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Good God the atheist community has devolved to such cancer. Defending this pro gender-fluid, attack helicopter nonsense."What about people born with two sets of genitalia?" What about people born missing an arm or with an extra toe? Aberrations do not disprove the rule.

People dealing with transgenderism issues are mentally ill. It's been proven successfully that they respond well to treatment with antipsychotics. Imagine someone coming to a doctor and asking to have a healthy leg removed. Madness, right? But if it involves chopping off a penis it's perfectly OK! Nonsense. Trans people and homosexuals are statistically at a much higher risk of mental illness both before and even after reassignment. Many trans people end up regretting their surgeries. Very telling that there are underlying issues not being resolved here. "Oh well" you say, "that's because they're so mistreated and baa baa baaaaa..." Oh really? The weekly pride parades they fling (complete with flapping genitals in children's faces, very progressive) and endless laws that pass in their favor isn't good enough, is it? It couldn't possibly have anything to do with their degenerate, sex and drug fueled lifestyles could it? What about the man expressing a healthy pride in his nation or advocating a sensible background checking system for immigrants continually being accused of being a Nazi, I wonder what that does to mental health?

Transsexualism is unnatural and repulsive. Tolerance of things that are disgusting and dangerous is not a virtue.

But hey, feel free to prove me wrong. If changing one's gender really is no big deal, why don't you do it? You'd be just as happy with a vagina as you are with a penis, right? You'd feel exactly the same. There's no difference. Hell, you don't even need to wear a dress or anything. Just chop your cock off. No biggie. Need funding? Go ahead and challenge the right to fund it, I guaran-fucking-tee you'll make the money overnight as they laugh at your dumb ass.



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