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Is Italy even worse than Germany? Jfl

lookswise meds look way uglier then whites especially if they come from the south.

but hypergamy wise?italy has shit tier wages,a huge ammount of competition since it's still a very populated country(the smaller the population the harder it is for dating apps to work and for chads to appear),is one of the most travelled countries in the world so white bois gonna be fucking them tanned poor easy bitches,unless the guys can immigrate they often have no jobs and can't afford escorts(yeah escorting is a sin but that isn't the point). So the women are very hard to get,the guys have zero money,they can't escortmaxx,can't africamaxx heck they can't even vidyamaxx since getting a pc is expensive for them,they can't restaurantmaxx,they get mogged 24/7 especially in big cities.All of this whilst living in one of the most beatiful countries in the world,filled with amazing beaches, and a million chads and cute stacies that often look like jbs(meds are tiny people) constantly going around and waving their happiness to anyone.

so yeah i would say it's way fucking worse then germany.at least in germany there are decent jobs,neetbuxes,some help if you are homeless.in italy there doesn't seem to be any of that,

Shitskin hands typed this.

Not even worth answering this amount of garbage point by point.

i don't live in italy,but that's the impression i have from what i have seen so far.how am i wrong?

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What are you talking about? While I couldn't get a date with the most disgusting fat pig in America, I had no problem dating models outside the depraved West. Why? I was in top physical shape, physically attractive, intelligent, successful, etc. Women in modern culture absolutely hate intelligent moral men, that is why they hated me. But outside of the West, I didn't have this issue.

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What if Death is not a Random phenomenon?


I have studied more than 100 criminal cases and deaths of all kinds: Accidents, Terrorist Attacks, Natural Disasters, among others. In every case, we've had very strange things that demonstrate that death may not really be a purely natural phenomenon.

Let's take, for example, Ye Meng Yuan, one of the fatal victims of Flight 214 that departed South Korea towards San Francisco and crashed into the airstrip, losing the roof and catching fire shortly after. Meng Yuan managed to escape from the rubble only to end up being run over twice by one of the fire trucks that went to put out the fire.

It's important to point out one thing here: The statistical chance of a plane having suffered that kind of damage and not having suffered a more serious accident along with the Yuan death incident is the lowest possible. therefore, to say that it is coincidence is to go against logic itself.

Let's also go to another strange case of death was Jessica Redfield's shooting in 2008 in Aurora, Colorado during the presentation of the film: Batman: the dark knight. she died during such an incident. however, she had survived a month before a shooting in a mall in Toronto, Canada, and she felt presciently that something bad was about to happen to her, even after she survived the incident, which would be confirmed soon after.

Another strange case was Flight 216 in 1977, where it was carrying a basketball team from the University of Evansville, Indiana and crashed, killing all who were transported except one who was not on the plane due to an ankle problem, David Furr de 18 years old, who would later die 2 weeks later in a car accident along with his younger brother: Byron near Newton, Illinois.

What does that mean? There is a pattern to death! and such a pattern is based on the fact that no matter how a highly deadly mass phenomenon occurs, only people already predetermined to death will die from it.

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Modern wokeness was a disaster for gays. Once upon a time, you could just be gay. Gay was gay. Gay was nothing else. Gay was nothing more. You were either a dude who liked other dudes, or a girl who liked other girls. You could be yourself and be as gay as you wanted and that was that. As simple as could be.

Then came the "community" mafia. Suddenly gay being meant you were apart of some coalition with other non straights. Gay was now a community you HAD to be in. The gays had to get along with the lesbians, the lesbians had to deal with the gays, and everyone had to deal with the troons. It was the lgb"T" community after all. You dykes and fags HAVE to get alone with troons. Never mind the fact that transgender isn't even a sexuality so the whole thing makes no sense, STOP THINKING TOO MUCH BIGOT. What's that, you're a lesbian who obviously doesn't like cock because that's the whole point? Too bad, suck the girl cock anyway or else you're a bigot!

The problem with this is that gays don't really have anything in common with lesbians. They're never going to get along organically. And nobody has anything in common with troons, so that's a non fucking starter right from the get go. When the T got associated with the L and the G, the T brought along with them all their baggage and woke nonsense. Being gay was now an aggressive political statement.

As a homo I cannot even begin to tell you how hard it is to find non woke partners nowadays. I just want a cute girl to cuddle and do cute things with, I don't want to read your fucking twitter or talk about how great abortion is or how much you like multiculturism or whatever. Finding a normal gay is next to impossible. It makes you realize why everyone used to hate us and why they're starting to hate us again.

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At that time I was completely against this video. I thought this is a complete false, made-up video insulting and ridiculing the Buddha. I hated this. I thought this was done in lowly, corrupted intention in hating Buddha and Buddhism. But later I recalled all about this to Ms. Sandya, a good, honest lady whom I know well and she also watched this video as well as others. She was a buddhist but now a converted devoted christian. I hoped a fair reply from her because she has a good knowledge of Buddhism being a Buddhist until she was well past her 20's of age. She did reply but it really shocked me again, because she said after much thinking that everything in this video is completely true!! I was shocked and terrified but she said that this is true. She said that Buddha did not believe in the God and rejected the whole idea of God's creations of everything, humans, animals and worlds . She said that Buddha failed to say how everything started first and said everything started naturally which is wrong. She said all desires cannot be eliminated as Buddha said so, because its work of the God which Buddha did not understand. Buddha said after eliminating all desires, humans can achieve Nirvana state which is away from heaven and hell and that Buddha going to Nirvana after death. But this lady told me that this Nirvana was never correctly proved by Buddha and either there was not a single evidence to support it. She said if that is true and correct, Buddha has to come out himself in any form after his death and say that he's now in Nirvana, but that kind of thing did Not happen. At least not even the slightest notifications occurred at that time or any kind of signs of any form appeared anywhere with Buddha's death to prove about this Nirvana theory. This lady said that its a complete lie by Buddha and that nirvana is not achievable and that it does not exist at all. There's only heaven and hell. She said that its known to Christians that Buddha said at his dying time that Buddha "still did not find the light I am searching for".

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Hugely disappointing explanation. Did corrupt big pharma buy Khan institute as well? Perhaps khan institute is not up to date that the second Doctor co-authorizing the Wakefield study actually appealed all the way to the high courts and won the case that no malpractice had occurred in the "Wakefield Study" study and received his medical license back. As well, it was declared by the presiding judge that the Lancet paper authored by the Wakefield and 12 other prestigious researchers, should be re-published and that the entire Wakefield case had been handled unjustly. Andrew Wakefield has also since been vindicated scientifically by 6 independent research teams from different countries, all having been able to replicate Wakefield's findings, showing he was RIGHT to suggest that more research into links between autism, MMR and IBS is needed. Andrew Wakefield, produced a profound film, VAXXED, which has supported a huge wake up movement around the world. Highly educated doctors, chiropractors, health practitioners, mothers, fathers, are waking up to the reality that there is massive fraud being perpetrated in Big Pharma and government regulatory agencies. People are discovering that we MUST question the safety of vaccines.

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1. STOIC (being calm and almost without any emotion.)
No feelings, No emotion,
prudence, justice, fortitude, and temperance.
(Or if you prefer: wisdom, morality, courage, and moderation.)
Stoicism holds that the key to a good, happy life is the cultivation of an excellent mental state, which the Stoics identified with virtue and being rational. The ideal life is one that is in harmony with Nature, of which we are all part, and an attitude of calm indifference towards external events.
2. LACK OF LOVE ~ teaches compassion only as the highest virtue.
3. PASSIVE ~ We are just part of this Karmic universe, Cause and Effect. We are the effect of some cause, ie, we were born because our parents made love . . .
4. SELFISH ~ Does not concern about other important things, (example, the origin of the universe, the nature of the self as a body with a soul or mind, And the nature of God or Creator or Prime Mover, or the nature of the spirit) is only concerned of the self reaching enlightenment, nirvana
5. ATHEISTIC ~ Doesn't concern himself about god, more accurately, AGNOSTIC .
6. NO SOUL 无我 , ANATTA , NON-SELF ~ The self is just a tiny little part of a bigger reality in the universe.

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“How would Buddha believe in Jesus, Jesus was born after buddha's death and Buddha was born in lumbini near himalayas there was no teachings of Jewish near buddha's area”

The lady who told me about this said that, although Jesus was born after Buddha died, the Christianity was here in this world since 5000 years. It was the time of Moses. If Buddha was all knowing and intelligent enough, he supposed to have known about Christianity also. Thank you for responding!

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Post wall roastie laments losing her teen "pretty privilege"

As a teen, I let my good looks define me - now, at 44, I feel invisible

tl:dr 44 year old toilet mother of three, happily married, is complaining that she is "invisible" compared to when she was a pretty teenager. This foid is literally admitting that pretty/female privilege is real. The entitlement is astounding, because she is both blaming men for 'reducing women to their appearances' but she is also complaining that she has 'lost a large part of her identity'.

This retarded foid will never know the pain of being a sub-chad male who is invisible all his life. She does not know how lucky she is to have been born a pretty white foid and at least have had decades to be fawned over for her looks and sex appeal. Also the entire fucking article is just a humblebrag about how pretty she was, with lots of pictures of her young self and stories about people calling her beautiful or whatever.

But of course men are the problem for making her feel the need for said validation, of course, she can't admit that maybe craving it is a flaw. The fact that she let her youthful beauty define her entire being is somehow the fault of men (despite her admitting that she even enjoyed female validation of her own beauty). And now she is a mother and married and that still isn't enough for her jfl. They say that incels are obsessed with our youth but at least we have a reason. We had lost youths and we pine for the simple validation that would have come from a teen/young gf. Meanwhile roasties get validated by EVERYONE when they are young and then pine after it when they are older because they are fucking GREEDY, and even being happily married and with kids is not enough for them, meanwhile oldcels are completely fucking lonely.

She wrote that she felt uneasy when non-attractive females were ignored or disrespected. What about men who are treated like lowest dirt if they are ugly and/or mentally I'll and don't act 'normally'? I'm sure they aren't even human beings in her eyes.

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>Surviving alone

Completely dependent on western gibs.

>Never siding with cabal
Constantly praising israel for slaughterin palastinians.

Daj ne seri, majmuncicu.

Never starved!
Most of Europe at one point or another had a famin.
Most of the world did!

And for anyone wondering what storm tragedy was, it's cabal and vatican genociding Serbians and removing hundreds of thousands of civilians from their land in one swoop operation.
They would shoot at convoys, pull children out of mothers aems and masacer them... stories were Horrific.
All done by people who forgot they were once Slavs and now worked for satanists, like most of Western nations goverments did so and so called Croatians.

It's because Serbians never give up Slavic origin, and particularly Christianity!
vatican and cabal cannot live with that!
Crimes against Serbs just in recent history are beyond what anyone can immagine here.
cnn vatican and cabal aided in those crimes and even attempted to frame Serbian people for crimes they themselves, cabal, comited against Serbs.
And bearly anyone stood up and spoke/witnessed to the world on behalf of the slaughtered children, and butchered civilians.
Persecuted, scattered, tortured, blamed... some dont even know their origins anymore and turn their knife at their people from lands close and far.
And Slavs gavr contributions behind everything that was useful is a Slav technology wise.
There is people speaking here, and elsewhere, some now the truth some don't, some are truly ignorant some lie pitpusfuly.
But truth cannot be hidden forever, everything is logged!
Everything balanced out eventually, that's how universe works.

You can swear and attempt to ofend me all you want, the only thing that ofends me subject related is that so many were so willing to butcher children!
And so many know, and they deny them the truth.
That's it.

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As a non-passing Trans woman, I feel there is no place for me in society, but I cannot envision a future for myself in the closet.

29 MTF

I started HRT almost 5 years ago and I've had zero results physically, in some ways I actually look even more masculine than I did pre-everything due to weight gain and general aging.

On top of it all, I just see so much hatred and venom spewed towards people like me at every turn. And I'm not talking about conservatives assholes, I'm talking about progressive people who never stop preaching about diversity and inclusion, but instantly shut the door behind them when it comes to trans women who have committed the cardinal sin of being too ugly. I see it non-stop from Cis feminists, other LGB people, Trans men and AFAB NBs, and younger passing Trans Women. Everyone looks down on non-passing Trans women. We're constantly ridiculed, treated with suspicion at every turn, derided as monsters, predators, & perverts, blamed for making "real" (aka passing) trans people look bad, and relentlessly shamed anytime we even try to exist uncontroversially in any sort of space, all while constantly being talked over and gaslit about our own life experiences, and our pain and suffering erased, and our accomplishments invalidated, bc after all we're just uber-priviledged men, and thus we clearly dont have any real problems in society.

It has all made me incredibly bitter and resentful. I feel like there's no place for people like me anywhere, not in normal society, not within progressive bubbles, and not even within the Trans community itself. I've lost my ability to empathize with or trust other people, unless they have similar circumstances to mine (AMAB, non-passing, no social support). I don't even know what I want or hope to gain from typing all of this out, just that this has been boiling over for a while and I need to get these feelings off my chest before I explode.

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Was the headship of a husband over his husband inbuilt in the Creation? Children know their fathers are the head of the family even if their wives don’t acknowledge this. How do I know? If a child has a godly father, the chances of the children growing up to be believers is extremely high. If a child has a godly mother only, the chances of the children growing up to be believers is low.

Children can see that their fathers are generally bigger, stronger, and with louder, deeper voices than their mothers. This is inbuilt from Creation. Yes, women will effectively deny all of this because they have been taught that authority by their husbands is oppression, yet they trot off to work each day to be under authority of their bosses, and they obey the speed limit since they are under the authority of the government, yet forget being under the authority of the one they chose to love all of their days.
Yes, the headship of husbands over their wives was inbuilt from Creation since the purpose for God creating Eve was to be a help meet to her husband. This is God-ordained and it is good. For those who want to argue that being a helpmeet didn’t mean that Adam was in authority, oh yes, it did. In 1 Timothy 2:13, was are told that one of the reasons that women are not to
usurp authority over men nor teach them was because Adam was created first. God made him first and had Adam name all of the animals.

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Loki is male-female and when he ate the burnt heart of Angrboda he became unbalanced towards the female side of himself. This we can see clearly in the anti-male (anti White Male more precisely) stance in our society, something that is overlooked if we take the Abrahamic Religions as being 'male-dominated' alone. 


Like Sauron in Lord of the Rings this Demonic Force will accept no opposition, and when it arises will deflect or even totally destroy it. The ultimate aim is to destroy the Races of Man altogether, which seems clear when we consider their creation of 'Artificial Intelligence' and their experiments on human beings - such as the 'vaccines' where mRNA ('Messenger RNA') is used to alter the DNA Code. 

These 'experiments' on human beings suggest that the 'Grey Aliens' of Ufology are the 'Trickster-Virus' that does certain abductions and experiments. These are, unlike the 'Nordics', grey, colourless, sexless, race-less etc.


Every Empire of Light from ancient times has arisen as if from nowhere, created a high civilisation which reaches a peak, begins to decline as it loses its energy (when it starts to become detached from the Sacred Centre), is 'infected' by a type of destructive 'virus' which then finally destroys it, as the remnants are destroyed by 'barbarians'. From there the Trickster-Virus 'leaves the falling house' and moves elsewhere to do the same thing again. In the process the 'Desert-Demon' and his minions leave the whole thing as a lifeless desert, seen in a typical example in the Gobi Desert which was once the Gobi Civilisation created after the Aryans left Atlantis. Since these Dark Forces have usurped the technology created by Tesla - the ability to change the weather-patterns - this may be part of the tactics used today, since we are seeing some particularly long spells of dry, hot weather.

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The only difference between public school and home school curricula is home schooled kids aren’t taught to hate, mutilate, and kill themselves.

Unless their parents decide to teach them those things.

In which case, every sane person would agree those parents belong in prison.

Which leads to the inescapable logical conclusion that all parents who still refuse to home school should be imprisoned for child endangerment.

Wayne Allyn Root #conspiracy #crackpot #pratt #wingnut fitnessformulax.it

[mod note: we’re actually sick and tired of this Wayne Allen Root crap being heaped upon us here by the ton, and 97.5% of these submissions get deleted before they appear, so please don’t take this one as a sign of approval. Please keep this to a bare minimum. Like, one every month?]

(about the Covid vaccine)

Yes, you read it right. There are (so far) 33 dead or sick friends and relatives since our wedding eight months ago. I’ve done the research. All 33 were vaccinated. Each one of them.

This is a “cluster of vaccine illnesses and deaths.”

This is like the Love Canal New York cancer group from the 1970s. You can’t ignore it when you see so many dead or very sick people in one group.

But it has nothing to do with our wedding. Open your eyes. This is happening everywhere.

Zhou Chang-Xing and latincell #racist #sexist incels.is

[ Zhou Chang-Xing ]

This dating site doesn't include Slavs as "Europeans" (another Slavpill)


Slavic and Latin people are Europeans, but because their SMV is much lower they're categorised as different peoples. Your SMV decides your ethnicity, if your sub-race is seen as uglier then you're not allowed to be categorised into the more desired group.

This is also why Jungle Gooks are categorised separate from other Gooks.

[ latincell ]

if your sub-race is seen as uglier then you're not allowed to be categorised into the more desired group

This!! My father’s side of the family are all blonde Ashkenazi stuck up Jews. My father’s niece has called me an Schwartze before, fuck that gigastacy dog cock slurpin yarmulke wearing cunt

Latin refers to spics

In America it also refers to people from the Iberian Peninsula because Amerimutts are so dumb they don't think that Spanish people are white.

Will your father's niece date a 5'5, balding sand?

Strictly JBW/Ashkenazi dudes. Her dad’s name is literally “Chad”

GayAlienSkullCel #dunning-kruger #sexist incels.is

I introduce you the BeeGeesPill

the Gibb brothers were 4.
Andy (turbomanlet 5'6 chadlite) - suicide by age 30, drug addicted depressive, cheated by wife Victoria Principal

Gay Alien Skull Saint Maurice Gibb (turbomanlet bald 5'7 incel) - died by early age because of alcoholism, depressive and aggressive with his family

Robin (5'8 prey-eyed manlet) - addicted to opium, died prematurely, deppressed

and finally

Barry Gibb - 6' chadlite: never got into drugs and is the only remaining bee gees brother

all of them were equally rich

manlets lived an unhappy life
6' is still slaying


Brutal siblingspill / brotherspill, they all have the same parents but only Barry got the good genes and was therefore desired. There is no equality, not even if you share the same parents, the slightly different genes you got change absolutely everything about your life.

Brutal Blackpill

Bill T #sexist thetransformedwife.com

College for women is a disaster for all of society. Because when women go to college, inevitably, men get excluded from college. Everybody claims this doesn’t happen, but it does.
So now we have millions of young men who haven’t gone to college, who don’t have jobs or careers. Who are mocked, insulted, demeaned by haughty women.
So what do these beaten-down insulted boys do? What they’ve always done in history: pick up guns and start killing people.
A very, very small number of crazy young men with guns can destroy society utterly. It’s called “Asymetric warfare” and that’s how Bosnia and other similar nations collapsed into civil war.
Now the USA is headed that way. In 20 years our nation will be in ruins and all those “empowered women” will be begging for some man to protect them. Or we’ll be a police state in which all men are wearing electronic tracking collars, controlled from birth.
Feminism destroys nations. This has been true for thousands of years of human history. Villages that embraced Feminist-like ideals quickly collapsed and starved, or were overrun by non-Feminist villages nearby. This is why early Feminists were ALWAYS driven from the village by the other women, or killed. They are dangerous to everybody’s survival.
The USA and other nations that have fallen under the evil spell of Feminism are doomed.
Future generations will look back in horror at Feminism and wonder how we could have been so stupid. For the women in the future, to call another woman a “Feminist” will be the most terrible insult, a word said with a hiss. As the population of the country collapses (it’s already happening, look at the birth rate) Feminism and Abortion will be recognized as the crimes they are, and young women will have to be paid/encouraged to have more kids to try to stave off social collapse.
All of the above is scientific fact. And Biblical fact.

David Guyll #racist #homophobia archive.ph

All you need to do to refute the shit spewing out of Eric's mouth is look at the books: blacks are overrepresented, as are non-human races.

One writer (a term I use as loosely as SJWs throw around Nazi) pledged to push homosexuality in every product, a practice he thinks is both unconventional and progressive despite homosexuality being pushed in everything else. They hire to check off diversity boxes instead of talent and skill (and boy oh boy does it show), and I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if they covertly engaged in discriminatory hiring practices.

If WotC were really trying to push a straight, white agenda, for starters they would at least somewhat properly represent skin color, and go out of their way to ensure that every NPC is straight (regardless of whether or not it matters to whatever terrible adventure they're pushing).

For a secret Christian agenda you'd have angels looking like Christian angels. You'd have references to Christian angels and demons. You wouldn't be able to play wizards at all (or druids or warlocks). There would be inherent benefits for being religious, and only the Christian God would be acceptable.

It's almost as if WotC is bending over backwards to pander to every demographic but Christians (and normal people in general).

knightlautrec #transphobia #pratt kiwifarms.net

The fuck is inappropriate with the word Wendigo? Fuck this. If they're gonna side step all the native stuff for muh colonialism white guilt and stuff fuck this edition. It's already doomed. I also imagine they're gonna try and put less emphasis on how based werewolves are. Because gaaaaayssss. Ten thousand dollars they're gonna start including tranny Furies and gifts to change gender that are permanent and not just man skin. They allow metis males but never in a thousand years would they allow a true male especially considering their decades of culling male true.

But this complaining about BF isn't new. This classic sperging from 2016 shows its already begun and poor troons were crying about an all female tribe for ages...Which is hilarious to me. Since again, a female only thing is cried about by woke left men who call themselves feminist for not accepting men who think they have dominion over the space of women just because they say so. The irony of it is just...astounding. I don't even like Furies all that much as a tribe but they at least have a hard line stance that flavours them and they are uniquely female in the very least.

Onyx Path discord is full of trannies though. So that tells you something. W5 is probably going to be bad honestly. I was semi interested but this development of censoring a word for being 'bad' is red flag one.

Jennifer and Shelly #fundie #sexist thetransformedwife.com

Now, with her husband’s permission, however ; it doesn’t mean that a women can’t make money…But I feel like, none the less; she needs to allow for her husband, to be the MAIN provider. Her, incom, doesn’t need to usurp his incom. In, the dangerous world we live in today; we as women definitely need to be running back to men; and depending on men. I fully accept that.

It seems to me that most of the feminists that attack this blog site here, and on Twitter fall under the category of materialist feminism. Materialist feminism want to, among other things end gender roles, such as bearing children, abolish capitalism and rid America of our patriarchal society . They seek to make society an egalitarian society and advocate for free education especially for women. But like anything else it comes with a price. Gender is not a social construct. Gender has been ordained by God. Male and female He created them Genesis 5:2. God designed men and women to contribute to society differently. One not less important than the other. (Genesis 1:27) Women should embrace their femininity and God ordained roles. Not try to change it., in my opinion.

Chad Ripperger #fundie #wingnut youtube.com

It is also a matter of fact that people think that freedom of speech is somehow a right that they have. Freedom of speech was condemned by Leo XIII in relationship to those things that pertain to religion. That is, nobody has the right to freedom of speech if it is going to detract against the Catholic Church, or if it is going to cause harm to the common good or corrupt the moral state of its citizens. Outside of that fact, we do have a certain freedom of speech, but not outside that context.

There are also those who deny Christ's sovereignty by saying that non-Catholic religions have a freedom of public worship. This again was condemned by Leo XIII and if I'm not mistaken Pius XI. Only God has a right to grant public authority regarding the worship of Him. Those rights were given to the Roman Catholic Church alone.

Wayne Allyn Root #fundie #wingnut facebook.com

It's hotter than hell in Vegas today. That's a preview of where radical liberal Democrats are going one day! This is what it feels like for eternity when you hate America, hate capitalism, hate God, hate churches, want to destroy USA with open borders, hate Israel, purposely destroy nice middle class people with inflation, high gas prices, high grocery prices. Special place in hell reserved for people who do this to greatest country in history of world, ever blessed by God.

Stephen Dollins #fundie spiritreports.blogspot.com

From the message on YouTube by ex-satanic high priest exposing the symbols, Stephen Dollins. A lightning is a symbol of Satan in Satanism. Jesus said in Luke 10:18 “I beheld Satan fallen as lightning from heaven.” The Satanists took it as a symbol of Satan from the Bible. The double SS or Z is used in the occult world and it represents a spirit of destiny. It was - also taken by Hitler, who was in the occult and a follower of Satanist named Aleister Crowley. In Satanism, the double SS means: a king in Satan's service. All the cartoon figures represent different occult powers and secret satanic powers and the children are taught to believe that by collecting the pictures of these figures, they will possess special powers. Stephen Dollins talks about a child who was playing with his cards during a class who attacked his teacher because she took his Pokémon cards away from him. The boy said that she was stealing his powers. Hundreds of children in Japan had to be hospitalized when the Pokémon movie was first released in Japan because they had epileptic seizure attacks while watching, even though none of them had ever had one before. Stephen Dollins says it’s a real demonic attack on them because of the satanic message of symbolism in this evil selfish cartoon character which appears innocent outwardly.

John C. Wright #homophobia #fundie #dunning-kruger scifiwright.com

{from 2015}

It is also basic human decency not to lie, not to libel, and not to make false accusations.

For the record, Mr Bakunin, the words you are repeating are the answer to a specific question of what I thought the writers of LEGEND OF KORRA were thinking when they decided to use lesbians rather than male homosexuals as the couple of choice in a children’s cartoon to lure innocent and trusting kids into believing homosexuality is right and normal and ergo Christianity is wrong and abnormal.

But it seems as if you did not consider the possibility that this quote should be read in context. If you read the question to which this quote is an answer, a reader is asking me to speculate on the motivations and thought process of writers supporting your position.

Yes, your position.

You see, your side, not my side, thinks of rednecks and conservatives and Christians as being obsessed with a psycho-pathological phobia and hatred of gays. Your side coined an silly term for the alleged phobia because it did not exist until you invented it: homophobia.

My question to you is this: do you believe that some, even most, hetero men have a visceral and instinctive desire to beat homosexuals to death?

[From rednecks and conservatives and Christains to “some, even most heterosexuals”?]

If so, why is it bigotry if I report that your side believes this?

Nor, even without that context, does the quote in any way, shape, or form express approval rather than horror at the alleged revulsion. It expresses no preference. It merely says (sarcastically) that such an instinctive revulsion exists.

[And then]

I do not hide the fact that a visceral abhorrence to homosexual acts (albeit never to the person tempted toward such acts) is a rightly ordered and indeed a laudable reaction. All emotions, visceral or otherwise, should be ordered as nature and reason command.

[So you approve of the revulsion as natural but then complain about people catching you saying it…you played yourself]

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{from 2014}

Clever propaganda is the most dangerous propaganda of all. Going into this odious exercise in islamic propaganda, the creators knew the real challenge was to humanize the face of the enemy of civilization. The inhuman angle, the “they’re just like us” angle, the use of a teenage girl character (“what kind of MONSTER would attack this character”) is just so much taqiyya.

In a future age when islam and its puppetmasters are crushed, perhaps the time will be right for an islamic fake character like this. Until then, it belongs in the same pile of twaddle as all the other right-on attempts at propaganda.

The long march through the institutions has clearly included the institution of American cultural icons such as four-color reading material and this is a serious situation. Mind control by any other name.

Let its time be cut short; let its place be taken by another.

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The Devil has a vested interest in convincing the world he doesn’t exist. St. John Paul the Great reminded the world of Satan’s existence in no uncertain terms. And he built up the Church’s arsenal to fight Satan in the world.

Not only is denying JPII’s sainthood a cowardly slander against the faithful departed, it’s a serious attack on the authority of Holy Church herself. Canonizations of saints are counted among the Church’s infallible pronouncements. So denying an officially promulgated canonization betrays doubt in the Church’s indefectibility. TradCaths should be aware that we already have a simple, direct, and precise term for such a position, and that term is “Protestantism”.

In addition to battling Satan, John Paul the Great worked to heal the rift between Catholics and Orthodox.

For a glimpse at a future world where the East-West Schism has been healed – and there are giant fighting robots – read my hit mecha thriller:

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Monkeypox Joe is pro-sodomy, pro-falsehood, and pro-ritual satanic prenatal murder. He’s not one of the good guys. He’s NEVER been one of the good guys; he’s a Hellmouth denizen and a ticket-taker par excellence.

FFS, stop falling for these gatekeeping charades. They’re not only worse than you think, they’re usually worse than you imagine.

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May I share a true story with you all. I have spent my life nursing and have held many a hand of the dying, 2 men in my ward, Both were masonic atheists, Both men as they lay dying were screaming and kicking yelling "Help me the Devils are coming" I am not kidding. These poor men died in pure terror. I mean pure utter terror. I managed to get another nurse to pray over one man with me. But it was to late:( ...My precious beautiful Nana as she was dying looked straight through me and said "Jesus" in amazement and then she put out her hand's and said " kingdom come" that was beautiful. But those men I can never forget ever, please take heed death comes to us all.

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Foreign wifes, are they the solution to the incel problem that we have today in the United States. As evidenced by the recent spree of killings, inceldom has proven to be detrimental to the safey and tranquility of the US. Can foreign wifes solve the problem?

Have to ask yourself why are marriage rates and birthrate down all over the westernized world? Because the men in their countries do not want their women. There is this general misconception that the white man is going to go to Korea or Japan and get himself a little yellow queen to bring back. This is not going to go the way you think. If these women are so great, why do their own men not want them? Why are government's like Korea getting involved with dating? Now as a white man, you'll get laid. And if you decide to marry them, then do not bring them back to the US. Once they get here and realize they have options, you're divorced raped in 6 months. Hojabi's are the same.

Unfortunately nothing will really fix this problem of "female empowerment" nonsense. The only thing that will is a devastating world war. Were talking where the likes of men become the real commodity with a massive population reduction for the nuclear strikes. The balance must be reset and the only time in history where the balance is reset is when there is massive amounts of life lost due to war.

Until that point anons, keep your money, keep your sanity, smash and move on. The modern woman is not worth it. And not just by her attitude and materialistic nature, but she may not even be able to have kids thanks to all these shots that have been pushed into them.

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There needs to be an intervention effort to help girls see the truth before they decide at a young age to be the next CEO. There are hardly any resources or role models that show homemakers as happy, fulfilled and valued. Young women do not even consider it as an option after all the brainwashing in school that teaches them they must work to ‘be somebody important’ and ‘make something of your life’ and to ‘not waste your talent’. Even the young men expect their future wife to ‘contribute to the family’ and to ‘not be a leach’. How backwards! Feminism has essentially taken the feminine out of being a woman. By working like a man you neglect your spouse, resent your time away from your children, wish your children would leave you alone so you can rest up for the next work day and then become lonely with no friends, just co-workers, and no strong family bonds (push that off on daycare, elder care). And we wonder why the divorce rate is so high, children are making bad choices, our health has declined and the depression rate is astronomical.

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Going off the Twitter thread, it looks like Ernie simply expressed a desire to make a normal game for normal people, as opposed to various ham-fisted, inconsistent, irrational ideological dogmas pulped together under the thin veneer of an incomplete or recycled game. Smart move.

It also sounds like he's not going to bend the knee, paying whatever lip service the SJWs want in the vain hope that they will, God forbid, leave him alone. Also smart, as SJWs never forgive. No apology is sufficient, not that trying to get you to repent is their goal. Rather it is to get you to admit to committing what they consider to be a crime, a sin, so they can hold it over you forever. Then they just make more and more demands of you, while trying finding other so-called crimes to convict you of.

And they are scam artists and racists: https://www.enworld.org/threads/does-tsr3-have-nazi-connections.688528/

First off, Lunar Archivist is correct: SJWs are trying to destroy traditional masculinity and femininity. You've seen this already, going back years, in tabletop games, video games, movies, and comics. I myself have dealt with it on several occasions, where hypocrites demand I cover up women, reduce tit-size, whilst simultaneously posting essentially nude men. There are some good examples in the Twitter thread, but here are some more:


Not only is Dungeons & Delvers a game created by players that actually game and prioritize fun, it also features attractive women in the art: image

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When we arrived in the center of the Earth, I saw thousands and countless of souls in a queue before a gate, upon which it was written, “The Gate of Hell.”

I saw that these numerous souls were holding in their hands something that looked like a computer disc (CD). And before the gates of Hell, there was a demon in the name of Nickel; he is the destroyer Apollyon. This demon was holding a huge book with the names of the lost souls standing before him in the queue.

The demon was seated on a throne and calling the names of the dead. I saw that these people who had died and landed before the gates of Hell were overwhelmed. They were stunned, dumbfounded, and in terror; they were restless and complaining, they could not accept that they had died and had fallen into this place. These people that were surprised by death could remember their loved ones and families, their homes and children, and life on the Earth. They could not accept that they had died and separated from their loved ones.

Brother, in Hell you will remember your wife and husband, your family and friends. I saw that whenever this demon called the name of a soul in the queue, the disc was taken from his hand and his whole life was projected on a huge screen.

The Lord said, “This CD you see in the hand of the deceased souls is called a testament of existence before the birth of men on the Earth. God gives souls of men this testament of existence and He instructs all the souls coming to Earth to keep His law for all their deeds will be written and recorded in a testament of existence. It is this testament of existence that allows the world of Satan to broadcast peoples’ lives and actions on the screen.”

Beloved, among the people in the queue. I saw a child of nine years old. He was crying and saying, “I am a child, I should not be here.” The child was crying the names of his parents. Quickly the demon took the disk from his hand and the life of the child was projected. I watched on the screen his life on the Earth. I saw a scene where his mother instructed him to clean the place. He had finished eating, but the child refused to do so and went to play. It is when he went to pee after playing that he slipped in the bathroom and fell. He was hospitalized and he died in the hospital. The Lord could not receive his soul in Heaven and he fell to this place. After this demon had broadcast the life of this child on screen, he threw his soul in Hell.

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Jun 15—Assassination attempt against conservative SCOTUS Justice Brett Kavanaugh July 8—Fmr. Japanese PM & Trump-Ally Shinzo Abe Assassinated July 21—Assassination attempt against Republican Congressman & GOP Candidate for NY Gov Lee Zeldin It's dangerous to be a conservative.

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You wouldn’t see what leftists call right wing “extremism” (defending traditional marriage, banning all abortion) show up as loudly as it is today without the legitimate extremism from the left. They’ve pushed so far on things like abortion & gender/sex & this is the backlash.

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(An article about said VIGILANTES are just as bad as offending pedophiles)

The USA is a third world uncivilized society, mainly thanks to its rotting disgusting backwards sorry excuse for a main society that is in it.
Just the other day I found a post on Twitter with that said something like "repost if you support beating up pedophiles" and it later gained over 15000 hearts, and it was filled with degenerates who were defending vigilante violence out of their own perverted beliefs. Mark my words, if the purge ever became legal, it would be real. These people prove it... Anyway, I tried to report it but came back as if it didn't violate the rules. I got so pissed off after the email, that I actually sent an email to the CEO of twitter due to how f*cking pissed I was. I thought Twitter doesn't allow glorification of sh** like this? Disclaimer 2: Though it is ... Twitter. Disclaimer 2 done.

if you support unlawful violence toward any person, offending or not, then you are just as bad as a child rapist. You're a f*cking criminal and you deserve (yeah, I'm proud to say this) to be labeled worse than most child sexual abusers. Why 'worse'? Because not every abuser has ruined a victim's life as many of them were able to still move on.

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Note that Moorlockery, Social Justice, Postmodernism, Postrationalism, Self-Important Holier-Than-Thou Jabberwocky, Cultural Marxism, Coprophagy, or whatever you want to call this moral and mental disease that has corrupted our society not only destroys comic books (Female Thor, Negro Johnny Storm and Jimmy Olsen, Islamic Batman and Ms Marvel) and science fiction (If You Were an Ancillary Pronoun Wereseal, My Love) and politics (CNN, MSNBC) but indeed render the Morlock incapable of any work or act requiring even a modicum of honesty and integrity.

Likewise for George Carlin, Mort Sahl, the TV show All in the Family, and the likes of Janeane Garofalo and Dick Cavett – indeed, his favorite adjective at this point became “subversive,” and like most of his ilk he remained incredibly blind to the fact that he and those who think like him are now very much the establishment and that a true “subversive” nowadays is a Christian conservative. Even as they are closing down bakers for sticking to their Christian convictions, they imagine themselves “subverting” all that they hate.

Of course, you are clear on what they hate – the Church, America, all forms of public decency. Lenny Bruce is hailed as a hero for mocking all of these things and inspiring others to follow in his footsteps.

And on and on it went, and I felt tremendously badly about it, firstly because my wife had given me this as a gift, and it would be rude indeed to express distaste; but also because, without the left-wing poison, the book would actually be quite good, because when he didn’t indulge in lefty preaching, it was actually engaging and interesting. But he just couldn’t help himself. Political mockery of conservatives by liberals was shaming the powerful with the truth; but Dennis Miller’s conversion to conservatism after 9/11 was bigotry. Conservatives have a “pathological hatred” of Obama, but the pathological hatred heaped on George W. Bush was liberation. Shockingly, even Bob Hope was raked over the coals for daring to go to Vietnam and entertain troops that were facing death to protect self- indulgent drug addicts like Lenny Bruce or George Carlin.

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Here's the truth; if you were born with a penis, you're male. If you were born with a vagina, you're female. There are people that will rebel against the truth, and there are people that will obey the commandments of Jesus Christ.

This is why those who know the truth fought against the redefinition of marriage, and against the propaganda of the glbt community.

Now, because of the propaganda of the glbt community, it is legal for a man to walk naked in the women's section of a spa, and expose his penis to underage girls.

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This anti-depressant study is huge. Big Pharma has made billions prescribing wonder drugs to treat depression but there was never any solid scientific evidence that the drugs would work. Now we know that the whole thing was built on a myth. Big Pharma's greatest scam of all time.

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Great content as always Chris! 👍🏻

Everyone reading this, you need to wake up to how the world REALLY works. The fact is that humanity has always been spiritual for a reason and it's because the spiritual world is just as real as our flesh and blood. The western world still understood this until the 1960's when secularism started to take over and atheism began to catch on - that was only after millions and millions of people here in the UK (of the old world....) were culled in not one but two world wars. The occult always practice an 'order out of chaos' mentality and the two world wars served their purpose to kill off millions of Judeo-Christian's throughout Europe, America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand - the nations of which are the primary Gospel sharing nations. That had to be severely interrupted by the people who worship the devil to get the world turning in their direction.

People need to wake up and stop pretending (or being wilfully ignorant) that this stuff isn't real and that there is no God or the devil - they are both very real and you have been lied to for generations by useful idiots to dumb down the population.

Think about it - if the majority of those with all he power and wealth in the world worship the devil in one form or another - why would that be? Why is that theme always so consistent? It's because they KNOW it's real and they have made their choices in the world.

Anyone who sides with the devil is already on the losing side. Those who do not have the Lord Jesus Christ will perish as He is going to bring this to an end...we are already seeing the start of the new world order in our time and this new world order will give all its authority over to the antichrist and everyone who has not sealed themselves with Jesus Christ will take the mark of the beast.

All of this stuff is real and it's going on. Everyone has to chose their side: God (eternal life) or satan (perish with him with eternal death and separation from God), there is no middle ground on this at all. Choose wisely, repent as the Kingdom of God is at hand. I know where I'm going and I plead with people to take Jesus whilst there is still time.

Maranatha ✝️📜. Amen.

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You see, boys and girls, Modern Art -- just like much of Modern Music, Modern Literature, Modern Science etc. -- distorts and perverts the appreciation and understanding of the good, the true and the beautiful. Convince the notoriously vain "intelligentsia" in any given society that up is down, black is white, crap is gold, gold is crap, men are women, women are men, etc, and soon you can sell these "educated" chumps anything. From there, the madness will eventually flow downhill to "the masses." There is no right and wrong for truth, like Einstein's "curved universe" (rolling eyes) and his "time warps" (rolling eyes) is all about "relativity."

[Moral Relativism is not the same as physics]

The essence of "modernism" is to suppress one's own God-given instincts, and then choose to believe in nothing, unless the "powers that be" (cough cough) instruct and authorize you to believe in something, that is. Ever notice how most of the main characters of modern literature and film are usually not heroes like those of yesteryear? The protagonist these days is typically a mentally conflicted hybrid weirdo -- neither good nor bad. Likewise, the modernist painter or sculptor is not at all concerned with beauty and truth. To the modernist, truth is only a point-of-view which aimlessly drifts with the polluted tide of "popular opinion" ™ -- that manufactured dogma which is nothing but a mass psychosis engineered by the usual suspects. In literature and art, and even "theoretical science," there is now a complete rejection of truth and beauty. Heck! Even the Poop Francis of the "modern Vatican" refuses to call sin by its rightful name. Although the Argentinean ass-clown did indeed pass very strong judgements against Global Warming ™ and xenophobia ™, but we digress.

In the final analysis, a people that can no longer distinguish truth and beauty from falsehood and ugliness, is a people that is ripe for all manner of political deception, oppression and enslavement.