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We should all be ready to do our duty as American citizens and, when duty calls, each of us should embrace our inner Rooftop Korean.

The year was 1992, 27 years ago right about now, and the city was Los Angeles. Several police officers who got into a videotaped brawl with a petty criminal named Rodney King were acquitted of beating him up. The city exploded. It was chaos.
I was a first-year law student, back a year from the Gulf War, and I had just joined the California Army National Guard. My unit was the 3rd Battalion, 160th Infantry, and we got called up early the first night and were on the streets for three long weeks. Making it even more delightful was the fact that the unit was in Inglewood, which was pretty much on fire. They burned most everything around, except our armory – that would have gone badly for them – and the Astro Burger.
My battalion commander grabbed then-First Lieutenant Schlichter, and we went all over the city in his humvee as he led his deployed and dispersed troops. Our soldiers came, in large part, from the areas most effected by the riots, and they were notably unpleasant to the thugs and criminals who quickly discovered our guys had no patience for nonsense. One dummy discovered that the hard way when he tried to run over some Guard soldiers from another battalion; he had a closed casket funeral.
The city went insane. Order simply ceased to exist. It was Lord of the Flies. I remember a cop totally breaking down because everything was completely out of control.
But I had a M16A1 – a real assault rifle – and I had a bunch of buddies with M16A1s. The regular folks … not so much. The decent people of LA were terrified, and with good reason. See, the dirty little secret of civilization is that it’s designed to maintain order when 99.9% of folks are orderly. But, say, if just 2% of folks stop playing by the rules…uh oh. Say LA’s population was 15 million in 1992…that’s 300,000 bad guys. There were maybe 20,000 cops in all the area agencies then, plus 20,000 National Guard soldiers and airman, plus another 10,000 active soldiers and Marines the feds brought in. Law enforcement is based on the concept that most people will behave and that the crooks will be overwhelmed by sheer numbers of officers. But in the LA riots, law enforcement was massively outnumbered. Imposing order took time.
And until then, our citizens were on their own, at the mercy of the mob. Betting that the cavalry was going to come save you was a losing bet.
LA’s Korean shopkeepers knew that. They operated many small businesses in some of the least fashionable areas of Los Angeles, and they were already widely hated by activists, being scapegoated for problems and pathologies that long pre-dated their immigration to Southern California. So, they became targets for the mobs.
Bad decision by the mobs.
See, most of these Koreans had done their mandatory service in the Republic of Korea’s Army. Those ROK soldiers are the real deal – the Norks are not a theoretical threat and the South Korean army does not spend a lot of time talking about feelings. They were some solid dudes. So, when the local dirtbags showed up for some casual looting, they noticed the rooftops were lined with hardcore guys packing some serious heat, including the kind of scary rifles that the Democrats want to ban.
The Rooftop Koreans.
It did not take long for the bad guys to realize that the Rooftop Koreans were not playing games – they were playing for keeps. The mob went away in search of softer targets.
There’s a lesson there.
Our first responders are awesome, but it takes nothing away from their heroism to point out that the title “first responder” is a misnomer. The citizens on site are the first responders. And they should be ready to respond. We all should. Personally.
Some duties of citizen should never be outsourced. If you are an able-bodied adult, it’s your duty to know how to stop the bleeding and give CPR until the pros who do it for a living arrive. And it’s your duty (and right) to defend yourself, your family, your community and your Constitution. With guns – effective guns, which sometimes means your concealed pistol and sometimes means the guns that those who want you defenseless call “assault weapons.”

Ban them? We should insist non-felon adult, able-bodied citizens own them and become proficient with them because all that law and order you see around you can disappear in a heartbeat. I watched it happen up close and personal, in one of America’s biggest cities. And as the Rooftop Koreans recognized, groups of citizens with (preferably) semi-auto rifles with 30-rounds mag is the only thing that is going to keep a mob in check.
It’s your duty to be prepared to defend our community. Your duty. Yes, being a citizen of a free country is sometimes hard. Too bad. Tighten up and be ready and able to pick up a weapon. Whether it’s a riots and disaster, or whether it’s some scumbag who decides to shoot up your house of worship or a shopping mall, it’s on you.
You have a job to do when chaos comes – no shirking your responsibility and outsourcing it to the local police or the Army. Being a citizen is not a spectator sport.

Now, the left does not see things that way. The mere idea of a good guy with a gun makes them wet themselves. The left hates the notion that we citizens might take personal ownership of, and responsibility for, the security of our own country – that we might act like citizens. See, citizens are unruly. Stubborn. Uppity. We’re hard to control at the best of times. Armed, 300 million of us are impossible to control, unless we consent to it.
Now, the Founders, who enshrined the natural right of free men to keep and bear arms in our Bill of Rights preceded only by the rights of free speech and freedom of religion, knew this. To them, an armed citizenry that is prepared, mentally and logistically, to respond to threats to the people is a feature.
To the liberal elite, it is a bug.
The elite wants serfs, not citizens. It recognizes the threat in our possession of modern weaponry. But it’s not a threat of us causing evil but of us quelling it. An armed people is a free people, and a free people demands its rights and its say in its own governance. Liberals talk about “gun control,” but what the really want is total control.
Of us.
There are two models to which Americans can aspire. One is to be citizens, armed and sovereign. The other is to be serfs, disarmed and obedient to their liberal elite overlords. Choose wisely.
Choose to be a Rooftop Korean.

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More needs to be said about the self-identity of western progressives. I would maintain that the defense of this identity (and its virtue) explains most of the insanity coming from the left today.

I notice two tricks, in particular, being used by leftists here.

First trick, linguistic, is the creation of loose words for their own political radicalism. These words are used to organize and galvanize when new, when discredited however they disappear and seem to apply to no one. We can see this in labels like “AntiFa” which the left has defended for years but now seems to be a figment of our collective imaginations. It also applies to general terms (“SJW” and “woke”). Who coined these? The left. But to hear their account they are right wing smears. This is process is complemented by the second trick, historical, that defines “progressive”, as by its essential nature, to be good, honest, and always winning. As such their history curves around counter examples and a self flattering triumphalist narrative is constructed. Whereas real identities (religion, ethnicity, and nation) refer to real things and therefore have real messy records of good and bad actions, the progressive identity need not worry itself with such troubling nuance. Any evil doer who called themselves a “leftist” or “progressive” in the past is vetoed from their history by definition. The inquisition & crusades will forever be part of “Catholic history”, but Eugenics and the Gulags are not and never will be part of “progressive” history. Progressivism is of course a religion. But these deceptive tactics give it the ability to do things we don’t usually allow. The first is the construction of impossible to meet historical moral standards. Since the left can never be held to account this is a fun excercise.

The second is an ability to shift standards in order to maintain its dual illusions (“always right and always wing”). For this reason neither the progressive moralist nor prophet ever need to doubt their work. But also as a consequence, the ideology itself is mercurial. Many have said that progressives see “progress as God” (e.g. it cannot fail it can only be failed) but the problem is deeper. The “God” the progressives worship has no nature, it is shifting, and ephemeral. There is no there there. Progressives have created for themselves and identity that always wins and that is always good, but the price they pay is that this identity is entirely EMPTY. It has nothing in it.

As such the progressive is the culmination the ne plus ultra of the rootless and stale modern condition, as sad as that is.

Can we not all strive something more authentic in our own identities?


Andy Ngo #racist

Andy Ngo #racist twitter.com

Despite Chauvin kneeling on #GeorgeFloyd’s neck, the medical examiner says a preliminary autopsy found no evidence he died of strangulation or traumatic asphyxia. Report suggests underlying health conditions combined w/intoxicants contributed to death.

Andy Ngo #wingnut

Andy Ngo #wingnut twitter.com

We are witnessing glimpses of the full insurrection the far-left has been working on for decades. Within hours, militant antifa cells across the country mobilized to aid BLM rioters. The first broken window is the blood in the water for looters to move in. The fires come next. They are now literally at the gates of the White House, arguably the most secure location on Earth. They want the revolution & they don’t care who or what has to be destroyed in the process. If their comrades die, they are elevated as martyrs in propaganda. BLM at its core is a revolutionary Marxist ideology. Its founders have made no secret of their worship of Communist terrorists & fugitives. They want regime change & the end of the rule of law. Antifa have partnered with them for now to help accelerate the break down of society.

The US is getting a small preview of the anarchy antifa militants have been agitating, training & preparing for. Those who are harmed first are the weak & vulnerable, the people who cannot protect themselves. Abolishing law enforcement is a condition for their success. The destruction of businesses we're witnessing across the US is not mere opportunism. It plays a critical role in antifa & BLM ideology. The goal is to abolish capitalism & have regime change. To do that, they have to make economic recovery impossible. Media, politicians, public—all of us—have underestimated the training, purpose & capability of left-wing extremists. Every part of the rioting has a purpose. Fires destroy economy. Riots can overwhelm police & even military. All of it leads to a destabilized state if maintained.

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Max Trisolof #conspiracy #moonbat dailykos.com

This is standard practice, impersonating others. It’s little-known that the killing ascribed to Pol Pot was actually carried out by militarist infiltrators into the Khmer Rouge, or that Maduro’s supposed shooting of people bringing food to Venezuelans were by opposition-installed agents to discredit the president.

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Rape is a reproductive strategy used by males cornered by society. Further that rape doesnt harm the female and the harm we see comes from society telling the females they are harmed by rape. This is because females demand that all sex has a cost and since rape is free to the male the cost must be paid by the female in being traumatised.

Rape is part of male sexual strategies like homosexuality but most men are incapable of rape. Women however want to be impregnated by a rapist because they want their genes to have the ability to rape as a reproductive strategy in case in the future they come close to personal genetic extinction and must rely on rape to perpetuate their genes.

Andy Ngo #racist

Andy Ngo #racist twitter.com

[across several Twitter posts...]

The building set on fire at the BLM Minneapolis riot is collapsing now. It looks like the city is just letting fires continue. Firefighters were attacked when they responded to the auto parts store engulfed in flames earlier.
A boy who says he’s 13 apparently drove a car into a store during the Minneapolis BLM riot. He asks others to help him get the car out because it is stuck. #GeorgeFloyd #BlackLivesMatter
This is the Walgreens on E Lake Street. Police and firefighters stopped responding long ago. Seems like they are giving people the “space” to riot and loot all night and into the morning. When firefighters responded earlier to a fire, people began pelting rocks at them.
Antifa, BLM and extremists who made plans to kill ex-cop Derek Chauvin at his home were angry to find the property protected by a full squad of police. There were dozens of police around the home. #GeorgeFloyd #BlackLivesMatter
Fires are still smoldering in Minneapolis this morning. The entire affordable housing development was razed to the ground. Wendy’s and Autozone have been completely destroyed in the riot as well. #BlackLivesMatter #antifa #GeorgeFloyd
Footage from inside the ransacked Target at the Minneapolis BLM riot last night. People brought their children there. Others could be seen using drills and other tools to try and remove cash registers. Drugs from the pharmacy were looted. #BlackLivesMatter #GeorgeFloyd
Ilhan Omar’s daughter retweeted a list of needed supplies for “comrades” who are rioting in Minneapolis. The Twin Cities DSA asks for ply wood, sticks, rackets and more.
This looks like antifa black bloc. Antifa accounts on social media are already crowdfunding bail money for any comrades that may get arrested. #Minneapolis #BlackLivesMatter #GeorgeFloyd
At the Target in Minneapolis that was being looted tonight during the BLM riot, a woman in a wheelchair was attacked.

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Dave Rubin, Nick Fuentes, et al #wingnut twitter.com

Rubin: Conservatives must fight the impulse to regulate big tech. Competition, free markets and human ingenuity are the answer. Not taking one big problem and combining it with another big problem.

Will put a hold on your name for when you join http://Locals.com!

Fuentes: Hard to believe there are still people out there who are ignorant or dishonest enough to perpetuate the laughable idea that the “free market” will protect conservatives from big tech. The loudest advocates for “free speech” are almost always those who are the least likely to be censored and who are nowhere to be found when actually “dangerous” ideas are suppressed. Censorship protects the marketshare of safe, sterilized, uncontroversial goobers like Rubin.

EveryBodyHatesScott: Build your own google, build your own facebook, build your own bank, build your own credit card processing place...

Jack Jolis: We shldn't "regulate" Big Tech,
, we shld break it up.

If TR was right to bust up ESSO, & we were right to do the same to "Ma Bell" (AT&T) in '82, both non-political

it make much MORE sense to bust up Google, Facebook, Twitter & YouTube--who CONTROL THE PUBLIC--today

squee: Hard to believe anyone thinks the free market will protect anyone from anything. It’s not the free market’s job, snowflake.

Candace Owens #racist

Candace Owens #racist twitter.com

[on Twitter, an excerpt from the Candace Owens Show...]

Candace Owens on Native Americans: "They were literal cannibals, it's been proven...that stuff stopped when white men began believing in a monotheistic worldview and started assigning morality"

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Melanie the mail-order hooker can go visit her son in his cage before we deport her. She can wear that cool jacket she has.

Yo, I'm all for taking down Trump and hopefully sending him to jail or leave him penniless begging on the street... But lets chill with the stuff about Barron.

He's a 12 year old kid. It's wrong to imprison children for their parents' crimes.

And yet, Dolt 45 and his fascist cronies see nothing wrong with doing this to thousands of people seeking refuge. Its funny that its totally inappropriate to mention that happening to the fat moron racist's kid and yet his supporters think its fine to do it to refuges' kids with zero plans to even identify these kids. Those kids are now being sexually assaulted, physically assaulted and drugged....so spare me about trump's kid. I literally have zero empathy for any member of that family...they're absolutely disgusting people and I have no doubt that the younger trump will eventually follow in his brother's footsteps.

Two wrongs don't make a right.

He's a total piece of shit, but it's better to take the high road than sink to his level. Take the money we would have spent on wrongfully punishing an innocent victim of circumstance and put it towards reuniting immigrant families.

I actually don't think its wrong. I think its simply karma. And it wouldn't cost anything...the trump administration has already spent thousands building child cages. The only problem is who's in them.

Supervillain Wannabe Award

Various Incels #sexist #psycho

Various Incels #sexist #psycho incels.co

[Experiment] Do you wish the world was good/fair, or do you wish you had the power to make people do what you want?

Whaddaya want?


Power. I want the world to work however i choose. I don't care about others, I'm inherently selfish and my needs trump anyone else's. If other people indirectly benefit from my actions then fair enough but i won't go out of my way to make people happy. If i had power i would make those suffer who caused me to. I like the idea of getting revenge on those who have done me wrong. There are many things i would like to do to certain people i wouldn't get the chance to otherwise. I would cause them untold pain.

I would also have power over women and i would make them lesser citizens like they should be and have them serve my every whim. Whore's need putting in their place.

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Brian Niemeier #fundie #wingnut brianniemeier.com

Death Cult Lexicon

One surprising insight uncovered by yesterday's post on the T-Witch is that some among the counterculture still mistake the Death Cult's ritual cant for normal, if jargon-riddled, English.

A vital aspect of Cult behavior that normal folks must always keep in mind is that all of a Witch's faculties are wholly given over to serving the Cult. That includes the gift of speech, which the Cult perverts from its original purpose of worshiping God to demoralizing and manipulating His children.



Trust & Safety = Death Cult compliance office.

Discussion = Satanic sermon.

Community = Cult congregation.

Healthy = Sickly, brainwashed, and spiritually dead.

Maverick T #wingnut #psychoceramics

Maverick T #wingnut #psychoceramics operationdisclosure1.blogspot.com

California! Go to the Damn Beach!

I sure wish Californians would go back to being the badass Californians I remember from back in January. I mean, why are surfers who aren’t afraid to swim with great white sharks afraid of that snake’eyed pantywaist Newsom, or some bully donut eater who’s probably had the Vrill proboscis treatment?

That reminds me…yesterday there was a video that went viral on the internet of a male nursing home attendant beating up an old man. The Q people went after this guy and within hours the Detroit police had him under arrest. Which is really good, but you gotta wonder what kind of a person would do that??? And film himself like he’s proud of it or something and then put it up on the internet? Well if you ask me that question I’d say NO kinda person would do that. But a proboscused bug-brain sure would. They love being bullies, and they love showing off how they can get away with being bullies.

And I think that’s all that’s happening in California where the bullies are getting away with beating up the Californians, who now the rest of the country is making fun of because they won’t just get up and go to the d*mn beach.

I myself have had the corona so now I’ve got the antigen in my blood, which I could donate to someone else who needed it. And that’s the thing about this dumb quarantine policy. Wouldn’t it be better to just let the corona spread around naturally so more and more people can get it and become immune? And become plasma donors to the dwindling numbers of infected people? Like with the chickenpox? I think instead of those ridiculous facemasks we should have little pins that say “I’ve got the antigen and I’m a donor!”

It’s time to move on from this foolish facemask thing.


Now I don’t claim to know the motive behind this wicked demand, but can’t you just feel the divisiveness in making people keep themselves six feet away from each other, just so they don’t pass cooties back and forth? It’s the very definition of evil! And it stuns me that people are willing to do this! Would God have you separated from your brothers and sisters like this? NO!!!!!!!!

Friends, please stop agreeing to that.

Please stop listening to a person who has absolutely ZERO interest in your well-being. She is only trying to continue manipulating people into unintentionally committing a sin, and that’s exactly what it is. I’m sorry, but it’s a sin to our humanity when you agree to that crap.

So stop.

Go to the beach and hug the snot out of every person you see. Maybe even kiss ‘em. That’s what God would have you do.

Declan Finn #wingnut #conspiracy

Declan Finn #wingnut #conspiracy declanfinn.com

I think I'm done with lockdown.

Sorry everybody, but I knew this was BS from the very beginning. I think a lot of people did. Trust me, you don't want to hear all the comments that I've heard from friends and family within the medical profession. There's a lot of cursing and spitting and swearing.

Short version: The state lock downs were stupid, medically unnecessary and just an excuse for democrats to be tyrants.

Okay, that last bit is more my somewhat more political friends.

But then, I get to live with de Blasio and Cuomo for Mayor and Governor -- two invertebrate eunuchs who only have a job because the GOP have abandoned New York for at least a decade, if not close to two. Who are so incompetant, they're trying to fix their broken budget (broken for easily the last two years) by demanding $61 BILLION from the feds, "or else." The "or else" includes firing cops, at a time where the state government has already made prisons a revolving door.

But as I said, this lockdown BS is pure stupidity. This is the first time in the history of the world where HEALTHY people have been quarantined.

And now, I'm at the point where I'm just tired of this. I don't even like going out most of the time, and it's only been a few weeks of good weather here, but no, we're done here. I'm ready to go outside, even though I generally don't want to be bothered with sun

"BUT YOU JUST WANT PEOPLE TO DIE" whine the Reichstag Firemen and their supporting Karens.

Look, you want to cower in fear in your basement until your savings run out, you go right ahead. At least if you're Muslim during Ramadan in New York City, Meals on Wheels will come to you. Everyone else seems to take a back seat. In California, Newsome will keep you in house arrest, then make sure you starve.

But then again, I just turned in two books in two months to my publisher. And I should probably get back to self publishing some other works while I'm at it. I wonder what happens when I hit thirty books.

Anyway, you may want to check out one of the following.

* The Silver Empire Book club for an almost neverending supply of good authors and content.
* My newsletter just to see me rant from time to time.
* And voting in the Dragon Awards is a must if you haven't already

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Introducing an already existing character as gay is pointless and pandering

Before you go and downvote my post into oblivion, let me state a few things first:

I have no problem whatsoever with any characters in Overwatch being "on the spectrum" other than the timing at which they were announced.

I have no problem with anyone associated with the LGBTQIAA+ community. "Live and let live" is my motto, so this rant/discussion post isn't hate-fueled.

With that out of the way, lemme get to where I'm coming from:

Back on Jan. 8th of this year, Overwatch released the promotional book 'Bastet' for Ana's Bastet Challenges. Near the end of the book, it's subtly revealed that Soldier 76 was once in a gay relationship.

Yeah... okay... so?

In all honesty, when I read that part the second time and understood what it meant, I kinda just rolled my eyes and heaved a sigh. There wasn't really any evidence leading up until now that Soldier 76 was a homosexual, and it seems like it was just dropped in there to "spice up" the already spicy Overwatch universe. It's exactly like Tracer's homosexual reveal: no lead up until it's dropped on us.

Like, why is this done? Apart from there being no reason this would change these characters for the worse in-game, it doesn't change them for the better either. It's just an "oh hey, also THIS" moment, and seeing how Overwatch has next to non-existent lore, I find that this is only done as a pandering move.

If you're going to have a gay character in your game, go for it! As long as they don't have "being gay" as their sole personality trait (because, tbh, people like that just put a bad name on the community anyways), I won't give it a second thought! But for the love of God, PLEASE create them as gay from the get-go of your game's creation, because this whole "drop it on them years into the existence of the game" crap is really annoying, and it makes Blizzard look like corporate shills.

Anyways, that's my POV. Again, it's not because I "hate gay people", or I'm a "homophobe", or anything like that. I'm just expressing my own opinion in what I hope is the community where it'll be heard the most. If you made it this far, thanks for at least reading before downvoting (if you did).

We just learned Reaper had a family and is therefore straight. We also learned Torbjorn has a wife. Is that needless pandering because they didn't outright state "He like women" the first time he was on screen

No, that's not pandering. Let me explain why:

As men, its logical to assume that they were straight. Seeing how only less than 5% of the population in the USA consider themselves as "anything but straight", that's not wrong to assume.

That being said, I personally find that, while being less than 5%, the LGBTQIAA+ community happens to make the biggest stink about equal representation. A lot of people nowadays do things that show how "progressive" they are, not because they are sincere about it, but because people eat that stuff up. And that's why I and a lot of other people see releasing a chatacter's sexuality as gay years after most people would assume him to be straight looks like Blizzard is pandering.

Wilfred Reilly #racist

Wilfred Reilly #racist twitter.com

The way you create a narrative is to isolate and publicize every incident of the phenomenon you're focused on. Black: white/inter-racial violent crime is 5% of crime (600K cases/12M crimes), and 80% of THAT is Black on white. Wouldn't think that from the papers, wouldja?

MayorOfKekville #sexist

MayorOfKekville #sexist incels.co

Unless you fuck a girl with massive boobs, narrow waist, and big round ass your life is pointless.
This goes for all the coping sub-8 normies too with their ugly flat-assed or flat-chested or landwhale girlfriends/wives.

CTON #racist #sexist

CTON #racist #sexist amren.com

”It's all a game to them. DNA/Ancestry/Origin is just a fun thing to observe on the side to her. She isn't well educated on any historical matter (especially about her homeland). She doesn't want to look like a brown/black. She doesn't want to live around them, eat their ethnic food (their truly ethnic food -- not the europeanized versions), adopt their culture, practice their religion, or live in their lands. She just wants to have ~10% or so 'exotic' DNA so she can brag about it.

She is truly privileged beyond belief and is ungrateful to her ancestors which toiled for her privilege.”

I've come around to the belief that the female of the species is not terribly aware -- not aware of being privileged (and therefore vulnerable), not aware of danger, or even great danger. My guess is that evolutionarily speaking that was always the man's job -- big picture awareness. Which is not to say she isn't aware of immediate danger. She may well have that awareness in a heightened sense. Her children. That's why and that's her concern.

But the gathering storm? Folly to expect her to notice it, never mind give it a thought.

That's something I do not understand with these white women who spout this liberal and anti white stuff. Women, especially attractive-looking women, are good at spotting men who are predators and who might mean danger to them or their children. That being said, it strikes me as odd how these same white women will welcome open borders and not being alarmed when a flood of mostly young male 'refugees' came pouring into the West. Look at them holding up those 'welcome refugees' signs.

The fact of the matter is that if it weren't for white men, she wouldn't enjoy any of the rights that she thinks are just natural rights that are just part of her existence. If all white men disappeared tonight, pretty young white women like her would go to the highest bidder who would do whatever he felt like doing to her, whenever he felt like doing it. And she would have no say in the matter.

She would end up as the property of some wealthy Arab Sheikh, some African warlord or some Mexican drug cartel.

I told some white liberal women in my class that. I said "it's in predominately Western countries in the West where women can vote and have rights. These are non-existent in the other parts of the world."

Michael Knowles #racist

Michael Knowles #racist twitter.com

Ida Bae Wells: There is a difference between being politically black and being racially black. I am not defending anyone, but we all know this and should stop pretending we don't.

Expert Scientist Michael Knowles: This is the Pulitzer Prize-winning @nytimes journalist behind the anti-historical 1619 Project.

Anonymous #sexist

Anonymous #sexist desuarchive.org

How can you talk about lesbians without talking about the statistically highest rates of intimate partner violence out of literally any pairing? The lowest rates are in m/m pairings, m/f is in the middle, and f/f have the highest rates of violence and abuse.

Frankly, I'm amazed it took this long in the thread to talk about lesbian bed death.

In the end homosexuality of any kind shouldn't be promoted by a civilization because it does not reinforce the family unit. A stable, functional society absolutely depends on the stability and quality of the family unit in order to survive. Families are about raising children.

I don't think it's the main force destroying society, but it's one of the cuts where the blood loss is coming from. There's not even any ill will here, it's just a basic sociological analysis. Conserving and building on the civilizational assets we all collectively own is critical for long term success.

All dyke or gay shipping in the fandom is trash.

L-e-i-n-t-h #homophobia #kinkshaming

L-e-i-n-t-h #homophobia #kinkshaming l-e-i-n-t-h.tumblr.com

What are your favorite male/male ships or female/female ships?

I don’t like that kind of ships. I’m a canon shipper. And if canon does not satisfy me, I create OC’s, rather than make a crack ship. I know, my flagship in Saint Seiya is totally a crack ship (Aiolos/Seika), but that’s my only exception. I think many m/m ships are, somehow, other expressions of misoginy. If authors were sexist enough to not give us enough well developed female characters, shipping m/m seems to me like condoning that sexism.

And I don’t believe in these ships as “representation” for MOGAI. You cannot bend someone’s sexuality, and I tend to treat fictional characters as real people, cause I know that what I do to them is a symbol of what I am. I wouldn’t bend a MOGAI character’s sexuality, so I tend to not do that to straight characters either.

Of course, I’m exposing myself to be judged as the ultimate homophobic, or something>

Bradford C. Walker #sexist #wingnut

Bradford C. Walker #sexist #wingnut bradfordcwalker.blogspot.com

[On the Ms. Monopoly board game]

Filed under "Get Woke, Go Broke", it's good to see that this pozzed variant crashed and burned. Some good news on a Friday is a welcome thing.


The Death Cult finds this acceptable insofar as they retain control over the company, even if their Humiliation Ritual-as-Boardgame didn't go as desired, because crashing the organizations that they converge is part-and-parcel of the praxis of their creed. That's because these moves are cultural suicide bombings, and even failed bombings make an impact upon the target.

So long as the pushback doesn't cause them to lose ground on the moral level of conflict-which is where the Death Cult operates from--then it won't hit them where it hurts them because pain is not damage and they care about pain.

Andy Ngo #racist

Andy Ngo #racist twitter.com

In 2013, Ahmaud Arbery was indicted for bringing an illegal gun to a school. A resource officer saw the handgun, a Big Bear .380 caliber pistol, and tried to stop Arbery but he took off running. The campus was placed on lockdown during the chase.

Additionally, Arbery has a shoplifting conviction from 2018. He also violated probation that year.

"The man ran through the parking lot. I tried to get him to stop as well. He would not stop for us," said Glynn County Schools Chief of Police, Rod Ellis, in 2013. Arbery, 19, at the time, was not a student at the school that he brought the loaded handgun to.

Regarding the 2020 killing of Arbery, officials say there is a video of him “burglarizing a home immediately preceding the chase & confrontation.” The former prosecutor says video also allegedly shows him attacking Travis McMichael & trying to grab his gun

AJC has published security footage from the under-construction home showing a person matching Ahmaud Arbery walking into the garage & then around the back of the house. He later exits through the front door & runs down the street. Video matches 911 call.

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Palestine will never be Philistine, because Philistine are ancient GREEKS and not ARABS!
You Arabs just stole the name Palestine from the Jewish people, also Palestinians are Arabs who are descended from Jews and Christians who've converted to Islam in order to survive but still opressed by SHARIA LAW!

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Modern Leftists aren't Bolsheviks whose end goal is implementing socialism. That's just a means to their true ends. In reality, they're unholy crusaders seeking to imminentize the eschaton of their heretical Death Cult. What the freedom-loving Conservative's worldview won't let him see is that the Cult doesn't hate freedom. It loves it with an untamed abandon he can't even contemplate. Unlike the Conservative, the Cultist takes absolutizing freedom to its logical extreme. Reality itself stands in the way of unrestricted license, so reality is the ultimate foe to be defeated.

You can see it in Leftist memes--or what passes for them. Memes are symbols, and symbols convey complex meaning in simple images. As Catholic author Dean Koontz once said, stained glass windows don't have subtitles.

But to be of the Left is to be at war with reality, and thus with inherent meaning. Their stock in trade is using language to obfuscate ideas. Thus we have "gender" instead of sex, "undocumented migrant" instead of illegal alien, and "gay marriage" instead of sodomy. Because their whole game entails replacing simple concepts with overwrought fabrications, their attempted memes end up as word salad walls of text.

It's also why the Pop Cult's IP agitprop factories can't produce art--or even tell a coherent story. Effective storytelling relies on tropes, which could be called literary memes. Attacks on established tropes are favored tactics in the Cult's war on meaning. Think of all the bluehairs on YouTube decrying good vs evil plots, damsels in distress, and orcs.


Thanks in part to Corona-chan, indie has its best-ever shot at replacing oldpub. Attaining market dominance over dreary message fic may not win the war on its own, but politics is downstream from culture, so it will be a major step back from the precipice.

You can help indie creators take back pop culture by supporting us instead of people who hate you. I wrote a #1 best seller to that effect. Buy it now!

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Probably the most amusing part about whites full of self-hatred (to me, at least) is how much non-whites are disgusted by them as well, and how those full of self-hate are somehow incapable of seeing this.

No one likes a traitor, though everyone is happy to take advantage of them for self-gain.

The nonwhites know these self-hating whites, underneath all the "I'm ashamed of my white privilege/my ancestors/slavery blah blah blah", prefer to live around whites and send their kids to school with majority white schools. These nonwhites see them as traitors and weak people. I have even heard nonwhites tell me they have more respect for whites who openly say they are proud to be white/openly making explicit racial remarks than they are these apologetic and self hating whites.

I just hope that, as America/Western Europe, get worse and worse that Eastern European nations do not let these leftists and liberals in. They will just bring the same liberal, naive, anti-white mindset with them and destroy Eastern Europe as they did when they fled California and are now turning Texas, Arizona, Colorado, etc, all blue now.

Yikes. I went to college for years and I only had three annoying incidents.

1) Was an idiot english professor who said 'ron paul hates black people.'
2) Another was a history professor who thought arabs invented caravels. Couldn't stop laughing, she knew nothing about the subject she taught.
3) The last was a scene in a government class where a mexican kid tried to talk about how evil conquistadors were. I made a comment about mesoamerican ritual sacrifice and he shut up pretty quick.

lol, that reminds me when I had to do a report on European influence in Latin America. I brought up the fact that Germans brought beer and breweries to Mexico in the 1800s, along with the fact Germans went to Mexico then and did the following: created the train system in Mexico, brought improved agriculture techniques, universities, etc. Even this Hispanic was impressed at what I told them. it was honestly the whites around us that made these anti-white comments. I really can't believe the self hatred that whites have. I have never seen anything like this among nonwhites. honestly, never have.

Miriamthebat #homophobia #kinkshaming

Miriamthebat #homophobia #kinkshaming deviantart.com



Oh my god, I can't believe I'm posting this. I'm gonna get killed.

I had this idea for a while now, but today I finally sat at my computer and did it. I'm proud that I did, because I'm normally incredibly lazy.

No flames. I am totally pro-gay and support gay rights, and have many friends and associates who swing that way. But yaoi fancrap and the fans that make it are annoying and overly abundant.

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Bradford C. Walker #wingnut #fundie bradfordcwalker.blogspot.com

The Death Cult is not an aberration in an otherwise functional business. It's a Satanic anti-religion that's gained power across ALL institutions--public and private--in the West, and it's very reason for being is to defile and destroy all that gives live meaning and purpose. They revel in taking power over your shows, your comics, your toys, your games and ruining them so thoroughly that you quit them in disgust. They use their power in media and tech to control what you see and hear, following a playbook refined by their predecessors.

This is why Narrative Warfare is a thing. The SJWs are obsessed with controlling information, and that control not only includes what you receive, but also what you produce, and to do that requires controlling both the flow of information as well as what flows through them. You cannot act on thoughts that you do not have.

Yes, they do use 1984 as an instruction manual. They also use Rules For Radicals, so read that also. The combination results in things like this recent #orcposting flareup; it's a Humiliation Ritual, where they know what they say is bullshit, but by making you go along with it--in any fashion, however slight--they know that they're flexing on you, demonstrating their power, and thereby setting the frame by which all discourse is enacted.

And that's what propaganda controls: The Frame Game.

You buy into their framing of the issue when you accept their terms, however implicit, via attempting logical argumentation- be it Dialetic or Rhetorical. They don't care; they can and will be total bad-faith shitters in order to maintain control over the frame, constantly making you adjust to their shifting of goalposts, knowing that onlookers are inclined to see this as them flexing on you and therefore being in power over you. The result? They win the fight that matters, and you're wondering yet again why Culty Kathy hasn't been guillotined yet.

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What's with foids' obsession with feeling "empowered"? Can they talk about anything without using that word?

I agree I get so pisses when I hear that word I can´t stand to hear it anymore because the only thing that word is associated with nowadays is females.

Holes are so shallow and conformist. Once many people start using a word the just have to use it too, without even questioning if that is the right word in the right context

It doesn´t even make sense for them to use that word anymore they already got THEIR "equality" by being allowed to work and vote which was the original goal of feminism they even are allowed to dress as slutty as they like e.g. yoga pants/tights the battle is over there is no more to "fight" for, at least for women but they just want more and more they don´t seek equality they want superiority; I never heard of any man getting a high position job just because of his gender like women do because in the higher end jobs like ceo´s and stuff there need to be an amount of women not only men, so even if other men had better credentials they wouldn´t get the job just because their gender as a male isn´t that what feminism was trying to get rid of that we should be equals? No it´s all a fucking joke.

CTON #racist

CTON #racist amren.com

The question is how to make people proud of their White heritage.

If our people need someone to tell them to be proud and not hate themselves, what's the point? really? The other groups don't hate themselves nor could all the propaganda in the world convince them to.

Whites are the ONLY race which hates themselves. [Obviously, not all Whites, but waaaaay too many.]

However, most nonwhites do not bash their ancestors like whites do. (never heard blacks rip on Malcolm X, never heard Mexicans rip on Pancho Villa, never heard Chinese rip on their ancestors, etc). most nonwhites do not say "Hey, our neighborhood is 'too mexican/too black/too arab/too chinese." Nonwhite women defend their nonwhite men and demand their nonwhite men be proud of their race. Nonwhites do not try to ruin anothher nonwhite person's life for being 'racist' or hating white people. Nonwhites do not spend their free time or money helping out whites. Nonwhites, if they felt attacked as a race, would unite against whatever threat it was unlike whites who go "i'm not racist, I'm human, I dont see color, i'm better than my ancestors, blah blah blah"

I especially see this self-hatred when I was at college recently. My classmates were mostly all whites and I would hear them rip on whites for 'white privilege' I heard whites openly praise Malcolm X (who called us devils) I heard these whites praise the whites being killed in South Africa. I heard these whites make anti-white comments even when the discussion at hand had nothing at all to do with race. It's almost as if black militants have possessed a great many whites in America and Western Europe. I heard white professors openly say to Hispanics in our classroom "let's speak spanish so we can make fun of these white people" I have seen whites, when a black is around, making self-degrading anti white comments like "we white men can't dance"

The only whites I can attest who are proud of being white, proud of their ancestors are Eastern Europeans, Southern Europeans (italians, greeks). Maybe Irish and Scottish are proud of who they are, but that might be to jump on how 'oppressive' the British Empire was. I dunno. But yes, this level of self-hatred among whites is shocking, disappointing at the same time. If their survival instincts have not kicked in by now, they won't.

How do we expect to save the West when the majority of young whites hate themselves and do not care about preserving what our ancestors built? I say America and Western Europe, maybe espect for Austria or Denmark or Norway, are done for.

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I thought to reply to Almost Missouri’s comment but you’ve struck a bit closer. If anything, the Bible thumpers are narcissistic, megalomaniacal, and self-aggrandizing to presume that they know this entity (if it exists) and especially that they “have a personal relationship with” it. How lofty one must be to chat amicably every night with an entity capable of creating the Universe. An atheist or agnostic has the humility to accept that he is less than a grain of sand in the Universal scheme of things. What hubris does it take to believe that one can comprehend the infinite?

What irks me the most however is that all the thumpers are convinced that Bronze Age Semitic Jews had everything figured out, were in fact blood related to the creator of the Universe, and that my ancestors were retarded barbarians fighting off brown bears and wolves under several feet of snow. And yet these same geniuses complain incessantly about Jews controlling the Narrative and dictating our livelihoods. Hmm. Seems like a “can’t see the forest for the trees” problem.

That the JewGod thumpers coopted our “pagan” traditions and holidays, made their “New and Improved” “JewGod & Son” brand supersede the qualities of our gods like Dionysus is obvious and undisputed. Nobody thinks Easter is anything but our ancient Spring Festival or Christmas more than our winter equinox festival – they readily concede that they have no idea when JewGod Jr was born nor when/where he died. They just plastered “JewGod & Son” logos over all our pagan billboards and told us it was better this way.

We may in fact (many of us) need religion for a properly functioning civilization, but I’m certain that we don’t need the Jew’s God or his putative bastard. I’m certain that no Bronze Age Jew had a better understanding of Reality than I do. And given the skepticism around these parts of Jews and their motives and methods, it’s ironic that so many Jew-believers comment here in defense of this Jewish fable.

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Miriamthebat #homophobia #kinkshaming deviantart.com

) Multiple reasons I dislike yaoi so much, including but not limited to:

- For one, I find it incredibly disrespectful to real life gays. It's a media that treats gay men like sex-obsessed man whores. It's not helping in the fight for gay rights and equality. What happens if a politician uses the internet to do research on the gay lifestyle in order to influence his decision on a law, and finds all this yaoi and yaoi culture instead? It will give him the wrong impression, a bad one, and set back progress on the freedoms the gays have been fighting for. Hell, even yaoi fangirls disrespect gays by believing them to have the same stereotypes as their gay anime characters. Why is it that yaoi fangirls will ask a gay person "are you a seme or an uke?" and think that it's a perfectly acceptable question? I want my gay friends to be treated as equals, not to be seen as stereotypes who's lives revolve around sex.

- It's unhealthy for young girls to be so obsessed with yaoi. Nothing makes me more angry than seeing yaoi fangirls squeal about rape as if it's a good thing, finding rape "cute", or writing stories where a character gets raped then falls in love with the rapist. That's disgusting and wrong. And shota? If there's sex involved, it's pedophilia. It's not cute in the slightest and it should never be considered cute.

- Yaoi fangirls tend to hate female main characters, drawing hate and slaughter art. It's disheartening to do a search for art on your favorite female character, only to find pictures of her being tortured or dismembered. It's even worse if you do a search on your favorite straight pairing, only to find more pictures of a gay pairing with the female character being slaughtered in the background. My search for Sora/Kairi art brought up stuff like that.

- Many yaoi fangirls are elitists and think that they are better than people like me. They think I'm closed-minded or a homophobe because I don't like yaoi. Some yaoi fans also think they are victims of the same persecution as the gays themselves. To believe they suffer as much as the gays because of their hobby is ridiculous when there are gay people being murdered by their own family members for coming out of the closet.

- There's too much of it. The Kingdom Hearts fandom was nearly ruined for me because of the huge percent of yaoi art. Yaoi fangirls tell people "if you don't like it, don't look at it!" but it's impossible to do, especially when there's yaoi on the front page of deviantart nearly every day! Yaoi fansgirls also seem to find themselves above censorship, posting very racy or pornographic images in places they shouldn't and then getting angry if people complain.

- You saw how people reacted to my "just say no" image. I got a lot of hate mail and threats. And NONE of the hate mail was from people who were actually gay. The image itself was a joke and was not meant to be taken seriously, which is why I drew it with bright colors, chibi characters, and the stupid acronym. Yet people treated me like I was physically hurting gay people. I still see people insulting me in their LiveJournals long after the initial incident. All because of a joke image?

There are a lot more things I hate about yaoi, but I can't remember them all in specific to post them now

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mellainadiba #sexist #wingnut reddit.com

FEMINISM EXPOSED: This is so hypocritical and absurd it becomes funny: 10 Instances Finland Enhanced Gender Equality. THEY CITE MALE ONLY CONSCRIPTION as gender equality and FEMALE ONLY LAWS - LOL? Feminism is a cult. Double think.

The list the fact that it has men only conscription (Finland is extreme in that it actually does jail men who don't conscript too) and women have the option of gaining milatry benefits if so inclined

It also celebrates female only loans lol


Mean time, Finald has 2:1 women to men in university, one of the reasons for this is the forced conscription, and women are paid more than men for equal work (men still earn more as they work longer)

Check out feminist response in Norway (OFFICIAL STATEMENT INCLUDED ITS SO BAD ITS FUNNY):

Lets take one issues affecting men and specifcally see what feminism (organisations not just random individuals) had to say about it. I have direct statements and policies from the feminisnt organisations. See below.

So Norway has forced male only conscription:

the ultimate form of slaverly, where men, regardless of their moral background or personality are forced to learn how to kill or face prison.

This is one of the biggest manifestations of gynocynetsicm in society and of course proof that the hypothesis of patriarchy is as robust as modern flat earth theory. Yes men create systems to benefit men by getting men to do all the dangerous and hard things (93% of work deaths, and here the milatry)

Many countries need conscription as voluntary private armies are too expensive for the nation. So it is needed. Of course the feminists know this and only want men to do it. Feminists when questioned often pay lip service, and say "yeah we support no draft, but if there is a draft women should do it too", as they know it won’t happen….. erm until it does. Norway passes both gender conscrtiption. Lets see what feminists flip flopped when shit it did happen:

Firstly one party voted against it in parliment. Many of Noways feminists organisations (NKF, IAW, WILPF) were viciously against it

Oncefa2 #sexist #crackpot

Oncefa2 #sexist #crackpot reddit.com

By definition, "non-radical feminists" are MRAs. If they actually cared about gender equality, they would support the MRM.

Feminists like to go on and on about how there are "true feminists" and "radical feminists". Well I've come up with a pretty good litmus test to distinguish between the two.

You can tell if a feminist is a "true feminist" who "supports gender equality" by whether or not they also support the men's rights movement.

If you take their words at face value, this is what it means. People like Warren Farrell and Karen DeCrow are "non radical feminists". People like Bell Hooks and organizations like NOW represent the "radical man-hating" brand of feminism.

Hold them to their own standards is what I'm getting at here. If they advocate for double standards and disagree with MRA ideas like equal child custody laws and legal paternal surrender, then they do not support gender equality. Which makes them "radical feminists", per their own definition.

Whether or not that means that most feminists are "radical feminists" is their own problem to sort out among themselves. I say go ahead and welcome the rational ones into our ranks though. After all, they're the ones who said it. So let's hold them to it. The number of feminists who become MRAs should demonstrate pretty clearly if they actually mean what they say.

Razorbladekandyfan #crackpot

Razorbladekandyfan #crackpot reddit.com

(Note: The subreddit is called r/TrueGayMen)

Glad to see this subreddit.

So Im glad there is a specific gay male space because most, if not all LGBT spaces fail to understand and tackle one simple concept - homophobia against gay males stems, at least in most part, from Misandry. Yes. Not misogyny. Male sexuality is reviled in this culture, and two men being together doesn't magically negate or nullify that hatred. Almost all of the argument I hear against gay rights in my country are "wait you like men? But they are disgusting, how can you like men?" Yet the mainstream LGBT fails to ever tackle this issue and they even have the audacity to pin it all on misogyny, somehow. Their explanations never made sense. So yeah. I'll be posting here in the future.

OldIncel #sexist

OldIncel #sexist incels.co

[Serious] If you have to put any effort in, it's over... SUB 5 INCELS COME IN HERE

Chad doesn't put in any effort. He will just text whatever slut is on his current rotation, "I'm horny." and that's it. He had sex that night.

Just lmao at anyone who is sub 5 and puts in any effort. You are working hard to attain something that Chad puts ZERO effort in. The only result you will get is humiliation and embarrassment when you fail. And lets say you "ascend" by betabuxxing? Now you are PAYING for something that Chad gets for free... And usually it's Chad's leftovers. Do you want Chad's leftovers, YOU CUCK?

Just go MGTOW(MSTOW) if you're sub 5. It's not worth it to put any effort in.

Only time when it's worth putting effort in is if you are a 6 and can looksmaxx up to a 8.

A virgin who expels countless hours and energy achieving that which society said he should achieve, will only end up dying tired.

A virgin who never contributes to society, never pays taxes, never consumes, never purchases or socialises, is something that they don't want.. they need enough people to believe the lie so the next generation can be brainwashed with the lie.

"Just keep trying bro!"


There's literally nothing i can think of that's more cringe than some genetic dead end socially outcasted low status loser trying to "self improve" to fit into society. It's like they're so far off the mark I don't even know where to begin with them. The average person, and even the above average, just exist and the things that you consider "normal" just happen to them. No high schooler ever had to "self improve" to get a girlfriend, he just existed, thought it would be cool and fun to play sports, and a girl was attracted to him and they gravitated towards each other. There's no thought out into any of this, these things just happened through the natural flow of life, no "self improvement" necessary. That's what happens when you're not a genetic dead end mentally ill freak, you don't ever find yourself one night lying in bed alone wondering why you don't have a single friend or you've never kissed a girl at 23 years old. You don't devise a plan to stop touching your cock for six months in order to look a girl in the eye. You just exist, you go with the societal flow, and you end up with a wife, a nice job, a house, and some kids. If you missed out on this flow, it's probably because you're complete genetic shit.


that is the blackpill distilled into one photo. If all blackpill archives were lost, this would be the only thing that would need to be preserved to make anyone rope.

I haven't been to 4chan in years but it's good to see that there are still good quality posts once in a while

FidelCashflow #sexist

FidelCashflow #sexist incels.co

[Blackpill] 16 year old chad gets his girlfriend pregnant


This guy completely disproves the redpill and the bluepill.
He doesn't have any money so it proves females dont care about money.
Hes completely retarded so it proves females dont care about intelligence.
Hes completely immature so it proves females dont care about confidence and being maturity.

Jfl and 3 months after this girl gave birth, the Chad went and got her friend pregnant too
My favorite line of the video was "I had sex with her before we even kissed"
Jfl Chad's dont even have to wait for a kiss, they jump right into sex

Edmund_Kemper #sexist #crackpot

Edmund_Kemper #sexist #crackpot incels.co

[SuicideFuel] this is what the future will be like. WARNING: SUIFUEL ENDMANKINDFUEL

*sub10 law will exist and even 9/10 chads will be incel
*saying hello to a woman will become illegal (unless you're gigachad)
*women will be allowed to be naked in public and if you even look you're a registered sex offender and given the death penalty
*accusing someone of rape will be enough proof to convict them and castrate them in public
*all politicians will be foids
*all bathrooms will be unisex and men and women will share the bathrooms together (people are now actually advocating for this i shit you not)
*the age of consent will be raised to 21 so will the age of majority and marriage age and porn age and predator hunters will confront men who fuck 18-20 year olds and they will be castrated in public
*freedom of speech will be gone
*the word "female" will be illegal

cryptic__egg #sexist

cryptic__egg #sexist incels.co

[Serious] Nobody wants us to ascend

Normies say that they want us to ascend, but in reality they set up a system of faulty logic that makes it impossible for us to ever be right. When we are trying to better ourselves they tell us that nobody is entitled to sex and that our efforts do not guarantee sex. When we become aware of this and stop trying, the narrative immediately shifts from us not being entitled to us not trying hard enough. There is no way we can be right. The standard set for us to reach through self improvement is impossible, so we're left to either chase it forever or be hated for not trying.

The real problem is the impossibly high standards of foids, with the average man being seen as a compromise that no foid wants. When we point this out we're just called misogynistic incels.

coppernicus #sexist

coppernicus #sexist incels.co

[It's Over] Chad is inherently worthy

I was thinking about this last night. Even if I do ascend, a woman will never want me for who I am, just for what I possess. Just think about it, back when I used to browse r/relationship_advice a lot of women there had problems with their bfs because they were unemployed and playing videogames all day, yet they still had a gf that wanted things to work out. As an incel, you're expected to jump through a hoop on fire, land in one hand and then juggle 5 balls with your feet, just so that you can get a crumb of women's attention. Is that really love? It doesn't seem as pure as the one Chad gets, it seems more like a transaction. While Chad is inherently worthy of women's love, we have to prove ourselves and work really hard, so that we are then valued based on our material possessions. And even if you do the whole mating ritual circus performance, you may still not get any this days. This whole thing is very depressing because I realize now that no matter what I do, a woman will never genuinely love me.