Telochi #moonbat

Exactly, they think their hired mercenaries and shiny toys can beat revolutionaries who are motivated not by coin or by greed, but by a cosmic imperative. Those private security guards you toss a bit of wealth at every once in a while, their loyalty ends when their paycheck ends. But our loyalty never ends, we will fight you in every way possible.

It won't be long before every business owner, Liberal, and fascist is checking under their bed for Leftists every night. Hit-and-run attack, hit-and-run attacks, you're not physically removing us, we're physically removing YOU. We are the predator, and you are the prey. We are the artist, the concrete is the canvas, and your blood and guts will make a magnificent paint.

They don't understand that, we are not just an issue that they can throw their money at, we are an inevitability that can only be slowed down, but never stopped. They're going to find out very quickly just how brutal we can be. Step into your luxury car and you will find one of us in the backseat with a bit of piano wire waiting to choke you to death. Look under the suspension and you will find a square of semtex. Look on the rooftops and you will see a sniper. Look at the roads, for they will soon be nothing but rubble and ash, backing up traffic for miles. Look at your factory, and your factory is now rubble.



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