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What will become of us?

I'm not sure if this is the appropriate thread to post this in, but, oh well.

My question is, what will become of us? What will become of our countries? What will become of America, what will become of Europe, as they both worsen with this practically genocidal liberal agenda every day, and as crime rates and immigration amongst minorities rise (that are in fact soon becoming majorities), the forced way that we are to give up our identities and core beliefs in which our countries were founded on.. It just seems to get worse and worse.

Although one may say i'm being over-exaggerative, in a way we are slowly being run out of our own countries and definitely the general ways (culture, beliefs, etc of our people), at least those of us who still stand by our people, our ways, and have not bowed down to this devastating liberal agenda that is practically forced upon us in day to day politics and life so we have to shh our completely sensible and justified ideals , unless we want to be 'ruined' in the very own society that we live in. When I say ruined, I mean that those of us who keep our beliefs, and have careers, a future, etc, can't express the simple values that our ancestors founded this country on without the outcome of being treated as some modern day heretic, and an outcome which may cause our future and reputation to be scathed in this liberal destructive society (I can't tell you how many times I've read about someone being turned down in their career field, fired or kicked out of a university, etc just because they are something as simple as conservatives, or believe in staying with their own people, or oppose illegal immigration for the love of god, let alone the rest of our core beliefs)..

It seems to just continue to thrive, to get worse and worse, and we all see how brainwashed children are by all of this.. It's almost unstoppable.. It scares the hell out of me what our home countries have become, how far it has gone from the ways of our ancestors, hell- from the ways of not even 60 years ago, and I really do wonder what will become of us. It is mind boggling to me how about half (more i'm sure) of our race are little sheep-like zealots for this catastrophic agenda. I don't understand it, and better yet, I don't understand the white liberals who are in office or high positions and condone and encourage this horror. Just.. Why?

I think of future generations, how much change our grandparents see/saw in such a relatively short amount of time.. It's terrifying to me. What will become of us, this continues to go on, and it continues to consume our people.. What will happen? I hope to god that there is a change and that people wake the hell up, I do see it happening, but still- people who are waking up have to be quiet about it, because they have careers to pursue for themselves or job to keep to feed their family.. The good thing is that people are waking up, whether or not they are vocal about it, it is hopeful..

Sorry to blab so much with this well- dark speech, but I just wanted to get that off of my chest, maybe hear other peoples insight, perhaps read some comments that are hopeful.

Will it change, or will it continue on as it is now, or will our people eventually stand up in majority to this destructive regime if you will? What will become of us and the values of our people, and in sense- our people in general if this doesn't happen?



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