Penny Portal #wingnut

Congratulations, Comrade Sawant! Very clever to use same day voter registration to register entire city-wide campaign staff and all in homeless collectives under threat of eviction by homeless industrial complex that supports your complicity and enjoys your lucrative patronage. Make sure your percentage is beyond all challengers or else recount might uncover your dubious mischief in so-called "democratic process," ha, ha. Not many will wonder how polls put initial support at low 20% with no chance, to 33% in primary to end up more than 60% for final election. You hide away and smirk "wait-and-see!" You know what is coming. You have done it before! Turnout in your district probably 70% although in rest of city only 34%. Don't worry, Democrats can't count. We, here in the formerly Soviet Ukraine salute you for your dubious nature and corrupt intentions, ha, ha! You make us proud and in coming decades, those techno Seattleites will wonder at your longevity when no one actually votes for you. You make all of us Marxists, Communists, Stalinists very proud. Now, go smoke a joint, smirk and enjoy yourself. Vodka and a special car is waiting for your next trip to Communist KGB paradise. Your friend, Comrade Vladimir.



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