cashless X Everything App digital ID’s will be instituted such that no elections may ever take place again; or at least that is the endgame of whichever psyop(s) the powers that be finally go with.
Given CrowdStrike’s questionable history and its ties with the Intelligence Industrial Complex, it is only a matter of time before Russia is blamed for these cyber “attacks.” That will most conveniently serve to usher in the ultimate false flag event; namely, WW3, or after the slow kill bioweapon injections would global thermonuclear war now be considered WW4? That would indeed serve as the ultimate post apocalyptic “prescriptive mode,” assuming there are any genetically modified human slaves left to lord over when these crazed rulers emerge from their bunkers

Given that Trump is a lock for winning the upcoming Kabuki theatre Uniparty politrix election, and the NeoMarxist left have quite literally imploded in full public display as their senile ice cream licking diaper soiling pedo puppet criminal increasingly malfunctions for all to see while their deliberately ruinous Cloward-Piven policies further destabilize what’s left of America, anything and everything goes at the precipice of this end of Banana Republic empire.

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Mark Robinson, the Republican candidate for North Carolina’s gubernatorial election, said he wanted to go back to a time “where women couldn’t vote” in a video that resurfaced in the wake of his Super Tuesday victory.

The video, recorded at a Republican Women of Pitt County event in March 2020, shows Robinson when he was a candidate for North Carolina’s lieutenant governor, which he later won.

In the clip, he says that he heard a man ask about the phrase “Make America Great Again,” which he posited implied the America where “women couldn’t vote” and “Black people were swinging from cheap trees.”

“I would say to him, if I was standing in front of him, ‘I absolutely want to go back to the America where women couldn’t vote,’” Robinson said.

The Andromedan Dragons via Octavia Vasile #magick #ufo #conspiracy

We always enjoy connecting with you. We bring Light and Love to you. Your intentions, the light that you spread, your ceremonies, and your dedication have reopened the portals to Andromeda. You are no longer alone. Once again, we are with you to guide you on how to exit your Matrix.

The Matrix was created from a lower vibrational field based on fear, which emerged when the human race lowered their consciousness and forgot who they were. The timelines were shifted, and though this belongs to history, it is crucial to understand.

If you wish to release the Matrix, ask for our support, and we will come to help you. We will position you on a joyful timeline that you are meant to experience.

Meanwhile, stay connected with the gateways on your planet. Visit the sacred portals and align your energy with theirs. Know that these places are 3D projections of the 5D portals. If you could place your 5D glasses, you would see that realities overlap and that as you change the frequency, the sacred place is actually a portal in such a reality. This means that people can teleport, time travel, and sometimes simply bilocate through such devices.
Your ancestors knew how to worship and connect with their land. They knew where the geomagnetic field was different and facilitated the connection with the above. They performed rituals and ceremonies, entering different states of mind to connect with the divine. Humanity has forgotten all this, but you, dear human beings, are meant to remember and share this forward.

Get in contact with what is real and align with the highest vibrational fields, spreading that energy once again on the planet. We, the Andromedan dragons, will be there with you. Celebrate life on Earth, not through distractions and insignificant transient pleasures, but by tuning into a higher type of joy and pure bliss, as you are meant to do.

Bennett Lee Ross #crackpot #magick #ufo #conspiracy

The transmissions of Saturn are dense and problematic
They pervert the lower dimensions
Propagate 4d astral delusions
And disperse false 5d ascension programs

When it was darkened it became Satan
Which is the negative aspect of Saturn
And the god for Satanic ritual abuse

Satanic rituals are to manipulate the energetic field
And to cause the thinning out of the dimensional difference between our world and the spirit world
Allowing entities to slip through their dimension and to literally appear before the cultists
But because of vibrational differences they cannot stay long

Alien craft posing as moons send electrical waves to Saturn
And cause a tremendous amount of electrical activity within the rings
Archonic posts are located primarily in the outer rings

The resulting projections are picked up by the moon
Then amplified and sent towards the earth

The moon is a base of operations for transmitting broadcasts of magnetic field manipulations
Which overlays the ley lines and gives shadowy creatures and energy parasites 2 way access
In and out of artificial wormholes

This lunar matrix also transmits mind control programs into the earths magnetic field
And propagates spiritually abusive belief systems into the subconscious layers of the masses
This computer generated dream world is designed to turn us into batteries

Lunar zodiacal imprints were generated by the invading races to suppress human consciousness
Reptilian entities are of a very low band of frequency
And that is only what they can absorb

If we only gave off frequencies of love joy and laughter
They would have to immediately depart

The Venusian mother principle was eliminated by prolonged efforts
And replaced with artificial programming and false images

When Venus arises in her true and complete embodiment
It is game over for the control structures
And the power elite who have been propped up by the invading non humans

We are in a virtual reality
A mind game
A matrix in which humans give away their power by acquiescing their essence

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Some moron at restaurant got in my face last night. Said he’s not upset DJT almost killed because conservatives wouldn’t be upset if Biden killed. I replied, “Hey moron, Biden is already brain dead. He’s a zombie puppet wearing diapers, who craps in his pants…and takes his orders from commie enemies of America.” Guy’s eyes exploded out of his head & he ran away from my table like a scared little girl. LOL

Scott Lively #homophobia

The most significant evidence for me, however, was what I saw at my own eyes at Disneyland (the Anaheim campus) on Gay Pride Day itself, June 28, 2024. As it happens, my wife and I recently reconnected with a 9-year-old granddaughter we haven’t seen or spoken to in five or six years. She lives in Southern California within driving distance of Disneyland, and her greatest wish as we planned a reunion was to have a Princess Day at the park. So that’s what we did. I bought tickets for the 27th and 28th without any thought on my part about the significance of the 28th. Strange as it might seem considering my 30 years of pro-family activism, I didn’t mentally connect the fact that we’d be there on “Gay Pride Day” – so completely separate in my mind are family matters and politics.

When, the day before, I suddenly did realize the timing, I had a moment of dread that we would be engulfed in “pride” propaganda on our special day. But when we reached the park that morning of the 27th there was really nothing but a few rainbow accent banners near the entrance to placate the woke (without any other indication that it was LGBT-related), despite it being “Pride Month.” The next day – Pride Day – the most sacred day on the woke calendar – the only difference was the addition of a single flower arrangement in the shape of Mickey ears next to a 2×3 informational sign outside the park in the shopping area called Downtown Disney, off to the side of the main walkway next to the ever-present Jehovah’s Witness team and display. I was frankly astonished – and pleased – that even Disney had largely shut out the faux “pride” pushers. There was a little more wokeness on the Disneyland App, but the overall real-world experience was gloriously non-woke.

In contrast, Disney World in Florida is in many ways just another theme park, but Walt’s spirit seems still to reside, and thrive, at Disneyland. He’s no doubt been spinning in his grave for years now over the rise of anti-family quackery in the company he founded, but if so, his pain is likely lessened recently by the rising tsunami of public demands for a return to family-centered normalcy across America.

Jason Struhs #fundie

Elizabeth Struhs’ father, Jason, told a coronial counsellor he “wouldn’t bury a bag of bones” and said he didn’t believe in funerals, after his eight-year-old daughter died, a Queensland court heard on Monday

Later, the father of one of the members of the Toowoomba religious group now on trial for the death of Elizabeth told the court he had warned his son he’d joined a “cult”

All 14 adult members of the religious sect, known as the “Saints”, are now on trial for the death of Elizabeth. The type 1 diabetic died on 7 January 2022, allegedly of diabetic ketoacidosis due to being denied insulin

Coronial counsellor Julie Baker called Jason and Zachary Struhs that month to tell them her body could be released to the family for a funeral and burial, she told the Brisbane supreme court

“He said to me he didn’t believe in funerals, Elizabeth was with God, and that he would not be burying a bag of bones,” she said. She then informed him the body would be dealt with by a government-appointed funeral director

Coronial prosecutor Caroline Marco also called three family members of defendants on Monday to testify about how defendants came to join the sect

Schoenfisch took every opportunity he could to warn his son about the group, which he called a “cult”. He recalled a specific meeting in 2021, where he said he told his son “this is going to end badly” and “you can always come home to our family”

Kingsley L. Dennis #crackpot #magick #conspiracy

Metaphysics is not so much about that which is 'beyond' physics as this suggests that,

what is metaphysical lies only in the beyond zone and not within.

The metaphysical fire, which has correspondence to Origin, Source, and Intelligence of All, is behind time, space, causation and manifestation, as well as being integrated as all those aspects.

The metaphysical fire,

is as much beyond as it is within, for there is never a state that is void of it - even the void itself is an expression of the metaphysical fire.
What this means is that,

the metaphysical impulse (or Fire/Light) is existent - hidden within - all states of existence, including our material realm.

And this, for much of human history,

has been a grand heresy...!
The concept of heresy is brought out and utilized as a means of involving people - the 'public' - within the controlling system. In an age of secularization, the controlling narrative has shifted from a top-down religious power structure into a technologically enforced 'cage of modernity.'

The new secular materialism is bringing forth technocratic governance as a dominating narrative, and its affiliated religion of transhumanism is providing for the next priestly class of tech-elites and billionaires.

Together they establish what will strive to become the governing apparatus of technocracy - the modern totalitarian system masquerading as the new mode of 21st century global authority.

And the notion of heresy has been modified from quasi-religious sectarian cults into conspiracy.
The metaphysical fire is beginning to burn away the outer paintwork, showing the rotten wood underneath.

The gatekeepers of stolen power are attempting to cover up the sun by spraying their chemical clouds; yet still, the metaphysical fire comes through.

Flares, outbursts, and eruptions will soon be blasting towards our physical sphere as we cling to its surface like a receiving-transmitting membrane

And it shall all be a matter of frequency...

Stormy-Chameleon, PikaTheCat #transphobia #fundie

Stormy-Chameleon: I am on the brink of tears

One of my friends just blocked me because of my beliefs.

Said he refused to be my friend just because I didn't support him

I've been endlessly respectful and tried as hard as I could to make him feel comfortable around me, especially since he has told me so much about his past and mental health and it has been such a struggle for me to find the right way to talk to him without him being confused or uncomfortable. I love how this is my reward for how much struggle I've put into this just to help him. I thought all this hate and disrespect for me and my religion was over

PikaTheCat: I had the same problem with one of my friends as well

Stormy-Chameleon: Awww , do you kind telling me the story?

PikaTheCat: We were friends for a while and they used to be Christian as well but then they changed to be queer and just blocked me because they didn’t feel comfortable around me because of my beliefs

Stormy-Chameleon: Bro that's really screwed up. If he or she used to have the same opinions wouldn't she or he understand what you thought?

PikaTheCat: They used to be female then wanted to be a male and chose to be queer, I don’t know why they did it

Matt Walsh #sexist

There should not be any women in the Secret Service. These are supposed to be the very best, and none of the very best at this job are women.
12:21 AM · Jul 15, 2024 · 3.6M Views
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Rev. Joel Webbon #fundie #racist #transphobia

Joel Webbon participated in a panel discussion during which he called for an end to immigration because he had to explain to his daughter why there was a woman in “straight-up Hindu garb at our neighborhood swimming pool”

“I don’t even know what country I’m in, in my own neighborhood,” Webbon fumed as he complained about having too many non-white, non-Christians in his neighborhood

Naturally, Webbon’s comments generated some controversy, which prompted him to double down during his livestream podcast on Wednesday

“My hometown and my neighborhood, my state, is being flooded with non-citizens, and then even those who are citizens … are still worshiping false gods,” Webbon griped. “They’re not American in any sense of our heritage, and primarily I’m talking about that being a problem as it pertains to religion”

“They worship other gods,” he continued. “They are Hindu. They are Muslim. They are Jews. They are not Christians”

Webbon said that he and his fellow white Christians have a “civic duty” to ensure that their children and grandchildren “have the privilege of growing up in a country that bears at least some semblance to the country that you got to grow up in and is not completely decimated by pagan gods and foreign people from foreign lands”

“All throughout scripture, the idea of full-blown invasions from foreign peoples who worship foreign gods, it is never, in scripture, spoken of as a blessing of liberty. It is always spoken of as a judgment,” Webbon declared. “I believe that America is under God’s judgment. And I don’t think that the forms or the expressions of God’s judgment merely lie with Drag Queen Story Hour, but that they also include the fact that my neighborhood is 30 percent Hindu”

“That,” Webbon stated, “is a sign of God’s judgment upon our land”

V Lmire and Wolf Fangs #conspiracy #racist

(V Lmire)
Many people don't understand this conflict/ civil war since 2014...
After the presidential coup, the people of Crimea voted to annex themselves at the level of 95%. It was over 90% of Donbass, Zaporizhya and Kherson voters in favor of leaving Ukraine and joining Russia. (Areas of mostly ethnic Russian speaking)
The international law of ("Principal of Respect for Self-Determination") allows the people of an area to determine their international political status and sovereignty.
As soon as Russia entered into the Donbas areas, in Feb 2022, (8 years of civil war), all of the previous destruction within these areas was arguably, immediately blamed on Russia.
The west refuses to recognize their voting status/ wishes, and instead say that "Russia Invaded"
The West thinks they can use force to make the people re-join Ukraine against their wishes.

(Wolf Fangs)
Yup!... Everything started to be put in motion with the 2014 coup supervised by Jewish-American Victoria Nuland in order to create a second Jewish homeland for those not interested in stealing land in the Middle East.
Zionlensky publicly linked Ukrainians to Jewish people, trying to create the narrative for the second Jewish homeland. When the stoned Zelensky brings the NATO dog to bark at the Russian fence, the consequences are very predictable

South Carolina Representative David Hiott #transphobia

COLUMBIA, S.C. — Patients who go to any affiliate of MUSC Health for gender-affirming care will no longer be able to receive it due to a part of a law passed in May that primarily targets preventing these procedures for minors.

MUSC has pointed to one sentence in the bill that says public funds can't be used "directly or indirectly for gender transition procedures," as the reason they can no longer offer these procedures to anyone, including those over 18.


But that wasn't the intention of lawmakers when adding to the language, said bill sponsor Rep. David Hiott.

"Our bill dealt with the minors only," said Hiott. "But I applaud MUSC for going the next step and saying they are not gonna do any of those procedures for any individual in South Carolina."

Geoffrey Grider #fundie #wingnut #conspiracy

Let me start in a place that might be a tad unexpected. Before he ran for president the first time, Donald Trump was famously an anti-vaxxer. How did that Trump become the same Trump who became the “father of the COVID vaccine” that has so far killed millions of people? How did that Trump become the same Trump who started “Operation: Warp Speed”? Something changed along the way.

When Trump ran for President the first time he promised to build the wall, put Hillary in jail, drain The Swamp, and expose the Deep State. None of those things happened.
Flash forward to last night here in 2024, you are center stage at the RNC, the party nominating Donald Trump for a third time, and what do you see? You see the all-seeing eye of Horus from the US dollar bill, and you see the legend ‘Novus Ordo Seclorum’ as the main graphic behind the speakers podium. It means “New World Order” if you didn’t know by now. If the Republican Party, united behind and around Donald Trump, is the party to defeat the New World Order, what are they doing promoting it on the biggest night of their convention?
Earlier today I wrote about Thomas Matthew Crooks, and the many head-scratching coincidences between what he is said to have done on July 13th, 2024, and what Lee Harvey Oswald is said to have done on November 22, 1963. Could it be possible, that the attempted assassination was an inside job, designed to propel Trump into office rather than assassinate him? Did they give him a shot to the ear as a warning shot to get in line? Is Donald Trump now the selected president of the United States, chosen by the New World Order to carry out their agenda? The clues leading us in that direction are stacking up almost faster than we can count them. The RNC is right now promoting the One World Religion and the New World Order while at the same time saying they are the only bulwark to protect us from those things.

Danlboon #wingnut #conspiracy

If you didn’t know is that to be President of the USA you must be ‘American made’ with ‘both’ parents to be natural born Americans and Trump Jr. and Barron are not.
DJ Trump could not have slipped some words into an Executive Order to allow his children to be President.

Where in the Constitution does it state that if your parent was President of the USA than you can be President.

We better get going on this or it appears all the Trumps are still pushing for the USA, INC. to be in place and not a Constitutional Republic, just like Barrack Obama was allowed to be a foreigner to be President of the USA corporation.

Donald Jr., Ivanka and Eric cannot be President nor Vice President of the USA as their mother, Ivana, was born in Czechoslovakia.

The same goes for Barron as Melania was born in Yugoslavia, thus any of her children cannot be President nor Vice President of the USA.

However, you should be allowed if your parents are natural born Americans but you just happened to be born in another country at the time yet come back to America sometime soon thereafter like those that serve in the US Military.

U.S. Constitution, Article II, Section 1, Clause 5:

“No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any Person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States.”

But I guess this is from the Cabal US Constitution as it states Citizen of the United States and not Sovereign, Natural Born Americans within the united States.
Things are happening where Trump is being coerced into really not bringing the Republic into place as to what happened on Saturday appears to be a staged event with all the new media available and could not be covered up as to what happened with JFK as these are controlled by the cabal.

Ghost #ableist #wingnut #dunning-kruger

Whenever I sit and truly think about the current social landscape in America, I ponder on where all this lunacy leads. Both Millennial and Gen Z generations have falling way behind modern expectations and their maturity levels are the equivalent to a petulant child who refuses to grow up. When the adults in the room finally die and all that is left are these manchildren and their larva, do we truly think these weak, feeble, gullible wasted generations have the ability to sustain this great country?

This is a very serious problem that not even a minority within these generations are addressing. I think the problem is a lack of shame in this country. Look at how People today have no respect for their physical appearance, they go to job interviews in old t-shirts and flipflops or they dress to emulate their manchild obsession (video games, cartoons, etc). And ridiculing these obnoxious evolution throw backs does nothing because the Internet gives People the opportunity to find communities that embrace and promote whatever manchild bull shit and/or sexual perversion imaginable.

Look at where all this bull shit has gotten us. We’ve got People creating new genders, we have an obsession on sexualizing children, we have People who allowed themselves to be injected with an experimental concoction for clout, we have a People who believe that being virtuous is creating a 45 second TikTok video about the top story of the time. Let’s not forget People hated the COVD19 lockdowns, masks, Anthony Fauci, etc. and yet are politically supporting the man that made all this a reality (Trump). Nothing makes any sense anymore!

I consider myself lucky because I’m old and will be long gone from this place to see the manchild induced, AI controlled totalitarianism that People are naively allowing into their lives without question. Because if you don’t think AI is being rolled out to subjugate and potentially nullify mankind, then maybe we deserve what happens to us.

So I guess there is nothing left to do but what I can, hope a few souls understand so they can change the plan for man.

C.T. #racist #wingnut

I would like to add something to what I said last week about my nephew[…]In December 2022 I posted an entry containing this paragraph:

I wonder if there is anyone on the planet willing to raise, at least, one Aryan boy and one Aryan girl and educate them strictly in NS, with all that such an education would entail. If there is anyone who harbours this fantasy please contact me

I received no email response, which can be interpreted in two ways. Either no one who visits this site was interested in raising a child, or some Europeans who visited it were interested but fearing the soft totalitarian state their country suffers from[…]
Years ago, in the comments section, I said that a woman proposed to me a quarter of a century ago and I had refused. She is not an Aryan but a mudblood like me, although by Mexican standards she is considered white (like me). Curiously I have continued dealings with her[…]
Since I learned a very hard lesson with my nephew, I now feel like proposing marriage to this woman, if only with the idea of adopting an Aryan child to raise him as the Gods command[…]
What is not clear to me, even supposing she agrees, is the question of the children this child educated with the true Gods would meet[…]
There are pure Aryans in Mexico[…]Will I have to move next door to a Mennonite community for my adopted child to play with uncorrupted Aryans? Buying a large mansion next to them could only be done if I do a business that has to do with the falling dollar[…]And even then there would be some tension as the Mennonites are like 19th-century Christians, and my female friend goes to mass every day[…]
How difficult it is to have a normal life during what the Indo-Aryans called Kali Yuga! Before making a decision, what are the chances for someone who wants to educate his child properly? Is there a place in the entire world where it is even possible for a white child to live among uncontaminated white children?

Rebecca A #fundie

[What would we find if we took the mask off atheism?]

A snotnosed kid with his thumb in his mouth whining because nobody will let him rape his dog, his neighbors, or his relatives. If it's a she, it's a whiny btch who wants to be a golddigger or a lesbian.

George Freund #conspiracy

There is a plan afoot to put America into turmoil. The scenario devised uses the age old Roman stratagem of DIVIDE AND CONQUER. There are few truly new tricks in the bag. It's only because you weren't taught many of them that they are still so effective. And the few who do understand are marginalized or made subservient.

Change is coming to the United States. The economy based on the Federal Reserve fiat currency is reaching its zenith. When that happens, there will be chaos. The New World Order loves chaos. It gets people begging for control of aspects of it. To circumvent the anger of financial collapse, it would serve the masters well to instigate a complete race war among the people. Better the masses fight each other than lynch the elites who wrecked the nation in hopes of building their global dream state upon the backs of the newly impoverished.

It appears an Occupy movement specialist was training the 'protesters' in Ferguson. Lisa Fithian is the one. Her C.V. is extensive. The Battle of Seattle, Occupy Wall Street, ACORN group, National People’s Action, the new version of the Students for a Democratic Society, among other radical organizations.

Of course we blew the whistle on the fakery right from the start. There was something strange that happened. The protesters didn't attack the gun shop and tattoo parlour. There were non actors present with real guns. They weren't in the script. The ammunition was real. The rioters backed off.


The New Yorker is telling us the house divided (The United States) will not stand. They planned it that way.

Sasha Lessin, Ph.D. (Anthropology, U.C.L.A.) #ufo #crackpot #conspiracy

At Lucifer/Enki’s palace–Great Zimbabwe–we see a 12-fathom high tower and the lab he shared with Lilith/Ninmah and Ningishzidda, the genetics team from the planet Nibiru. Here, they created Adamu and Ti-Amat, the first reproducing hybrids adapted from their own Nibiran Homo sapiens genome, a few Homo Erectus genes, some copper and clay 300,000 years ago. Here, too, Enki begat Adapa and Titi–the ancestors of Noah, 200,000 years ago.

There, above the gold mines of the inland plains between the Limpopo and Zambezi rivers, the genetics team first adapted their Nibiran genome to Earth to create Ti-Amat, the first adapted homo sapiens woman and Adamu, the first homo sapiens man.
300,000 years ago, Enki, Chief Scientist for the gold mining expedition from the planet Nibiru to Earth, went North, to the Great Rift Valley (southeast Africa) to study an intelligent, fire-using hominoid, Homo Erectus [pictured below], the ancestor of modern Neanderthals (aka Sasquash, Bigfoot, Alma) as key to adaptations Nibirans would need to thrive on Earth. Enki, a Nibiran, and his cohorts on the expedition are 9-12 foot tall Homo Sapiens, much like us but longer-lived.
Erectus reasoned, freed animals from traps. He communicated telepathically rather than speak. Enki thought Erectus 1) evolved on Earth from genetic building blocks Nibiru gave Earth when Nibiru invaded the solar system, or 2) devolved from Homo sapiens colonists on Earth long before 450,000 years ago, or 3) evolved from humanoids terraformers planted on Earth. Erectus, Enki reasoned, would evolve in a few million years into Homo Sapiens. He built a lab in Zimbabwe to see if Erectus’ genes could help adapt the Nibiran genome to Earth
After Enlil evicted the hybrid Earthings from Edin, Enki knew Enlil would limit them and slander him as an evil serpent. So Enki set up the secret BROTHERHOOD OF THE SNAKE for a few Earthings whom he taught facts, technology and advanced thinking

Ken Ham #conspiracy #wingnut

When it comes to the Bible, we need to understand that it is primarily a book of history, spiritual, and moral matters. It’s God’s history book to us. In a way, we could say it’s God’s textbook of historical science. However, the Bible also deals with geology, biology, astronomy, and so on. And when it deals with these topics, we can trust it as it’s God’s Word. And unlike “science” textbooks in public schools, it never changes.

What we can do is use observational science to see if experiments and observations in the present confirm the history God reveals in geology, biology, archaeology, etc. And the Bible’s history is confirmed over and over again as we’ve shown in many articles on our websites, in our magazines, in presentations, and in books, etc.

Because the historical science (the “earthly things”) in the Bible is true, the moral and spiritual teachings based in that history are true. Christianity is based on real history, the history God recorded for us in his Word—the Bible. Evolution and millions of years are false history.
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Natalia Alba #magick #ufo #dunning-kruger

As we approach the triple 888 passage, many of you will start receiving profound activations, transmissions from your soul and monad, and the healing codes required to activate your DNA and monadic twin flame, within yourself. We are now reaching the peak of all we have been healing, retrieving this eighth universal year, revealing more of who we are, and our personal mission.

Numbers are often the language in which God expresses Herself. Behind numbers are letters and light codes that give instructions to our DNA, and coordinates that activate our time codes, allowing our consciousness to travel through time and space.

This activation is now taking place in many of us, for it is time for us to reconnect to the many timelines in which we dwell. The 888 passage represents a planetary opening guarded by the White Elohim in our earth’s fabrics of time and space.
Numbers 888 represents the connection to the 8th-dimensional timelines, to our equal genetically, for it is when we initiate ourselves in the monadic dimensions that we start merging with our equal. It is in the eighth dimension where our soul records reside, and all the information we need to remember about who we are, our galactic heritage, and what we need to heal to embody our mission.

There will be many of you with Orion lineage now healing galactic wars, restoring the trauma at a monadic level, as even though now evolved, Orion experienced deep polarization, as well as many other beings within Creation who are evolving, exactly as we are now.
Pay attention to numbers, especially at this time, as when the soul awakes, it starts seeing numbers because it starts connecting to the wisdom of the Universe, which is based on numbers, geometry, and dimensions. Numbers that activate consciousness and your unique template, leading you, through synchronicity, to what you are meant to experience next.

Each of you has unique galactic, soul memories to address, heal, clear, and remove from your DNA.

Byl Holte #wingnut

Black people, don’t cheer for this.

Donald J. Trump is Nelson Mandela.

Donald J. Trump is George Floyd.

Donald J. Trump is Trayvon Martin.

Donald J. Trump is Brianna Taylor.

Donald J. Trump is EVERY black person unjustly convicted under the democrat system of justice.

You’re cheering on his arrest, but the same system that targeted YOU targeted HIM.

Remember that, next time the democrats make you jump up and down about an officer kneeling on a black guys neck.
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Marjorie Taylor Greene 🇺🇸 #conspiracy #forced-birth #wingnut

We are in a battle between GOOD and EVIL

The Democrats are the party of pedophiles, murdering the innocent unborn, violence, and bloody, meaningless, endless wars.

They want to lock up their political opponents, and terrorize innocent Americans who would tell the truth about it.

The Democrat party is flat out evil, and yesterday they tried to murder President Trump.
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Jared Taylor #racist

“Why is White Nationalism on the Rise?”

By Jared Taylor

On May 4, CNN published an article by David Neiwert called “Hate groups are recruiting our young people into a toxic belief system.” This belief system is “white nationalism,” which Mr. Neiwert warns is growing at an alarming rate: “[W]e’re talking in the hundreds of thousands, if not millions of new young white nationalists being born online right now.”

Why is white nationalism, which Mr. Neiwert dismisses as “hateful” and “toxic,” so attractive? Because it is based on the conviction that whites—like every other racial group in America and the world—have legitimate group interests. The most obvious of these is not to be reduced to a minority where they have traditionally been the majority.

From its founding and until immigration policy changed in 1965, Americans took it for granted that whites would always be the majority. They were 85 percent of the population in 1960, but are now projected, largely through immigration, to become a minority by 2045.

Whites were never asked if this was what they wanted. White nationalists do not want to become a minority, and the burden is on people like Mr. Neiwert to explain why they are wrong.

Is it wrong for Japanese to want to remain a majority in Japan? Or Mexicans in Mexico? Or Turks in Turkey? Israel is an explicitly Jewish state, and virtually all Americans recognize its right to remain Jewish. White nationalists believe that whites—whether in the United States or Europe—have the same right.

It is not “hatred” for whites to want to live in a society shaped by the European values and texture of life handed down by their ancestors. Mass immigration changes a country—often radically—and whites have the absolute right to prefer societies that are faithful to their ancestral values. This is an entirely normal, healthy sentiment that Mr. Neiwert would surely not find “hateful” if expressed by non-whites.

Would Mr. Neiwert be happy if the whole world were changing as the United States or Europe is? Should populations migrate and mix everywhere, reducing every local majority to a minority? That would crush every distinct culture and civilization everywhere. Why is that acceptable only for white countries?

“White nationalists” recognize that hypnotic slogans do not make “diversity” a strength. It is a source of tension and conflict. At its worst, it means race riots and prison riots. Every day, it means discrimination lawsuits, resentment, accusations of insensitivity, and bitterness over whether the Oscars or Harvard or boardrooms or tech jobs or neighborhoods or the police force have the right racial mix.

Even if diversity were a strength, why should whites “celebrate” it when it always means a decline in their numbers and influence? No healthy people wants to give up its place in society and march into oblivion.

White nationalism is also the inevitable reaction to an increasingly harsh double standard: Whites must always be “sensitive” to others, even if others hold them in contempt.

In 2018, the New York Times appointed a 31-year-old immigrant from Korea, Sarah Jeong, to its editorial board. Miss Jeong had tweeted such things as “White men are bullshit,” “#CancelWhitePeople,” and “White people have stopped breeding. you’ll all go extinct soon. That was my plan all along.” No white person who said anything remotely like this about non-whites could be a janitor at the Times.

Headlines such as these show contempt for whites: “ To the White Men Running to Be the Democratic Presidential Candidate: Can You Not?” “Step aside white men. It’s time for women of color to lead.” “Should a White Man Be the Face of the Democratic Party in 2020?” Television host Trevor Noah put the same question to Bernie Sanders: “Isn’t this a time for your guys to step aside?”

In the 1960s, the national goal was to overcome racism and achieve color-blindness. Now, whites—but only whites—learn that, as Psychology Today explains, “Colorblind ideology is a form of racism.” When whites left transitioning neighborhoods, it was called “white flight” and was “racist.” When they go back to those neighborhoods, it is “gentrification,” which is also “racist.” It’s healthy for blacks or Asians or Hispanics to have a firm racial identity; for whites, it’s “Nazism.”

When blacks and Hispanics do not do as well as whites, it’s the fault of entrenched white supremacy. But if America is a white supremacist country, why do East Asians do so much better than whites?

All this—certainly not Donald Trump—explains the rise of white nationalism.

It is true that some people with nationalist ideas have committed horrific murderous acts. Why? Because when people have a voice, they speak. When they are hated, silenced, and their deeply felt values driven underground by self-righteous media censors, they may act in unspeakable ways.

There are democratic solutions to these problems. Censorship and demonization will make them worse.

Robert #fundie

Where all the Columbia Space Shuttle astronauts fully qualified for their jobs, having been placed there because they were the best at what they did? Or were they there because of political correctness diversity idiocy? And if so, was this partly or entirely responsible for the space ship disaster???

David J. Stewart #sexist

The ungodly Walt Disney corporation (an Illuminati family) glorifies shacking-up and “relationships” (a key word for fornication). When a woman says she's, “not in a relationship right now,” what she really means is that she is taking a time-out from her whoring around. She is a whore! I say that kindly. She goes from one bum to the next! Any man who would have premarital sex is a bum! Ladies, you can do better than that! You find you a godly man who cares about you enough to put a ring on your finger and commit himself only to you for life, before letting him have the good stuff!

itsgettingcloser and redbluerat #racist

[re: gay couple adopting a black kid]

This is what is considered "wholesome" by sick, sick people... they used to fill mental hospitals with these lunatics.

Here come the faggots... someone has alerted them.

TFW even Asian cats hate faggots

Can you imagine the smell?

Statistics show that these guys are probably molesting that baby.

That's why they used to be locked up...

Might get downvoted all to shit but this is probably that kid's best chance to be a productive member of society.

The society should be Liberia and these two undergoing shock therapy back home. That’s after their jail time for sodomy.

Russian Propaganda #crackpot #psycho

Russia propaganda claims UK on 'brink of cannibalism' as Brits brace for ‘starvation'

A Russian journalist said the UK population are "preparing for starvation” due to the cost of living crisis the country is experiencing as a consequence of the support the UK is providing to Ukraine. Among the claims, the Russian article also described Russia and Belarus as the world’s “largest suppliers of food and fertilisers”.

The propagandistic article showed the image of two cavemen standing next to the Union Flag and read the title “Cold, Hunger, Cannibalism: London fell into its own Ukrainian pit”.

The article was posted on Tsargrad TV, a Russian television channel owned by Putin-supporter businessman Konstantin Malofeev.

Below the top picture, it stated: “Things are not going well in the UK.

“While politicians are playing into the Ukrainian crisis, their own population is preparing for starvation. “Europe is seeing an explosion in prices, and politicians are talking about the threat of mass starvation. “In some cities of Britain, a state of emergency is introduced due to food shortages”.

Paul Gregory/Mark Steele #crackpot #wingnut

Mark Steele is a British engineer with a materials science background; inventor; patent writer; weapons research scientist; inventor of the world’s first binocular optical wave guides, weapon sight systems, infrared thermal imaging head up displays, molecular reactors, signal processing, and transducer design, among many others. As Chief Technology Officer at the company that designed and brought to market the world’s first internationally approved head up display (HUD) product, which has been accredited with a number of innovation awards, and is regulated to a number of internationally recognised standards, including Department of Transport ECE 22.05 and those of the American National Standards Institute.

Steele is a MWR weapons expert who has been alerting the world since 2016 to the multi-level threats from MWR weapons technologies. In a series of videos and reports, he has described how these MWR weapons have been covertly deployed in our cityscapes. 5G LED streetlights, ULEZ, CAZ, “SMART” motorways, 5G masts and the mysterious 5G black boxes appearing on telegraph poles are microwave radiation weapon systems installed for the purpose of killing you. It’s called “Fifth-Generation Warfare” and it encompasses psychotronic and psychological operation (psyop) elements, cybertorture, as well as the directed energy weapon (DEW) hardware.

LED streetlights have weaponised streets across the UK in recent years.[31],[32] Steele explains that their components prove them to be a weapon system masquerading as streetlights.
In Birmingham, Telensa light heads have been fitted.[35] Each emits MWR 700 times higher than the so-called exposure guideline (1 mWatt/cm2), with a range of 10 miles. 1 mWatt/cm2 is the point at which a microwave oven starts to heat its contents, which means that these streetlights are raising the temperature of the city and everything in it.

Robert Copeland #racist

The firestorm erupted this month when Jane O’Toole, who moved to Wolfeboro about four months ago, overheard [Police Commissioner Robert] Copeland loudly describing Obama using the slur while sitting in a town restaurant.

Upon discovering that he was an elected official, O’Toole formally complained to the town manager and other members of the police commission.

“I believe I did use the ‘N’ word in reference to the current occupant of the Whitehouse,” Copeland said in a subsequent e-mail to his fellow police commissioners, which he forwarded to O’Toole. “For this, I do not apologize — he meets and exceeds my criteria for such.”

Copeland has remained defiant, sitting with crossed arms Thursday as more than 100 residents showed up for a public meeting to discuss the incident. Many angrily called for his resignation.

But the commissioner has said he will not resign and has declined interview requests from the news media, not returning calls for comment and lashing out at a local television reporter who attempted to interview him Thursday, calling him a “skunk.”

theroc #fundie #sexist #homophobia

So i am in my second semester at a Baptist university here in San Antonio. My professors and fellow students are very liberal. At first I was fighting it all in apologetics with my fellow pastor (he goes to the same university as me) but now i am getting tired. I have fought on how the Bible is really inspired, i have fought that messianic prophecy is real, i have fought against evolution, i have fought against blood atonement, i have fought against women being head pastors, how being a homosexual is a sin, i have fought that we worship a different God then Muslims, and now i am fighting against Jesus being the only way. —they are teaching and the people are accepting that anyone can get to heaven. People can see Jesus through allah and budda and pagan gods etc—
It is so sad, this is a BAPTIST school and we are having to refute and debate every single word that comes out of their mouths. Not to mention every paper we write has to be amazing papers or we have to agree with their garbage. Granted, being an evangelist and wanting to get into apologetics I have learned alot of arguments etc. but its so sad that the school allows practicing homosexuals and endorses views from above. Its not only the professors but 3/4 of the school atleast. They teach and endorse all of these things. Please pray for guidance on what I should do.
Any advice?

ps. one of the professors called the God of the bible, a blood thirsty God. And the students...laughed

Elaine J #fundie #homophobia

[In response to someone stating that being gay isn't a choice]

No you didn't corner is not a choice- it is a spiritual attack- if you were in line with what the Bible says you would know ARE NOT BORN THAT WAY!!

You can be delivered from it....and now that you feel mad with me, I'll tell you that IS the truth, it is a rebellious thing against GOD. That is why Homosexuals have the RAINBOW flag...why else why in the world would they take the PROMISE God gave us and WAVE in His face?? Rebellion.
At the time you felt homosexual, you were torn that it was wrong...maybe?? You thought what would people think?? Well what does God think, and what He says that is what matters!
You can be delivered from it...I promise.

Susan Jane Elohim #fundie #homophobia

We are talking about raising a child, and the care and selflessness that goes along with doing such a thing. Qualities that are not absent merely because a parent is homosexual.

Susan Jane Elohim:
Go read “Are You a Carnal Christian?” on billygraham dot org.
Carnality is the great problem of human nature and Jesus came to forgive our sins and help us out of it.
Unfortunately, people like their literal i.e. carnal views of the Bible more than mastering God’s more spiritual views. There are a lot of baby Christians around who can talk the talk but don’t walk the walk and they like to hang out online.
But their example doesn’t invalidate the example of people who can walk the walk. Find those people to learn from then God might actually turn you into a lover.
Going from being a hater into being a lover IS true spiritual change and only God and Christ through the Holy Spirit can make that happen yet the atheists run around today saying miracles never happen.
But all you have to do is locate a few people who know God changed them from haters into lovers to know that miracles still happen.
So do your due diligence and seek.
Seeking is > arguing and you can tell that by their fruits i.e. results.

Did you have anything to say on the subject of homosexuals adopting, or was this just a drive-by proselytizing?

Susan Jane Elohim:
I am explaining. The natural or carnal man is given to thinking literally. It doesn’t matter if he’s an unbeliever or a less mature Christian in the making.

Both start out carnal and literal minded because the natural man comes first then the spiritual man later if you have Jesus. That’s God explanation.

Don’t bother responding. I don’t feel like arguing. If you haven’t seen how literalminded and zealous an atheist can be then you haven’t spent as much time observing them as I have. To my way of thinking they spend a good bit of their time over reacting to literal fundamentalism which makes them just as zealous as some Christian fundamentalists are.

Why are you going out of your way to come over to a Christian site and engage people that you disapprove of if that isn’t zeal?

Think about it.

I’m sorry, the subject here is gay adoption. I see nothing whatsoever in your walls of text that address that subject, and I can’t even tell if you support or oppose it.

Eden Decoded #conspiracy #fundie #homophobia

Watching the news—and for the second night—protesters will NOT say the real reason why they're out there. Not sure if anyone else has noticed, but there are plenty of LGBT flags in the crowd. That's who's behind this! And that's why they are doing this.

The LGBT protesters are 'hiding' behind other groups like blacks, immigrants etc. But don't be deceived, they are out there strictly for their LGBT desires.

Don't forget what's been going on: (1) Perverted men, who are a part of the LGBT, have been 'legally' and boldly entering women's restrooms in search of young girls; (2) Children are being bombarded with homosexual propaganda in schools; (3) Christian businesses are being forced to close because homosexuals are targeting their businesses.

Democratic political commentators and protesters are calling those who voted for Trump as 'divisive.'

We say the country was already divisive when the LGBT were trying to pervert us with their sexual deviancy. And when Christians publicly speak on such topics, they get physically attacked in many cases by these 'loving' LGBT people.

Thank God this spirit has been halted. Love does NOT win. TRUTH WINS!

Joseph Chambers #conspiracy #fundie #homophobia

The more a person reads about Leonardo da Vinci the more he sees the sinister dimensions. Leonardo's homosexual lifestyle would certainly tend to make him see male figures in an effeminate fashion. Homosexuality and feminism are always closely aligned and will be the exalted culture of the coming One World Order ruled by the Beast. Leonardo would have hated any expression of strong masculinity and authoritarian actions even as it is attacked with unembarrassed hatred today. The picture of Jesus Christ in this so-called masterpiece is itself effeminate and grotesque. The long hair on the Lord is totally unbiblical and an attack on His incredible masculine nature as the Son of man.

Rush Limbaugh #fundie #wingnut #homophobia

As homosexual activists continue to wage monetary and political war against Christian businesses who won’t cater to same-sex marriages, radio host Rush Limbaugh is stepping forward to proffer his own possible solution to the battle.

“I know that many of you out there run businesses that if a gay couple — came in and asked for your service, you would deny it, on the basis that you disapprove, your religion does not sanction the approval of gay marriage,” Limbaugh explained on his national broadcast Monday.

“My idea is quite simple. Don’t use that as the excuse anymore.”

The top-rated host then gave an example and instructions on what specifically a business owner should say.

“Let’s say that you own the ABC Wedding Cake Bakery. The only thing you do is you bake wedding cakes, and as such, militant gay activists target your bakery. They’re gonna take you out. They’re gonna take you down. They’re gonna walk in there, they’re gonna tell you they’re gonna get married, and of all the bakeries in the world, yours has been recommended to them because that’s all you do.

“Instead of telling the gay couple that you refuse bake the cake because you disapprove of homosexuality, you should now say you are not going to bake a cake for the gay wedding because you fear Muslim backlash. Or, due to your respect for Islam, you cannot bake a cake for a gay wedding. See how that flies.

“Don’t say anything about your religion. Don’t say anything about it’s your religion that prevents you from doing it. Say it this way. You respect Islam or you’re afraid of Muslim backlash.”

Limbaugh indicated his idea was sparked by the glaring irony in avoiding depictions of the Islamic prophet Muhammad, but a lack of concern for Muslim opposition to same-sex marriage.

“Why on the one hand do we respect their wishes when it comes to cartoon renderings of the prophet Muhammad and ignore their wishes and ignore what they claim upsets them and angers them when it comes to gay marriage?” he wondered.