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[Blackpill] The Blackpilling Beauty of American Beauty (1999), a Hollywood masterpiece every incel must watch

I was about to give up on American cinema all together and watch only European productions, but last night, while flipping channels, I saw American Beauty. It has to be one of the most based takes on the "american dream" at the turn of the millennium. American Beauty is a story about a man's eternal struggle against the fear of going over-the-hill, getting cucked and eventually divorce-raped.

Kevin Spacey plays a 40something magazine executive caged in a marriage which suffers a severe case of a dead bedroom. Everything changes for him the day he goes to pick up his daughter from high school, where he is introduced to his daughters best friend -- a blonde jb cheerleader (played by Mena Suvari), and starts drooling at the sight of her, as he were possessed. His daughter is disgusted and creeped out by her father having the hots for a 16 year old girl, but the movie doesn't call for the viewer to make moralistic judgments or problematize the age gap.

The film rather shows the sheer re-invigorating power that developing a oneitis has. Spacey fantasies about the blonde loli at nights, describing the feeling as blood pumping through his veins again after 20 years of living a life of a dead man. His libido becomes so intense his wife wakes up to the sound of him fapping one night -- she freaks out and threatens to divorce him for being a pervert, to which he starts dropping nuclear redpills about having to live a celibate life out of fear of being labeled a creep, and as he shuts the bitch down -- the camera focuses on his smirk as the scene gets accompanied with a playfully upbeat tune, inviting the viewer to root for Spacey character's newly found will to reclaim and defend his manhood.

Here is a man who always tried to please everyone around him at the expense of himself, and was still left on ignore by his own family, a cautious tale of american youth obsessed culture, the Yes Chad movie of unapologetic male sexuality.



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