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darwinian_vintologi #transphobia

darwinian_vintologi #transphobia incelistan.net

Trannymaxxing is the ultimate solution

Yea your sexual orientation can change so you will no longer be cursed by heterosexuality. Getting fucked in the ass is way better than any P in V sex you can have, only way to have a good orgasm if you are male.

Before you transition you have to develop a female persona and get eroused by the though or image of yourself as a women. Good anime to watch are tsf monogatari (hardcore) and kämpfer (soft).

taking estrogen will change your personality and you will become more like a women mentally.

If sexuality doesn't fully switch Many MtF women go for other MtF women, a few manage to get a lesbian and make her pregnant.

(user links tons of images and youtube vids)

Owly2 #sexist

Owly2 #sexist incelistan.net

Why are cosplayers such slxts? casual sex is always happening at cons

So I’m here at a Hilton Hotel, and Animore-Con just ended.

As we type I can hear a couple having what might either be sex or just some really intense erotic situation. Maybe they are doing rape role-play, women love imagining that shit. It made me think hard.

About how I could never have what they are having. How I spent the whole time at this convention hoping I would be someone. I was lonely the entire time. Why do I even try?

They purposefully dress up to tease us. And they think that we are just supposed to ignore them. I’m not going to rape or molest anyone, but this whole thing is ridiculous. Half of the women here don’t know two shits about the characters they are dressing as and just want to watch incels writhe in pain of loneliness as they hang around their boyfriends.

I have never touched a woman. Never felt her touch. Now I have to listen to some male feminist fuck a woman in a Zelda costume or some shit. Well maybe I can just eat and forget bout this.

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Zero_Sum #sexist

Zero_Sum #sexist incelistan.net

I was trying to make this below into a sort of haiku.

Modern Woman.

She only loves me for my money, occupation, social influence, property, bank account, and wallet, she calls this sexual usury love or romance. I bend her over on the bed and slide a credit card between her legs, in her wet ■■■■ I make my biological deposit within financial exchange where her internal lubricant greases my ball sack on the bed. She tells me that she’ll love me no matter what but I know this is untrue upon becoming financially bankrupt.

I’m out of cash on hand where I need to go to the local ATM machine for the vaginal promise land.

Come on baby, take me to the vaginal promise land, look here, I have ample amounts of abundant cash on hand!

Am I financially solvent enough for you, here’s my yearly income statement as proof!

I see the dollar signs in her eyes and that is the only way I can get access between her thighs. I pull up a credit card key pad and hook it up to her clitoris, as I push the buttons it stimulates upon climax.

I want to slap her on the ass but she says that I must be of a very particular specific socio-economic class.

I want her to like me for just being me, but she keeps insisting how love or romance is not free proclaiming that I must pay an adequate sized fee.

Come on baby, I’m just looking for some warmth all alone here by myself, why does it always have to come down to economic individual self worth?

Upon bending her naked body and ass over the bed as I cop a feel on her breasts, she turned around to me with a smile happily, “My love is not free for it is only to rent and own with additional fees. I accept Mastercard, VISA, traveler’s checks, cash, and Bitcoin. If I should ever become impregnated by you I fully expect a diamond ring on my finger per sexual contract and with the children I will own the household as I linger.”

I felt like I was buying livestock or a stubborn mule ass as part of the sexual financial negotiations, but in the end I just wanted to get my dick wet. Having an understanding of each other holding her naked ass with both of my hands with the sexual contract in mind I was all set.

As the sexual intercourse proceeded she kept yelling moaning out upon orgasming, love me, love me! All I could think to myself is that with this hooker or prostitute overtime there will be an endless amount of additional fees.

Upon reflection of future marriage with this prostitute I am merely buying, financially completing, and purchasing the final deed of sexual property which she could end randomly at any time. Why can’t I afford her physical and mental affections on a basic dime!?

[User inserts pic of woman on cell phone with sheep surrounding her, chemtrails above, and tons of ads behind her]

jon #sexist

jon #sexist incels.co

Females hate introverted, shy, and autistic acting males and they love neurotypical, extroverted, thuggish, and low inhibition males and we all know this. But what irks me is just how far they will go in putting their selves in harms way just to chase a man that makes her vagina tingle. For example my dumb ass foid cousin chased after a guy who was a cocaine addict who regulary beat her and once even held her and her mother hostage with an axe. Several days later my cousin died of a heart attack (probably from all the stress her abusive ex bf put her through). My cousin could have dated one of the many incels or incel type guys that wouldnt hurt a fly but that wouldnt excite her enough, that wouldnt make her panties wet, and this is how all women think. Is a females hate for introverted men and her lust for low inhibition males so great that she would risk her life to be with him and to avoid us forever.............i guess it is.