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They started decades ago in conditioning children that it is evil to discriminate. Remember Polyanna...with Haley was against preachers calling sin, a sin (he was so MEAN!!!!).....this conditioning has destroyed moral if you are honest and a true Christian, you get called a bigot and hater.

This is on purpose....we live in a fascist country where we have no freedom of thought or speech. Speech codes and Alinskyite tactics to shut down dialogue is intentional—to destroy us from within so they can create a one world currency and government. It is obvious. Christians are too independent and self-sufficient and responsible....they need dysfunctional people who will willingly be slaves and sell out their fellow man.

It is why they are repealing eliminate the Christians...they will have to be silent or kicked out....then our military will be equivalent to the Russian atheists or the Nazi homosexual Brownshirts....inhumane, evil and disgusting—even made Patton puke. Their immorality makes it easy for the government to use them to kill their own citizens...which our Christian military would not have done.

It took generations of demeaning Christians....forcing God out of the schools in the fifties and out of the public square and removing morality from the schools which John Dewey did intentionally. Remove morality from all decisions....when morality and virtue were the reasons Washington set up public schools in the first place.

They replaced God with “feel good, do it”. The cultural Marxists are doing it to create a vulgar, dysfunctional mass of ignorant people who are addicted to their sensual pleasures....they are easy to control with throwing freebees, like abortions, condoms, etc. They just want their drugs and sex and they don’t give a damn about family, relationships and the future. The radical homosexuals are disgusting and evil and selfish narcissists.



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