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Sorry, but the truth ALWAYS offends!!! Homosexualty is sin. It is wrong! It is dangerous. Any rational mind KNOWS the back door is not for sex. And do not tell me lots of hetros do it to. That is a boldface lie!!! The anal muscle is what's known as a "round muscle". Think of it as being like a rubber band, rather than a sheet stretching from one area to another. These muscles have a very specific design and function. They are meant to keep things closed.

If that muscle is stretched, it develops microtears. Now with a regular muscle, microtears mend and the muscle is built up, which is how exercise gets you toned and/or built. Round muscles don't work that way. Microtears never fully heal, and the entire muscle is weakened.

That is *why* gay men end up needing diapers over time. The anal muscle can no longer close tightly enough to prevent leakage.

And arguing about whether HIV is a 'gay' disease or not is so stupid, it's like discussing whether smoking causes lung cancer or if pit bulls are more aggressive than other dogs. Some people just refuse to admit the obvious truth and so quibble over minutia.

Unless you engage in male-on-male homosexual sex, basically the only way you will ever catch HIV is by using dirty needles.

Again, you and other homosexuals ALWAYS suppress the truth in unrighteousness. Your posts are PROOF!!!



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