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[On the Irish referendum approving same sex marriage]

Sad news - but to Christians who believe the the Bible, entirely expected.

This is the time of the homosexuals, a time for them to dance, and rejoice, and gleefully trample upon every Christian precept, every moral value, and every vestige of decency.

It is, in fact, the time foretold by Jesus Christ - when the days of Noah would be seen once again on earth.

It's salutary to remember that in 'the days of Noah' homosexual 'marriage' was sanctioned by society.

This was their crowning iniquity - the final straw that brought upon them the destruction of the flood.

Such a sin has never been seen since that time - not in any society, culture, or civilisation. Ancient societies may have tolerated, even encouraged, homosexual liaisons - but homosexual 'marriage' was never sanctioned by the state - not once, not in any society.

Until now.

Speaking of the conditions that would pertain in the 'last days', Jesus said, "As it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be before the coming of the Son of man."

Thus He spoke - and thus it is.

There is great hope in these events - if these things have come to pass, then His return cannot be far away.

There is a storm approaching for Christians, a time of persecution that has never been seen before - nothing in history can compare to the terror that will be unleashed upon all who cling to Christ, to His word, and to His promises.

It cannot be stopped - and God forbid that it should be!, for this is the fulfilment of prophecy, and the dark hour before those who are faithful are finally redeemed and taken home.

All Christians can do is pray for the strength to endure, and to cling to promise of a crown of life to those who remain steadfast.

As for the homosexuals - let them laugh, let them caper, let than parade their iniquities without shame and without conscience.

This time is very rapidly approaching when it will be abundantly clear who has chosen wisely or unwisely.



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