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(Our old pal Colonel KR has made quite a few Tweets that are… something that are just regarding cartoons. These are two tweets in the same thread. Bolding my own)

-Suffers from PTSD despite everyone bending over backwards for his beliefs.
-Tries to force friends to stay together and fails hard.
-Didn't grow up with a stable family life and got way too much freedom.
-Kills someone who only wants to help him control his PTSD.

Samurai Jack:
-Has PTSD for a more credible reason.
-Does not force friendships.
-Has amazingly good parents and teachers from around the world.
-Spares a woman who wants to kill him; she has a change of heart and helps him remember who he is.

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[In reply to a tweet about white people not having a history of being treated poorly and an entire thread about systematic racism]

There were White slaves. Irish people were slaves and were even seen as replaceable and of less value than Black people. For a long time, Italians weren’t even considered White!

Circus clowns are believed to have their origins in xenophobic caricatures of Irish people given their albino white makeup, often red wigs, and red noses that suggest a drunken state.

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[In response to a tweet saying “Is it just me or has the world gotten significantly more sexualized in the past few years?”]

You can blame the 1960s for that. Now, we measure our worth by how many times we’ve been intimate. And those with no carnal knowledge who feel pressured by society to compete get mocked and called “incels” instead of being given the help they need, which leads to disaster.

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[Submitter’s note: The “sources” listed for 2 are all links to Kiwifarms.]

2. A number of people who formerly used or at least visited FSTDT have noted that the site used to be more about satirizing unusually high levels of religious extremism but has since devolved into a front for sociopolitical leftism and zealous antitheism.[5][6][7]

13. They appear to have a weak grasp of hyperbole and tend to submit quotes intended as jokes or lighthearted satire. Ironically, RationalWiki, which FSTDT claims to be a proud partner of, has called them out on this by noting the site inevitably suffers from Poe's Law: they cannot always read a quote author's intended tone of voice unless there is a clear indicator of that tone.

34. They support the hypocritical, unscientific "fat acceptance movement", which teaches that there is nothing unhealthy about morbid obesity despite extensive research into the subject conducted by medical professionals worldwide. Anyone who speaks out against this movement is considered an "#ableist" in their eyes.

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(An entire thread that captured some of Colonel Knight Rider’s little Discord group where they’re trying to push a “reformation” of DeviantArt. It shouldn’t be a surprise their reform is, well, terrible. Here’s some that really stood out.)

Colonel Knight Rider:
Okay. @everyone these are our proposed ideas for a DA reform bill so far:
Make the site unable to use for anyone under 18.
Make our pages private.
Pay to have multiple accounts.

Towers of Obscure:
I'm strongly AGAINST paid sites. They have strings attached that make it hard to keep a home.
It would keep out the commies like Xhe and people that couldn't afford to pay... keeping it safe for
decent people.
Towers of Obscure:
So you're implying a "the rich get richer" philosophy? Have it free for Americans but paid for everyone
else? Did you forget that Claire is Canadian? Try thinking about her and everyone else!
Claire is wealthy

Colonel Knight Rider:
I reported another Xhe sockpuppet. This one doxxed my last name.
For that reason, I don't want to say what it was.
I want to harm him..her...them...no, IT. Because I refuse to believe it is even human.
It is nothing more than a delusional, hate-spouting machine looking for reasons to get angry, With no
regard for the laws it claims to abide by.
It also calls the Chinese a minority. Even though most people in the world are Chinese.
It must die.
It is too stupid to live.
It cannot be reasoned with