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The LGB and the T are fundamentally unalike, and lumping them together is forced teaming that benefits the T to the detriment of the LGB. The LGB are same-sex attracted people; all we ask is the right to pursue consensual adult relationships with other same-sex attracted people without being harassed or ostracized for it. The T are individuals who, for various reasons, wish to be the opposite sex (or, in some cases, an imaginary third sex). For better or worse, this is an impossible wish; humans can no more change sex than we can change species. Same-sex attraction is a normal variation on human sexuality, documented around the world and throughout history. Although trans activists like to point to third-gender categories in various traditional cultures as proof that "trans people have always been here," the fact is that nothing like modern transgenderism has existed until very recently. It is a culturally-bound syndrome—as Carl Eliot eloquently puts it, "a new way to be mad"—whose existence is inextricably connected with sexual paraphilia. Show me a "trans lesbian," and I will show you a man who is sexually aroused by imagining himself as a woman, often in breathtakingly misogynistic ways.

(Don't believe me? Read _Females_ by Andrea Long Chu.)

Trans "rights" are at best orthogonal to LGB rights, and often diametrically opposed. Kids who are extremely gender-nonconforming in early childhood often grow up to be gay or lesbian; nowadays, this kind of gender nonconformity is liable to be taken as "transness," meaning that children who would become healthy, happy gay men and lesbians are instead herded toward sterility, sexual dysfunction, and pseudo-heterosexuality as "trans girls" and "trans boys." Trans ideology also erodes the LGB community from the other side. The majority of transitioners are opposite-sex attracted, meaning that they become "trans lesbians" and "gay trans men," who then demand inclusion in LGB spaces and throw fits when lesbians don't want their female-identified penises/gay men don't want their male-identified vaginas.

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I used to very close to my sweet son. He told me everything. He wrote a lovely paper about me for an 8th grade assignment about the person you are closest to. A year later he declared he was “trans”.

Now I feel my whole family is gaslighting me.

My son tells me he’s a girl, my daughter. My sister is telling me there have always been trans people and I need to accept it.

My son stopped talking to me, although I never stopped talking to him, thinking of him, loving him unconditionally.

My sister, once as close to me as a twin, stopped talking to me as well. (To be fair, I stopped talking to her as well over this.)

No matter what my son said, I did not buy into it. I had done my research. I knew what was going on. He was brainwashed. But I would never - will never - give up on him.

No matter what I told my sister, she couldn’t - wouldn’t - try to understand.

When will my son get exhausted by this delusion? When will my sister read the truth?

My son thinks trans was why he felt different, and transgender gave an answer and a set of steps to take to resolve his conflict—name change, pronoun change, hormones, and surgeries. It must have felt systematic and logical to my autistic son.

My sister believes that trans is the new gay. She cannot be made to see the very real differences.

They have both been fed a lie and I’m caught in the middle with truth. I miss them both.

I’m living a dystopian novel. I’m losing my mind.

“The Party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.” - George Orwell, 1984

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The OP dances daintily around the real issue. Certainly some adolescent MtF is the result of autogynephilia. This can set on with staggering rapidity. Where I live, there are many ado AGPs and they are not shy. In many the 'change' took less than a month and in some, less than a week. Until we find out what actually triggers autogynephilia, we cannot formulate strategies to counter it, other than one-to-one counselling. There are not enough sceptical counsellors. (I am one.)

However, the OP rightly suggests that something else is going on and there is. It appears to be a form of autoandrophobia, the fear of being a man, or the hatred of the idea of being a man. This is evident from the statements of subjects with this condition. What the OP dpes not do, spectacularly, is even ask why this autoandrophobia exists. She does not point to decades of anti-masculine propaganda pushed out by Hollywood and the MSM. She does not mention the teachers deliberately punishing boys - for being boys. She does not discuss the literally billions of anti-masculine online comments, some of which have been rehearsed here, which basically say 'woman good, man bad'. This is only a tiny selection of the vast amount of anti-masculine hate-speak we live under - and mostly, promulgated through social media, conventional media and education.

No, not all men are rapists. No, not all men start wars, though they die in them. No, not all men are violent criminals. No, not all men are abusers. In fact, nearly all men are decent, kind, courteous and protective. Yet the opposite message is hammered out, day after day. And where does it come from? It comes from feminism and the relentless anti-masculine campaign its leaders have carried on for 50 years now.

If you want to save these boys, you have to destroy feminism. Otherwise, sacrifice them on the altar of a bitter, jealous, man-hating cult and then, please, stop complaining and trying to divert the blame. That's your choice and we shall know you by the decision you take.

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[Part of a much longer article]
QAnon and other well known forms of internet and social media triggered radicalization arise from online echo-chamber communities. Reddit forums, Twitter, transgender Discord communities, and even chat during online gaming are rife with gender indoctrination. Trans activists and older trans women are often the source of the information our boys get online about all things trans. Older trans women coach younger boys online into taking hormones as young as possible so that they pass, and stay youthful and childlike in appearance. Our boys are told slogans, and are taught to not question or believe anything contrary to the ideology. These people tell our boys that detransitioned people are evil. They tell our children to run away from home and join glitter families because parents are abusive transphobes for even questioning what is going on. They tell our sons that the only solution to their problems is to medically transition. These influencers steep our sons in trans ideology and create a system of online indoctrination that is not that different from any other form of radicalization happening today. If you don’t believe me or think I am exaggerating, I suggest that you visit a few sub Reddits like r/MtF, r/asktransgender, or just find the twitter account of a trans activist or two and you will quickly see what I mean.

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Let's talk covid-19/ let's talk monkeypox- Both of these diseases are controlled by man. They can turn it on and off at will -Through the air- The Legionnaire's Disease/ The poison was put in the ventilators or the air conditioners. This one controlled in the air. Vaccines deadly

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My teenage daughter has decided that she is “trans”. So have all her friends. Not some of them. Not most of them. Every. Single. One.

She had never heard of trans, and had no signs of gender dysphoria, until she was moved to a new, cool trans-friendly school by her unsuspecting, politically liberal parents. There she met a group of geeky (or dare I say nerdy?), smart, slightly (but not very) gender nonconforming, artsy kids. As I understand it, they all discovered “trans” together. The old “cis” friends were swiftly discarded in favour of this exciting new peer group.

Exploring “trans stuff” online with friends is a source of great interest and excitement—a real social event. What’s not to love about 245 gender identities, complete with their own unique flags? Then there are those cool neo-pronouns. Forcing your out-of-touch old parents to refer to you as “ze” or “ey” (how do you pronounce that again??) in the name of “inclusivity” is just too delicious to resist. The manga, the cute avatars in computer games, the blue or pink hair—all part of the fun as well. Mocking the outgroup (in this case so-called “cis” people in general and the dreaded TERFs in particular) is also good for a laugh—especially if they happen to be your parents as well.

There is even a special vocabulary with lots of new terms—deadnaming, misgendering, sex assigned at birth, and much more. If these concepts need to be explained to your uncool parents (accompanied by eye rolls of course), so much the better.

Bonding with friends, searching for their identity and place in life, working out their sexuality, separating from family—these are all normal developmental tasks for teens. For many, youth subcultures can be a natural part of that. Some are harmless. Some, like drug use and extreme dieting, not so much. But in the case of the latter, sensible adults usually intervene to help steer the young people in the right direction. Not in the case of trans.

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This is the logical conclusion of the breakdown of "traditional," gender roles and the patriarchy. You give the left an inch, they'll take their mile.

The left is a force of disintegration and chaos. Traditions of every kind are what they seek to destory and all our traditions are interrelated and interlocking.

This is a tough reality to accept. But "women's liberation," and gay marriage open the floodgates. And we won't close these floodgates until we restore things to way they were. Maybe not precisely as they were, but something close to it.

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What is this, a new coordinated plan to use the word “ontological” among leftists? I’ve seen it more in the past month than any previous year

It must be their MSM’s word of the week. Kind of like what Sesame Street does for its kids. The lamestream media does for its mindless followers. They earn Commie Coins for using it online as much as possible. The new online social credit score like China has.

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[from a pinned thread “Response Regarding Katherine Deves”)
If you don't want normal women like her to visit this website, you should not censor them on every platform. Women are afraid of transgender-identifying-men because many of them are convicted sex offenders who have access to them and their children in restrooms and locker rooms. These convicted sex offenders are allowed to become teachers and closely work with children in areas such as libraries. Men convicted of a sex offense are now being given access to women's prisons. Imagine the abject horror of being a woman in a cell with a rapist. There is no closer thing to hell on this planet.

TIMs often crusade for "transgender children". To many of them, this means isolating underage children in private chatrooms on services like Discord, encouraging them to watch pornography fetishizing genderbending, and secretly providing them how-to manuals on procuring blackmarket hormone therapy. It is trivial to get cryptocurrency and have someone in Brazil mail you a packet of pills that will stunt your development. TIMs enjoy doing this to children. Mothers are women, and it is normal for women to care that their children may be getting groomed into destroying their bodies for the sexual gratification of strange men online.

On many websites (including Twitch, Facebook, YouTube, etc), you are not allowed to say what I've just written. On these same websites, even identifying a TIM as a sex offender or pedophile convicted under their male name may get you banned for 'deadnaming' or 'doxing'.

What I've just written should be common sense. That what I've written is considered hate speech explains why normal people would visit a forum that allows so-called hate speech. To further label these ordinary people as extremists for perusing information, regardless of where it may come from, only harms the health of public discourse. If you disenfranchise a woman for saying "the Kiwi Farms makes a good point", you dismantle democracy at its core. That is what is happening in real time and we all see it.

I've never put a dollar into advertising this website. We are mostly hidden on search engines. Despite this, our userbase doubles every year. It's 100% word of mouth. This is why.

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(Context: the comments under a viral video about oral sex with trans men for gay guys is full of harassment and/or fundies such as this)

This is what seperates the L & G from the rest of the alphabet soup. L&Gs fought for domestic rights like marriage, partner inheritance rights, workplace rights etc. Qu--r anarchism fights for an unlimited age of consent free pansexualised eden and regards so called "monosexuals" as ignorant untermenschen for not wanting to do wild exotic things like buggering horses or f-sting seven year olds. Qu--r theorist Guy Hocquenghem in his "Screwball Asses" gives the game away by talking about how so called gay "nationalists" will probably end up protesting that their rights to self-identify as such will be swept away by this great revolutionary wave. He also says that by making frequent usage of the term "intersex" (irrespective of the reality of the medical condition it supposedly describes) will help to shatter the concept of a strict binary and allow for this brave new world to take over. This has been a part of the "Q" philosophy from the very start (alongside age of consent abolition of course).

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I am so done with TIMs in video games.
I know that's a place where they most often hang around, and especially playing in a seemingly far left leaning environment it's just something you gotta learn to deal with.
And despite having my chat turned off, I lack the self control to really not check it when they're around (it's completely invisible unless I press enter). Conversations about their girl dicks, girl nuts and how they wanna suck each other off, because that's what lesbians do. UwU It's a real girl moment! Teeheehee >///<
Just today there was a TIM talking for what seemed to be during pretty much my whole session (nothing new, they always do that). At some point someone asked whether he was trans and he excitedly exclaimed "Despite having she/her pronouns in my name you didn't assume so from the beginning? There is hope!". Immediately a few based gamers went against him by claiming that "it's obvious" and "couldn't you tell? he's craving attention". So there is no hope for him, lol. They stick out like sore thumbs and are completely oblivious.
Eventually, the conversation stirred towards trans kids and detransitioners, during which he seemed to have gotten pretty upset, especially at the exclamation that his idea of detransitioners being less than 1% is completely delusional. I was trying to ignore the conversation and eventually left the server in hopes to preserve my own sanity, but I am glad that the rest weren't going along with his bullshit. They have peaked.
I have not said anything during that exchange, because I don't think politics have a place in games. I really, really think that, and it's the only reason why I haven't put #IstandWithJKRowling in my gamer tag lol. It is SO tempting with the amount of TIMs I encounter though. Can you imagine: a bunch of women gamers turning up with these tags in places like that! It sounds like a wet dream.
I am so, so, so tired of them. I can't even pretend to be neutral anymore; I DESPISE them. I hate that whenever they're around, the conversation turns towards transness. Lesbians. Furries. Dicks! If nothing else, mindless spamming on their keyboards. How do we not let it GET to us?
Sigh. Thank you for listening to my rant. I think I will go meditate now to ease my mind. ಠ_ಠ

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13% of the population and still in all offices. Black mayors, black police chiefs, black president, black politicians, black judges, black lawyers, black journalists, black police, black middle class, black upper class, etc. in the USA. Racism? Or do they have black privileged?

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,,Trans macabre''

I am a Venus
With a penis
One can not resist my anus

Thou are terf
Thou are not a woman real
'Tis a suffering to find a deal
That can make my boobies real
And not pain me with the bill

Gotta save for heels real quick
Party's coming in next week

Next week:
Hairless legs
My nails are done,
a pretty dress,
mascara on

Ready for a party now
Going to get drunk tonight
Find a handsome boy perhaps
Oh, he is gay, hmm what a shame
The second guy, he's nice, alright!
,,do you wanna dance perhaps?"
,,not my type, you are a little manly"
,,oh, that's fine, I was stressed out lately"

But I see a pretty girl
Looks like she's a lesbian
,,Hey there honey, wanna dance? ;)''
,,no I am gay, now get away :/''
,,What? The nerve.." now.. she is a perv
,,you have a penis.."

,,Hmph, how about a girldick? Happy?
Lesbos, why are you so snappy?
Can't you suck a little snack..
Little girldick is too much?
What an ungrateful brat!

How about I cut it there?
Are thou satisfied with hole in there?
ugh, thou are simply fetishist!
not a woman, but a beast!"

Got home real late
Got really drunk
And beat some terf
Oh, what a night!

Next day:
Can't believe how rad I am!
Gotta snap and text ,,I am great''
Have to gossip with my bff
But I am curious whats on net

Aww, a transgirl won a race
Get them girl, you are all grace,
feminity and strength,
not a wonder, they're so lame

We are sisters
You are cisters
We are wothy more than you
More athletic
You are pathetic
We win medals
We are faster, stronger, wiser
You are hateful, mean and prideful

Like you are jealous of our kind
Having no idea of how hard
is out not a privileged life

So much work I have to put
So that guys will think I am good
Will open doors and pay for drinks
Will put their lustful eyes on me
And think of me when they're asleep

I don't have a period, ugh
wish I had and put a tampon on
you have no idea of how hard
is our not a privileged life

Please, do show us some respect
We are truthful to ourselves,
brave and stunning, you are nothing
The least you can do is leave us alone
Don't be obsessed, and leave us at rest''

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context: Temple of TCAP is a Chris Hansen/To Catch a Predator fan forum. Jenna is the OP of the thread and notwantingtoperv is another fundie user on the site, his posts appear on page 4.

I see a lot of sexualization of children in the media lately, and sources like Salon running pro-pedophile stories from the likes of Todd Nickerson, normalizing their behavior. Then there are all the groups pushing to call pedophilia a "sexual orientation". What gets my blood boiling is how anyone who tries to stop them and say NO! This is WRONG!, they are labeled a bigot, and anything said against people like Todd Nickerson is considered "right wing hate speech".

So my question is, with the way society is going, do you think history will remember Chris as the villain, and the pedo's as the heroes? I hate to say it, but that might actually be accurate.

The way history is going, there's a certain amount of respect given even to genocidal people. As much as time passes, we seem to forget.

Gegniz Khan is seen as a murderous tyrant and also a great leader who united his people.

Napoleon was seen as a butcher in his time but modern people name their kids after him.

Hitler is seen as the most evil d00d that ever walked the earth--and far from it, actually, in terms of body count, each Communist leader since him has surpassed his kills--and yet he was a brave soldier in his time and a hero to his race.

Gandhi is seen as a hero but he was a really a dirty pervert.

J Edgar Hoover was really an enemy of the American people who wasted taxpayer dollars on running forensic checks on raccoon shit on his porch. He was really GAY Edgar Hoover.

MLK was a Communist stooge and really not all that bright and the best thing for his popularity was getting shot.

Malcolm X was seen as a villain but was very honest and very smart.

No one will remember Chris. He's not that big of a deal in world history.

There's nothing new under the sun.

Women have been murdering our babies since time immemorial, sacrificing them to the cult of Moloch. That's why they shouldn't be allowed to make policy, vote or even make a lemon meringue without close supervision and possibly a royal taster.

Perverts and freaks were BTFO'ed when they reached peak nastiness at Sodom and Gomorrah.

We got nothing on Sodom.

I'd say start building your ark in the backyard and collecting two of everything--including velociraptors--now, except Yahweh said he wasn't gonna drown our asses again as part of the covenant.

I'd invest in an asbestos suit and a ventilator if you really want to survive.

Oh, and Fuck this Gay Earth.