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Anti-Christian Bill Mahr (in the attached video clip) openly admits as he talks to Piers Morgan that abortion is “murder” and he is “ok with that.” Mahr said, “I can respect the absolute position…I really can. They think it’s murder – and it kind of is. I’m just OK with that. There’s 8 billion people in the world. I’m sorry we won’t miss you.”

Three important points:

1. The left have gained so much ground in the culture that they (like Mahr) are becoming very brazen how they state things and reveal their true heart and motivation. Warning--they are coming after anything Christian, coming after Christians.

2. Mahr states that abortion is “murder.” But murder is a crime in our culture. So he is ok with someone committing murder?

3. He is making a moral judgment stating that abortion is “murder” (which it is), but he has to borrow from a Christian worldview to make such a moral judgment. Without an absolute basis morality is subjective—relative.

Watch the video clip to hear him for yourself.

If you would like to read about how Bill Mahr once plotted to deceive me and Answers in Genesis, read the articles at the following links.

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AFA Auto-correct #wingnut #homophobia

Auto-correct can be a very helpful feature of any word-processing program. But when conservatives use it, they run the risk of embarrassing themselves.

... the American Family Association’s OneNewsNow website takes the phenomenon one step further with its AP articles. The far-right fundamentalist group replaces the word “gay” in the articles with the word “homosexual.” I’m not entirely sure why, but it seems to make the AFA happy.

...My friend Kyle reported this morning that sprinter Tyson Gay won the 100 meters at the U.S. Olympic track and field trials over the weekend. The AFA ran the story, but only after the auto-correct had “fixed” the article.

That means — you guessed it — the track star was renamed “Tyson Homosexual.” The headline on the piece read, “Homosexual eases into 100 final at Olympic trials.”

Parents With Inconvenient Truths about Trans #transphobia #psycho

I threw my son out. I am not proud of that. Months of pain, grief, confusion and fury turned me into a powder keg that exploded one afternoon.
Well, as you guessed, my son decided to become a woman. He grew his hair long and started shaving his legs. I found out completely by accident when I was putting laundry in his room. I still remember my disbelief and horror. I can still feel the nausea in my throat when I think of him with a penis and boobies. He wouldn't discuss the trans issue with me, just said it was his life choice. He went to a woke doctor, got a referral to an endocrinologist, had his blood tests and got his hormones. All using money I had saved for his first car.

Anonymous Light #crackpot #conspiracy

~This is for all you chem-trail pilots~
Good morning to you all…it is a bright sunny day here at 36,000 feet
and the visibility and vitamin D are unlimited…until the sphincters of the skies show up.
Well, that ends our weather report for today.
Forecast – falling feces from the lines of crap in our skies.
Umbrella’s and respirators recommended.

Since you can read instruments I will assume you can read this.

There is a lot of anger in this world about you and those you sold your soul to to poison the very land and life you get your life from. It amazes me you can’t see that. It amazes me that while you’re sitting in your pilots seat spraying your load of crap on the families below, there is another sphincter just like you sitting in their seat dumping their load of crap on your families below as well.

I spent two decades getting my body clean and ready for the power each of us have to create. This is a power you may never know for taking monetary riches over the value of all life on the very planet that feeds you. I have been angry at seeing a garden that took two years to create look like a black spotted forest.
Are you so rich that you don’t buy food from the grocery stores? If so, must be nice. Do you know where the food you buy and eat is grown? Is it possible that in your ignorance you don’t realize you are eating the feces your sphincter accomplices dumped above your home yesterday?

Looking into the skies in the mornings I am hopeful that any of you had the courage to wake up and say no to crapping in our skies.
Dare I be brave enough to inform you that our money paid your salary and for that plane and that makes you our employee. These are your new orders and directions. Your positions as aeronautic assholes have been terminated. Turn in your weak minds and uniforms. You are grounded and your new assignment is to clean up the lands you helped poison. Only then can you truly return home.

I leave you to your fate. Pucker up, it might be rough!

GenderCriticalDad #fundie

[Comment under "The Complicity of FTTs in the harming of women"]

Its complicated, and for me, personal.

She, my daughter is both victim and complicit. Wrapped up in my own flesh and blood. Who I have known from before her birth. Who we have cared for and fed all her life. Who I have cleaned shit and puke off, waited endless hours in hospitals for, bought clothes, toiletries and towels for.

I can empathise with why she has made her choices, how she can't stand alone against the misogyny and homophobia of society, how every org and social group that should be telling her shes fine as what she is, is telling her that its just so much better to trans and how being a lesbian or even a GNC straight woman who isn't gagging to poked, is just so uncool and transphobic.

But I hate the ideology that led her there and I hate it still when she repeats it. Sometimes is really hard not to hate her.

cumbersome1111 #sexist

When I was working at a daycare we had an unofficial, unspoken policy against employing men. Child safeguarding was obviously a thought, but the director had spent a period of time trying to give men a fair go as employees and just found them generally unfit for the industry.

We had issues with men who were flirty with mums, didn't relate well to parents who wanted to discuss concerns, terrible at cleaning, gung ho about stringent sanitising policies and other health and safety policies, or just kind of weird guys who put people off by never quite catching the right social thread. Most were good with kids, but they were dad-good, eg. fun but irresponsible.

In addition to being tarred by the pedo brush, this is a female dominated industry where high standards are largely imposed by and for women, and men aren't allowed to make up for their shitty skills as employees with their patriarchy credits and that pisses them off.

David Sereda #crackpot #magick #ufo #mammon

David Sereda Started Lightstream Technologies in Sedona, Arizona in 2007 with his wife Crystal Sereda. They developed the company from the ground up with their own designs and technology. David Sereda is the inventor of the technology, a well known self taught scientist.
David has studied Meditation, Yoga, Vegetarian diet, world religions, ancient history, Physics, Math, Astronomy, Alternative Zero Point Energies for over 40 years. In school, he presented his Physics teacher a time dialation theory which his techer admitted was way beyond anything he had seen since Einstein! In 1990, David began working with MIT physicist Dr. Bogdan Maglich and teamed up with him to promote and fund Maglich's non-radioactive fusion power technology. David Studied fusion power for over 10 years. Then Maglich appointed David Sereda as Director of the Los Angeles Based "Tesla Foundation" under whcih David became a Tesla Technology expert and spoke in the united States Congress with Maglich and Company on Fusion Power.
In the year 2006, David Sereda developed a technology not unlike a small nuclear fusion chamber to fuse frequency programs into crystals, and found that these frequencies could be stored in a crystal lattice if the secret to opening the lattice and closing it could be found. He found it worked and the thousands of people who wore the pendants treated with the etchnology could feel the vibrations and confirmed this on human energy field aura camera testing!
​Next, David came up with the theory that the staff of Moses, and other legends was used as an antenna to extend human consciousness. Knowing the formula for an antenna is the height of the antenna x 4 = a full wavelenth and the speed of light divided by this wavelength would be the frequency Moses used to contact and receive from God, if we knew the exact length of the staff of Moses, ISIS and Jesus et all, we could know this sacred frequency.

Kinkshamer Pagliacci #psycho #transphobia


Trans people across the UK are making plans to flee the country. A common conversation within the community right now is when you will consider evacuating. This is a fucking dark time and it is not okay.

trans people are "making plans" to "evacuate" the UK as refugees of transphobia.

let me just bust out the world's smallest fucking violin


ONE trans person has been murdered in the UK in the last year. ONE. And it wasn't even because they were trans!

Meanwhile, women are being fired and sent to JAIL in the UK for 'misgendering.'

These people are cosplaying oppression.

futuristright #racist

As someone who thinks Africans are better off under white rule and that whites don't really gain anything from ruling over them, but that we should sometimes do so anyway as a humanitarian act - I don't see how I'm not White Supremacist adjacent. And yet, my only real motive here is believing that black life has some value while the term White supremacist tends to have the connotation of, 'you have the right to exploit and oppress other races without concern for their wellbeing.'

From my perspective, white nationalism implies low IQ non-whites having little to no moral value at all, since the conditions of life they'd live under without foreign rule are pretty awful and so I'd be hesitant to call myself that. I find it irritating that a Bill Clinton voter for example can feel no shame for supporting a man who set the exchange rate for White American to Rwandan lives at less than 1 to 50K, and believes they are more moral than me.

Compare this to the 2000 British Sailors who died rescuing 100K Africans from slavery in the 1800s and didn't believe Africans should rule themselves, or that they had the same intrinsic value as their own white countrymen. They were almost certainly white supremacists. And yet, even purely by the standard of valuing African welfare I think they'd clearly and rightfully be designated as morally superior.

Todd Schlanger #wingnut #conspiracy #dunning-kruger #mammon

Many of Truth Social’s investors say they’re in it for the long haul. Todd Schlanger, an interior designer at a furniture store in West Palm Beach who said Trump had been one of his customers, said he’s invested about $20,000 in total and is buying new shares every week.

Schlanger said he now watches his stock performance every day hoping for positive signs. In a Truth Social post last week, he encouraged “everyone who supports Donald Trump and Truth [Social to] buy a share everyday” and asked, “Do you think we have hit bottom?” (The stock has slid about 25 percent since that post.)

He suspects the recent drops in share price have been the result of “stock manipulation” from an “organized effort” to make the company look bad. There’s no proof of such a campaign, but Schlanger is convinced. “It’s got to be political,” he said, from all the “liberals that are trying to knock it down.”

Ethan White #wingnut #crackpot #conspiracy #mammon

The clock ominously counts down to an event of biblical proportions, known simply as “THE EVENT.” This name, while evocative of apocalyptic disorder, actually conceals a carefully planned disruption intended to overthrow the foundations of a longstanding, secretive authority.
In a sudden, calculated strike, these bastions will crumble—not by conventional weaponry but by something far more precise and fearsome: the Rods of God and Directed Energy Weapons (DEW). This celestial arsenal, looming ominously in orbit, is set to deliver justice from the heavens, shattering the infrastructure of the invisible empire.

As these dominions fall, so too will the world’s technological leashes. The electric grid will flicker out, plunging the world into a primal darkness. This blackout, however, paves the way for a radiant dawn: the activation of Tesla’s suppressed technologies of free energy, heralding an era of unlimited power for all.

The digital empires that have commoditized our personal freedoms will face their reckoning. Bitcoin, along with the vast majority of cryptocurrencies, will evaporate as their servers are obliterated. Only the resilient ISO20022 coins, sturdy with the backing of precious metals, will survive the purge, emerging as the phoenix from the ashes of digital speculation.
Simultaneously, a stark transformation of governance will unfold. Military tribunals will rise to the fore, replacing a compromised judiciary. In secretive courts, truths will be unveiled and sentences rendered, not over weeks or months, but in days filled with confessions and revelations. High-profile figures will stand accused, their crimes laid bare in marathon sessions of judicial reckoning.

This upheaval extends to the very core of financial systems. The Rothschild legacy of central banking will dissolve into obscurity, replaced by Rainbow Treasury Notes—currency grounded not in speculation or conflict but in tangible value: precious metals.

Pleiades 1 via Neva (Gabriel RL) #ufo #magick

Pleiades 1 Messages April 12 2024
P1 calling Terrans for origins recognition! Attention for calls in PVSE / SdE !!
Divine Children keep coming.

Astral parasites are pulverized into photons.

Rivers of hope flow.

Ashtar(s) +++ Raise Crystals +++.

Specific dismissals are initiated.

Mystics continue to spread.

Anchor mergers initiated.

Persecutions of *PVSE are contained. Ashtar(s) nullify field.

Temporarily, end of transmission.

Pleiades 1 (Supporting Basic Triad in Activation)
Pleiades 1 Messages April 11 2024
P1 calling Terrans for origins recognition! Attention for calls in PVSE / SdE !!
Magic continue to spread divinely.

Alignments cause openings.

Special licenses are issued.

Ashtar(s) report to Zone T [Israel Astral Space] for conclusions.

T-Zone Portals are healed.

Attention *Árpia, The Creator of Moments and -Harmia, The Magic of Development: appropriate blending of moment initiated. 3D being involved. 99% (non-regressive).

Illuminating projections in *Ecuador 22X / Sector 1 in progress. 99% (non-regressive). Movement 1. The Light Celebrates!

Temporarily, end of transmission.

Pleiades 1 (Supporting Basic Triad in Activation)
Pleiades 1 Messages April 10 2024
P1 calling Terrans for origins recognition! Attention for calls in PVSE / SdE !!
Electric rays activated.

Photons bathe etheric caverns.

Rites +++ in progress.

Oracles continue to be activated.

Integrating Channels are called.

New advice arrives.

Dynamization +++++++ continues.

*PTA+++Eleven: Reverberation 91% (non-regressive).

Temporarily, end of transmission.

Pleiades 1 (Supporting Basic Triad in Activation)

State Duma Defense Committee's head Andrey Kartapolov #wingnut #racist #psycho

There are many problems over there [in Ukraine], for sure. A lot has to be restored, rebuilt from scratch, but the biggest problem today is people. These are also children and children are the very category that was the most mistreated by the Banderite Nazi scumbags, who simply brainwashed them. If we want these territories to be with us, for them to have a future as part of the Russian Federation, we shouldn't be concentrating on veterans first, although everyone is having a hard time. We need to deal with the children. Perhaps in our Suvorov's, Nakhimov's cadet schools, there could be additional enrollment and we could send these kiddies there.
Maybe Moscow's higher educational institutions, and others in the country, should reserve additional spots for students who could be placed on a budgetary basis, in free dormitories. Today, they can't pay anything for their education. Nonetheless, we have to do this because then people will believe that we're serious and Russia is here for a long time - forever.

Wayne Allyn Root #wingnut

WAYNE ROOT: The Questions that Win 2024 Election for President Donald J. Trump
By Assistant Editor Apr. 5, 2024 12:00 pm 104 Comments

By Wayne Allyn Root

I suggest President Trump and the GOP build the coming election around these questions. There is no “extremism” or “right wing” or “white supremacy” or “radical” or “controversial” or “unpopular” here.

The American people are overwhelmingly behind us on every one of these issues. Start throwing these questions at them to wake the sleeping giant.

If the majority of voters agrees with us on these questions, we win a resounding landslide…

Do you support open borders and the foreign illegal alien invasion of America? Democrats do.

Do you think 10 to 20 million illegal aliens being welcomed into our country over the past 3 1/2 years of Joe Biden is a good thing? Democrats do.

Do you think illegal alien lawbreakers should be treated better than American citizens? Democrats think so.

Do you think illegal aliens should be treated better than military vets? Democrats think so.

Do you think millions of illegal aliens (with no background checks) should be shipped to your neighborhood and your children’s school? Democrats think so.

Are you afraid vicious terrorists are being welcomed into our country? Are you worried about terror attacks? Democrats couldn’t care less.

Do you think our government adding half a trillion dollars a year to our national debt to support illegal aliens is a good thing? Democrats think so.

Do you think illegal aliens who commit violent crimes should be deported? Democrats don’t.

Do you think illegal aliens should be allowed to serve as police officers? Democrats do.

Do you think illegal aliens should be allowed to vote and cancel out your vote? Democrats do.

Do you think US businesses should be fined, or put out of business, for daring to ask employees if they are legal citizens? Democrats think so.

Are you willing to pay dramatically higher taxes to pay for millions of illegal aliens and their welfare and free healthcare and a hundred other government handouts? Democrats think you should.

Carrie Gress #sexist #wingnut #transphobia #conspiracy

Feminism doesn’t empower women. It erases them.

The bestselling author of Theology of Home, Carrie Gress shows that fifty years of radical feminism have solidified the primacy of the traditionally male sphere of life and devalued the attributes, virtues, and strengths of women.

Feminism, the ideology dedicated to "smashing the patriarchy," has instead made male lives the norm for everyone. After fifty years of radical feminism, we can’t even define "woman." In this powerful new book, Carrie Gress says what cannot be said: feminism has abolished women.

Hulking "trans women" thrash female athletes. Mothers abort their baby girls. Drag queens perform obscene parodies of women. Females are enslaved for men's pleasure—or they enslave themselves. Feminism doesn’t avert these tragedies; it encourages them. The carefree binge of self-absorption has left women exploited, unhappy, dependent on the state, and at war with men. And still, feminists cling to their illusions of liberation.

But there are real answers. Real answers for real women. Carrie Gress—a wife, mother, and philosopher—punctures the myth of feminism, exposing its legacy of abuse, abandonment, and anarchy. From the serpent’s seduction of Eve to Mary Shelley's Frankenstein to Kate Millett’s lust, violence, and insanity to Meghan Markle’s havoc-ridden rise to royalty, Gress presents a history as intriguing as the characters who lived it. The answers women most desperately need, she concludes, are to be found precisely where they are most afraid to look.

Only a rediscovery of true womanhood—and motherhood—can pull our society back from the brink. And happiness is possible only if women are open to making peace with men, with children, with God, and—no less difficult—with themselves. For feminism’s victims, Gress is a welcoming voice in the darkness: The door is open. The lights are on. Come home.

FoopaChaloopa #wingnut #sexist

Would anyone be interested in a protest at Ubisoft headquarters?

This entire situation is taking a huge emotional toll on this community and I think we should do something positive about it. Beautiful women have historically viewed men like us as “weird” and “creepy” so beautiful women in games have been our refuge and now that’s being taken away from us. Would anyone else be interested a peaceful March on Ubisoft or Disney headquarters?

I’ve also been thinking of doing a hunger strike in protest of woke cultural vandalism but I’m not gonna ask other people to join me.

Frank Bergman #transphobia #conspiracy

Child campers are “encouraged to spread their wings and make their own decisions” and told to anticipate a “strong expectation of maturity, kindness, consent, and compassion.”

The website doesn’t clarify what the children would need to “consent” to, however, or why kids are expected to express “maturity.”

Haz Al-Din 🇷🇺 #crackpot #moonbat #pratt

Outsideness (@Outsideness)

Deterritorialization isn't decoding, and decoding isn't mere trashing of inherited code. To deterritorialize is to pass over into the vast unsettled spaces of the West, with genes and Scripture intact.

There is only one problem with that.

It's that genes are not real and are a metaphysical concept. Mendel was a fraud and his squares do not hold.

To this day not a single so called gene has been proven to exist.

Lysenko was correct, and was unfairly maligned by the Cathedral.

CheeseBurgerDragon #enbyphobia

[Context: they are talking about the new Fallout show.]

Im on episode 2 and so far so good. Only spotted one woke additive not found in the games in that theres a non binary character. Why would some fucked up post apocalyptic world have gender sensitivity training to make sure commanding officers respect pronouns?

lo_zamoyski #kinkshaming

Pornography is one of the most powerful forms of control, because you cooperate in your own enslavement. Because of the deranging and darkening effect it has on the mind, you become increasingly less aware of what's actually happening to you, less conscious of the self-destruction you are employing against yourself.

And because it functions this way, it has also been instrumentalized. Sexual "liberation" is political control. Wilhelm Reich essentially wrote the playbook here, though we see plenty of precursors, and in the Enlightenment tradition, Marquis de Sade stands out (though he did not have access to mass media like we do).

As Chesterton observed, such "freedom" is the most transparent of all bribes that slavery can make to rob us of our freedom. Pleasure is far more effective than pain because it conceals the coercive nature of the act. Marcuse saw such things as a conservative force masquerading as "liberation", one intended as a distraction (like bread and circuses) and a way of sapping the attention and energies (and I would add intelligence) of those who partake that could otherwise be used toward criticism. The deranging effect is the worst effect of all, as such, but also because its effects can far outlast the period of consumption.

That people can use VPNs is not a substantive argument against bans or restrictions on pornography.

Earl P. Holt III #wingnut #conspiracy


(Apologies to William Ernest Henley)

From out the mess subverting us,
So deep the swamp and black as coal,
I thank Almighty God that be,
For Trump's unconquerable soul

The target of vile communists,
He never quit nor cried aloud
Despite their treason and their lies,
He stands un-bloodied and unbowed

Against their seas of treachery,
So often he was forced to wade
And yet that menace of the years,
Still finds him, always, unafraid

It matters not how orange his hue,
How filled with venom be their scroll,
He is the Master of His Fate,
He is the Captain of His Soul

Below is the mugshot of Donald Trump

Tatsuya Ishida #conspiracy #racist

[From “March 25, 2024: Golem 4”]


Panel 1: Smoke is mounting in the sky along with balloons reading “I stuck around St. Petersburg” and “When I saw it was a time for a change”
Panel 2: A man, his wife and their two children lie on the ground, having been shot to death, along with balloons reading “I killed the Czar and his ministers” and “Anastasia screamed in vain”
Panel 3: Two soldiers and a tank are advancing along with balloons reading “I rode a tank, held a general's rank” and “When the blitzkrieg ragd and the bodies stank”
Panel 4: A gilem wearing a black hat, payots and a Star of David on his chest along with balloons reading “Pleased to meet you” and “Hope you guess my name”

Bryan Starr #fundie #pratt

Atheists attack Christianity, and not other religions, because they already know God exists and who He is.

Their irrational anger and hatred is evidence that they know God exists.

Why would anyone be angry at a Being who doesn't exist?

They demand proof when it is literally right in front of them.

The other evidence is that they accept abiogenesis and macroevolution without ever questioning it. Even though there is no evidence for abiogenesis or macroevolution.

Why do they never question abiogenesis and macroevolution?

Because they are the pillars upon which their delusion depends on.

They are already living a lie to begin with, so a few more can't hurt; especially if they support their position, even without evidence.

What a terrible existence for them, is there any wonder they are so angry?

Anonymous #fundie

[This is the actual text of an email threat sent to various groups at Utah State University in response to Anita Sarkeesian planning to hold a conference there.]

This is a warning to all staff and students at Utah State University.

On Wednesday, October the 15th, a woman named Anita Sarkeesian is going to be speaking at the Taggart Student Center. This event is being organized by campus feminists at the Center for Women and Gender Studies.

If you do not cancel her talk, a Montreal Massacre style attack will be carried out against the attendees, as well as students and staff at the nearby Women's Center. I have at my disposal a semi-automatic rifle, multiple pistols, and a collection of pipe bombs. This will be the deadliest school shooting in American history and I'm giving you a chance to stop it.

You have 24 hours to cancel Sarkeesian's talk. You might be foolish enough to just beef up security at the event, but that won't save you. Even if they're able to stop me, there are plenty of feminists on campus who won't be able to defend themselves. One way or another, I'm going to make sure they die.

You've probably heard of a man named Marc Lepine. He was a hero to men everywhere for standing up to the toxic influence of feminism on Western masculinity. We live in a nation of emasculated cowards too afraid to challenge the vile, misandrist harpies who seek to destroy them. Feminism has taken over every facet of our society, and women like Sarkeesian want to punish us for even fantasizing about being men. This is why I've chosen to target her. Anita Sarkeesian is everything wrong with the feminist movement, and she is going to die screaming like the craven little whore that she is if you let her come to USU. I will write my manifesto in her spilled blood, and you will all bear witness to what feminist lies and poison have done to the men of America.

I am a student here. You will never find me, but you may all soon know my name. Feminists have ruined my life and I will have my revenge, for my sake and the sake of all the others they've wronged.

You have 24 hours. Use them well.

DogWater76 #crackpot #conspiracy

Are they trying to hack the universe?

I was watching a couple of Billie Carson's video's about how we're in a computer simulation/light matrix and it got me wondering what the motivation is behind the current shadow agenda.

I'm convinced they're trying to hack the universal code at the moment, and the end times is like an anti-virus installed in the program. Basically they're trying to make a metaphorical philosophers stone.

Some things to back it up would be the hadron collider looking for secrets in our universe. The fact that computer programs can be hacked reveals the possibility that the universe can indeed be hacked.

The full on acceleration to AI even though the risk to humanity is severe seems like a crazy idea until you realize they're trying to accomplish something with it.

If they really are trying to depopulate the world and reduce the population to like 10% so they can rule over it, that honestly sounds like a guise. Like wouldn't you get bored?

I'm a bit incoherent with these thoughts, but if I had a trillion billion dollars, I'd probably want to hack the universe and talk to god too.


I just realized it's a similar story to the tower of Babel, like history repeating itself somehow.

The Spirit Science #crackpot #magick #mammon

Money and Spirituality DO go together! Come and discover how you can transform your spiritual financial paradigm today 🔮

Light is an essential building block of everything, if not the singular building block which creates all things. Even though from our vantage point, it may appear as though we are dense physical beings, all of the particles that make up our existence are merely a mass of light vibrating much slower and tighter together.

Houseman #fundie #homophobia

(=A respone to a homosexual interpretation of the centurion and his servant=)

he account takes all the things stated by the comments into account, but all forget one thing..Jesus! Jesus knew what he was doing, not snookered by the elders or the centurion. He knew the Mosaic law about homosexuality he knew the authority behind it, his Father. so if what is being said he healed a gay man, this is incorrect. In each example during his 3 and a half year ministry Jesus never once was in accomplice in ones sins but told never to do it again. forgave them and directed them toward another path. Never to keep something sinful going. Jesus knew the heart of the centurion and if what is being said, Jesus would not have healed the 'pais', it would have been against everything he stood for, even the love his own Father is. Ones want love to continue to cover all sins, even while we keep doing them, but the time will come when God will not cover us with mercy and love but remove evil, wickedness and sin from this earth. That is love, not keep picking us up, but truly teaching us how to walk without falling. Not feeding us crumbs, but teaching us how to feed ourselves fully. This is true love!

Slappi #fundie #homophobia

(Discussing homosexuality)

[Originally Posted by trisection
Lastly, I don't think Christians are as unanimous on this issue as you claim.]

Then they aren't Christians since it isn't open for debate. If someone claims to be a Christian and says homosexuality is OK with God then that person should be put on ignore, banned or whatever else the mods decide should be done. They are only causing a disruption.

garhill67 #homophobia

It does not take a broad mind to accept homosexuality. It takes a sick mind. Have you ever been to a gay parade. These people have a screw loose. The day a man can get a man pregnant or a woman can get a woman pregnant is the day that homosexuality becomes normal. There are no gay animals. Animals do not have sex for pleasure. We happen to be the only mammals capable of that.

Sarah's parents & Heartlight Ministries #fundie #homophobia

'Save Sarah!': Supergirl star makes public plea to free his cousin, 17, from controversial 'pray the gay away' camp after she was locked up there by 'her parents because she took a girl to prom'

• Jeremy Jordan, star of TV and Broadway, says his cousin Sarah was forced into a religious boarding facility by her parents

• Jordan is publicizing her plight on a GoFundMe page, which says that the Christian facility is teaching her that homosexuality is 'a sin and abnormal'

• Sarah, 17, was apparently whisked off to the state-licensed residential facility called Heartlight Ministries after attending prom with her girlfriend

• Legally, she will have to stay there for a YEAR until she's 18, says the page

A teen is allegedly being held against her will at a 'pray away the gay' religious facility in Texas and her famous cousin is trying to free her.

Jeremy Jordan, who stars in CBS's 'Supergirl,' has started a social media campaign to bring attention to his cousin Sarah, 17, who he says was forced by her parents into to go to a Christian boarding facility in a remote, rural area outside of Austin after she brought her girlfriend to prom.

It's unclear when she was sent there, but proms are usually held in warmer months before school closes for the summer.

'My amazing friends & fans, PLEASE help us save my sweet gay cousin Sarah who’s trapped at a boarding facility in TX,' Jordan tweeted on June 4.

The Supergirl actor, who plays Winn Schott on the CBS show, further added on Facebook: 'I can't believe beautiful, smart, incredible kids like my cousin Sarah are still being told that being gay is wrong. But it's worse than that for Sarah... She's been placed at a remote boarding facility to help "pray away the gay" for a year with no communication to the outside world.

'She may not be able to see it now, but please show her how much she matters and take a stand to help us free this wonderful young woman and welcome her back to a world of love and acceptance.'

In another post he adds: 'My cousin Sarah, like any other teenager, loves a shameless selfie... Its just sometimes hers includes another girl... You can't see it, but the caption of the photo on the left reads "Merry Christmas from two kids in love." It BREAKS MY HEART this sweet young girl who's only "issue" is loving another girl has been sent to a facility for "troubled teens." News flash, folks, there's nothing wrong with her.'

Sarah is at a state-licensed residential facility called Heartlight Ministries.

Julie Moody, a spokeswoman for the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services, told the New York Daily News that she could not discuss whether the agency is investigating the situation but confirmed that the girl was at the facility.

According to the facility's website it says: 'For 25 years, we’ve provided a safe haven for positive change. Our residential setting offers struggling teens an atmosphere to develop healthier patterns during the most troubling times.'

It adds that it serves 56 kids, on 150 acres, with more than 40 staff members.

According to the GoFundMe page, Sarah's parents sent her to the camp after she and her girlfriend went to prom together. The page describes it as 'Bible-based therapy' for her 'disease'.

'Sarah’s parents, who believe that homosexuality is a sin and abnormal, sent Sarah away against her will to an East Texas Christian boarding facility for troubled teens to “pray away the gay,'' says the GoFundMe page which aims to raise funds for Sarah's legal expenses.

The page has raised over $48,000 in four days, almost half of its $100,000 goal. The page says that legal bills have already totaled $20,000. Anything left over will go to Sarah's college fund.

Christine Andresen, a lawyer who specializes in LGBT issues has been hired to try to free Sarah.

The New York daily News also reported that Andresen said: 'I can't comment on pending litigation, other than to authenticate that to the best of my knowledge, the background information on the GoFundMe shared by Sarah's cousin is truthful.'

In Texas, a teen who is not yet 18 can be remanded to a residential boarding facility against their will, says the page's administrator, Joey Jordan, also a cousin of Sarah's.

The page also says that Sarah tried to escape but was brought back to the facility and 'punished' and that friends tried to rescue her but were threatened with arrest by local police.

Sarah is described as an excellent student who was at the top ten percent of her class, on the debate team, and in the National Honor Society, and had been applying to colleges.

Her parents swooped in and bundled her off to the 'pray away the gay' camp. The GoFundMe page describes it as 'Bible-based therapy' for her 'disease'.

Sarah, whose surname was not immediately clear, is described as being cut off from her friends and family with no email, phone, or visitors allowed.

'Not only does this type of 'therapy' not work, mental health professionals from organizations like the American Medical Association and the American Academy of Pediatrics have found it to be psychologically damaging, especially for minors,' the page administrator and Jeremy's cousin, Joey Jordan, wrote.

Glynn Adams #fundie #wingnut #conspiracy

I don’t know about you but most of the religious systems in America that are falsely representing Jesus Christ are corrupt and have divided the Body of Christ. As a result, many people are leaving these religious systems. The worst are the mega churches and the denominational religious systems along with their pastors.

There is no doubt we have a divided and corrupted religious system in this nation as evidenced by our nation has been taken over by Satan and the powers of darkness. We have become a nation that leads the world in demonic strongholds and principalities and the fierce Chaldean demonic spirits have gathered in this nation to attack the faithful followers of Jesus Christ!!! As Jewish Messianic Rabbi Jonathan Cahn has said that the gods of Egypt and Babylon have gathered in this nation to reap their demonic destruction on this nation.
Look at our divided denominational churches today. Even worse, look at our mega churches!!! Most mega churches have reached 3000 to 12000 members in three years and what do they have? Are they making disciples that follow Christ or the pastor?Are the Mega Churches and their celebrity pastors turning their city and our nation upside down for Christ? No!!! As a matter of fact, they are allowing demons and New World Order Elites to rule over our nation instead of God. Can you name me just one Mega Church and pastor where God rules over their city? No!!!! Our Mega Church and their people claim to follow Jesus but we see very little fruit in their lives. You will know them by their fruit!!!
The Remnant of God is going to have to come out of these dead churches unless God specifically tells you to stay and assist in their recovery back to Christ. We need to have fellowship and teaching meetings in homes. I challenge you to find any Biblical basis for our current concept of the “pastor” in our churches today. I’ll save you the time – go back to the Third Century and it was Constantine who gave us “church” as we do it today.

GreenOrkGirl #fundie #dunning-kruger

What enraged me is that if you know both endings of that Q, it becomes apparent who was intended to be the guilty one (it impacts the money award only so I dgaf, "Paul" went to prison). And that was 100% done because of white man!bad, woman in drag!good. Lol you don't even have to look at evidence to know this, this is just sjw pandering at its best.

PS: dear mods, she is not 'censored', she is exactly this - woman in drag.

sharaleigh23 #fundie

It is all around us. I hear the word...'normalizing' a lot now. Things we never would have dreamed okay just five years ago not only are okay, but anyone that says it isn't are demeaned. Such as transsexuals teaching our children at school, dressed like a freak...we are bad if we don't like it. So many more examples. This happened before our eyes, sped up when Obama was president.

Opals, Persimmon64 & crodish #transphobia

LGB Alliance says that trans people shouldn't be oppressed under Putin's regime and there are a lot of angry replies.

( Opals )
LGB A aren’t hardline enough for me


( Persimmon64 )
My issue is that they used the word "trans" instead of "trans-identified." Trans is an ideological term and something that doesn't exist in the material world. There are only people who call themselves "trans."

And even "trans-identified" people are not actually distinguishable to non "trans-identified" people. There could be plenty of trans-identified males in "boy-mode" who face no persecution whatsoever. The only people who would actually be persecuted are crossdressers.

( crodish )

We are horrified by this latest example of Putin weaponising homophobia and transphobia to try to distract from his own failings. We stand in solidarity with the LGB and trans people of Russia who deserve equality under the law., this is weird. On one hand I get that they don't want to say "we stand in solidarity with LGB people" and then get dogpiled on for agreeing to genocide The Twans by omission, but in the other hand, their entire fucking account has been specifically that - fighting for the rights of LGB people who have been drowned out by the T. To acknowlege "trans people" are a thing is to attack their own foundation. KJK's reply is an apt "what is transphobia?"

They also couldn't write "people" because that wouldn't address the issue that it is "LGBTQ" people being targeted. On the other hand Putin's policies "against twans people" was cutting them off from unneccessary surgery and hormones - something we've been advocating for all along.

They could have written "trans-identifying people", maybe? "Non-conforming people"? But even that doesn't make sense because to say that means you stand in solidarity with them and their rights to slice off their breasts and take titty skittles.

This is so weird coming from LGBA. I've unfollowed. Either they have a really woke ass new recruit, or they've fallen.

Parents With Inconvenient Truths about Trans #fundie #transphobia

Then the wooden stake through our hearts: Our daughter posted a photo of our femmed-up son, sitting next to granddaughter on social media, tagged with #auntie #nontraditional. My God, she did it. She corrupted our granddaughter with the transgenderist lie and marketed the venality online. Vice signaling. God forgive them, for they know not what they do.


There are many ways God can intervene and heal this misery: The direct approach in which our son and daughter see the Guiding Light. Better yet, a massive exorcism of the entire transgenderist cult.

cyberlizard #fundie

makes sense - some of us in the thread don't accept the authority of scripture cause they are 'agnostic'.

if we do not accept scripture is accurate then the truth is we do not have to believe in sin, we can say the miracles of Jesus are a joke and never happened, and certainly the idea he rose from the dead can be discounted also.

I for one have no trouble with the earth being 8000 years old, nor man living alongside dinosaurs. Being a Christian does not equate with intellectual suicide.

Steve the Christian

Tatsuya Ishida #racist #conspiracy

[From “April 6, 2024: White People 2”]


Panel 1: Slick is watching “Dumb White Guy” while the TV post is saying “And now back to our program”
Panel 2: A white man wearing pair of overalls and holding a pitchfork is standing in the midst of a farm while saying “Duhhhhh” and “Durrrrr”
Panel 3: Slick is asking “Who writes this crap” while the farmer is thrice saying “Derp”
Panel 4: A lan wearing a yarmulke is using a typewriter. From the windows this man is seated in front can be seen the signs for Hollywood

Navaros #fundie #homophobia #forced-birth

[Note the dialogue of Euthypho and Socrates: conclusion that what is pious is not because of the quality that it is loved by a god, but for a reason inherent in it, and that the god loves it because it is good.]

Socrates is in Hell right now, burning as we speak. He knew nothing of God, or what is good. So you picked a very bad example to quote from about this subject.

Humans do not have minds capable of knowing what is "good" better than God does. For example, you see many people on this site promoting and/or defending evil causes such as "homosexuality" (one reason why Socrates is now in Hell, by the way) and genocide against human children. They have no basis for saying these things are "good", yet they do. These things are in fact very evil. Many men who society considers "wise" are actually fools. So says God, and God is correct.

God knows what is good and what is not good. His opinion is the one that counts. Not the petty, evil opinion of man. Christ has said that mankind will naturally promote wickedness and evil instead of doing good. That is why you see things like "Gay Pride Parades" and genocide against children. Because the foolishness of man says that "these things are good!" It does not matter how many say that evil things are good - evil things will *NEVER* be good.

It is true that Atheists have no morality. Because a man in his natural state will almost always automatically promote and defend evildoings. Like Akriku and ACElethal and other Atheists promoting "homosexuality", for example. To be moral requires a man to leave his natural state and allow himself to become righteous. Atheists almost never have a reason to do this since they do not obey God's commands, and hence most Atheists have no morality

jerome #fundie #homophobia

Lindsay is a homosexual who is not in a state of grace, objectively speaking. As far as the bible goes, if you don't belive it, or in God, then where did life come from. Anyone who knows anything about science knows that something, in this case, life, can't come from nothing. Pray for Lindsay, and don't vote for the Marxist, baby-killer Obama. P.S. Obama wants to create a civilian police force equal to the U.S. military in power ala the Nazi's brownshirt gestapo. Do your research. Also, if you know history, you know that every civilization that has embraced homosexuality has died out. See Rome, Greece, etc. Read some books, then open your mouth. Also, the correct translation is Condemn not, lest you be Condemned. It is not our place to say who is damned to hell for all eternity, but we must make objective judgments every day about right and wrong based on the Word of God. Jesus also said, "the wages of sin is death." He meant spiritual death, which is eternal. P.S. the New Testament originated through oral tradition, not scripture.

yogi3939 #fundie #homophobia

There is a lot about homosexuality that the gay commuinity does not want you to hear. First of all, most of them consider themselves to be in a "committed" relationship if they still go to the "bathhouses" and have sex with anybody they want to and as many as they want to but return home to their "partner" after all the fooling around with many other gay men.

And it is that very promiscuity that made AIDS a gay disease in this country. If the heterosexual population were as loose with their morals AIDS would be rampant in them as well. In fact, there is a higher incidence of all STD's in the gay population than in the straights. So they are sinners on two counts, being gay in the first place and being "adulterers" (if you can really use that heterosexual term for gays) and fornicators.

Yup, if I were writing the laws homosexuality would be a misdemeaner, and a felony for a third offense. Just the public health aspect of it alone demands such laws.

TimeWarpWife #fundie #homophobia

[On the Supreme Court issuing its decision on same-sex marriage in a few days.]

Personally, I believe the spiritual tipping point and the beginning of the end of the United States started in 1963 when the Supreme Court banned school prayer. What we're seeing now, with the same court most likely supporting homosexual "marriage" or kicking it back to the States, which most have already overridden the will of the voters who rejected it, is the death knell of this country. Truthfully, this nation deserves Barack Obama as its leader because as a whole it has been shaking its fist at God for the last 52 years. I believe God has reached His breaking point and the acceptance of homosexuality as "normal" in this country, instead of it being seen as what the bible says it is - perversion - is going to be the last nail in this once great country's coffin. Turn off the lights, it's time to go home, the fat lady has sung. It happened to the Greeks and Romans and now it's happening to this country.

MidNightRider2001 #homophobia

On Earth right now, over 40,000,000 people have AIDS/HIV. These 40 million, sure to be dead, were all killed by homosexuals, who spread this disease. Homosexuals, who can't control their sex drives, have unleashed a greater holocaust upon the world than Adolf Hitler and the Nazis. Gays are sick, violent maniac killers.

Cobra/The Portal #ufo #magick #conspiracy

The Light Forces are removing the dark Atlantean network according to the plan. After the African Illuminati and IBC networks were cleared, there is palpable relief in Africa:

A little more intel can now be safely released. In December 2023, the dark Atlantean network managed to open dark portals between this Solar system and other Universes, similar to what happened in 1996, but to a much lesser degree. They did that by detonating physical and etheric nuclear bombs in the Kuiper belt.

These dark portals allowed the influx of many Reptilian entities from other Universes into the Solar system, which were then immediately cleared as soon as they entered the Solar system itself:

The dark portals which allowed entry of Reptilian entities were completely closed by the Light forces on April 3rd, and from then on, entry of any dark entities into the Solar system from anywhere is simply not possible anymore. The only dark portals still active between our Solar system and other Universes allow a certain degree of inflow of subquantum anomaly into the Solar system. These portals will be closed down soon also.

This whole operation was a big strategic mistake of the dark forces, since after the Light forces manage to close down dark portals, they can open Light portals in those same locations instead, and this improves communication between this Solar system and the Light forces from other Universes drastically. Many Light reinforcements are already arriving from other Universes and they are positioning themselves now in their motherships at the heliopause.

Many of those Light beings brought new advanced technologies dealing with the Lurker, and new, faster hyperdimensional wormholes that allow faster and more convenient travel between the Universes.