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[On gay rights]

It isn't dying out, nor will it, as I've mentioned, there will always be intolerance toward Oddities, and trying to force normal majority into look at these freaks as normal or another member of the human race is simply going to get people's back's up, until sooner or later, it back fires, as we see toward immigrants and multiculturalism, sooner or later there is going to be one almighty mess of bloodshed, and the Minorities of what ever form will catch the lot, because of either Socialists or themselves putting their oddities out in front and making themselves stand out...

They have rights? Only via that farce called 'The Human Rights' law, and that was a big mistake in itself.. They have no rights, they are a minority a must accept that, and quit pushing themselves out on show, and making a song and dance about their oddities... Human rights lets em marry and adopt kids, and that isn't going to help the kid's understanding of what is and what isn't Natural and normal, it isn't normal and it certainly isn't Natural... It should be against the law, not the way it has become...

I have a question Barry, why should you care what or how Queers and other Oddities are treated???whistle.png

Forcing Tolerance onto the majority is going to back fire and that isn't going to be pretty when it does, and the Liberal/Left will be to blame...



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