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Citing the dangerous and unknown nature of RNA/DNA vaccines and their potential to permanently alter the genetic structure of humans, the Marcionite Christian Church has forbidden its members worldwide from receiving the vaccines for seven-years beginning August 1st, 2020.

The edict (Subitis Medicinae Edicto) issued by the Central Pontiate also bans participation in the use of nanovaccinology for a period of three-years as more is learned about the implications of the technology.

Church spokesman, Darren Kelama, says New Testament scripture also played a role in their decision: "Know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own?" (1 Corinthians 6:19)

"Our understanding is that DNA vaccines inject synthesized genes, altering the human genetic makeup forever in unknown ways. And the RNA vaccines have the potential to trigger autoimmune reactions wherein the body attacks itself. Permanently altering a perfect creation of God using the cover story of a virus like Covid, which is about as dangerous as the flu, is not a risk we're willing to take," added Kelama.

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Polio was a catch all that got blamed for all of the pollutants of the post industrial revolution such as heavy metals, pesticides, etc.. The polio vaccine never cured or prevented anything and it actually made people ill in many cases.

At the same time the polio vaccine was rolled out there was a silent recall and retraction in the use of DDT, lead arsenate, Paris green and a number of other toxins. Polio was never cured. It was reclassified based on the symptoms.

We only treat symptoms and we never solve anything. We treat the body as individualized parts instead of as a whole the way they do in eastern medicine.

Traditional Chinese Medicine was far more advanced than Western medicine but it is also very cheap so any country that loves money more than people will get rid of real medicine like they did to natural medicine in the US.

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[on Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori]

Those who dissented from the Episcopal hierarchy were speaking of the actions of the PB as being against both the canons and constitutions of the [Episcopal Church] and thus illegal.

(on this blog we never refer to a woman as a "bishop" nor "priest"- this is a rule henceforth and forever more- but I will leave the "B" in place as the Episcopal church has yet to put the "b" in a kennel)

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If you look into the issue just a little bit, you will discover the vaccines have caused major damage to large numbers of humans and animals, including brain damage. Many have also been linked with autism rises, etc. They also sometimes include cells lines from aborted babies. They are frequently filled with things that extremely harmful in many ways. People should not receive them. It's outrageous and horrible that people are being forced to receive vaccines---truly horrible.

Also, when you posted your false comment, you probably knew that we were against vaccines. So, you are arrogantly posting on our site essentially that we are totally wrong about the matter (when you are actually wrong).

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All people must pray to God ( allah) only and they will not suffer from hurricanes and earthquakes... Look at 99% of Muslim countries do not suffer from hurricanes and earthquakes because they are all committed to prayer, fasting, zakat and charity for poor people

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Incidentally many today have suggested that the recent “chemtrails” phenomenon” (the inexplicable covert and secret dissemination of toxic nanoparticle and chemicals into our breathable atmosphere in massive quantities using airliners), is in fact a crazed Jewish conspiracy whereby a formula is produced calculating the estimated number of people who will die of cancer as a direct result of the chemtrailing, and that this estimate is used to some sort of sinister Jewish religious ritual as being representative of a number of Jewish human sacrifices.

Chemtrails may be a deliberate attempt to remotely instigate Jewish occultic homicidal rituals on the unsuspecting gentile population, thus avoiding the inevitable pogroms that resulted from more direct Jewish homicidal rituals in the past.

While there is no direct evidence to fully substantiate this, it remains a fact that chemtrails appear to be real and recent phenomenon. I once believed that the absurd officials about the cardinal Globalist hoaxes of 9/11, “climate change” and the so called “holocaust” were real. It therefore wouldn’t stretch my imagination too far to consider the above claim to be at the very least partly true.


Jews have of course been banned from entering or residing in England on pain of death since 1290, but where Jews have not been banned it is vital that they are forced to don bright yellow markers such as this pointy coned hat, so that the citizenry is able to more readily identify malicious scams and atrocious acts of sexual and/or homicidal mischief perpetrated against the public.

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Germs are the result, not the cause of disease.

Homeopathy teaches that the natural process and the stages of a client’s illness must be respected and allowed to run their course; otherwise, acute conditions can be made chronic. Infectious agents enter via the mouth, nose and skin, which are instrumental in the immunological process.

Vaccination bypasses all these natural cycles by introducing foreign material directly into the bloodstream, giving the substance immediate access to vital organs without any obvious way of removing it...Indeed, if vaccines worked, why are ‘boosters’ needed?

Research shows without a shadow of doubt causal links between vaccination and cancer, leukaemia, multiple sclerosis, autism, ADD, ADHD, lupus, mental retardation, blindness, asthma, epilepsy, cerebral palsy, encephalitis, paralysis, TB, cot death, shaken baby syndrome, liver, kidney and heart failure, diabetes, arthritis, meningitis, glue-ear, learning difficulties, allergies, auto-immune disorders: the list is endless.

In fact, all vaccinated individuals are vaccine-damaged; it is merely a question of time and degree as to the outcome. Thus, every vaccine received is a medical experiment.

Vaccines have also been used as vehicles for sterility.

Jormungandr the world serpent has already injected a venom into our folk’s blood- our soil, our gift...preventing us from attaining Odin consciousness. Worse still, it has already weakened our successors- directly by vaccinating them and indirectly by reducing the immunity we could otherwise gift genetically -because of our own vaccinations: a physical, emotional, mental and psychic plague replaces it.

We must reject vaccinations and all other polluting attempts to dissect us from multiversal reality. For if we vaccinate ourselves and our children, will we ever truly be able to guarantee our minds’ are our’s- ever again?

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Paganism: Part XII - Why Paganism?

The Australoid and Nergo (sic) races (Thrall's kin) are at least 200.000 years old, the Asian races (Karl's kin) are perhaps 150.000 years old, and the youngest and Nordic race (Jarl's kin) is about 80.000 years old. When each race was created (created) by the gods, they also created an operating system (a type of mind ["soul"]) designed for each race. According to our mythology the gods were only satisfied with their latest design, Jarl's kin, and this is of course the main reason why I advocate racial segregasjon (sic). We degrade the Nordic race by mixing it with the "inferior designs". With the creation of Jarl's kin they could finally "install" their own operating system (the divine mind) in a human race, and they taught this race how to install the additional "software" (the runes) needed to perform its tasks here on Earth.

The additional "software" I am talking about is of course installed by the help of our Paganism and in particular the Pagan mysteries, and this is the reason why the Nordic man should choose to embrace Paganism and Pagan rituals. Without our Paganism we are incomplete human beings.

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[comment on Cornell lecture “The Children of Ash: Cosmology and the Viking Universe”]

Watch 200 proofs why we dont live on a spinning ball by eric dubay then all this will make much more sense to you!! At 30 min 20 sec that is an image from Marvel comic all cosmic images are cgi and artists impressions there are no REAL photos of space it is all a richmans trick!!!

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According to the "experts" of the world of science, Mather and Smoot's award [the Nobel Prize in Physics] is considered both expected and well-deserved. But do the discoveries of these two Americans contain anything significant to white humanity?

One of the factors that Zion uses to clear away all Aryan traditions from scientific research is the dogma of the so-called "Big Bang theory". In short, this dogma is that there is an inexplicable irrational "beginning" to the universe, an origin from which the cosmos was "created". The scientific institutions, and in particular the Nobel Committee, talk about the "childhood of the universe" and date the "birth" of the universe extensively to 13.7 billion years ago. It is on the basis of this assumption, which is anything but a proven axiom, that the two Americans have conducted their research.

The above fact may seem trivial to the survival of the white Aryan race. But if you look closely at the subjective Semitic positions that lie behind the "Big Bang theory", the matter comes in a completely different light.

The idea that the universe has a "beginning", an exact state from which everything was "created" inevitably means, if we are to pursue the idea logically, a "creator" or a "higher meaning". This in itself opens up for a Semitic anthropocentric view of nature, as well as a linear view of history.

A "cyclical" approach means that the starting point is our planet with its abundance of living organisms, and that it moves in a circle in its constant evolution, and not linearly with a clear "beginning" and an "end"...A consistent cyclical attitude cannot be based on a "Big-Bang" theory, as its course has no definite beginning or end.

National Socialism is the only political ideology which in modern times derives from the Aryan biocentric-cyclical worldview.

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Pride month exists because homosexuals are naturally ashamed of their degeneracy and generally hide their shameful acts...if homosexuals' had dignity or pride, they wouldn't need to tell people for a month every year.

Guess who has dignity and pride? Straight, white, men.

Every day is pride day for us.

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Homosexuals reproduce by abusing children. Period, fact, end of conversation. They aren't born, they're made via sexual abuse.

this is the dumbest take I've ever heard

It's not dumb, it's the truth that homos and their enablers don't want the average person to know. It used to be common knowledge.

Don't need citations for facts. Visit your local bath house and take a poll.

Jackson Miles:
That's some of the stupidest fucking shit I've ever heard. You make a claim, you need to substantiate it. Substantiate your claim or it's worthless.

Disease spreading homosexual who spreads diseases and molests children says what now?

What? I'm gay and I was never abused... nobody I know was ever abused.

Then your brain is broken or you're lying...Enjoy your STDs, AIDS and empty life, along with your destroyed anus.

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[on /r/Judaism]

I consider myself Jewish above everything else. Ethnically and religiously.

Agree with everyone in this thread. I have always been taught to value any Yehudim above any Goyim. We are a tribe, and a tribe helps their people - even if it comes at the expense of others. I would always raise up another Jew at any opportunity, protect them even if they did wrong…and I’m glad everyone here feels the same.

[on /r/NBA]

Makes it more interesting to have a player we can all unite to ‘hate.’ Crazy temper, rich white boy, punchable face, really white mannerisms and way of speaking, arrogant. I’m literally white and I can’t stand him so I can’t imagine what it’s like for black people watching him. You could imagine what his ancestors were like.

[On a thread titled “Why is it encouraged for us to spread division between White and Black people”]

As Rabbi Bronstein says, “if the cat and dog are hating each other, the mouse is safe.” Unlike others who do, I would never lie, but it’s not immoral to highlight the failings of other groups. If that leads to division, well, like Rabbi Bronstein says, we’re the mouse. It keeps us safe.

Why are you trying to spread division? Why are you claiming to be white [on /r/NBA], but on other posts saying you’re not? Why are you trying to encourage black people to think of a college kids ancestors as slave owners, and citing his ‘white mannerisms’ as an issue worthy of hate?

Why are YOU spreading anti-Semitism?

Quoting your own posts and asking you 3 civil questions isn’t anti-semitic.

My posts in other threads are irrelevant. This was a post about a g-ddamn basketball player. This is textbook Anti-Semitism.

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Anyone who disagrees with me is a fascist but unironically.

Conservativism ? Diluted fascism.

Liberalism ? Will inevitably degenerate into fascism if challenged.

Social democrats ? The moderate wing of fascism.

Hi, I’m a soc-dem, I’m also offended, how am I a facist?

You're not a fascist, as in that's not your intention, but the end result of social democracy is very similar.

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A co-founder of Black Lives Matter Toronto argued that white people are “recessive genetic defects” and purportedly mused about how the race could be “wiped out,” according to a post on what appears to be her Facebook page.

Yusra Khogali has faced increased scrutiny over the past year after BLM Toronto gained political influence following their disruption of the Toronto Pride parade and confrontations with Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne.

She also faced controversy in the news for a tweet posted a year ago stating: “Plz Allah give me strength to not cuss/kill these men and white folks out here today.”

While these remarks alarmed many Canadians, they pale in comparison to a statement numerous sources forwarded to the Sun that Khogali appears to have posted on Facebook in late 2015.

“Whiteness is not humxness,” the statement begins. “infact, white skin is sub-humxn.” The post goes on to present a genetics-based argument centred on melanin and enzyme.

“White ppl are recessive genetic defects. this is factual,” the post reads towards the end. “white ppl need white supremacy as a mechanism to protect their survival as a people because all they can do is produce themselves. black ppl simply through their dominant genes can literally wipe out the white race if we had the power to.”

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Nonetheless, there are “Higher Powers” involved in this struggle. Call them Gods, Devils, Angels, Avatars, Aliens, Adepts, or whatever; they do exist. I believe America was formed by higher powers, using Freemasonry, for the express purpose of forcing the collective White race into a corner where they must either abandon the anti-nature suicidal religion of Christianity or accept extinction. And I believe I am incarnated into this time and place to fulfill this mission.

For an explanation go to www.pyramidprophecy.org. But for now just look at the so called seal of the U.S. on the back of a dollar bill. Note that the separated rapstone over the pyramid is the 14th level and the 88th stone as in 14-88. On the other side note that the stars form a 14 the star of David.

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If you think about it, it would be literally impossible for the DPRK to exist without the support of the people.
Their military budget is $6 billion, but a lot of this equipment is shit like nukes or missiles, that they can't use on civilians.
Their police is a lot more demilitarized than the US. Even if the military used guns, there is no way the military could prevent an uprising with a budget way smaller than the police of New York alone.

And even the assumption that the military would use guns on citizens is a pretty big one, their entire culture is centered around their love of the Korean people. There is no way the military would shoot civilians.

And even if they did, remember they liberated themselves from Japan through guerrilla warfare and fought a war against the US, beating them multiple times before being genocided entirely. They also know they would have the support of the rest of the world if they wanted to overthrow the state. If there was an uprising, the country would be over in a week.

Now you may say that there is a lot of propaganda, but then again, there is a shit ton of propaganda in the US, and people are still revolting.

And in the US people think they're free, in North Korea, the press is controlled by the state. If they lived in an oppressive dictatorship, don't you think they would have figured it out ? They're not dumb, they're not submissive ants, quite the opposite actually, have you ever seen an angry crowd there? You don't even need to debunk lies to realize that the imperialist narrative is false.

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dysphoria as a diagnosis is characterised by significant distress at not being the opposite sex and like idk why we’re trying to surgically treat the ‘not being the opposite sex’ part instead of trying to psychologically treat the ‘significant distress’ part

Mayhaps it’s because the ‘not being the opposite sex’ part kinda causes the ‘significant distress’ part. You Actually Said It Yourself how did you miss it.

that doesn’t make sense. many ppl are female. being female doesn’t cause dysphoria. many ppl are male. being male doesn’t cause dysphoria. being a certain sex isn’t what makes u want to be a different sex.

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Leaving this up since it's high karma, but the entire world needs to have a good look at vaccines. I'm not quite sure how they work but putting things like that in your body cannot be good for you when herbal remedies have worked for thousands of years.
People need to start thinking for themselves and stop blindly trusting so called "masters of medicine".

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[on Taiwan legalizing gay marriage]

This changes my mind.
Taiwan is China. All traces of Taiwanese national distinction should be wiped out and replaced by Chinese. These degenerates need to bend the knee.

They think that because they can trace their political history back to the Emperors that they are the true China.
This is not in keeping with Allahs teachings. The only true China is the one capable of defending its divine mandate - i.e Daddy Xi > whatever faggy crap this is

If hong kong goes the way of the degenerate west China needs to send in the tanks and clean house.

I don’t understand why reddit cares so much about HK. It’s a fucking shithole of a city, overpriced, overcrowded and all around filled with these arrogant cantos. Nuke it down china daddy

I'll only support HK independence if they too denounce homosexuality and blacks

this, but unironically

My priorities for HK:
conversion to islam
expulsion of the white devils
denouncement of bussy and trannyism

also good

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Employers discriminate against hiring women.

As they should

Care to explain why ?

The short answer is women belong at home, not in the workplace

And that's why this sub sucks...

Women in the workplace is a pretty recent development in human civilization and it is being shown to have drastic consequences on both an individual and societal level

Not all women are the same
You can't force them to do something against their will

That's what a government is for, making people do stuff against their will

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Here's my favorite argument against transitioning:
It's the only version of dysmorphia that we treat by submitting to the the dysmorphia.
Anorexia, "Bigorexia", Alien Hand Syndrome, psychosis in general: psychological treatment to help match the mental model to reality
Transgender: hack your dick off and eat these hormones

NP 901 #transphobia kiwifarms.net

That being said I'm sure there are tranners who are actually TRUE and HONEST wamman and not pushed on by whatever the trickle down media whores think is the flavor of the week mental illness (desmondisamazing one week, ADHD another, the TRENCHCOAT MAFIA still another) I mean, statistically speaking that's gotta be possible, right? Right?

Well that was quite the ride but I’ll address your last part.

If he’s MTF and into cock, he’s just a pathetic homophobic homo or a homo who is into straight men.

If he’s MTF and into pussy, he’s a fetishist. Most of these try to pretend they belong to the former group. But they are on average more sexually deviant and exhibit other paraphilias such as pedophilia, autopedophelia(sic), period fetish, etc.

Psychologists Dr Ray Blanchard and Anne Lawrence (a troon btw) write about troons a lot and that’s basically the distilled version - gay trannies and “””lesbian””” troons (heterosexual men) are two very distinct subsets of transsexuality.

06549r #transphobia reddit.com

[on trans men]

When it’s not a mentally ill lesbian who thinks she needs a penis to have sex with a woman, it’s a mentally ill straight girl fetishizing feminine gay men and using disgusting homophobic slurs to refer to herself.

Bottom line: it’s a fetish.

Wooden_Establishment #racist reddit.com

r/Fragileɴiggeredditormuch? Lol.
I'm not the retard that thinks it's "duh waycism :((((" that the literal subhumans that commit 53% of the violent crime despite being only 13% of the population get arrested more.
Wow, who knew it? When a disgusting, low-intelligence ape commits crimes, it gets arrested! What a surprise! Next you're gonna say we shouldn't deport/kill all those creatures, right? Retard.
I hope you encounter one of those things when it's dark out.

Various NetEase commenters #homophobia chinasmack.com

[on Taiwan holding its largest ever Pride parade in 2009]

网易上海网友: Men and women coming together to create the next generation is of course not the only goal, but what we can be certain of is, God create people so that only men with women can reproduce the next generation, and not men with men and women with women. If the latter were possible, wouldn’t it have been easier for God to just have created one sex? So, do not violate God’s will, it will bring down Heaven’s wrath, Heaven would not approve!

网易广东广州天河网友: Homosexuals should indeed be sent into a concentration camp to be humanely destroyed, otherwise [they will] infect AIDS and whatever everywhere…

网易黑龙江哈尔滨网友: May those homosexuals quickly contract AIDS, so this world can once again return to normal, thank you.

网易广东广州网友: Those homosexuals are truly fucking disgusting. Especially the fake men, just seeing them makes me want to beat them up, the pussy/cunt on your body is completely a waste of resources!

网易河南郑州网友: Homosexuality is simply against the natural law, a bunch of sick people, a perverted/deviant group of people!

网易广西南宁网友:This bunch of deviant/abnormal things!

From the moment I have become aware of things, I only know that only men and women can have sex.
Women with women, that is called deviant/abnormal.
Men with men, that is called disgusting/gross + deviant/abnormal.

hl100orsmth, BluePillProfessor #sexist reddit.com

Did you know that women who are raped are twice as likely to conceive as women who have unprotected consensual sex? It is a fact. Women who are raped often have orgasms as well – some women have never had an orgasm in their lives save for a rape. The desire to be sexually dominated is deeply programed into the woman. This is a fact of evolution that cannot be denied without women becoming unbalanced

I once read that disturbingly high amount of women that are raped have orgasms. You can find some propaganda on feminist websites making it look like that orgasm "means nothing to me", basically.
"That orgasm is just a friend!"
But it goes deeper than that. It's no coincidence that rape fantasy is most common fantasy for women.
Personally I find this topic very disturbing and scary. Biologically and evolutionarily, it makes perfect sense.
It's one of the topics I never discuss in real life. Sometimes I discuss "red pill" openly because I got money and I dont care :) but this topic.. even if I have some knowledge on it, I never discuss it with anyone. It's too disturbing, too dark, too insane.

BluePillProfessor: Yet they make movies about it. They read books openly celebrating it. Women don't think it is dark. They cum buckets of froth and drip to the tiles.