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[RageFuel] People keep saying incels don't put in any effort to meet women, but then shit on any approaching methods incels try

I'm talking about this shit


Approach who? Random women they see on the street? Cause that's not the right approach, that won't da shit
for their "data."

They'll blame incels for not putting the effort in to meet women, but then when an incel says he will go out and try to meet women, that method is wrong and won't work.

And the thing is, I fully agree it won't work, but how the fuck are incels meant to be meet women? You can't talk to random women, but you also don't know any women, they also admit incels wont get laid on tinder, you also shouldn't do it at work because that's bothering people who're working, so I guess that leaves... absolutely fucking nowhere to meet women then.

For the record I fully understand it's all just about looks, but the way these faggots move the goalposts constantly is annoying as fuck.



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