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It is just a matter of deciding whether you would rather have your own future progeny of beautiful, intelligent White people survive and inhabit this earth, or whether you would rather see them submerged in a floodtide of mud races. In the latter case, all beauty, culture and civilization would vanish. The more we help the mud races to expand and multiply, the more we are robbing our own future generations of food, space and existence on this planet Earth. Furthermore, the mud races are doing to us that very thing in the present stage of history. They have viciously driven out and killed the White population in many countries in Africa, and I might add with the connivance and help of Jews and White traitors. Our Jewish controlled Government right here in America is promoting the expansion and proliferation of the niggers in the United States, and shrinking the White Population so that in a few generations practically all of the United States will be either completely black, or mongrelized. It is strange indeed that the bleeding hearts who are so concerned about the survival of the mud races seem to be completely unconcerned about the mongrelization and destruction of the White Race, a process that is now going on before our very eyes.


Nature has decreed that every species on the face of this earth is engaged in a struggle for survival on its own merits in competition with every other species. In no case, in no species in Nature, does the stronger and superior species voluntarily hold itself back and help subsidize a weaker and inferior species so that inferior species might crowd it from the face of the earth. No other species, that is, except the White Race, is foolishly engaging in that kind of foolish philosophy. We CREATORS say that this is suicidal and that we must drastically change our course. Every individual, sooner or later dies anyway, but it is a matter of the survival of our own species, our own kind, that we are interested in. Since there is not enough land, food, and substance to support an ever-exploding horde of mud races, the vital question as we stated before is: do we want our own kind to survive, or do we want the suicide of our own future generations in a world flooded by the sub-human mud races?



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