Parents With Inconvenient Truths about Trans #transphobia #fundie

It’s been a crazy year since my world changed on a rainy spring day in 2023, after I casually commented on the local news, saying, “Drag queens in school are wrong. It’s like they are trying to sexualize and desensitize our children. Is the Canadian government grooming children?”.

Then my usually non-reactionary, gentle, loving, autist, adult son couldn’t hold back and blurted out “It’s helping kids that might be LBGT know it’s okay to be themselves! And I should know, because… I Am Trans!” I was dumbfounded! I think I replied, “No you’re not!” But it’s kind of a blur.


He created a fairy tale in his mind that if only we could see how happy he has become with transition we would go along with the lie and affirm. Just like his sisters did two years ago, when he first came to this ridiculous conclusion about himself. [After being isolated in his room for over a year, when he should be away at college and experiencing his real sexual awakening!] His news totally sabotaged my summer and sent me spiraling.


This is when I also first discovered that he doesn’t believe in God, or any creator, and feels he can be his own god, and design himself, in his own imagination! And his sisters agree with this blasphemy! Sure, we didn’t go to church, but I always told them that we have (some kind of) a divine creator. At first, I felt like I failed as a mother. I had allowed my children to be captured by a cult!

Mira via Galaxygirl #crackpot #ufo #magick

Hello dear friends, this is Mira, working full time for the Earth Ascension project, here with several of my team members. We wish for you to know that you are well watched over, and that all is rapidly proceeding according to divine order and plan. We are not privy to the entire plan of the Divine, and we are unable to display any dates for you, but we can say that dating and timing is in flux as you are ascending more rapidly than was previously anticipated. You are holding the light codes with more aplomb than your bodies were previously able to handle, and you are radiating more and more light out towards us, towards the cosmos and other aspects of your great selves.


I Mira am speaking to you. I love you. I have great tenderness in my heart for this project and many of you are my friends and family from days – lifetimes – gone past. We do not age within the time field of no time and I have known your soul’s for millinea, many of you. I come forward this night at the request of this one, to offer encouragement and a news update as best as I can. There is much that of course I cannot share but much that I can and what I see as the biggest change since my last debriefing with you, friends, is the climate of energetics that you are radiating. We see more light from the earth emanating from you to us, and we see more light holders holding more and beaming more confidently. The ascension will happen whether every one is ready for it or not and it will happen regardless of who is in charge on any political scenes below, do you see? This cannot be stopped. The light, the planets, the very astrology of the cosmos is conspiring for the will of Creator to be put in place. There is much that has shifted and improved from our perspective. The underground bases are much more cleaned out and only a few tunnels remain, but we have technology that others do not and this technology we lovingly utilize to minimize any harm and to maximize the outcome of success.

I believe you will be excited to see the progress from our side of the screen. Won’t you join us tonight? Your Pleiadian family is here for you, as are your other many space family lineages. You are never alone, far from it. You are highly watched over. Another item that has condensed is your timeframe of manifestation. It is more instant now, so be careful what you wish for, and be open for miracles for they are on their way. We can see great changes and joys ahead for humanity. I Mira send you my love. We are tirelessly working night and day for your successful ascension project completion. Blessings. Over and out.

Rev. Jack Hibbs #fundie

Jack Hibb[…]delivered a special sermon Sunday in response to the failed assassination attempt on former President Donald Trump the day before

Clad in a “colonial preachers robe” meant to the emulate the apocryphal “Black Robe Regiment” that supposedly rallied the colonists to rebel against England during the American revolution, Hibbs said he only breaks out the garb in “times of tyranny”

We are in just such a time right now, said Hibbs, prompting him to deliver a rather strange sermon in which he referenced a passage from the book of Leviticus instructing priests to anoint the toe, thumb, and right ear of those making a guilt offering with blood, which Hibbs tied to the injury Trump received[…]
“God said all those who represent me in the priesthood, there’s to be a sacrificial basin of blood,” Hibbs said. “And I want the toe of the priest to be dipped in the blood—the big toe, the right toe—dipped in blood. I want the priest’s thumb dipped in blood because his feet and his decision making is covered in my blood. And then take the blood from the basin and put it on your right ear”

Hibbs then pivoted to addressing Trump directly, declaring that the shooting was “a warning by Almighty God” that he must publicly “bow the knee” and commit himself to Jesus

“Mr. President, if you’re watching this right now, your right ear was bloodied,” Hibbs declared. “We would like to pledge and pray that you might bow your knee before the Lord Almighty and say, ‘Not only did God do this’—because I know, Mr. President, you said that today that ‘God protected me’—but who is God? Mr. President, who is he? What’s his name? You’ve heard it for years. It’s time to bow the knee”

“It’s time to say that Jesus Christ is Lord, that he’s the one that rules over the affairs of men,” Hibbs preached. “This has been a warning by Almighty God that your ear might be sanctified. Will you hear this? Can you hear this? Listen to the word of God. Stop talking about God and come to know God”

Puupi #psycho #sexist

because they were sitting at the dinner table CELEBRATING the man who was holding her, a 14 year old girl, hostage and wanting to have sex with her against her have killed them all too to get out of that situation...

They were celebrating their marriage. It's normal in their culture.

By the way, are you American? Are you a man? Are you circumcised?

Most (?) American men are circumcised and it is a lot more questionable thing to do compared to arranged marriages, even if the girl is 14.

I see child marriages more acceptable and moral than circumcision.

Those two things aren't remotely comparable, and I'm highly against circumcision of children. How is the marriage/rape of children by adults more moral than cutting some skin off of kids penises?

Mutilation of sexual organs of a baby compared to marriage where you may need to have sex against your will?

You know, there are lots of good things about arranged marriages as well. The girl gets a husband, a man who is feeding, protecting and taking care of her. And the husband gets a wife, who takes care of him. There is more to marriage than just sex.

Shockingly, most people have sex willingly in life. Even do everything they can to please people to get them to have sex. Ultimately, sex drives the whole human society.

So when you need to have sex against your own will - it is a bad and unwanted thing - but it isn't the most atrocious thing happening in the world.

vokal kazih, hooked , zantos , #psycho #sexist

[on a 14 yaer old child bride who poisoned her husband and at least 3 of his friends ]

Vokal: “ While I don't agree with forced marriage, killing is killing. She could have just ran away instead of poisoning a dozen or so people. Don't care if she's 14. Hope she fries, or hangs. However they do it.Just like any and every killer should.”


She wasn't defending herself. She felt bad and wanted to make other people suffer like a typical school shooting case. You think she couldn't poison the husband in a different situation? No she wanted to kill as many ppl as possible.

Hooked: “I agree, she is pure evil. “ [url=]So she was able to go to the market and buy rat poison without anyone noticing, but couldn't just run away?. I think she wanted to make them all pay.

Zantos: “Exactly. She had every bit of freedom she needed to get away at any time. She had just as much time to kill him by himself then to try and take out as many others as she could with him.”

Technically she wasn't kidnapped, the marriage with this man was most likely arranged by her parents, as that is what the law states has to happen for a 14 year old to be married. Wouldn't you say her parents are more to blame than the husband in question? Would you also condone her killing her parents as well because they arranged the whole thing ?Attempting to kill 14 people because you aren't in love with the man your parents forced you to marry doesn't sound like my kind of justice.

Hooked: “Not only that but her own parents probably also had an arraigned marriage. Nah this girl was just evil, plain and simple.”

Mrs. Debbie #fundie

As for a situation where the mother's life may be in danger by giving birth...... It is not our place to play God by killing the baby to save the mother's life. He has a purpose in everything...even a situation like this one. It is never right to do wrong to do right. It is the Lord who blessed that woman with a pregnancy and He is the only One Who can rightfully end the pregnancy or cause the mother to carry to full term. It is also His prerogative to choose to take the mother's life so that the child may live. Being saved or unsaved makes no difference here - except - the saved mother has the peace of God dwelling in her to uphold her, comfort her, and guide her.

Mark Robinson #sexist #wingnut

Mark Robinson, the Republican candidate for North Carolina’s gubernatorial election, said he wanted to go back to a time “where women couldn’t vote” in a video that resurfaced in the wake of his Super Tuesday victory.

The video, recorded at a Republican Women of Pitt County event in March 2020, shows Robinson when he was a candidate for North Carolina’s lieutenant governor, which he later won.

In the clip, he says that he heard a man ask about the phrase “Make America Great Again,” which he posited implied the America where “women couldn’t vote” and “Black people were swinging from cheap trees.”

“I would say to him, if I was standing in front of him, ‘I absolutely want to go back to the America where women couldn’t vote,’” Robinson said.

Anonymous Commenter #fundie

Porn is porn, it is sick, it is immoral, it is not right. But for people who watch porn, it is like watching horror, you get bored with the same thing and you want something that goes further and further, it feeds a lust in you. So absolutely there is a link between adult porn and child porn. Only a fool could not see that. Just b/c you watch porn doesn't mean you want to rape children, but if you want to rape children, chances are you got your start watching adult porn. How is that so hard to understand? Porn is an evil world no matter where it is coming from.

Ghost #ableist #wingnut #dunning-kruger

Whenever I sit and truly think about the current social landscape in America, I ponder on where all this lunacy leads. Both Millennial and Gen Z generations have falling way behind modern expectations and their maturity levels are the equivalent to a petulant child who refuses to grow up. When the adults in the room finally die and all that is left are these manchildren and their larva, do we truly think these weak, feeble, gullible wasted generations have the ability to sustain this great country?

This is a very serious problem that not even a minority within these generations are addressing. I think the problem is a lack of shame in this country. Look at how People today have no respect for their physical appearance, they go to job interviews in old t-shirts and flipflops or they dress to emulate their manchild obsession (video games, cartoons, etc). And ridiculing these obnoxious evolution throw backs does nothing because the Internet gives People the opportunity to find communities that embrace and promote whatever manchild bull shit and/or sexual perversion imaginable.

Look at where all this bull shit has gotten us. We’ve got People creating new genders, we have an obsession on sexualizing children, we have People who allowed themselves to be injected with an experimental concoction for clout, we have a People who believe that being virtuous is creating a 45 second TikTok video about the top story of the time. Let’s not forget People hated the COVD19 lockdowns, masks, Anthony Fauci, etc. and yet are politically supporting the man that made all this a reality (Trump). Nothing makes any sense anymore!

I consider myself lucky because I’m old and will be long gone from this place to see the manchild induced, AI controlled totalitarianism that People are naively allowing into their lives without question. Because if you don’t think AI is being rolled out to subjugate and potentially nullify mankind, then maybe we deserve what happens to us.

So I guess there is nothing left to do but what I can, hope a few souls understand so they can change the plan for man.

Kevin Downey. Jr #transphobia #conspiracy

Gov. "Comrade" Gavin Newsom (D-Calif.) recently passed a law stating that schools cannot alert parents if their teen boy mentions wanting to "Hassan Chop" his twig and berries.

Would they notify the parents if the kid claimed he was suicidal?

The sexualization of children is for two demonic reasons: first, to separate kids from their parents so "the state" can brainwash them. And, what's more insidious, I have a feeling that the Maoists want to add an "M" to the LGBTFBI crew. The "M" stands for "MAP" or "minor-attracted person." They won't use the word "pedophile" because they'd hate to offend a child rapist and also because they want to destigmatize and normalize the sexual assault of kids.

Your liberal, pink-haired sister will fight for the genital mutilation of kids and will think she is better than you for doing it because she is in a cult, and her desperate need to belong to something, as well as her burning desire to feel superior to you, is more important to her than anything else.

So how do we fight the cultural Marxism worming its way through every institution in America? You do what Americans have always done: fight back.

Jason Struhs #fundie

Elizabeth Struhs’ father, Jason, told a coronial counsellor he “wouldn’t bury a bag of bones” and said he didn’t believe in funerals, after his eight-year-old daughter died, a Queensland court heard on Monday

Later, the father of one of the members of the Toowoomba religious group now on trial for the death of Elizabeth told the court he had warned his son he’d joined a “cult”

All 14 adult members of the religious sect, known as the “Saints”, are now on trial for the death of Elizabeth. The type 1 diabetic died on 7 January 2022, allegedly of diabetic ketoacidosis due to being denied insulin

Coronial counsellor Julie Baker called Jason and Zachary Struhs that month to tell them her body could be released to the family for a funeral and burial, she told the Brisbane supreme court

“He said to me he didn’t believe in funerals, Elizabeth was with God, and that he would not be burying a bag of bones,” she said. She then informed him the body would be dealt with by a government-appointed funeral director

Coronial prosecutor Caroline Marco also called three family members of defendants on Monday to testify about how defendants came to join the sect

Schoenfisch took every opportunity he could to warn his son about the group, which he called a “cult”. He recalled a specific meeting in 2021, where he said he told his son “this is going to end badly” and “you can always come home to our family”

Noble_monkey #fundie

It is a remarkable fact that you can not observe our evolution occur hence it lacks the testability and falsifiability and observation aspect of the scientific method, however, this did not stop evolutionists from simply making up evidence for the theory. 1- Piltdown Man. 2- Nebraska man. 3- Peking Man. 4- Neanderthals, and 5- Archaetopryx.

Why should we continue to rely on the "evidence" brought forth by evolutionists, how do we know that the future evidence proposed or the current "evidence" will not be discovered to be hoax as well 20 years from now

David J. Stewart #racist

Personally, I think it's recommended for racial groups to marry within their own group. There are many challenges and problems associated with mixed marriages. It is not sinful according to Hebrews 13:4, but I think it's repercussions are something to be considered, especially upon the children. That's not to say that there aren't successful and happy mixed marriages, but the racial tensions that exist between the two families can often cause a feeling of alienation for one, or both, spouses.

Bottom line ... Hebrews 13:4 permits interracial marriage and it doesn't matter what I think, but I do have my opinion on the matter. The unnatural promotion of interracial marriages today is sinful because of the agenda behind it, and that agenda is a one world order. There's just something beautiful about a family heritage that can be traced back within one's one ethnic group.

Leo656 #pratt #crackpot #transphobia

Nope. Real-life people recognize it as a marketing trend, same as any other. It's an unfortunate side-effect of the fact that nowadays you get tons more word-of-mouth from a Tweet than you would with a commercial. As such, companies think that it's "good business" to pander to the interests of people who spend all their time online... Which, as it turns out, are predominantly overweight, rainbow-haired, perpetually-offended, sexually-confused, easily-triggered, Gender Studies Majors and other (barely) high-functioning social misfits.

That's who's online all the time, sharing Tweets and memes and "making themselves heard", and so in turn, companies feel forced to pander to them. Because it SEEMS like there's a lot of them, but the thing is, they're just incredibly loud. As we see in Real Life by how most "woke"-infested movies fail hard, the growing number of lawsuits nationwide to stop letting schools indoctrinate impressionable kids with their nonsense, and the fact that people really, REALLY love Chick-Fil-A, MOST people are definitely NOT on the bandwagon.

Companies are slowly coming around to this. By now they've figured out that most of these people don't have real jobs and are barely scraping by under the crushing debt of their Liberal Arts degrees, and so in turn it makes no sense to bend over for them.

Scott Lively #homophobia

The most significant evidence for me, however, was what I saw at my own eyes at Disneyland (the Anaheim campus) on Gay Pride Day itself, June 28, 2024. As it happens, my wife and I recently reconnected with a 9-year-old granddaughter we haven’t seen or spoken to in five or six years. She lives in Southern California within driving distance of Disneyland, and her greatest wish as we planned a reunion was to have a Princess Day at the park. So that’s what we did. I bought tickets for the 27th and 28th without any thought on my part about the significance of the 28th. Strange as it might seem considering my 30 years of pro-family activism, I didn’t mentally connect the fact that we’d be there on “Gay Pride Day” – so completely separate in my mind are family matters and politics.

When, the day before, I suddenly did realize the timing, I had a moment of dread that we would be engulfed in “pride” propaganda on our special day. But when we reached the park that morning of the 27th there was really nothing but a few rainbow accent banners near the entrance to placate the woke (without any other indication that it was LGBT-related), despite it being “Pride Month.” The next day – Pride Day – the most sacred day on the woke calendar – the only difference was the addition of a single flower arrangement in the shape of Mickey ears next to a 2×3 informational sign outside the park in the shopping area called Downtown Disney, off to the side of the main walkway next to the ever-present Jehovah’s Witness team and display. I was frankly astonished – and pleased – that even Disney had largely shut out the faux “pride” pushers. There was a little more wokeness on the Disneyland App, but the overall real-world experience was gloriously non-woke.

In contrast, Disney World in Florida is in many ways just another theme park, but Walt’s spirit seems still to reside, and thrive, at Disneyland. He’s no doubt been spinning in his grave for years now over the rise of anti-family quackery in the company he founded, but if so, his pain is likely lessened recently by the rising tsunami of public demands for a return to family-centered normalcy across America.

Jason Whitlock #sexist #homophobia #biphobia #transphobia #fundie

In a bigoted rant, BlazeTV host Jason Whitlock complained that “women are not going to give up their power.” He also claimed that he would rather live in a “segregated society” under Jim Crow than “a world controlled by the alphabet mafia” — a derogatory term for the LGBTQ community

“This is the society women have built, the feminist movement has built,” Whitlock said. “And we’re lookin’ at a handful of Democrat, leftist men that are coming to grips with that.” As proof he cited Democratic strategist James Carville, who, in May, suggested that “preachy females” were hurting the Biden campaign

“They’re coming to grips, these men are,” he said. “And it’s too late for many of them. They’ve set all this stuff into motion. I don’t know if you can dial the clock back. But they’ve set all of this into mo[tion]. They’ve empowered women to the point that women are not going to give up their power”

Whitlock also advocated repealing “the whole 20th century,” including “LGBTQ rights and everything.” This, of course, would entail repealing major civil rights laws, but Whitlock said this would be better than the alternative

“Repeal it all,” he proclaimed. “And I say that knowin’… I’m… This is a fact: I would rather live in a segregated society than in this godless, pedophile, perverted society that we’ve built. I’d rather deal with Jim Crow than a world controlled by the alphabet mafia. Yes I said it. And I believe it”

CHOoseWisely (“S U I C I D E S O L D I E R”) #wingnut #psycho

The inevitable...

What is to come for Western Society has come for oh so many others, destruction.
The beta uprising will seal the kiss of death not of reconstruction, there is no saving this society, it’s over for every fucking facet of it.

In your lifetime you may witness Sodom and Gomorrah on a nation wide scale, we will see the destruction of all pure and evil.

None will be spared in an all out apocalyptic scenario, granny’s will be shot over a bottle of water, people will starve, buildings will burn, justice is raped, justice is done.

If you’re an American (or even Canadian) buy weapons, medical utilities, canned food and water and other miscellaneous items because when shit hit the fan you want to atleast survive the first wave which will wipe out all the under prepared (like what, 94% of the population JFL).

Get ready, the end is nigh

itsgoingtobealtright #racist #psycho

[OP of "First they came for..."]


The picture is of a carriage in front of a palace. The caption is "First they came for the black, and I didn't speak out, because I wasn't black. And then they came for the Jews, and I didn't speak out, because I wasn't a Jew. And then they realized that all the problems had pretty much been solved, so they stopped coming for people."

Ashley Guillard #conspiracy #crackpot #homophobia

[Title: TikTok psychic sued for accusing professor of killing 4 Idaho students
Note: an unrelated suspect was arrested since.]

Ashley Guillard claims she knows who killed four University of Idaho students [...]. Her source of information? Tarot card readings. In scores of videos posted to her TikTok account, the self-styled psychic unwinds a bizarre and baseless theory that the chair of the university’s history department orchestrated the killings after a romantic entanglement with one of the students.
Now the historian at the center of Guillard’s allegations, Rebecca Scofield, has filed a defamation lawsuit against her.
The cards then led her to the word “history.” She pulled up the University of Idaho’s history department website and saw Scofield at the top of the page. Another reading told her the history chair was involved, Guillard said. That was that—she was convinced. She told a Post reporter not to dismiss card reading as speculation. “Having my gift or my ability, I know what I know,” she said.
She started posting her claims Nov. 24, using Scofield’s university photo and saying repeatedly — and without any evidence — that she had ordered the students’ killings because she did not want people to find out that she was in a same-sex relationship with one of the victims.
She told The Post that she isn’t worried about being sued, that “time will tell and I’m willing to take the risk.” She has not hired an attorney. “I’m going to keep posting. I’m not taking anything down,” she said. “If in the alternate universe, if I was wrong, this is an open and shut case. I did say she ordered the execution of the four University of Idaho students. I’m still posting. I’ve said a lot of things about her. I’m not going to stop. If I’m such a liar, I’m so wrong about it, then in court she will win.”

Kingsley L. Dennis #crackpot #magick #conspiracy

Metaphysics is not so much about that which is 'beyond' physics as this suggests that,

what is metaphysical lies only in the beyond zone and not within.

The metaphysical fire, which has correspondence to Origin, Source, and Intelligence of All, is behind time, space, causation and manifestation, as well as being integrated as all those aspects.

The metaphysical fire,

is as much beyond as it is within, for there is never a state that is void of it - even the void itself is an expression of the metaphysical fire.
What this means is that,

the metaphysical impulse (or Fire/Light) is existent - hidden within - all states of existence, including our material realm.

And this, for much of human history,

has been a grand heresy...!
The concept of heresy is brought out and utilized as a means of involving people - the 'public' - within the controlling system. In an age of secularization, the controlling narrative has shifted from a top-down religious power structure into a technologically enforced 'cage of modernity.'

The new secular materialism is bringing forth technocratic governance as a dominating narrative, and its affiliated religion of transhumanism is providing for the next priestly class of tech-elites and billionaires.

Together they establish what will strive to become the governing apparatus of technocracy - the modern totalitarian system masquerading as the new mode of 21st century global authority.

And the notion of heresy has been modified from quasi-religious sectarian cults into conspiracy.
The metaphysical fire is beginning to burn away the outer paintwork, showing the rotten wood underneath.

The gatekeepers of stolen power are attempting to cover up the sun by spraying their chemical clouds; yet still, the metaphysical fire comes through.

Flares, outbursts, and eruptions will soon be blasting towards our physical sphere as we cling to its surface like a receiving-transmitting membrane

And it shall all be a matter of frequency...

Tom Shackleford #racist

[From “Keep on Expecting”]

I’m a race realist who understands that it’s not really fair to hold black people to White standards. This is why we shouldn’t have to exist in a country together. For example, R Kelly will be in prison for the rest of his life, and he isn’t even capable of understanding what hit him. “But dey lived in my house!” His IQ is 73 and he’s illiterate. How the hell is he supposed to understand that keeping a harem at his house to pee on would be a violation of the Mann Act? And who would even care about this in Africa?[…]
If I was running things, nobody would be telling black people what to do because they’d be on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean doing their own thing. Even if we paid them all 250k each to leave, it would still be a bargain[…]
We could probably buy up enough space in Africa to establish a country called Wakanda like in the movie and that’s where we could send them[…]This would be my platinum plan for black people, and I’m labeled a racist by the SPLC?

One of the Nigerians who Jussie Smollett hired for his fake MAGA noose attack masturbated with him in a private room at a bathhouse. He claims he had no idea this was gay, and I believe him. In his country, most people don’t know how to use a toilet?[…]
It’s the same thing with Loyd Austin not showing up for work at the Pentagon and nobody knowing about it. Conservative retards squawked about national security being compromised but the reality is that the Jews calling the shots at the Pentagon didn’t notice because he’s just a black guy hired because he was black[…]
The most cringe conservative phrase used to be “the soft bigotry of low expectations,” coined by a Jew from the Bush Administration[…]
Conservatism is a dead and pathetic political movement because it can’t fundamentally acknowledge that race is real[…]
Dissidents[…]who get smeared as racists would treat blacks in a much more humane manner that takes into account their blackness

jamesradcylffe #wingnut #racist #conspiracy #sexist #homophobia #transphobia #biphobia

[From “The Simple Truth Behind Cultural Marxism”]

The idea of Cultural Marxism as a byzantine 12-step method for converting the West to economic Marxism is bogus. Marxism, at least in praxis, was an ethnic power-grab. It was primarily foisted upon the unwitting masses of Eastern and Western Europe by a supermajority-Jewish international cabal[…]
The Marxists won. Not just in Europe, but virtually everywhere that had wealth. Jews waltzed into power and affluence. Now, Marxism was a problem. Take from the who and give to the whom?[…]Hence, Cultural Marxism. Within every poor West Virginian coal miner and White guy spinning the roulette wheel, there was a raging White corpo-fascist just begging to become wealthy and suppress the masses

They actually pulled this stunt in Russia, classifying the peasants who didn’t like the idea of communism as kulaks[…]Great minds think alike. Or, maybe they just went to the same synagogue in Krakow

Paleoconservative conventional wisdom holds that Adorno, and the rest of the Frankfurt School decided the masses in the West were just too damn happy[…]and needed to be culturally broken down until they revolted and established Marxism[…]I’ve got a simpler thesis. Marxism already won. They had to change the rules to protect their power[…]
Jews knew they needed some camouflage, so they enlisted women, ethnic minorities, degenerates, and even White men with a taste for bureaucratic or managerial power[…]
As a result of this senior/junior partnership, we have a system where non-Whites, particularly Jews, are free to maintain power and wealth, as they are oppressed, and various Whites, having little power or wealth, are oppressors. We’ve squared the circle (kikel, perhaps)[…]
Cultural Marxism was just the Jews’ way of slamming the door to the command center closed behind them and avoiding getting hauled out and sent to the gulag themselves. If we know anything about history, it’s that Jews really don’t like manual labor

granthodges #homophobia

[In response to a description of the well-documented effect of fraternal birth order on homosexuality, where the more older brothers a male has, the more likely he'll be homosexuality]

Another person might see a quite diiferent reason for a statistical correlation than was seen by the original researchers. so here goes with an upsetting alternative analysis . . .

. . . the boy with more older siblings is more likely to be molested by one of them. The more older siblings, the less merry. I regret suggesting this alternate explanation but I am sure that this is the case. #fundie #homophobia

[Why are people angry/violent toward homosexuals?]

i think 1 reason is most people that have morals,dont agree that two of the same sex is right.most christians believe in monogamy.god destroyed sodom and gammora, it is an abomination to god! homosexuals (many)cannot be trusted!mans spiritualistic practices is the downfall.2 of the same sex cannot be fruitfull and multiply,im not angery i seperate myself,i am against any sexually immoral practices!

Ralph Ovadal #fundie #homophobia

Over the years, I have felt the fury of the homosexual movement, via both physical attacks and hundreds of threats. I have seen the rage that a simple gospel message of repentance and rebirth can kindle in the hard-core sodomite's heart. My testimony to those with ears to hear is that a fascist heart beats in the bosom of America's very dangerous homosexual movement. Yet this is no excuse to draw back or to mute the gospel in the face of the "gay" brown shirts. Quite the opposite. Though the sodomites may rage and gnash their teeth, this is no time to be timid.

Iron Munro #wingnut #homophobia

The new leftist reasoning:

Homosexuals deserve our respect soley because of the way they abuse their sexual equipment and flaunt natural law.

It matters not if they are worthy, honest, honorable people or if they are unworthy, dishonorable crooks or pederasts. A long as they engage in sexual perversions with members of their own gender they deserve the respect of society at large.

And any retro retard left over from the age of the Flintstones who doesn't see the beauty and wonder of homosexual perversions is just a hate mongering homophobe who probably was around to support the impeachment of Chief Justice Earl Warren back in America's sexual Dark Ages.

J. Matt Barber #homophobia

Can you imagine officials at a middle school, junior high or high school setting aside a day to promote "tolerance" for heavy smoking and drinking among children? How about a day where teachers encourage kids to "embrace who they are," pick up that crack pipe and give it a stiff toke?

Neither can I. The public would go ballistic, and for good reason.

But that hasn't stopped officials in thousands of schools across the country from promoting other politically correct and socially "in-vogue" behaviors that - both statistically and manifestly - are every bit as dangerous as the aforementioned "frowned-upon" behaviors.

That's exactly what the homosexual activist "Day of Silence" is all about - advancing, through clever, feel-good propaganda, full acceptance of the homosexual lifestyle among children.

GetOutOfMyYard #homophobia

Homosexuals shouldn't have the right to be homosexual. They can have relationships with people of the opposite sex just like everyone else in the world. We didn't win the Revolutionary War and declare independence so people could have sexual relationships with people of the same sex.

grace5mercy #homophobia

(re: a 15 year-old boy was beaten to the point of a fractured skull after he told friends he was gay)

Homosexuality is learned life style! This kid is probably around women 24/7,his mother, mother's friends, aunts, and sisters! He's pretty young to be gay! Being molested by another male can cause someone that young to be gay. I feel that homsexuality is wrong, but I would never disrespect someone that is a homosexual.

JD~ Love is an awsome thing, and now days it's the best thing going! You love people to a certain degree! I don't love men to the point of physical intimacy! I don't love my dog to the point of physical intimacy. Theres a right way to love people. We get it twisted about love and what we think it is and how to release it. Life is short so why not love correctly!

Young Dixie #sexist #forced-birth #racist #kinkshaming

[From “Young Dixie’s Proposals to Combat Feminism in a Free South”]

Upon the agreement of the Young Dixie Executive Board, we have decided to put forward publicly an aggressive platform to defeat feminism in a Free South. The platform below is a work in progress, as we seek feedback from our fellow Southerners

1)Young Dixie seeks a criminal ban on OnlyFans and the seizure of all its assets by a proposed Confederate government. In this measure, we hope to end a parasitic cycle of degeneracy[…]
2)Young Dixie seeks a total ban on abortion initiated on a state-by-state level[…]
3)Young Dixie seeks a ban on “no fault” divorces[…]
5)Young Dixie seeks a total end to alimony, as it is nothing more than legalized theft and violates a man’s honor and rights
6)Young Dixie seeks to raise the voting age for women to 21 years of age, possibly even increased to 29. It should be said, a significant reason for lowering the voting age (in 1971) was that men could be drafted at 18[…]
7)Young Dixie seeks a ban on birth control pills and other associated birth control measures. In this, we seek to reinstate responsibility and consequences to sexual intercourse and decrease sexual promiscuity[…]
8)Infanticide (abortion) will be considered as a capital punishment offence in a Free South. The mother, as well as, any willing accomplice to the act, including the father, medical professionals, and infanticide activists, will be subjected to this judgement[…]
9)Young Dixie seeks to expand the description and definition, including prosecution, of prostitution to include women engaged in commercial pornographic content and thus liable to criminal punishment for prostitution
10)Young Dixie seeks a Southern-wide ban on gender (and racial) based affirmative action schemes in colleges and in the workplace

Carico #fundie

I can see why atheists focus on God's wrath so much. They have the most to fear from it.

So do atheists really think that the more they call God a monster, a tyrant, cruel, evil, and immoral that that's going to manipulate God into changing his mind? Why do they think that slander and criticism will ever help them in any circumstance? Or do they just plain don't think?

So yes guys, God does destroy those who treat him and his creation with contempt. He does punish those who are arrogant enough to think they deserve the best that God has to offer without acknowledging him. And calling him name after name after name won't change that one bit.

But he also gives us a free pardon and our whole lives to acknowledge him. So why do atheists criticize him and reject his free pardon? Whose fault is that? Is anything ever the fault of atheists on their own eyes? No.

So since atheists aren't honest or intelligent enough to know why it's not wise to bite the hand that feeds them, then they'll have to learn by experience just how unwise that is.

So calling him evil, a monster, a tyrant, cruel, evil, unjust,and cursing his name and his creation will only seal your fate even more. After all the quotes that atheists use in the bible talking about what "atrocities' God does to those who disobey Him, they, of all people, should have learned by now what happens to those who continually mock him. But they haven't learned one thing. Unbelievable.

Quasicentennial #fundie

"Seeing is believing". Someone has to capture the moment a living thing transforms itself into a completely new lifeform. A caterpillar can transform itself into a butterfly. But this animal does this regularly for every new-born member. Evidence from dead things can only be guessed at. Evolution is a guessing game for 'biodetectives'. If man did evolve from the ape, then every new-born ape would transform into a man. It would be metamorphosis but not evolution.

Yukiechan1958 #fundie

Yes there was a Christ! Just you wait... In about 7 years you'll watch the news and hear about people disapearing in the night, leaving their clothes behind. It's called The Rapture. The book of Revelation talks all about. And the Bible doesn't lie... Maybe you should read it sometime... accually I'll just gve you a summary of what happens after the Rapture: God and Satan have a big war and God wins. You'll be on Satan's side if you say that there was never a Christ. Plus, you know how God describes Hell? Eternal burning, eternal falling, and eternal death. Heaven Eternal life and happiness. You will be left behind when the Rapture comes... you'll be stuck in this hell-hole while others are having a party in Heaven.

2nd Smartest Guy in the World #wingnut #racist #quack #conspiracy

By now most have heard of the unprecedented IT outages due to a Bill Gates’ Microsoft update, and the associated widespread disruptions in banking, travel, commerce and even hospitals going offline. This incident may very well have just served as a warmup to a far worse worldwide CyberPolygon attack on infrastructure, with the “solution” paving the way for much more devastating global IT exploits

The outage (problem) was met with the solution (CrowdStrike remediation method) in order to offer up the “solution” which in turn will cause the far greater problems with the cover story being a ratcheting up these Hegelian Dialectic “solutions” whereby forced 15 Minute City mass lockdowns featuring the cashless X Everything App digital ID’s will be instituted such that no elections may ever take place again; or at least that is the endgame of whichever psyop(s) the powers that be finally go with.
Given CrowdStrike’s questionable history and its ties with the Intelligence Industrial Complex, it is only a matter of time before Russia is blamed for these cyber “attacks.” That will most conveniently serve to usher in the ultimate false flag event; namely, WW3, or after the slow kill bioweapon injections would global thermonuclear war now be considered WW4? That would indeed serve as the ultimate post apocalyptic “prescriptive mode,” assuming there are any genetically modified human slaves left to lord over when these crazed rulers emerge from their bunkers

Given that Trump is a lock for winning the upcoming Kabuki theatre Uniparty politrix election, and the NeoMarxist left have quite literally imploded in full public display as their senile ice cream licking diaper soiling pedo puppet criminal increasingly malfunctions for all to see while their deliberately ruinous Cloward-Piven policies further destabilize what’s left of America, anything and everything goes at the precipice of this end of Banana Republic empire.

FemaleInventionsLOL #sexist

I remember reading that the brilliant Unabomber, Ted Kaczynski, basically admitted that if he had been able to get laid, he probably never would have retreated to living in the wilderness and doing the bombings.

How many tragedies do you think could have been prevented if not for women controlling the sexual marketplace?

I mean, we can speculate all day. Maybe 5'9" Adolph Hitler was really just dictator coping for some hot Jewish cunt rejecting him.

Fred Williams #fundie

It is a pet peeve of mine when evolutionists equivocate on what evolution is. They equivocate on the word evolution by claiming micro-evolution is “evolution”, then essentially declare victory. Then we get the usual strawman arguments to follow. I find this to be one of the most intellectually dishonest arguments going, and never intended this forum to tolerate this kind of blatant equivocation.

tizbit #fundie

[Comment under "Ranked Societies"]


how they work

Your rank with in society would decide what rights you have, and how much you are allowed to earn and own. Moving between the ranks depends on your occupation, worth to society and the feats you have accomplished, for example a person from one of the lower ranks who invents a great invention would be upgraded to one of the higher ranks of society.


how muchs ranks there would be

It depends on the person, I personally think 6-10 ranks is enough, but some people argue for more or less ranks.


Any example of their implementation would also be appreciated.

I don't think a pure ranked system like some fascists advocate has been implemented yet, but close examples could be ancient Greece and Rome, and other ancient societies.

Donald Trump #fundie #god-complex #wingnut

[2024-07-19: Trump described the shooting in depth in his RNC speech. Here’s what he said.]

[...] opened his speech at the Republican National Convention [...] spent 15 minutes recounting in great detail his personal perspective of the assassination attempt [...]

[...] because I was discussing the great job my administration did on immigration of the southern border. We were very proud of it. [...] Behind me and to the right was a large screen that was displaying a chart of border crossings under my leadership. The numbers were absolutely amazing. [...]

There was blood pouring everywhere and, yet, in a certain way I felt very safe because I had God on my side. I thank him. [...] we had many bullets that were being fired – crowds run for the exits or stampede. But not in this case. It was very unusual. [...] Nobody ran and by not stampeding, many lives were saved. [...] The reason is that they knew I was in very serious trouble. They saw, they saw me go down. They saw the blood, and thought actually, most did, that I was dead. They knew it was a shot to the head. They saw the blood. [...]

Bullets were flying over us, yet I felt serene. [...] I’m not supposed to be here tonight. Not supposed to be here. [...] I stand before you in this arena only by the grace of almighty God. [...]

But I could see it, I wanted to do something to let ‘em know I was ok. I raised my right arm, looked at the thousands and thousands of people who were breathlessly waiting and started shouting, Fight! Fight! Fight! [...]

There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for others. [...]

Nothing will stop me in this mission because our vision is righteous and our cause is pure. [...] Gonna turn our nation around and we’re going to do it very quickly. [...]

Bob Jones #fundie

Please explain how the Universe came into being. Tell me what caused the Universe to exist? After that, tell me if you are in favor of cancer research, or support do you support feeding and clothing the hungry? If you do, you're a hypocrite. You are interrupting Evolution. As a Christian, I fully support medical research, and feeding and clothing people in need, because I believe that God created everything, and He tells us to have compassion for our fellow human beings. Not that I understand everything, but to assume that if you do not understand the "why" of certain situations, it can't be true, is the height of hubris. In doing so, you attempt to bring God down to the level of humans. God is Supernatural. He is separate from His Creation, but intimately involved in His Creation. His reasons are beyond our understanding.

Corey M. Davis #fundie

If you really believe that there is no God, then turn a monkey or ape into a human. This message is to all atheist. Even if you have to mate over seas with the ape or monkey. Also, you could put human blood in the monkey or ape. You could even splice genes, with them. So the world can see what you care about. Now believers in God, like me Corey M. Davis should try to make gold colored metal angle robots called cheribium. The cheribium should be 7 feet tall and 350 pounds in wieght. In addition, we believers in God should build small block sized towns, on helium filled platforms. These towns would have a greek heavenly look. Later believers can show the world a small example of a god on a super super 3D computer. The god would make a universe of stars, planets, moons, black holes and so on. Next, he would make an earth planet and the humans. Then he would give them free will and some will respect that god. On the other hand some would deny that universe’s holly spirit or should I say super super 3D computer program.

Walker Spence #fundie

I am still wondering why God says in His Word that bats are birds. Every animal which flies is either a bat, a bird, or an insect. If God calls bats a type of bird, then they must be! Perhaps He considers all flying creatures except insects to be birds. Bats are currently classified in Class "Chiroptera" while birds are classified in Class "Aves." This may have to be revised at some future date.

Both bats and birds have modified forelimbs so that the fingers become the wing. The covering for bats is fur whereas that for birds is feathers. The flying reptiles from the fossil record appear to have a different type of structure elongated to produce the wing. One assumes God would also call these flying relatives of the dinosaur, simply "birds."

In the case of insects, the wings are separate structures which protrude out of the thorax wall in addition to forelegs, much as an angel's wings do. Thus when the wings are a modification of forelimbs the critter is called "bird" and when the wings are add-ons, the critter is called "insect." {unless they are angels, that is}

While my faith is not based upon the things seen but on hearing, and hearing the Word of God, I do not need to see the proof that what God said in his Holy Word is accurate. However, there is proof somewhere for what God has said. God does not reveal all the facts which would prove his statements are true. If he did, who would exercise their faith?

Scientists tell me that bats are not birds and that grasshoppers walk on all sixes, not all fours as God has said. Bats are funny looking birds to be sure. Because they are mammals that give live birth, suckle their young, and are covered with fur, one can see why learned men mis-classified them. It was a natural error, for scientists {or other educated and intelligent men} who fail to check such things out in the bible before publishing their conclusions.

As for grasshoppers, I see that they have four legs which appear to be the primary walking legs, while the two hind legs are much larger and apparently mostly used for jumping. Ask an entomologist, and he will likely tell you that the grasshopper uses all six legs for walking thus making God out to be a liar. With whom do you agree?

These amazing biblical statements of fact are found among the food ordinances given to Moses by God are in the book of Leviticus in the Holy Bible--[KJV]
There are many other apparent contradictions within the Bible which might be explained to be no contradiction at all if we had perfect knowledge, which only God has.

Theophile #fundie #homophobia

I am not the one militantly insisting Christian artists in business enter into contracts to produce artwork OBSESSED WITH celebrating the marriage made in feces.
... But since you insist I celebrate this anal masturbation of yours in special contracted artwork, please answer one simple question:
# Since the homosexual idea of intimacy involves fecal matter, do homosexuals get sexually aroused down-wind from the outhouse?