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The jewish weapons since time immemorial, have been defamation and the creations of unsubstantiated hoaxes. They prey these with magick, astral help, and the minds of their half jews and those weak in logic and reasoning, and they push these on the populace, a while after which, these gain a life of their own.

As Hitler stated nobody whom was not mentioned in the Jewish Press and was attacked, was a legitimate National Socialist. The same goes for our beliefs. Most people slander, perpetuate hoaxes, and as you see many jews are frequently going batshit on the JoS for no reason whats-over.

This starts on an astral level. This is the major weapon of jews. Also, the same thing they did to our Gods. They just 'claimed' something. And as we know jewish opinion requires no facts: It's just so because the jew said so. If the jews say so, then this is 'reality'. "Satan" or "Sata" or Satya, Truth, is abolished and to be driven away. It's only the word of the jew that matters.

Of course the above deal is highly astral. Looking at the facts about Hitler, or getting to know Satan for example, banishes such doubts. However the jews put themselves in an authority where they say the 'truth' and the 'facts' as they believe to be fit, and their opinion (And god that represents them) is higher than Sat/Satan/Satya, which is Truth.

Why are people like Hitler where they are, and not where they deserve historically? (((Hoaxes.))) Why are the Pagan Gods attacked and smeared? (((Hoaxes.))) Why people don't even bother advancing? (((Hoaxes.))) Why people are afraid of the spirit world? (((Hoaxes.))) The list goes on.

People worship the jews over Truth. If they were serious about Truth, they'd consider following our path, or at least a similar path that deals with natural understanding. But who cares, right?

In the jewish mind it's a basic thought that (they wish at least) there is no Truth in anything.

Those who move up the pantheon of the Gods will also have the eternal slanderers, the enemy, on their feet attempting to leech. To recognize the jews is to void out their methods.

"Truth shall be the final victor in this struggle. The Truth, however, is with us. " -Adolf Hitler






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