BrokenIndigoCrayons #fundie

Cheating whores should be humiliated in front of the whole planet. IMO adultery should be illegal, and the consequences should be even worse for females. If more conservative incels and normies are against methods like torture, rape, execution, prison (15 years), solitary confinement (7 years) and staggering financial punishment (20K-60K), then I have a new way of punishment that does not require prison, nor money nor physical harm.

Women that cheat should be taken by the police and forced to take off their clothes. The policemen now should proceed to take photos and videos of them in order to post them on social media with hashtags like # Cheating Whore and # I Broke My Family. That way, those females would feel a fraction of the humiliation felt by her husband/BF when she cheated.



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