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Donald ♥ Ivanka Award

for the creepiest parent

Parents With Inconvenient Truths about Trans #transphobia

At 13 my daughter’s body had blossomed into something truly beautiful. She was perfectly proportioned, with lovely breasts and emerging curves that gave her body a classically balanced profile aligned to our western culture’s standard definition of an attractive female.


For reasons that are still not clear to me, at 19 she suddenly began the nightmare of disowning her own body. It started with binding, and then testosterone, and now at 23, her determination to get a double mastectomy. Looking back at those years before the nightmare began, I now realize I should have taken a path completely opposite than the one I did. I should have turned her into a fighter.

I should have given her the mission of protecting her sacred body. I would have told her that men, women, and even well-meaning people, even some so-called professionals and medical providers, might want to tamper with her body — some would want to touch it, and some would try to touch it without her permission. Some would ogle it, stare at it, some might try to penetrate it without her permission. Some would obsess about it, and others would try to convince her to alter its essential integrity with drugs, chemicals, hormones and removal of healthy body parts. I would have told her not to let anyone touch or tamper with her beautiful body without her permission.

Wayne Allyn Root #wingnut

Some moron at restaurant got in my face last night. Said he’s not upset DJT almost killed because conservatives wouldn’t be upset if Biden killed. I replied, “Hey moron, Biden is already brain dead. He’s a zombie puppet wearing diapers, who craps in his pants…and takes his orders from commie enemies of America.” Guy’s eyes exploded out of his head & he ran away from my table like a scared little girl. LOL

Men Writing Women Award

"Francine Dubois"/Henry Makow PhD #sexist #wingnut #racist #conspiracy

I work with women in the healthcare profession. I am a woman, and I find the majority of women today to be utterly disgusting and toxic. What women do and talk about when men aren't present is completely amoral and vile. I have never seen men behave in the disgusting ways that I have seen women behave in a supposed professional work environment.

The forefathers were correct about women's nature and they do in fact, need to be kept under a very tight rein. The matriarchy has gone far enough.
I have come to believe that women actually enjoy being debased. They do it themselves. You only have to look at what they do on the internet. THEMSELVES--no man forcing them. I see it all the time at work.

I also think that sexual harassment was men's way of letting women know they were not welcome in certain environments. There is also the idea that no woman in her right mind would enter a male domain unless she was seeking something to her benefit...primarily sexually. I think all the outrage was a pretense. Lawsuits and payment to be gained.

I have watched women at work respond to men making overt disgusting comments to them. There is no outrage there....they titter among themselves and are mostly amused, even flattered because it is male attention after all. Old men, decrepit men, demented men....doesn't matter. I think the vaccinations have affected their minds.
I am going to add one more observation. When there were extended kin structures, there were initiations into manhood and womanhood. On the women's side, there would have been much more support for all the things women go through and plenty of women around to get strokes and attention....this would also free men up to do what they needed to do without getting bogged down by women and their constant neediness.

Men have created 95% of what is good in our material civilization but they are dismissed as sub human by the homo commie cartel running the show in the West.

John W Armstrong #quack #crackpot

In this revolutionary treatise, J W Armstrong puts the compelling case that all diseases (except those caused by traumatism or structural disorders) can be cured by one simple means: urine therapy. The therapy is an entirely natural treatment, a drugless system of healing that treats the body as a whole. Moreover, the only ingredient needed is a substance manufactured in the body itself, rich in mineral salts, hormones and other vital substances, namely human urine.

It may seem strange to take back into the body something that the body is apparently discarding. Yet the theory is similar to the natural practice of organic composting. Fallen leaves, when dug back into the soil, provide valuable mineral salts to nourish new plant life. The same principle holds true for the human body.

Ken Ham #conspiracy #wingnut

When it comes to the Bible, we need to understand that it is primarily a book of history, spiritual, and moral matters. It’s God’s history book to us. In a way, we could say it’s God’s textbook of historical science. However, the Bible also deals with geology, biology, astronomy, and so on. And when it deals with these topics, we can trust it as it’s God’s Word. And unlike “science” textbooks in public schools, it never changes.

What we can do is use observational science to see if experiments and observations in the present confirm the history God reveals in geology, biology, archaeology, etc. And the Bible’s history is confirmed over and over again as we’ve shown in many articles on our websites, in our magazines, in presentations, and in books, etc.

Because the historical science (the “earthly things”) in the Bible is true, the moral and spiritual teachings based in that history are true. Christianity is based on real history, the history God recorded for us in his Word—the Bible. Evolution and millions of years are false history.
9:11 PM · Jun 29, 2024 · 5,053 Views
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Ken Ham #conspiracy #fundie

For those who believe all life arose by evolutionary processes over millions of years, their worldview built on this causes them to look at the evidence of the present to interpret it within the evolutionary history they believe. They believe one kind of animal changed into a different kind over millions of years. Thus, they look for supposed transitional forms or links between creatures to supposedly show this evolutionary past. When they don’t find the link, they say it is missing. Think about the term “missing links.”

Are the links missing or is it that they weren’t there in the first place? If one used the foundation of God’s Word in Genesis to build their worldview, then one would expect to find animals existing in groups or kinds, with great variation within a kind (e.g., different species within each kind) but no evidence of links between different kinds. Actually, the evidence directly fits with the model built on God’s Word, not the model built in man’s word about evolution. Evolution is a blind faith belief.
8:53 PM · Jun 27, 2024 · 2,977 Views
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Marjorie Taylor Greene 🇺🇸 #conspiracy #forced-birth #wingnut

We are in a battle between GOOD and EVIL

The Democrats are the party of pedophiles, murdering the innocent unborn, violence, and bloody, meaningless, endless wars.

They want to lock up their political opponents, and terrorize innocent Americans who would tell the truth about it.

The Democrat party is flat out evil, and yesterday they tried to murder President Trump.
4:16 AM · Jul 15, 2024 · 370.1K Views
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Andrew Anglin #racist

[From “West Virginia: White Couple Arrested for Owning Black Slaves and Keeping Them in a Barn”]

Adopting black kids to use as slaves?[…]


A wealthy white West Virginia couple forced their adopted black children to work as slaves and sleep in a barn, according to disturbing charges

I’m not disturbed by that and don’t appreciate the editorializing[…]

Lantz and Whitefeather were first arrested in October after a wellness check led to the discovery of the couple’s five adopted children[…]living in deplorable conditions on their[…]property

Were they really deplorable?

Because I’ve studied this whole slavery thing, and found “slave abuse” to be a hoax. It’s also illogical to abuse your own property[…]
If you found someone beating and otherwise abusing their Roomba, you would think that person was insane[…]

“Human rights violations specific to the fact that these children were targeted because of their race and they were used basically as slaves[…]”

It sounds like they were literally used as slaves

Apparently that’s illegal now too, like everything else[…]
Oh, the blacks were wearing dirty clothes and stank?

Must be white people’s fault[…]
At this point, you’d think we could all just agree that abolishing slavery was a mistake. All of the results have been negative

Like seriously, what positive outcome has resulted from the freeing of the slaves?[…]
Thomas Sowell?[…]
He could have written those books in his slave shed in-between shifts on the farm

Under slavery, blacks were producing members of society. They also had healthy, Christian families. If the problem was that they were abused (there’s no evidence of that), then just bring back slavery but make it illegal to abuse them. That seems like a fair compromise with the libs

Liz Wheeler #fundie #wingnut

America was absolutely founded as a Christian nation.

It’s a binary choice: America will either be Christian or pagan.

“Wokeness” is a pagan, false, evil religion. It’s adherents will force you to worship.

Christianity is true, good & beautiful.

Which will you choose?image12:02 PM · Jul 7, 2024 · 21.4K Views
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Diana PatriQts ARE UNITED #conspiracy #crackpot #magick #quack #ufo #wingnut

The Holographic Medical Beds that are now replacing hospitals worldwide will be available to the public for everyday use. Coupled with Nikola Tesla's Free Energy Towers, all available technology will be adapted to these standards. Using Advanced
Intelligence the medical bed can heal cancers, tumors, fibromyalgia - vaccine damages can be reversed. "Aging" doesn't exist - you won't have joint pains. or need for the supplement industry - as the defecienes were created by THEM.
Think Jurassic Park Lysine Contigency. Using tachyon and plasma energy - exactly like Star Trek The Next Generation, healing will be a quick process that everyone will have access to. The medical bed has the ability to scan your body
from head to toe and detect each issue. Using the tachyon and plasma energy instruments they're able to restore the DNA fully. We will be able to restore fully, any missing limbs or organs - restore sight,
restore brain health. Give our elderly and our Great American Veterans a rejuvenation to feel *20 years younger."
Where We Go One We Go All.
My fellow Americans, the Storm is upon us.......
- John F Kennedy Jr.
19th Vice President

Moshe Feiglin #racist

Former Israeli MK Moshe Feiglin quoted Adolf Hitler while commenting on the war in Gaza saying: "We can't live in this land if one Islamo-Nazi remains in Gaza," while speaking to Channel 12 news

Feiglin continued, saying that Jews "are not guests in our own land, it is entirely ours," adding that he wants to "turn Gaza Hebrew"

Feiglin's Zehut party platform in 2019 claimed that once Israelis "adopt their true identity and stop seeing themselves as an occupying force in their own country, the rest of the world will leave the [Israeli-Palestinian] conflict behind and accept our legal sovereignty"

The document further stated the party would "cancel" the Oslo Accords with the Palestinians and offer three options to the "non-Jewish residents of Judea and Samaria," the first would be to leave. Israel, the platform stated, would "enable interested residents to sell their property, and will help them immigrate to the destination of their choice"

V Lmire and Wolf Fangs #conspiracy #racist

(V Lmire)
Many people don't understand this conflict/ civil war since 2014...
After the presidential coup, the people of Crimea voted to annex themselves at the level of 95%. It was over 90% of Donbass, Zaporizhya and Kherson voters in favor of leaving Ukraine and joining Russia. (Areas of mostly ethnic Russian speaking)
The international law of ("Principal of Respect for Self-Determination") allows the people of an area to determine their international political status and sovereignty.
As soon as Russia entered into the Donbas areas, in Feb 2022, (8 years of civil war), all of the previous destruction within these areas was arguably, immediately blamed on Russia.
The west refuses to recognize their voting status/ wishes, and instead say that "Russia Invaded"
The West thinks they can use force to make the people re-join Ukraine against their wishes.

(Wolf Fangs)
Yup!... Everything started to be put in motion with the 2014 coup supervised by Jewish-American Victoria Nuland in order to create a second Jewish homeland for those not interested in stealing land in the Middle East.
Zionlensky publicly linked Ukrainians to Jewish people, trying to create the narrative for the second Jewish homeland. When the stoned Zelensky brings the NATO dog to bark at the Russian fence, the consequences are very predictable

Arthur Schaper #conspiracy #homophobia #transphobia

Singapore made a grave mistake when the national government repealed Section 377a.

Repeal of that moral sanction sent the false message that homosexuality and transgenderism are normal behaviors, and therefore should face no moral sanction or approbrium.

And look what has happened.

LGBT themed museums, classes, programs are becoming all too common in the city state.

When public sanction is rolled away for private perversion, private perversion becomes public pollution.

Dear Singaporeans, you should have looked to the West, and you would have seen what a foolish move it was to repeal Section 377a.

Boskov01 #fundie #transphobia #homophobia

Yet the rainbow mob who circles the wagons and denies the pedos exist among them, or if they do, they proudly extoll them.

Unlike the alphabets however, Christians/Republicans excise the pedos from among our ranks. We DO police our own. We don't defend them, we get them removed. We don't wagon circle and deny they exist. We do, however, tend to wait for proof to emerge first, and once we have proof, then we go after them and get them removed. We don't just accept blind accusations at face value. We require proof first. That's why it may seem to our opponents that we defend the pedos within our ranks, but if we do, it's only because there are accusations made without proof to back it up.

The alphabet mob on the other hand cheer and parade their pedophilic acts for the world to see. They extoll the likes of "Desmond is Amazing," a boy who dances in drag for grown men and even strips for them, like it's wonderful.

Clif High #crackpot #magick #racist #quack

I died of colon cancer that was induced by the Salk polio vaccine. It was known, at the time that they were produced, that at least 11 million doses were contaminated. They used them anyway. The result was the largest wave of cancers to ever hit any generation. Of course the media are ‘tards & said nothing. Many of them in the Boomer generation died of the cancers induced by the vaccines that they supported.

There was a very large percentage of the cohort of male boomers who died of colon cancers. These were new in the sense that they were long growing, and undiagnosed until the very end when they proved to be fatal. That was my story. I returned due to a debt owed to karma, but it was a typical death from a 30 year old colon tumor in most other respects. One of many.

What is of note now is that it has taken our corrupt Elohim worship cult controlled ‘medical system’ a total of 5 generations to go from the long acting cancers induced into the Boomers, to the new ‘turbo cancers’ created by the covid19 attack.

They have always wanted to kill vast numbers of us, but they did not have the technology.

It they were to just start trying to shoot all the White Americans, sooner rather than later, the armed subset of the population would shoot back, and the word would spread, and ζRevolution would be ON.
If you keep on with this understanding, you may end up taking one of their proffered death routes. The Elohim worship cult not only are gritology centric, but they believe that the creator of the grit gave control of it to them. So they fuck with it, or rather they try. Their understanding is so poor that their achievements in this area are few and puny. The Elohim worship cult is still only good at killing by poisons. Vaccines are nothing but a new label for the same old methods.

Bunch of real egoists & real retards. Watch out for the rabbis, the Pharisees, the talmudists. They are a danger to you.

Andrew Anglin #homophobia

Repel Trump, execute gays, fuck democracy.

I don’t want anything to do with this anal lunacy.

You know what I want?

An AK and a Hilux.

End of.

Fuck Trump and fuck all of his supporters.

I’m not doing this anal bullshit.

I’m not doing it.

I’m with Jesus.


Mike Adams the Health Ranger #wingnut #quack #conspiracy

Brighteon Broadcast News, July 6, 2024 – Hurricane FLOOD warning + Vax-damaged zombie leftists to ERUPT in VIOLENCE when Trump wins

- Hurricane Beryl's impact on Texas and surrounding areas, heavy rainfall and flooding. (0:03)

- Preparedness for tropical storms: Backup power sources and emergency communication devices. (3:54)

- Generator maintenance and safety tips. (11:00)

- Viral Carnival Cruise Line fights go "ghetto". (17:28)

- Vaccine-induced brain damage and how it turns human beings into reptilian zombies. (25:39)

- Loss of cognitive function and empathy among leftists due to vaccine damage. (31:43)

- Biden's cognitive decline and potential election impact. (37:17)

- Democratic Party division and calls for Joe Biden to step down. (50:58)

- Potential violence from left-wing extremists after Trump's election win. (56:44)

- Firearms and self-defense, using the rule of law to halt violence. (1:02:49)

- Converting AR-15s to bolt-action rifles for legal use in California. (1:06:04)

- Preparing for the zombie apocalypse and protecting communities. (1:12:31)

Steve Kim/The Supreme Beings #crackpot #ufo #magick #conspiracy

0. UFO? Soul? Purpose? Human? Farm?
1. Meet correct answers from our aliens.
2. Get enlightened to be a better person.
3. This book shall teach you everything.
4. It is about time to live in a new world.
5. He is, they are, and this book is real.
6. Aliens are coming out of their closet.

a. Earth = Alien Soul Farm
b. This Book = Their Book
c. We Are Theirs = Yes
d. We Are Slaves = No
e. They Are Friends = Yes
f. They Will Kill Us = No

Have you seen a book published practically by so-called aliens or extraterrestrials? I have. In fact, I hold one in my hand. You are invited to read all 24 chapters with about 58,000 words in 216 pages of this narrative nonfiction based on facts beyond truths.
This book goes far beyond whether UFOs are real or not. It shows us logically how to be a better person from instant enlightenment upon internalizing the whole big picture on how the universal life system works under earth-shattering core concepts.

Yes, this incredible extraterrestrial book is meticulously planned and designed by the supreme beings in charge of the current book project in order to induce mass instant enlightenment among virtually all the human beings on the Earth Soul Farm.

Over the age of Aquarius for the next 2,160 years, all the factual content in this unique extraterrestrial book shall provide a right guidance in terms of almost every aspect of diverse life experience given to the human beings on the Earth Soul Farm.

Whether we like it or not, a gigantic change in human consciousness will occur through dawnvolution solidly based on the new philosophy of dawnvolism. For reasons unknown to me, I am just being a conveyor of this extraterrestrial content. Yes, I have been contacted.

Going forward, my personal resolve is to gladly serve as a human consciousness coordinator duly appointed by extraterrestrials in 2017. I would perform whatever is required to publicize this extraordinary book designed to upgrade our humanity. Yes, we are not alone.

Three unnamed teenage boys in Courbevoie #racist #psycho

The suspected anti-Semitic attack in Courbevoie, a northwestern Paris suburb, has sent shockwaves in France in the run-up to a general election that could bring the far-right National Rally to power for the first time

The girl told police she was approached by three boys aged between 12 and 13 while she was in a park near her home with a friend and dragged into a shed on Saturday evening in Courbevoie

The suspects beat her and "forced her to have anal and vaginal penetration, fellatio, while uttering death threats and anti-Semitic remarks", a police source told AFP

Her friend managed to identify two of the attackers

The three boys were arrested on Monday

On Tuesday evening, two of them, both aged 13, were charged with gang rape, anti-Semitic insults and violence and issuing death threats. The pair were taken into custody

The third boy, 12, was also charged with anti-Semitic insults and violence and issuing death threats, but not with rape. He was allowed return home after being charged

Mark Robinson #sexist #wingnut

Mark Robinson, the Republican candidate for North Carolina’s gubernatorial election, said he wanted to go back to a time “where women couldn’t vote” in a video that resurfaced in the wake of his Super Tuesday victory.

The video, recorded at a Republican Women of Pitt County event in March 2020, shows Robinson when he was a candidate for North Carolina’s lieutenant governor, which he later won.

In the clip, he says that he heard a man ask about the phrase “Make America Great Again,” which he posited implied the America where “women couldn’t vote” and “Black people were swinging from cheap trees.”

“I would say to him, if I was standing in front of him, ‘I absolutely want to go back to the America where women couldn’t vote,’” Robinson said.

Danlboon #wingnut #conspiracy

If you didn’t know is that to be President of the USA you must be ‘American made’ with ‘both’ parents to be natural born Americans and Trump Jr. and Barron are not.
DJ Trump could not have slipped some words into an Executive Order to allow his children to be President.

Where in the Constitution does it state that if your parent was President of the USA than you can be President.

We better get going on this or it appears all the Trumps are still pushing for the USA, INC. to be in place and not a Constitutional Republic, just like Barrack Obama was allowed to be a foreigner to be President of the USA corporation.

Donald Jr., Ivanka and Eric cannot be President nor Vice President of the USA as their mother, Ivana, was born in Czechoslovakia.

The same goes for Barron as Melania was born in Yugoslavia, thus any of her children cannot be President nor Vice President of the USA.

However, you should be allowed if your parents are natural born Americans but you just happened to be born in another country at the time yet come back to America sometime soon thereafter like those that serve in the US Military.

U.S. Constitution, Article II, Section 1, Clause 5:

“No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any Person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States.”

But I guess this is from the Cabal US Constitution as it states Citizen of the United States and not Sovereign, Natural Born Americans within the united States.
Things are happening where Trump is being coerced into really not bringing the Republic into place as to what happened on Saturday appears to be a staged event with all the new media available and could not be covered up as to what happened with JFK as these are controlled by the cabal.

Geoffrey Grider #fundie #wingnut #conspiracy

Let me start in a place that might be a tad unexpected. Before he ran for president the first time, Donald Trump was famously an anti-vaxxer. How did that Trump become the same Trump who became the “father of the COVID vaccine” that has so far killed millions of people? How did that Trump become the same Trump who started “Operation: Warp Speed”? Something changed along the way.

When Trump ran for President the first time he promised to build the wall, put Hillary in jail, drain The Swamp, and expose the Deep State. None of those things happened.
Flash forward to last night here in 2024, you are center stage at the RNC, the party nominating Donald Trump for a third time, and what do you see? You see the all-seeing eye of Horus from the US dollar bill, and you see the legend ‘Novus Ordo Seclorum’ as the main graphic behind the speakers podium. It means “New World Order” if you didn’t know by now. If the Republican Party, united behind and around Donald Trump, is the party to defeat the New World Order, what are they doing promoting it on the biggest night of their convention?
Earlier today I wrote about Thomas Matthew Crooks, and the many head-scratching coincidences between what he is said to have done on July 13th, 2024, and what Lee Harvey Oswald is said to have done on November 22, 1963. Could it be possible, that the attempted assassination was an inside job, designed to propel Trump into office rather than assassinate him? Did they give him a shot to the ear as a warning shot to get in line? Is Donald Trump now the selected president of the United States, chosen by the New World Order to carry out their agenda? The clues leading us in that direction are stacking up almost faster than we can count them. The RNC is right now promoting the One World Religion and the New World Order while at the same time saying they are the only bulwark to protect us from those things.

Le Patriote #wingnut #racist #crackpot #conspiracy

Hey Folks, I just want to say that the list below is MY OPINION ONLY of what is and has been truly going on in this amazing world of ours!

Please note when I say they, I am referring to the Deep State Cabal!

If You Are Truly Awake You Know

1. Donald J. Trump won the 2020 Election.

2. Joe Biden is not the President and was Executed 2019 for Treason and crimes against Humanity.
4. All Elites including The 13 most powerful families in the world, The Biden’s, The Clinton’s, The Bush’s, The Obama’s, The Soros’s, The Gates’s, The Rockefellers, The Rothschilds etc.. and all members of the Government and Entertainment Industry that were corrupt have been arrested and are either already [redacted] or being held in prison for treason and crimes against humanity.
6. Donald J. Trump turned power over to our good military in 2021 and they have been overseeing the country since in order to restore our Republic.
8. JFK & JFK JR are still alive and are True Patriots.
12. Many in our Government and many Elites in all industry have been involved in child sex trafficking, adrenochrome production, organ and body part harvesting.

13. You do not have to pay taxes to the IRS, they are a private corporation based in Puerto Rico, paying taxes to the IRS is in fact voluntary.
22. 9/11 was in fact a planned attack on We the People by our corrupt Government, The Vatican, British Royals and corrupt Israeli Government.

23. The corrupt FBI and CIA is responsible or have been involved in almost all terrorist attacks.
25. All history has been a lie, they have covered up our History because they do not want you truly know who you are or what you are capable of.
47. Q and the Q drops were and are very real, their purpose was to get people to start researching and solving the clues that were in the posts.

I do not want to make this post too long so in honor of our amazing President Donald J. Trump I will end it at 47, I could have went to 100 easily!

Kevin Downey Jr. #dunning-kruger #pratt

For starters, the suggestions in Project 2025 are not nearly as dangerous as BLM's intent to defund the police, which has happened with deadly effect nationwide, leading to an explosion in crime that has mostly affected black communities. Despite the carnage, BLM still calls for defunding the police, because that is what Marxists do.

And honestly, I can't assure you Project 2025 wasn't written in part by never-Trumpers looking to make trouble before November.

As expected, Democrat fear-peddlers are treating Project 2025 like it's the Republicans' "Mein Kampf."

Social media is bursting with memes spewing fake details from Project 2025 and the left is screeching in their Crocs.

Here's the fun part: Trump has already denounced it, but that doesn't stop the namby-pamby Chicken-Little types from trying to terrify low-info barely-thinkers into panic mode.
Whereas I do not agree with everything posted, most of it is spot on.

The document largely calls for Trump to—if he wins—"de-woke" our government. It's pro-family and pro-life. It states that the "next HHS secretary should immediately put an end to the department’s foray into woke transgender activism" (page 284).

I'm cool with that.

It does not suggest:

Making birth control illegal
Putting illegal immigrants in "concentration camps"
Ending overtime pay
Ending school lunch programs
Cutting veterans' benefits
Project 2025 is nothing more than 922 pages of opinions and recommendations, many of which make sense.

If you want to do battle with factless chuckleheads on Facebook—which is pointless, they never learn—you can read Project 2025 below.

Austin Ruse #homophobia #transphobia #wingnut #conspiracy

There is a campaign well underway to separate “good gay” from all those other icky iterations that sully “good gay.”

It goes a couple of different but related ways.

One is that the LGBs are just fine, but the Ts? No, the Ts are nuts and have never really been part of the LGBs. The Ts are a recent addition that somehow snuck up on the LGBs and has become the tail that wags the dog.

The other way is with Queer Theory. They say LGBs are not now and have never been a part of Queer.

What is this Queer Theory that the LGBs have never been a part of? Large-brained atheist James Lindsay explains it often,
"The imperative in Queer Theory is to make the categories of sex, gender, sexuality, etc., seems absurd, and inapplicable, meaningless, and or oppressive, and to disrupt and support them, usually by being intentionally flamboyantly absurd in exaggerating performances of them."
There are legitimate efforts right now by dear friends of ours to go easy on the LGBs, to build coalitions on the trans madness aimed at kids. And this makes a certain amount of sense. Who knows, perhaps over time, after we have put the T back in the bottle, which will never happen except maybe for kids, our allies in the LGBs will respond to our winsomeness and the wisdom of our ancient knowledge on human sexuality and eschew their sexual habits.

At its heart, queer theory challenges the normality of “heterosexuality.” Even that is a made-up word in order to introduce the concept of the “homosexual.” What do sodomitical relationships do but challenge the normality of “heterosexuality”? And so many of us have fallen for this in the name of political expedience in the face of the trans child emergency. Again, this makes some sense, but the danger is that the Overton Window is moving so far so fast that we can never go back to a proper understanding that “homosexuality” is an evil that harms the participants, society, and that we can never accept it.

EchoChaos #fundie

[context: Do you want government mandated religion?]

1) What do you say/do/feel for minority religious people? I'm sure there are a significant number of devout people who find objection to any but the most mundane religious prayer/symbol/etc. Maybe consider a Catholic parent who's offended that that Ten Commandments imposed on schools is wrongly stated from the Catholic point of view.

A vote should be held on this. That's why we have school board elections, mayoral elections, etc. If you object to a Protestant being elected mayor, you're welcome to elect a Catholic. That's what "no religious test for office" should mean.

2) What do you do when Christian's differ in their faith? At least in my home town, the majority of Churches are super open to, and encourage the membership of gay people. But some churches disagree. Yet we probably need a state or national view on "Are these two particular people married".

A vote should be held on this as well, of course. That's why we have a democracy. We held votes on it, the American people agreed that marriage was only a man and a woman, it should have ended there with no issue.

P.S. There is one majority Muslim town in the US with 25,000 people who live in Hamtramck MI.

They should have been deported.

Kevin Downey Jr. #transphobia #fundie

SHOCKER! Biden's Cross-Dressing Dress Thief Scores Sweetheart Deal

DRAG-O-RAMA! Brinton is a member of a troupe of drag queens called
"Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence." You may remember them as the needy men in dresses who make hapless attempts to annoy Catholics by dressing as nuns. Brinton's drag name is "Sister Ray Dee O'active," though he is no longer employed by the federal government as the nuclear waste master-blaster. Another member of the same troupe, Clinton Monroe Ellis-Gilmore, was arrested for publicly "arm wrestling Mr. Richard," if you get my drift.

Parents With Inconvenient Truths about Trans #transphobia

In conclusion, online and offline gaming is almost definitely a major factor in the current transgender epidemic, especially games with a heavy "role-playing" element, or that allow kids to play as characters that do not match with their actual physical gender. The research is, however, not quite conclusive yet, and if we are to find cures for our captured children and ways to prevent others from falling to this cult, we must do more inquiry.

In the meantime, I highly recommend preventing any kids who have not yet been captured from playing such intoxicating games as Minecraft, Roblox, or any other such dangerous, ideologically captured media.

Anonymous Coward #86611836 #crackpot

The Matriarchal Age is now Favorable by Divine Edict

It is interchangeable in nature to the millennial reign that is governed by the Bride.

The Matriarch is not defined by biological gender but by principles of nature and order.

Think in terms of the laws of physics, the laws of nature and the laws of the land.

The Patriarchal Age ended in April and the Matriarch was by divine edict favored in June. The Matriarchal Age will be established at the time of the millennial reign or about.

The Patriarchal Age came to the end of its mathematical thought which produced binary code and its implements which required a lot of fast-food restaurants and waste to get the job done.

The millennial reign at a very fundamental level will be the very beginning of earth being a type 1 civilization.

Whatever is oxymoron to a type 1 civilization will not persist.

Welcome to the new era !

U.S. Representative Chip Roy (R-Texas) and chrischownyk #wingnut

U.S. Rep. Chip Roy, a Republican whose district includes a swath of North San Antonio, called for the "cleansing" of progressives in a rant posted Friday on social media platform X

The GOP congressman, who's made inflammatory comments part of his political brand, fired off the tweet in a defense of Trump's plans to deport some 20 million migrants if elected president. Some on social media have said Trump's plan amounts to ethnic cleansing

"Tell you what – I do want to 'ethnic cleanse' by deporting white progressive Democrats – with a special bonus for rich ones with an Ivy League degree," Roy tweeted. "I really do not like 'those people'"

For what it's worth, Roy earned a bachelor's degree from the University of Virginia and a law degree from the University of Texas at Austin. Not exactly Ivy League, but pretty prestigious schools just the same

Roy's comment came in response to a tweet by Will Stancil, an attorney and research fellow at the Institute of Metropolitan Opportunity in Minneapolis. In his tweet, Stancil railed against Trump's deportation plan

"Deporting 20 million people is absoluletly ethnic cleansing," Stancil wrote. "That's litteraly the population of New York State, or half the Midwest. It's 6% of the whole population! Someone from every classroom, workplace, or street. It's small children, working mothers, whole families"[…]
Either way, a call for "ethnic cleansing" by a sitting U.S. Congressman — even if made in jest — ignited angry responses on X[…]
Even so, some agreed with Roy's remark

"We're with you brother," user @chrischownyk commented. "It's time to take back our constitutional republic"

Ryan Walters, Oklahoma Public Schools #fundie #wingnut

Oklahoma orders schools to teach Bible 'immediately'

Oklahoma's top education official has ordered schools in the state to begin incorporating the Bible into lessons, in the latest US cultural flashpoint over religion in the classroom.

A directive sent by Republican state Superintendent Ryan Walters said the rule was compulsory, requiring "immediate and strict compliance".

The rule will apply to lessons for all public school students aged from around 11-18.

It comes a week after Louisiana's governor signed a law directing all public schools in that state to display the Ten Commandments.

In a statement on Thursday, Mr Walters described the Bible as "an indispensable historical and cultural touchstone".

"Without basic knowledge of it, Oklahoma students are unable to properly contextualize the foundation of our nation, which is why Oklahoma educational standards provide for its instruction," he added.

Mr Walters, a former public school history teacher, was elected to his post in 2022 after campaigning on a platform of combating "woke ideology" and eliminating "radical leftists" from Oklahoma's education system.

Conservapedia #fundie #pratt

Carl Sagan was also an avid marijuana smoker who claimed marijuana gave him scientific insights.[2] Sagan's avid pot smoking and agnosticism no doubt inspired Sagan's pseudoscientific fantasies that he foisted on his gullible fans. For example, Sagan alleged that evolution was a "fact".[3] Thomas Henry Huxley, the English biologist, known as "Darwin's Bulldog" for his vehement advocacy of Charles Darwin's theory of evolution, was an agnostic. The Barna Group found that those who hold to the worldviews of agnosticism and in atheism were more likely, than theists in America, to look upon the following behaviors as morally acceptable: illegal drug use; excessive drinking; sexual relationships outside of marriage; abortion; cohabitating with someone of opposite sex outside of marriage; obscene language; gambling; pornography and obscene sexual behavior; and engaging in homosexuality/bisexuality.[4]

South Carolina Representative David Hiott #transphobia

COLUMBIA, S.C. — Patients who go to any affiliate of MUSC Health for gender-affirming care will no longer be able to receive it due to a part of a law passed in May that primarily targets preventing these procedures for minors.

MUSC has pointed to one sentence in the bill that says public funds can't be used "directly or indirectly for gender transition procedures," as the reason they can no longer offer these procedures to anyone, including those over 18.


But that wasn't the intention of lawmakers when adding to the language, said bill sponsor Rep. David Hiott.

"Our bill dealt with the minors only," said Hiott. "But I applaud MUSC for going the next step and saying they are not gonna do any of those procedures for any individual in South Carolina."

Stormy-Chameleon, PikaTheCat #transphobia #fundie

Stormy-Chameleon: I am on the brink of tears

One of my friends just blocked me because of my beliefs.

Said he refused to be my friend just because I didn't support him

I've been endlessly respectful and tried as hard as I could to make him feel comfortable around me, especially since he has told me so much about his past and mental health and it has been such a struggle for me to find the right way to talk to him without him being confused or uncomfortable. I love how this is my reward for how much struggle I've put into this just to help him. I thought all this hate and disrespect for me and my religion was over

PikaTheCat: I had the same problem with one of my friends as well

Stormy-Chameleon: Awww , do you kind telling me the story?

PikaTheCat: We were friends for a while and they used to be Christian as well but then they changed to be queer and just blocked me because they didn’t feel comfortable around me because of my beliefs

Stormy-Chameleon: Bro that's really screwed up. If he or she used to have the same opinions wouldn't she or he understand what you thought?

PikaTheCat: They used to be female then wanted to be a male and chose to be queer, I don’t know why they did it

Matt Walsh #sexist

There should not be any women in the Secret Service. These are supposed to be the very best, and none of the very best at this job are women.
12:21 AM · Jul 15, 2024 · 3.6M Views
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Natalia Alba #magick #ufo #dunning-kruger

As we approach the triple 888 passage, many of you will start receiving profound activations, transmissions from your soul and monad, and the healing codes required to activate your DNA and monadic twin flame, within yourself. We are now reaching the peak of all we have been healing, retrieving this eighth universal year, revealing more of who we are, and our personal mission.

Numbers are often the language in which God expresses Herself. Behind numbers are letters and light codes that give instructions to our DNA, and coordinates that activate our time codes, allowing our consciousness to travel through time and space.

This activation is now taking place in many of us, for it is time for us to reconnect to the many timelines in which we dwell. The 888 passage represents a planetary opening guarded by the White Elohim in our earth’s fabrics of time and space.
Numbers 888 represents the connection to the 8th-dimensional timelines, to our equal genetically, for it is when we initiate ourselves in the monadic dimensions that we start merging with our equal. It is in the eighth dimension where our soul records reside, and all the information we need to remember about who we are, our galactic heritage, and what we need to heal to embody our mission.

There will be many of you with Orion lineage now healing galactic wars, restoring the trauma at a monadic level, as even though now evolved, Orion experienced deep polarization, as well as many other beings within Creation who are evolving, exactly as we are now.
Pay attention to numbers, especially at this time, as when the soul awakes, it starts seeing numbers because it starts connecting to the wisdom of the Universe, which is based on numbers, geometry, and dimensions. Numbers that activate consciousness and your unique template, leading you, through synchronicity, to what you are meant to experience next.

Each of you has unique galactic, soul memories to address, heal, clear, and remove from your DNA.

Bennett Lee Ross #crackpot #magick #ufo #conspiracy

Polaris is the north pole star that never flickers
Because it is an artificial machine
That is shooting out oscillating projections above us

On its bottom is a shiny crystal sheet
On its top is the cutout of the stars above us
The stars are just fake presentations

The Kaaba in Mecca
Is the top of the pyramid of Giza

It is technology hidden in a black box
Which symbolizes the north polar vortex of Saturn

It is said that if you have the correct DNA you can activate it
If you could navigate it back to the Giza pyramid
And get the Ark of the Covenant returned to the Kings Chamber
The pyramid would come alive again

A streak of plasma would shoot upwards
And the dome of the sky would open

CERN is a quantum computer
But just one of many that are not known
Which are mostly in Antarctica

They are frequency machines running on crystalline technology
They create an underground frequency and are responsible for the mud flood

These quantum computers are also manipulating Venus
Which is put on high electrical charge for a reset or restart

Venus produced the flower of life
Which was sacred geometry of overlapping circles that formed an intricate pattern

It had unique energetic properties
And was a bridge to the spirit world
The flower of life was the reflecting medium in windows of Tartarian energy centers

Quantum computers at the north pole manipulate the plasma stream at the polar axis
Which causes mountain building and rock formation
That are explained as natural processes over many millions of years

Profound truths remain intentionally concealed
And enshrouded by those who fear the dawning of a consciousness empowered populace

The biggest secret is that no matter how complicated the rhythm
That is beat against the drums of karmic laws
Light will come to the shadows
And echo the chorus of the universal perennial symphony
When the true magic unfurls
Concealed mysteries will be unearthed
And the Universe will sing songs with a crescendo

Sidney Secular #racist #wingnut #conspiracy

Those with a narrow focus fixate on terrorism threats coming from un-vetted refugees. But there are greater security and safety risks with the myriad diseases gaining entry into the US via the vectors of the refugee invaders and so-called “unaccompanied (alien) children.” Tuberculosis (TB), one of these diseases – and potentially the one to be feared most – is an airborne infectious disease spread as is the common cold by coughing and sneezing. There are about 13 million people in the US that have been exposed to TB and especially the ”at risk” population could develop the disease.
There was such a campaign along with the huge lockdowns and attacks on personal liberties brought about by the COVID scam, but as a result Americans are wary of claims of “medical emergencies” that might, with regard to TB, be far more real than any Wuhan-based pathogen! On the other hand, though “health experts” and “politicians” round the world just thrill to the possibility of playing tyrant again, our “fearless leaders” tend to shy away from warning the general public of the dangers of this refugee invasion!
The Center For Disease Control (CDC) is allowing migrants into the US without screening or treatment for latent TB. There are many more people with latent TB—one-third of the world’s people!—than actually show symptoms of the disease—and the latent cases could turn active at any time. The Bible’s Book of Revelation prophesizes that one third the world’s population will die of “plagues” during the “end-times!”
Besides TB, the invaders are also bringing with them yellow fever – spread like malaria by the mosquito, a creature the US has in plenty, measles, whooping cough, diphtheria and other diseases that were on the fast road to eradication in the US a short time ago. Playing politics with public health issues might be a potent killer of American citizens but it may have them having to resurrect COVID.

Young Dixie #sexist #forced-birth #racist #kinkshaming

[From “Young Dixie’s Proposals to Combat Feminism in a Free South”]

Upon the agreement of the Young Dixie Executive Board, we have decided to put forward publicly an aggressive platform to defeat feminism in a Free South. The platform below is a work in progress, as we seek feedback from our fellow Southerners

1)Young Dixie seeks a criminal ban on OnlyFans and the seizure of all its assets by a proposed Confederate government. In this measure, we hope to end a parasitic cycle of degeneracy[…]
2)Young Dixie seeks a total ban on abortion initiated on a state-by-state level[…]
3)Young Dixie seeks a ban on “no fault” divorces[…]
5)Young Dixie seeks a total end to alimony, as it is nothing more than legalized theft and violates a man’s honor and rights
6)Young Dixie seeks to raise the voting age for women to 21 years of age, possibly even increased to 29. It should be said, a significant reason for lowering the voting age (in 1971) was that men could be drafted at 18[…]
7)Young Dixie seeks a ban on birth control pills and other associated birth control measures. In this, we seek to reinstate responsibility and consequences to sexual intercourse and decrease sexual promiscuity[…]
8)Infanticide (abortion) will be considered as a capital punishment offence in a Free South. The mother, as well as, any willing accomplice to the act, including the father, medical professionals, and infanticide activists, will be subjected to this judgement[…]
9)Young Dixie seeks to expand the description and definition, including prosecution, of prostitution to include women engaged in commercial pornographic content and thus liable to criminal punishment for prostitution
10)Young Dixie seeks a Southern-wide ban on gender (and racial) based affirmative action schemes in colleges and in the workplace

Peter B. Meyer #ufo #magick #conspiracy

Lucifer’s rebellion, as described in older scriptures, took place long before the earth was created. EA in this sense is Lucifer, while ENLIL is Satan, who also rebelled against the forces of light, and both were cast out of ‘heaven’, read Orion, by ‘Archangel Michael’, who of course must have been an Aryan warrior, or perhaps the symbol of a whole Aryan elite force?

Lucifer was simply an advocate of “self-assertion and freedom”. His manifesto was to teach humanity that the Goddess did not exist, which became more prominent after the Flood as different religions took shape.

Eventually the religion of worship or devotion to the Mother Goddess was outlawed or ridiculed and spiritual darkness reigned on Earth.

If people who possessed the fire were free to practice their religion, it could clearly become a threat to authority. Therefore, the knowledge of the Women of Fire and the original purpose of the human experiment became extremely hidden, known only to a select few on a need-to-know basis.

At some point during the Atlantean era, EA left Earth and went back to the Pleiades to take some of his loyal officers back to Earth with him. In the Pleiades he showed them holograms of what life was like on Earth, and that he wanted to use the Lyran/Pleiadian DNA to further advance humanity.

When some of the Pleiadians saw how beautiful these Women of Fire were, and women in general, they said, “Let’s go down there and have sex!

So, instead of just contributing their DNA directly to EA while they were in the Pleiades, 199 Pleiadians followed EA back to Earth to have sex with human women, but also to help EA with his genetic experiments. These were the 200 Fallen Angels, including EA. They are the ‘Watchers’ mentioned in the ‘Book of Enoch’.

Fortunately, the 5D world will become the new earth, the 3D sleepers will move to another 3D planet.

various commenters #transphobia

Utah House passes bill calling for bathroom use according to gender on birth certificate

( BlackCirce )

If someone fully transitions to the opposite gender — and changes their birth certificate to reflect that change — they also could use the bathroom that corresponds to their new gender.

What does “fully transition” mean?

( BondiBlue )
Governments need to stop letting these institution-destroying radicals normalize and facilitate mass public records fraud. Changing one's name is no big deal (as long as the previous name is not obliterated; there is no such thing as a "dead name"). Changing one's birth certificate however, is the definition of a lie. What's to stop people from changing their birth year if they can alter their sex (not "gender") on official documentation? I am in my late thirties, but I don't identify with (stereotypes of) millennials or (stereotypical) "millennial culture"; do I have the right to change my birth year to the generation I identify as? If that's the case, then from now on, my pronouns are ok/boomer.

( Moonflower )
100% this. Retroactively editing birth certificates to make them say the literal opposite of reality should not ever have been on the table.

( Persimmon64 )
And how does one transition "gender"? I thought they already were their "gender" so they were trying to change their body to "match it." But if they already are their "gender" why do they need to transition to the opposite?

And how would they know what bathroom corresponds with their gender when bathrooms are separated by sex.

If they're separated by gender then I have no idea where to go because I don't have a "gender"

( cranberrysalad )
Someone made a great point recently in a comment on Ovarit that really stuck with me. I wish I remembered who and what thread. Anyway she said that altering the birth record alters the reality of others. The mother who gave birth to a son that is now changed to a daughter—how is it okay to alter her lived experience? It’s not just the TiM/TiP that is impacted.

Edwin Benson #fundie #wingnut #conspiracy

At least three arguments support placing the Ten Commandments in every Louisiana (and American) classroom.

The first is that the Ten Commandments are the basis of law and justice throughout Western Christian Culture. Our Lord and His followers in the early Church took them from their original context among the Children of Israel and made them universal (catholic). These are fundamental duties that all people owe to God and their neighbors. These are independent of social standing, political position or wealth. Yes, hierarchies exist and are vital to the proper functioning of society, but certain rules are so crucial that all must obey them.

Despite what some people may argue, every just statute currently on the books relates to one of God’s holy ordinances. Even in the most secular settings, human troubles usually arise from untruth, theft or unfaithfulness—or some combination thereof.
America’s schools, on the other hand, are too often gardens where chaos is the bumper crop. Sometimes, the disarray is deliberate, resulting from malformed educational theories that students learn by sorting through ambiguous ideas and situations. Sometimes, the pandemonium finds its basis in the free-for-all atmosphere that modern ideas of “tolerance” encourage. Of course, too many children carry the residue of disordered homes to school with them.

In such cases, a posted copy of the Ten Commandments is a beacon of order. Every item in a classroom helps teach children what society expects of them.
Such thinking inspires a third reason for displaying the Ten Commandments. Their presence drives the leftists crazy. Such a poster weakens the case for a “value-free” classroom. This element of schoolyard malpractice goes back to the ethos of “do your own thing” and “it is forbidden to forbid.” Too many teachers advocate disobedience to the “dominant culture” with an almost missionary zeal.

various commenters #transphobia

RE: TIM works at the coffee shop I frequent and now the whole vibe is ruined

( Pickles )
There is a TIM that works at a sandwich shop I used to frequent and had to quit going because his attempt at mimicking a woman's voice was so incredibly unnerving to me and he always worked the cash register. The voice and impression he put on was actually frightening to me. Minor inconvenience for sure, but I don't hear other demographics of people who need to quit going to establishments because they have employees who openly put on offensive impressions of them. It really is bullshit we have to put up with it.

( CupOfAbominations )
Oh yeah that'd put me over the edge; the fake voice they put on is even worse, esp when they do things like exaggerating vocal fry. "Thankfully" this guy doesn't even try to affect a female voice, but he's so loud and he's always talking I just can't take it anymore...

( overanddone )
I hear you. There is a TIM clerk in a store I frequent, and I try to avoid him.

BUT! His mere presence means I have to consider him whenever I am there. I can’t relax, have to watch where I am looking and control my face, so the experience of shopping there has become slightly tense and no longer comfortable.

Is there a suggestion box at your coffee shop? Can you prepare and slip in a comment that loud political talk is ruining the once-pleasant vibe?

( Radishe )
Just having a TIM working in a coffee shop (there seem to be a lot of them, I had one today) puts me on my guard because I'm concerned it could escalate over any thing. I am always polite, I don't "sir" them, I don't look at them much, just place my order, but it still makes it less comfortable in there. It would be worse if he started going on about politics like that.

I bet his coworkers can't stand him either but have to suffer in silence.

( Spencer_Shayy )

"because I'm concerned it could escalate over any thing."

Literally why I hate working with "transwomen" and hate going to businesses staffed with "transwomen". They're ticking time bombs waiting for any excuse to fly into a violent rage. I actually feel safer around men who aren't "transwomen".

MariaTenebre #transphobia

That isn't grooming. Growing up into a sexual and sexualized adult is a part of life. If that is grooming, then by your own standard nature is the biggest groomer of all as nature turns children into sexualized adults. Boys grow into sexualized adult men; girls grow up to be sexualized adult women. Sexualized women and men should be role models for girls and boys as that is what an idealized mature adult looks like and that is what most women and men regardless of sexual orientation are attracted too. That isn't grooming unless you think that nature, puberty and sexual maturation is grooming which from a MAP's point of view I can see why you would argue that.

Plus, that isn't even the definition of grooming. Showing sexualized adults as the natural idealized role models for children is not grooming. A person using explicit sexual material on the pornographic end and manipulating a child for sexual and rape purposes is grooming. Showing a sexualized woman or man as the natural ideal for women and men aka the Venus and the Adonis is not grooming it is nature and the idea that being a mature sexualized and idealized adult is the ideal end for girls and boys as it always has been. Honestly the route people like you take of keeping people perpetual children is why the West is falling apart. Also Drag is about satire, parody and it does so in many cases by using highly sexualized humor, modes of dress etc. They dress to be outrageously sexual for humor and arousal. Many Drag Queens even admit they like to have sex with their adult male fans at these meetings. It is transvestite sexual humor. Now it can be made to be child friendly but much of what we no as Drag is highly sexualized male transvestite material that people do find arousing and that is the point.