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The logic—that [pedophilia] is an orientation—is correct. It is learned. People are not born with a desire to rape children....usually they are sodomized as children.

It is why the sodomized boys in the homosexual society of Afghanistan dream of one day owning a stable of boys who they can sodomize. Homosexuality is unnatural, just as pederasty. Both are caused because of environmental interference with their sexual identity formation.

The reason we have Sex Ed in schools is to break down the morality of children—remove morality from the sex act— and introduce them to ideas that they were never designed to have at 5 and 6— such as homosexual unions......which they would never have if not taught it.

It is the design of the Homosexual movement founded by Hays to have all restictions on sex removed so they have access to boys. He was molested as a boy and they like to recreate that “thrill” that was elicited when their bodies were manipulated. Their idea of utopia is Sodom and Gomorrah....Read the Bible and glimpse the absolute ugliness of that type of society. Do not allow homosexuality to be “normalized” in your school system and in the media you removes our country from its very foundations of Natural Law Theory and God’s Laws. We will be like Russia and the Nazis....where there is no God, the void is always filled with evil.



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