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[Blackpill] Some women don't even bother to hide that they care about physical attractiveness at IRL.

Today in the afternoon I was cooking, and at that time a girl I live with enters the kitchen (let's see, she lives in a rented room inside my house with her mother and sister) we are not friends, but we talk occasionally. Anyway, she came in and said she was happy because she was through with her boyfriend, I asked her why she ended up with her boyfriend (she had seen him a couple of times and he seemed like a nice guy). She told me that she broke up with her boyfriend because she was bored and because she was too ugly, she had a horrible nose (Well, the nose was very big, but it didn't look ugly either). I said, "Oh, seriously, but you told me he had a good personality" She said this "Yes, but I don't feel anything, I never liked kissing him, I was bored, so I'll look for something better" I told her to be lucky , since I do not think that she will get better (I do Mog for her face and skin, she is not feminine). She said "Ha, I won't give up" and then left because her mother called her.
That poor man only had one affair with her for a month, and she had it more than anything because the boy had helped her in college long before. I hope you learn the lesson.



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