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Repercussions of the Supreme Court’s Attack on Marriage

Yesterday the Supreme Court launched an intolerable assault on the sanctity of holy matrimony, squashing the Defense of Marriage Age and California’s Proposition 8. The repercussions will twist society beyond recognition. Among the most obvious is the effective banning of Christianity; inevitably, priests and ministers will face legal retribution if they refuse to reject their own faith by performing blasphemous homosexual “marriages.” There are also secular forms of blasphemy, like this:

The spouses of gay and lesbian service members will be among those to receive federal benefits, including burial at Arlington National Cemetery, the Pentagon announced Wednesday, hours after the Supreme Court overturned the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act.

Just hours after. It’s almost as if the moonbat apparatchiks Obama has set atop the Armed Forces were waiting for the Supremes’ rulings on the edge of their seats.

“We will move very swiftly, expeditiously, on implementing the law,” Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said during a Wednesday afternoon press briefing. …

“I have a responsibility to carry out the law of the land – the decision the Supreme Court gave today – from this place,” he said.

Presumably Hagel managed to say this with a straight face — despite the Obama Regime’s open refusal to enforce DOMA, which was the law of the land until yesterday. But things change quickly lately; until just recently, Obama himself opposed the obscene concept of homosexual marriage, recognizing that it was too outrageous for the public to support.

That leftists were able to push this grotesque social engineering campaign to such a disgusting extreme is due not only to the compliance of the same brainwashed herd that was duped into electing Obama, but to the cowardice and moral spinelessness of the conservatives who failed to rally resistance. Virtually no so-called conservatives will criticize anything to do with homosexuality, out of pants-wetting terror of being denounced as politically incorrect. All who have been cowed into pandering to depravity are complicit in the Supremes’ sick rulings — which like much that is imposed by the federal government these days appear to be a calculated gob of saliva in the face of all that is good, decent, holy, and worthy of respect.

Fortunately, spit wipes away. Liberals in their absurd hubris believe they can reverse human nature and thousands of years of history by simple decree. Depravity is now normal, according to the law. But not according to our hearts.

Though liberals revere homosexuality, the taboo against it is so strong that all three of the major religions that have come out of the Middle East to shape human history — Christianity, Judaism, and Islam — have called for it to be punishable by death. Other than Muslims, no one advocates the death penalty now; but normalization, so that homosexual liaisons are decreed by law to be of equal validity to legitimate marriages, as the deranged Justice Kennedy demands? No way.

The social engineers have run a masterful propaganda campaign, but this time they have overstepped. Though human spirits often give way, they are not easily broken. Like saplings, the farther you bend them, the harder they snap back. Sooner or later, people will rediscover their sense of decency — and their sense of outrage.



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