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RE: [Blackpill] Moments where you have seen the blackpill in action?

5 years ago at a uni nightclub a foid came up to my classmate on the dance floor and started making out with him, he didn't even know her. It's one of the most brutal things I've seen irl.

Normies think we exaggerate when we say men 5/10+ and women live in a completely different reality, but when you're blackpilled and look back at this kind of stuff that happened to think how different it would have went were your looks better, it just becomes undeniable. I truly wish the blackpill was wrong, but it just isn't and we gotta deal with the cold, harsh reality. Cope or rope boys, unfortunately

One foid was always ragging on one dude (an obvious bad boy). She used me as an emotional tampon to tell me how awful he was and I shouldn't be like him. So in my head I thought that meant she thought I was a good guy. One day she was feeling down and the bad boy told me I should give her a hug. I didn't but she heard him say it and the look on her face, as if she stepped in dog shit. LOL. Later than day for her break I saw her and bad boy hanging out. Think that was my first clue.

I've relayed the story a few times. Before she reported me for committing the crime of being unattractive she blew me off because needed to get her work done that day. Not long later I saw her make her way to a tallfag's work station and it was textbook out of a PUA playbook. She was giggling and playing with her hair as he barely gave her the time of day. Night and day how she reacted to him versus me. There is no escaping these moments unless you just keep your head down and march straight to your room. Foids detest unattractive (read: not a chad) men and are not shy about showing it.



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