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When you study the enemy, you will see there is something extremely wrong with them. In all their writtings, they call the Truth pointless or even evil, and banish it.

They literally do not give a fuck about any Truth. So far the jews are concerned, you don't even exist right now and you never did as if they win, they will erase you from history anyway. Part of this is why all the 'history' and 'knowledge' of the world is becoming digital. In the future, if they win, they will simply erase the so called 'inheritance' of humanity, or lock you out of it as when you lock an Ipad out from the App-Store. They also make some 'spiritual' reasons about the things they believe, to justify their reptilian psychopathy.

The jews were the first race to write a completely fictitious story and impose this on the planet as 'truth'. The jews also in their writings state that one must never rise above the level of the throat chakra, because they will 'die' and since it's pointless. This is because on the 6th and 7th chakra, the Truth is understood. SATANAMA is responsible for the rising of the understanding to this.

The jew is also the only race who will keep lying to you even after you have found out. They literally do this as a computer program does, and the jew also does seem to in it's entirety as a species, lack a sense of 'truth' completely. This is more than a Gentile who is pathologically lying, this is a DISABILITY to understand any truth.

If they did, they would never be doing the things we do, and their creators made sure they don't have this ability at all. They simply do not possess this sense. The jews look to you straight in the eyes and lie to you all the time, blatantly, and if you find out, they want to execute you or blame you for it. Because you're inferior for doing this to them. Many people call this behavior sociopathy or pathological lying, but it's just jewishness.

The prior-said conditions aren't that serious, and even the worse pathological liars do know what is true and what isn't. The jews genuinely believe in their own lies as they know they are lies and they believe them anyway. Because they are only interested in the power put into the lie and the effect this has. The whole jewish world is build upon this.

Two shirts cost exactly the same to make, one costs 1000$, the other costs 10$. The only thing that is different is a generated idea behind the shirts. This is only one example. The same goes for Jesus who is a cheap hooker imposter, but due to the mass belief put into the lie, he costs 10 bucks instead of 5 bucks.

Truth makes an entity understand the highest wisdom that is beyond who created that entity and so forth. The enemy who created the jews didn't want them rebelling or posessing that sense. The jews admit the Torah is a lie, and a generated "POTENTIAL UNIVERSE" that "MAY OR MAY NOT MANIFEST", but they believe on it anyway.

The jewish school of thought of Frankfurt and Marxism was always about how there is no Truth, never was, and that nothing really matters. So far the jews are concerned, you don't exist either: You're a temporary Goyim that exists and will be eradicated, as an animal without a memory that never existed. According to the jews if a person gets amnesia, they never existed or had any actual existence.

We can translate this into how they mention Satan and the Gods (Satan means Truth basically) is their enemy, whom they fight, but at the same time they lie that he doesn't exist, is irrelevant or whatever else. The jews translate their WISHES for reality, as "REALITY" and they fake it until they make it. This is why the whole system is built on the "FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT" pseudo-success, where pretense is the only important thing, and never facts.

Effectively all lies collapse under their own weight, crushing them, and then they blame the victims for it.

Jews must be seen as a reptilian entity with a very specific purpose. To dominate the planet and deliver it to their masters by any means necessary. They don't care, nor they can care. They can pretend, as Marcus Eli Ravage said, to take on the 'culture' of their enemies, they can even cry like machinery, but on the inside, they don't feel the slightest thing or even give a damn.

The greatest thing you can do is unmask them so they can insist, and this is where you will have your own 'idea about what they were' collapse in front of reality. This misunderstanding is major, is caused by lack of spiritual understanding, and is the reason Jews are still around and not isolated in Madagascar or worse.

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The Rabbi's state the Torah is Kabala. This is repeated many times in Jewish writings.

In Hinduism the oldest religion on earth. Of which much of the Jewish Kabala has come from. Even the six pointed star which was stolen from the Star of Visnu. Shiva is called Kabala Iswara in Hinduism. Kabala actually means coiled in its original Sanskrit origin. The serpent power. Hence Shiva is Kabala [Serpent] Iswara [Lord]. This gets into the fact prana the life force is shown as the serpent in Hinduism. Kabala is the science of how prana or energy works and manifests the universe in Hinduism. Its the science of the structure of the universe.

In Hinduism there is a specific science the Brahmin's their Hindu Priests know, that of Prana Prakriti this relates to the creation of energy forms in the astral. Its the science of creating a literal god form. How to create the mandala's and mantra's to empower and access the god form and how to install this energy into talisman's, statues of the deity and other objects which are connected into the god form and bring it though into the material realm from the astral to manifest. This includes letters which are charged for such.

This is the source of understanding Jewish Kabala. The Jews have created a god form with this science which is why the Rabbi's in their kabala state that their god serves them. In Judaism the Torah is called god and is connected to the Aleph letter in Kabala which adds to 26 in its gematria. The Jews place the Torah into an ark at the end of each Synagogue service. In the Pagan and such still in the Hindu world the energetically installed image of the god is placed into such an ark. They have these from ancient Egypt still in museums.

This also relates to the Ark of the Covenant in their Torah it has the Ten Commandments placed with it. Which related to the number Ten the Yod letter is the banner and power of Yahweh in the Torah. The Rod of Moses which is openly shown to be the Jewish god from which they call Leviathan, the serpent upon a rod which Moses uses to defeat the Pharaoh the symbol of the Gentile power. With the power of the Jewish god form. The Torah has 613 laws which form it. These add to Ten which in kabala is the meaning of this number. Its the Torah.

The Jews use the Ark of their Convent against their Gentile enemies to conqueror the Goyim nations in battle and destroy them. The ark also brings sickness and other curses upon the Gentile People. This is an allegory for their Torah. The Greek Kings and Roman Leaders who were adepts in Iso Sophia the Western Kabala which came from the east. Banned the Jews from reading the Torah and had their Torah scrolls burned. As they had laws against this kind of black magic. They knew what it did.

The Torah is as the Kabala and Talmud and Rabbi's refer to it as. A god form the Jews created to serve them. The real Torah is as the Rabbi's state, their god. Which is this energy form they created. The Torah is one long Hebrew mantra to create the harmonic algorithm in the astral their god form and the Jewish rituals are done to infuse this with power. The Hebrew letters are also charged to connect the two of these the god form and the physical Torah. Which is why in the Kabbalistic symbol of the Aleph letter it shows two Yod's between a Vav. Which they state connects the Jew and their God. Or God and Torah. As the Yod in Kabala is the letter that manifests energy that all the other Hebrew letters animate from.

The 22 letters are the names of the Hebrew god as they form the Torah that is the mantra of their god form. This all animates out of the Yod. Which is why the Yod letter is shown as their Leviathan. Their god form. In the Talmud and Kabala they use the symbol of the full manifestation of their occult working of bringing their god form into material existence thus the global empire promised to them in the Torah. As the Leviathan encircling and destroying all the Gentiles nations and people of the world. They call this their Messiah. In kabala the 42 names of god are Hebrew mantra's to bring this into being.

The Talmud and Torah both state the name of their god is the 72 names. The 72 names relate to the symbol of the Leviathan which is divided into four quarters of 18 sub categories. That relate to the decan's of the Zodiac of which their are 72 fully in Kabala. It also relates to the five elements. this is the science of Prana Prakriti in Hinduism which in this level is called the Purusha. The kabala letters relate to the zodiac signs, planets and elements.

The 72 names are used in specific formula's that relate to the specific elemental, planetary and astral energies they relate to within their combinations on the body of Leviathan. Their god form. Leviathan is shown as the serpent in Kabala because the serpent is the symbol of prana, energy and its science of how it manifests the universe. In Hinduism the entire universe is calledl a mantra and given AUM which divides into the different letters and their combinations which have elemental and planetary, astrological properties and its shown as the serpent. This is where the Jews stole this from.

This is the secret behind the Golem a servitor or animated god form the Rabbi's make to serve them. Its bought to life with the 22 Hebrew letters and the YHVH inscribed upon a parchment placed with it. Its a symbol of their god form the Torah. The Jews state their god serves them. YHVH is the letters of the four quarters the 72 names are divided into.

"According to one story, to make a golem come alive, one would shape it out of soil, and then walk or dance around it saying combination of letters from the alphabet and the secret name of God. To "kill" the golem, its creators would walk in the opposite direction saying and making the order of the words backwards."

Here the Jews admit the way to stop their magic is reverse Torah readings. They probably put that in there as a warning to their Rabbi's to undo out of control thought forms they created. But its still connected to their massive working of Jewish magic their big thought form, YHVH. Same principal.

The Kabbalistic texts called Adam a Golem. The Adam Kadmon, which is of Adam in their Torah. In the Jewish Kabala is sum total of the 72 names and how they work. Note Jesus is called the Adam in their Bible a Golem thought form.

The top level Rabbi's like Laitman who are Kabbalistic adepts openly mention how the Jews will have talismans and pendants with different names of the 72 on them to manifest what they want in life. As the are charged talismans and connected to the god form of the Jews. This why the Jews call their god Hashem which they state means "The Name" Hashem is the short form of Hashemporash the 72 names. All Rabbi's who are 40 years old are given the knowledge of the 72. 40 is a Kabbalistic number of their Messiah.

Yashua [Jesus] is called the Jewish Messiah. Yashua is the name of the Messianic leader Yashua [Joshua] in the Torah that conquered and exterminated the Gentile nations to create Israel the Jewish Empire. Jesus is also descended from King David the warrior Messiah who exterminated entire nations of Gentiles and created the Jewish Empire. The Bible ends in the book of Revelations which is given the Kabbalistic number of 22 chapters and is designed to connect to the Torah in the book of Daniel that prophesizes the coming Jewish global empire and Messianic war that will bring this.

Revelations ends with the Messianic war which destroys the entire Gentile world. And which the Jewish Messiah rules the entire world from Zion with 144,000 Jews who represent the 12 tribes of Israel. 144,000 is a Kabbalistic number for Leviathan and Jesus is the chief cornerstone of the 144,000. In Kabbalistic terms that means Jesus is the head of the Leviathan.

Jesus openly compares and thus calls himself the Leviathan in the gospel of John. The serpent of Moses. Which in kabala is the symbol of Leviathan.

Jesus is a form of Kabbalistic magic to manifest the Jewish World Order though. The Gentiles under Christianity have become servants of the Jews. Acting as physical and spiritual cattle for the Jews to harvest in building their Global Kingdom. This is why Christianity is based on the criminalization of spiritual knowledge and power for Gentiles to remove this from the Gentiles and leave them victims of its weaponization against them by the Jews.

Note the Jewish YHVH adds to 26 then is further added into eight. Eight is the Chet letter and in Hindu and Kabala this letter is the soul the energy of life. Their god is also the collective soul of the Jewish People which their god form is connected with as the Covenant. It relates to their word for life Chai. The reversing Torah Rituals is their Achilles heel.

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In the Torah the Jews made a holocaust out of the People of Caan and even the live stock were slaughtered and burnt in bloody heaps to Yahweh as the Holocaust of burnt offering. However in Hebrew this word Holocaust is Olah....

In the Jewish Mishnah, the Rabbi's call the process of creating the Jewish Messianic Global Kingdom Tikkun Olam. That A is also the vowel Ah. Its Tiklum Olahm. Meaning one thing. Offering up the entire Gentile Peoples of the world as sacrifice to Yahweh as a holocaust. The Torah states their is five types of animals to be blood sacrifices to Yahweh, Cattle or Goyim in Hebrew is one of them. The Jews call us the non-Jews, Goyim.

It goes from Olah to Olam.... Because M is the letter of Messiah in Kabala. This is what Messiah must accomplish for the Jews.

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Non-Satanists are disliked by Satan. Non-Satanists have been the cause of billions of lives lost due to their shifting away of the truth through out their whole lives. Who has served the jew in their countless wars? Who massacred the pagan aristocracy of Rome that gave way to the Jewish empire that continues to run to this day? Non-Satanists. They are scum and the worst of them are savages. Looking at the many non-satanists who have been tramped over by the jews is a common cause of doubt of this principle of Satanism.

Any mirage of a Non-Satanic enmity only arises from the Non-Satanists personal interest, which is why you see their efforts are always futile and in vain. A Satanist should re-read that explanation so as to get a thorough understanding of what a Non-Satanist is. Compare the achievements of Napoleon against Hitlers and you will see what a Satanist is capable of doing to the ARCH ENEMY and Tribal enemy of the White race the jews and what a Non-Satanic huckster does.

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Why do people like "Southern" get so much attention? Oh wait.

Because jews promote them to throw all responsibilities to Muslims while protecting the jews, and because they do possess a vagina.

Lo and Behold the Awakener. It was MUSLIMS all along! Yes. How the fuck did I miss that. I thought it was the jews behind the so called 'Muslims' and that they even created ISIS. Level two is to also state the jews are completely innocent, which thankfully all of these awakeners helped me understand.

Worship Lauren's man-booty everyone, and go to church to pray to Rabbayenu Yeshua to ward off these evil invaders, for the jews are also innocent. Worshiping Lauren for her pastel makeup "looks" is a sin Rabbi Rabbayenu Yeshua Jewsus Christ will overlook, simply because, it protects his beloved jewish race for extinction...WTF

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There are six major multi-national food corporations all run by Jews at the top like Monsanto. Who are buying up the worlds food production and forcing the native farmers into debt and off their farms causing poverty and starvation. They are creating a new feudal serfdom just like under their communism with collectivization of the farms. They have purposely made dairy and meat poisonous to eat with their farming practices. Its getting to the point pathogens are going to cross over into the human population sooner then later. Along with the raising cost of animal products due to the fall out from these practices. They are also trying to run organic local farming of animals and foods out of existence. By ruining everything. Just like they want to ruin all currency to create a Global Electronic Currency, they control. As Jewish Lenin stated the way to ruin a nation is to devalue the currency. By doing this they bring down the Goyim nations and put them under global control. Economic warfare and conquest.

Part of this is greed, however part of this is problem, reaction, solution. They are pushing to make it near impossible for the Goyim to have any access to animal foods. And most people will not eat anything that toxic. Nor will they have the money to buy the quality and expensive animal foods and better foods.

Within the Vegan Agenda is the Jewish Globalist Banking elites, UN. Is promoting Agenda 21 which is the Communist blueprint under green marketing. The Vegan movement promotes this by pushing Global Warming. Which was a hoax designed to create further globalization of Agenda 21. The Vegan ideology is Cultural Marxism which equals eating animal products to anything to do with nationalism, racialism and cultural purity and being Vegan to being Anti-White. The Jews want the Goyim on a Vegan diet like they did under Communism with created animal food scarcity were most people live on low quality bread and potatoes. The Jews state in their protocols they want to use food as a weapon. Veganism's political agenda is stated to end animal agriculture and have everyone on a Vegan diet.

Veganism is missing important fatty acids and vitamins that effect the brain and nervous system and makes people mentally spaced, totally exhausted and low mental energy. Many Vegans report that after eating animal products for the first time in years its like the light just got turned back on in their head and body. Without even B12 supplements people would become ill faster and have to go back to animal products. Vegan diets done long term cause numerous physical aliments that are dangerous. Studies on meat eaters, Vegetarians and Vegans. Showed Vegans have the worst health due to their diet. And are at high risk. Most of the people promoting Veganism have only done this diet for a few years not decades. 84% percent of people leave the Vegan diet after a few years or less many report they felt bad on it

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The jewish weapons since time immemorial, have been defamation and the creations of unsubstantiated hoaxes. They prey these with magick, astral help, and the minds of their half jews and those weak in logic and reasoning, and they push these on the populace, a while after which, these gain a life of their own.

As Hitler stated nobody whom was not mentioned in the Jewish Press and was attacked, was a legitimate National Socialist. The same goes for our beliefs. Most people slander, perpetuate hoaxes, and as you see many jews are frequently going batshit on the JoS for no reason whats-over.

This starts on an astral level. This is the major weapon of jews. Also, the same thing they did to our Gods. They just 'claimed' something. And as we know jewish opinion requires no facts: It's just so because the jew said so. If the jews say so, then this is 'reality'. "Satan" or "Sata" or Satya, Truth, is abolished and to be driven away. It's only the word of the jew that matters.

Of course the above deal is highly astral. Looking at the facts about Hitler, or getting to know Satan for example, banishes such doubts. However the jews put themselves in an authority where they say the 'truth' and the 'facts' as they believe to be fit, and their opinion (And god that represents them) is higher than Sat/Satan/Satya, which is Truth.

Why are people like Hitler where they are, and not where they deserve historically? (((Hoaxes.))) Why are the Pagan Gods attacked and smeared? (((Hoaxes.))) Why people don't even bother advancing? (((Hoaxes.))) Why people are afraid of the spirit world? (((Hoaxes.))) The list goes on.

People worship the jews over Truth. If they were serious about Truth, they'd consider following our path, or at least a similar path that deals with natural understanding. But who cares, right?

In the jewish mind it's a basic thought that (they wish at least) there is no Truth in anything.

Those who move up the pantheon of the Gods will also have the eternal slanderers, the enemy, on their feet attempting to leech. To recognize the jews is to void out their methods.

"Truth shall be the final victor in this struggle. The Truth, however, is with us. " -Adolf Hitler




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Llod Pye's work showed we didn't evolve from apes. And there were ET's on this planet. Evolution is a naturally occurring phenomena however how it occurs and why is were they get it wrong and their interpretation of its meaning is their own ego and lack of understanding. I read a critic of Darwinism in a book on genetics'. It takes as much faith to believe in Darwinism as it does jesus. Darwinism today is now the vanguard of this strange materialist Marxist cult of neo-atheism.

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Christ Is A Jewish Conspiracy Against All Mankind

The Torah is a book of Jewish Witchcraft which is designed to manifest its blueprint into the world. Even the Talmud is nothing more then a study of the Torah. The Jews have created the New Testament as a necessary strategic plan to bring this about. As one Jew stated: " It has all the world praying to the God of Israel." Which feeds the Jewish Torah-thought form to bring this down into material reality and as social psychologists know. What a nation of people believe they will work unconsciously to bring about into reality. The Bible ends with the Jews ruling the world. Christianity is a Jewish conspiracy to meme this into existence.

The Torah in the book of Daniel, chapter seven a very important book within a important book that of Daniel. The book of Daniel in Chapter 6:4 holds the entire confession of Jewish faith. Which is why they chose Daniel for this. The Jew Daniel is given the vision of the four beasts of the four Kingdom's that the Jews did not control the great Gentile periods of civilization and life. The fourth is called Edom, this in Judaism is the current age we are in and also relates to the start of Rome which causes the diaspora which causes the Jews to live among Gentile rule as the other three. The age of Edom is the last age before the return of the Jewish Messiah and the creation of the Messianic global Kingdom of the Jews.

Daniel chapter 7:13 is the verse that foretells this and links the Torah and Christian books into one:

"I saw in the visions of the night, and behold with the clouds of the heaven, one like a man was coming, and he came up to the Ancient of Days and was brought before Him."

The Torah states all nations shall serve the Jews when this happens. Because as one Rabbi states: "Because the Jews will be the world Empire." Note they choose 7 and 13. The Jewish God has seven primary names that tie into the Kabala and their God's creation of the world, the new world of the Jews to come with Messiah and the number 13 in Judaism is the letter Mem which relates to 40 the number of the total cycle of completion in the Torah. And Mem the 13th letter in Kabala is called: Messiah. The letter Mem is a code which in the kabala its glyph is drawn containing a Vav and Kav coming to make Mem. This adds to 26 the number of YHVH their god. Kav means crown and rules Keter in Kabala and kingship, the Vav is what brings the energy down into material reality and the Mem relates to the element of spirit. In their kabala this spelling of the letter of Mem as number in Torah is the manifestation of the Jewish kingship by bringing their thought form down from the astral into the material. Their gematria system of kabala spelling letters as numbers and numbers as letters tells one exactly what this Messiah is. The whole Torah is based on Kabala.

Note this is were the Bible plays into this and why the Jews created the New Testament and Christianity. The Christian's scriptures which no one argues was wrote by Torah Jews..... Point to Daniel 13 as the key to the prediction of the coming of Rabbi Yeshua Bar Yahweh [Jesus]. The final book of the New Testament spell, is designed to openly connect this fully into the Torah conspiracy. Is the book of Revelations. Which is wrote in the exact same language of the book of Daniel and the events of Daniel. Which Theologians all know this. The book of Revelations is foretelling the final end of the age of Edom [which is also related to Rome and ongoing period of today] and the return of the Jewish Messiah in the form of Yeshua [Jesus in Greek] and the book of Revelation ends with the destruction of the Gentiles Nations the end of Edom. And the global Empire of the Jewish race in the form of the 144,000 Jews which represent the 12 tribes of Israel the entire Jewish race ruling as the elite with the Jewish Messiah, Yeshua. Thus ushering in the eternal global Empire of the Jews.

This is also why Daniel seven is wrote in Aramaic as well as Hebrew. Jesus is made to speak Aramaic and his final statements on the cross are put into the bible in Aramaic.... Jesus gives the final seven verses on the cross in Aramaic. Which tie into the seventh book of Daniel. The sixth phrase the all important number that brings their magic down into the material realm. Jesus states: "It is finished". The Jewish spell linking back to Daniel seven.

What Daniel foretells is Gentile slavery to the Jews for eternity.

As Daniel chapter 7:14 states:
"And He {The Jewish God] gave him ][The Jewish messiah] glory and a kingdom, and all peoples, nations, and tongues shall serve him; his dominion is an eternal dominion, which will not be removed, and his kingdom is one which will not be destroyed."

Jesus is the conduit for channeling the spiritual, psychic energies of the Gentiles into the Jewish thought form to bring all this into existence. Including the leader the Jews need to bring this all together on earth. The leader who will have the entire Gentile world on their knee's to him licking the Jews feet. This is why Revelations has 22 chapters the number of building the Temple in Kabala their World Empire. Which they tie their Messiah to King David who was the leader of this Empire in the Torah. 22 is also the number of all their letters in their kabala alphabet which is the total names of their god and the Jews chant these as the names of their god. The whole Torah is wrote from the 22 letters. In kabala the five books of the Torah is called the body of their god. The 22 letters.

This is what the New Testament and Christianity is meant to bring about the Global Jewish Dictatorship in which the Goyim shall serve. Of course the Jews need to promise the Goyim something to get them marching to Zion. They promise them fairy tales in the sky to trick them into building their own prison down here on earth for the Jews. The New Testament sets up the needed foundation to bring the Jewish Empire about, spiritually, ideologically and physically.

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So far my experience with Asians go, I have met a few who were genius. They could fold any Rubik cubes or whatever else of these 'nerdy' things in no time. This Chinese guy I met had around 145 IQ, it was proven, and could solve any riddle and so forth. However from toxicity in the jewish universities, he could never get ahead of simple thought patters inscribed to him by the jews, which limited him severely. He could analyze any concept and solve any riddle, but he could not make a riddle to explain what I observed plainly.

There are also creative Asian creative geniuses but the point is that this is not the norm. It is rare, but it happens. They are also very masterful when it comes to perfecting already existing objects, and maintenance of them. Honda motors is one example. Nobody is able to overcome Honda or other such Japanese serious enterprises for this reason. They didn't invent the automobile but they really developed all the necessary details.

With an initial creative push, they can take it from there with stuff. Jews on the other hand are a disaster, they can never do anything. A jew never found anything on this planet that he hasn't copied from someone else...

Another Asian girl I had met long ago, she learned native languages so quickly, it was crazy. She would sit for over 8 hours on end, learning and learning. Asians are very skilled in learning things that way, and very determined, at least from what I saw. Therefore they topple systems which give them this ability, like how the system is nowadays. Looking back, I never met a stupid Asian either. Nor an ill mannered one. If they are given the initial tools they can take it far. Maybe it's the one's I encountered, but just relating my experience.

I also never met an Asian with race inferiority complex or any such other mental cripples. They just seem to cleverly devote energy into self-overcoming instead. They are also far more serene and civilized in all their movements than other people who are far more lousy, noisy and so forth. It seems race achievement also has given them a natural sense of self confidence. They just don't have this inferiority complex, or even give a shit to compete so to say. They are kind of on their own path. At least the majority doesn't seem to have this at all.

They also totally enjoy vacations in the west, know to respect art and culture, and they are never dirty, untidy and disastrous where they go such as foreign countries and so forth. Obviously not everyone is the same, as with anything, but the vast majority is like that.

Also I never saw an Asian whining in any race debate. They simply know who they are and so forth. They don't compete for bullshit identities, bicker, or waste time for no reason. They just don't give a crap because they just understand nature. So they waste time advancing instead. I can't say about places in China as I have never been there, and also, it's Communist.

Just relating my experience with Asians over the time. I don't really have many if any negative things to say. And I doubt most people have. Mostly if not all are positive.

Also reading Asian history with the Samurais and so forth, plus seeing the info they have preserved and the culture and so forth. They have my earned my respect. I read of a few people around the block with history, and I have seen they actually also raised the Serpent and anything else, reaching very high states of awareness, consciousness and power with it. Reaching super high Siddhi levels and other stuff. Kikes razed Tibet for a reason...

It's true the Alt-right and many others have turned a lot towards Asia or Japan specifically. But you can't really blame them either, there are things to look for here and people like the Japanese are a good reminder for people to get their own act together. Japan is one of the most highly developed places on earth. Much more than a few European capitals. Therefore what does this show...racial and cultural cohesion = success.

However I don't think most Whites get it that way, the paradigm of Japan has been over-pushed into nonsense, and used by many shills to promote light memes that lead nowhere in the end.

Common in Asians also is to have a sense of duty, which many other peoples and such don't have so built in. Hitler commented on the importance of such sense in the Table Talks. Duty is important and without this inner understanding of sense of duty nothing goes nowhere.

The only bad thing is that if they fall under bad rule, they don't shake it off easily, neither the trends of such, such as now in during Mao's Communism. This is a necessary leftover of the mentality of loyalty, which the jew turned against them, like they turned White's individuality. They study their victims well...

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Most of those vids just say that shit so people call for an end to the military which is mostly filled with whites and probably a barrier protecting the good people of America from an attack by China or a marxist revolution. That being that the government military complex is teaming up with these boat load of aliens that is.. The fact is there are aliens on this planet but it's a small amount probably a 100. Also I think there is a few reptilians since they are their controllers. Nasty motherfuckers. Satan's vision is to hunt them down in big spaceships I bet, like Star Trek. They do this to every galaxy apparently. They have super advanced mental abilities and technology but the puniest and disgusting bodies. All they care about is shekels as well. That is the core of the jewish race, those reptilians.

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(13th_Wolf): In the UK there are a lot of people with whom if you bring up the end of WW2 and discuss what would have happened if Germany prevailed, they say things like "Oh if Hitler won, we would all be speaking German now, so be grateful for your ancestors" and I just sit there thinking to myself how stupid and disrespectful that is when one knows the philosophy of National Socialism.

If the "EVIL NAZIS!" won the war, we wouldn't be German but we would actually be more English than we ever were before. London wouldn't be facing a rising amount of acid attacks along with the concoction of multicultural cuckery and the migrant crisis. Hopefully people will one day be grateful for the sacrifice of Adolf Hitler, and he will be renowned amongst all Gentiles for halting international Jewry.


(Hoodedcobra666): Hitler will be glorified as a God, either in the deathbed of the White Race, or in the final triumph against the jews.

In either way, they will hail him as a God very soon. It's already happening.

Also, you gave a reason for me to write my two latest sermons on the matter.

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What's a more fitting word than this to begin this?

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them."- Satan, Al Jilwah.

Now I know many people invent all sorts of fancy reasons and problems to 'isolate' themselves. Partly because of one reason or another...However this is the enemy that implies that this should be used as a false reason to completely isolate someone entirely.

This is obviously the enemy, as they basically want to corner people all the time. They will not like the fact you are a threat to them...So they try to minimize this threat by isolating Satanists. Satan, the Gods, or even you, will have no voice, no say, and no power, if his people are scattered and living in their own fantasy land alone. This is the recipe of damnation for the self and the whole accordingly.

There is a rule in nature, the rule of unity. We can see this with the enemy and their Islam and everything else. They are a cancer, eating the planet alive. Wrongly, unjustly, they don't even have common sense, logic, or any serious plan, or anything. They are a literal CANCER that lives and breathes...

But they are doing it TOGETHER and therefore, they are strong. Isolation is the most certain to drain someone down the swamp.

The human soul has 7 chakras. The "Ego" is only in the 3rd, Solar Chakra. There are other things in life. The highest forces and mightiest powers lie in unity, not in strict isolation. These people can at best, only benefit themselves. Greatest powers do not come strictly from the 'self', but from higher aspects of one's existence that deal with higher and united forces.

To do anything functional in reality, one has to band up and work by other people, and all these together, we express the power of Satan. Greatness of any 'ego' and advancement of such, is fundamentally linked to working with other beings.

One man is in the jungle, alone. They don't know crap. How 'great' are they? Maybe they have a skill for breaking coconuts, or eating bananas. What's there to glorify anyway here?

Satan shares knowledge and blessings in the group, and people who don't even bother, will not receive. This is rejection in more than one ways.

One question all people know the answer to. Just how many times one asks from help the Gods, and they guide them to a specific post, or a specific thing within the groups? This makes it easier for them to help all of you out. Otherwise, this can take a lot of time and effort for the Demons to reach someone in an environment with zero 'leads' to answer them. This is only one example...

Being around here does not imply or consist of doing things that make one uncomfortable, doesn't force association with people one doesn't want, or anything uncomfortable like this. However, it implies that one knows when the wolves are to flock and fight so to say. You do not have to like people you don't like, get along with anyone, or whatever else of that nature that may cause discomfort.

Unity does not imply taking others as your 'gods', and those idiots who try to only for their own 'self', some particular failed cases, abuse other Satanists and try to uselessly make them their 'groupies' or whatever else.

Here we understand that unity is halfway, individuality is halfway. One cannot exist without the other. We are not a mass of sheep, as sheep are dumb and useless, but wolves are also worthless if they are not working in unity, for example.

I had many people who only care about themselves, complain over why they are not receiving any help. When you make your choice to only work for YOU, and include nothing and nobody in your existence (except of course to be their parasite for personal gain, how jewish of you) from just WHO do you expect "HELP"? Aren't you working on your "own", anyway?

Those who think of this only halfway, are in for a very rude and damaging awakening. Many have taken this false route down before, and this never ends good.

Why? Because Satan's focus is to enlighten, protect, and empower his followers. This can happen only by unity on a mass level. Otherwise, say goodbye to Spiritual Satanism, and allow everything to go extinct, to name one example.

We are Satanists and it's important we are united and we stand as one. There may be some disagreements, and sometimes, incompatibilities even. This is natural, and we understand this, same as Satan understands this.

There are however some fools who refuse to work with others, because they consider themselves an isolated 'god' or something. What these people don't understand is that the "God" power can be accessesed on the mass level. Our unity here and who we are, in other words, affirms the power of Satan better than anything, let alone solitary individuals.

This does not imply friendship with mismatching or damaging individuals, or parasitic relations (as many people have serious deprogramming to do), let alone for VIPs and more advanced people to associate with people who are in the beginning stages. What it means however is co-operation, working for empowering purposes for everyone involved, and showing our power and participation, long story short.

It affirms something simple. What Satan's Will is, for his followers to be UNITED and be in the same war and in one army. This way, we are invincible, and we can never be taken down.

Lastly, for the brainless idiots (jews excluded for this is in their racial nature and they cannot help it) who call themselves "Satanists" of any "sect", but attack the biggest and most powerful bastion of Satanism, the only one that fights for Satan as a real and recognizable being, that reflects Satan Will in the most total way...

You can seriously just consider leaving behind this madness. The 'rabbinism' and all the jewish gimmick behind and finally follow Satan without jewish observation glasses. This is not Satanism. This does not advance the individual, and this does nothing but generate either atheism, or Rabbinical Judaism under a new name. Both are equally damning, and unreasonable, and will not really help a Gentile who seeks spiritual understanding and anything further than 'atheistic beliefs'.

This is not only demeaning to Satan, but this is also damning for Gentiles who go into this rut.

The jews do this purposefully to destroy people who want to follow Satan and the Pagan Gods. Let's not mention all sorts of other dangers, many of which involve destruction of the individual by stupidity espoused by these so called ((("Satanic Groups"))).

Remember, Satanism is not about 'serving' or anything like that. But Satanism is a religion of intelligence, civilized nature, and highest advancement. This cannot happen only by 'solitary' advancement, there has to be massive advancement and expressed power through focused lenses, because we have enemies to conquer if we are to exist peacefully one day.

Those "Satanists" who know nothing to do than disunite, and do anything else to Satan. Are basically following the advice of Jesus.

Matthew 12:26

25. Knowing their thoughts, Jesus said to them, “Every kingdom divided against itself will be laid waste, and every city or household divided against itself will not stand.
26. If Satan drives out Satan, he is divided against himself. How then can his kingdom stand?

Those who follow the path of breaking unity, and trying to parasitically damage Satanic Unity, for their own tiny 'muh feels' or anything like that, or other jewish and more sinister purposes (like jews did since time immemorial to Satan anyway), are going to invite and receive Satan's Wrath.

First of all, by isolation, these people are rendered powerless, and second off, if this phenomenon persists, the Gods decide what is to be done, which it's not in my office to conversation about. One can understand by putting one and one together.

Your individual advancement, or our advancement as a whole will never come by scattered, 'know it all' elements, and people who refuse to give back to Satan even the slightest thing he requires from his followers. Satan gives everything. The least his followers can do is actually do what he says.

Why? For our safety, empowerment, and so that we can successfully crush the enemy.

Even if you are the most selfish character of all of them, just remember, the only way to retain this 'individuality' is by banding out with others. In short, even for the most selfish pricks, it's not in their interest to play this that way. Even if your reasons are that low, still, it makes perfect sense.

Sun or lightbulb, if alone, the light can be turned out easily by parasites, enemies and black holes. It's when we come together that we are the most powerful spiritual force on the planet. Those who behave lower than animals (since all the intelligent animals in nature KNOW when it is for them to band together and fight) are on their own.

Satan, and the Gods, fight together. They are all in their level, office, and organization, and they all benefit from the mass and inconceivable power that is raised from the benefit of all. This is how real powerful individuals are born, and this is how things that nobody can ever make on their 'own' happen.

Poor are those who can't see beyond their nose, blessed and mighty those who have both a sense of self and sense of unity. This is the recipe of success.

-High Priest Hooded Cobra 666

Straitshot47 #fundie josministries.prophpbb.com

I hope that it was not in vein, and that we can learn from him. I spent all day 4/20 curing the Clergy, the Gods and Hitler, why did he leave us I asked? Why did he not share the same fate as his people? Why fight for Satan just to reincarante and fight again? Why do these fools have power? Why is humanity not figuring this out and why do we have to help them? I didn't like all the answers I got, but I understood what was necessary. Our Furher truly does care about us and is stronger than anyone we will probably ever know. He was a man to emulated, and I will do my best to follow his path Hitler started this struggle through his strength, dexterity, and courage. He truly was the morning star, ushering in an era of Reason and Clarity. Teaching his children ,along the way, so that maybe some day we could achieve a fraction of what he did. He was Solid when the world around his people was collapsing beneath their feet. He reignited the struggle long forgotten through time, murder and lies. He stopped cold what the Evil Aristocracy was planning. He gave his people the option to not have to be a slave anymore. His children didn't work for the Jews or their imaginary money , they worked and labored for their people. With no Middle man skimming off the top, his children prospered and this angered many. Not only did he free their chains of economic slavery, he reintroduced the old pagan ways of spirituality. So that a nation can move forward. Not backward or stationary. Happy Birthday Hitler, your dream isn't dead yet. Heil the Fuhrer!

jbkbmz #conspiracy josministries.prophpbb.com

Since Satan created mankind, we have his DNA in us.
A christian doctor on youtube said Satan (enki) was a genetic scientist. Yes,,, this comes from a christian. He would not go so far a saying that Satan created us.
Another christian that supposedly saw Satan said that Satan would call Jesus "His elder brother"
The bible talks about the Gods (god) creating the heavens and the earth. (Allegory for the chakras.)
Jordan Maxwell says that God there is in real meaning GODS (plural, more than one).
He also states that when God said let US create man in OUR likeness, after OUR image,,,, that the word create is actually ( RECREATE ).
Or to remake.
Is this when the enemy Gods sealed up the chakras (as in the bible book of Revelations).? Did this in turn blind us to the spiritual ?
Did eating of the fruit of the tree of knowledge allow us to become a threat to them again by re opening our eyes to see the truth?
And what are the SEALS that sealed our chakras ? Energy block? Physical seal, Chemical, DNA tampering, genetics?
Christians hint at this indirectly with their statements about Satan. Of course, they won't come out and state openly that Satan had something to do directly with our creation. Ruin their agenda. Just interesting they go as far as they do with this subject.
Also the word E A R T H. Like planet earth EArth. Like EA/ENKI. Is this similarity on purpose.?

jbkbmz #fundie josministries.prophpbb.com

Jews are scared. Great news there. Doing the RTRs. Also hexing people that are KNOWN to be out to ruin it for us. Big politicians, Jewish Rabbis, Banksters, etc. I got pictures of them.
If there are any Demons you can send me to help me in hexing them ( the crooks,,,,, not the innocent), then I gladly want them. Keep it secret of course. I don't need to know who sends them to me. But I accept them.
Is it dangerous for the computer to have the pictures on them? Throwing curses using pictures on them,,,, will that effect the computer, or a TV, etc.? (I run the white/gold light through the computer and myself after this.)
Also, is there a way to use a curse,,,, along with the Communications RTR,,,, to destroy those that are trying to shut down your videos?

High Priest Mageson 666 #racist josministries.prophpbb.com

I know the favourite pastime of Christian moralists is to rail about Gay People, Escorts, Porno, people having sex outside of marriage, anyone whoever masturbated ever in the history of the universe and such. But lets be honest and hold the bible gropers to the standard of their own Bible which they never read anyway but like to pretend they did or something. Since they like to create their own standard of acceptable sex to make them pure to then condemn everyone from.

In Christianity all sex is deviant thus immoral and sinful. Sex is the original sin that causes the fall of man, this is mentioned in the old testament and was the original gospel of the church. The point of the gospel was Jesus is the only sinless man because he was born of a virgin, without sex involved. We are born in sin because our parents had sex to create us. Jesus the perfect Christian is a celibate, sex hating, woman hating Jewish man. Who tells everyone normal sexual desires are the worst sin and will send them all to hell. For a man to even fell desire for a women is sin in Christianity as stated by Jesus. Jesus tells everyone to be a eunuch for the Kingdom of Heaven. A eunuch is man who is castrated and thus can't ever have sex or masturbate. This is Jesus the perfected Christian all Christians are supposed to be......CHRIST LIKE. Christian Monks would literally castrate themselves in the most devout cases. The church carried on the practice of castrating boys for centuries up till the 19th century. Many times so they would sing in their church choirs without needing any icky, Eve like, whores around. You know those people called Women and stuff.

The church mandated enforced celibacy on the European population among married couples as well for insane amounts of time. When a women gave birth the church priests would count back the months to her conception to see if it was during the periods of enforced celibacy and woe to the couple if it was. Lowering the White birth rates as much as possible. Which is what the Jews are still doing today.

Don't give me that family values talk either. Jesus the Perfect Christian hated the family unit and demanded a person has to HATE their Father and Mother, siblings in order to love him. And that he had come to turn family members against either other, thus destroying the Family unit. The European White family unit as well. This is what the Jews are still doing today.

Masturbation is also a sin the sin of Onnanism you just cant win in Christianity. Don't have sex with anyone else ever, don't masturbate, don't even think about anything sexual even the thought is a sin the same as having sex as Jesus stated.

Its the ultimate form of Jewish guilt pedaling, take something natural and psychopathologize it into something evil and then offer the solution of control by Jewish narrative. That's the same old jewish tactic even today with sexism and racism. Their attempts to turn racial altruism and normal sex roles into sinfulness. And pedal guilt and offer their solution that of Jewish communism and White genocide. The Jews took their original sin hokum and are now pedaling it as The Original Sin Of Being Born With White Skin. To which all White People must repent and embrace the Jewish salvation of enforced race mixing, open boarders in the name of White Guilt......Why? Because Jews that's why. That's always been why.

This anti-White narrative is nothing new. Its all Christianity has ever been from the start. Telling Europeans all their Pagan ancestors are burning in the Hell of a Jewish god for being Racist [following the Race Religion of the Aryans] and they must repent of being White and their natural White identity, embrace a Jewish man from ancient Judea as their Master and god. And become part of an alien, anti-White cultural identity of the Jewish promoted, universal, radical egalitarian, multi-racial brotherhood of man. What's really changed in all these centuries same Jewish game different names.

High Priest Mageson 666 #fundie josministries.prophpbb.com

New Year Address

This planet is in bad shape and so is most of everything on it. This is all due to the Jews and that's all. I have as many thought the ages wrote many volumes that show this.

Around two thousand years ago this planet was on a major cusp moving towards the age of competition that of Pisces. This was secluded to an age of high art, culture, science, spirituality and the age in which man would ascended to the light fully. Mithraism was becoming the spiritualist movement to reconsolidate the spiritual teachings into a unified form in the Roman Empire, the movement towards technological discovery and creativity in Rome was moving along with steam ships, advanced mechanical computers, the basics of physic's development in mathematical theories. A new age of architectural wonder which matched ancient Egypt being built up. A real enlightenment was advancing. Even texts mentioned in which people had achieved the full ascension of the soul. Great masters who were teachers of Great Roman Emperors, Aryan Men of great light. This current was moving towards creating a utopian world and civilization.

Then the Jews attacked with a military coup which destroyed the ascended line of the Roman Emperors who were men of the spiritual class of the Patricians. And put a line of psychopathic lunatics in power the Flavians whom the first Emperor Vespasian built a statue to the Jew whom he stated was responsible for him becoming Emperor. Who was a member of the Jewish Alexandria family, the same family became the core of the new rulers and their money and power ran it. Titus another Flavian was married to a Jewess from one of these Jewish oligarchies. The Jewish Flavian's built the Coliseum and worked to destroy the spiritual mysteries from every angle and violently persecute and kill the spiritual philosophers while slowing destroying the Patricians from every method they could.

Then after a decades of this the Jews unleashed the Christian ideology from the Flavian regime they ran with their Catholic regime and did to the Roman Empire what Pol Pot did to Cambodia, the year zero. These Jews bragged they exterminated the entire civilization that came before their Catholic regime. Creating the dark ages on purpose to control everything.

The Age of Pisces became the age of Jewish run terror under the Catholic Churches and Protestant ones as well. Then the rise of the Jewish bankers and the Communist terror they spread around the earth along with the world wars they started. This all designed from every angle the constant corruption of science, spiritual teachings and societies, social movements to better things even the school system what was meant to educate is now to dumb down. Every step these Kikes have tried to hold back our progress even down to pushing cancer cures and free energy technology out of existence, poising the food supply the water, air, everything. Destroying any high culture, art, music, ideals anything with poison of their corruption at every turn and angle without rest. We try and live and they want us to die, that's it.

Because Satan and our Gods along with noble people on earth have fought these Kikes every step of the way from Rome to this day. That is the only reason this planet is not destroyed along with everyone on it by these Kikes. The Kikes evil persistence has meant with non-stop courage of Noble human resistance. Satan sent the world Adolf Hitler at the dawning of the next age of the world, Aquarius, to open a door to a utopian world order and combat the evil of the Jew which was destroying the planet and the peoples of the world with their final end game move of World Communism. Hitler rallied the world and from Japan to India, from Africa to Europe millions of Noble people hurled themselves with total self sacrifice into the fires and against the jaws of the Jewish beast. All those men who left their families knew they were not coming back. They marched knowingly into a living nightmare for the world struggle of truth, because that's the human spirit the Jew just can't crush. They died so we could live free in a spiritually evolved world under the Swastika of Satan.

Because of our brave, noble and beloved Fuhrer, we are not living in the nightmare of World Jewish Communism. He was the 11th hour saviour of the world and threw Himself into the jaws of the beast to save us along with millions of other noble people of the World Hitler Awaking. The Swastika generation.

Here we are going into 2016 and in the first few years of the Aquarian age. And the same struggle abounds. However because of the noble souls persistence to do right even if they perish in its cause. We are winning, the wheel of fate is turning our favour. However this is only due to persistence against them. All of you who have been working for enlightenment of the people and taking part in the rituals. You are a blessing to this earth and all good beings everywhere. Never give up, because in this world we will have our shinning age that the previous was supposed to be. Because noble beings didn't surrender in the last age or this one.

I have read messages of people complaining about the do nothings, herd zombies in society. Don't worry about them. The world matters because your in it, not them. You are the spiritual light and hope for humanity not them. History remembers those who persisted. And in time the herding of today will stand at the base of the statues of Hitler, awakened and thankful for those who persisted for them, in the cause of truth in a time of great darkness.

And that day they will clasp their hands together in devotion and looking upwards say with deep spiritual reverence, the words:

"Hail Hitler!"

FancyMancy #conspiracy josministries.prophpbb.com

Obama bin-raider Laden? He's a dirty muslim from Indonesia, a dirty christian in America, and a dirty jew "in his soul". You could say he is the embodiment of the "abrahamic religions". Now with that and also with a news article saying that the non-existent jewsus was actually a Neanderthal-looking black/brown man, am I predicting that the manifestation of the "saviour jew" will be non-White also?

High Priestess Maxine Dietrich #conspiracy josministries.prophpbb.com

Now, most of you here are also aware of how the Jews have near total control over the medical profession. Cures for cancer and other lethal diseases are vehemently suppressed, especially if they are easy and inexpensive. For more information regarding this, along with plenty of references and proof, please read Jewish Opposition to Cancer Cures by High Priest Don Danko pdf

[link removed]

The Jews make money that would make the average person’s eyes water, just from the medical profession alone, which is way out of proportion with Jewish doctors. In addition to this, Hollywood [again subliminal] casts the majority of medical doctor characters in movies, sitcoms, etc., to have Jewish surnames. The messages being that Jews are meant to be doctors.

High Priestess Maxine Dietrich #fundie josministries.prophpbb.com

Now, as for xian “miracles” we can see where this is going. With xian prayer groups, the energies of the believers often can heal the afflicted one, somewhat like a coven. This is the energy directed by several minds. Also, certain xian individuals who developed their powers in a past life, often through meditation of some sort, have superior ability in this life, as when one works on one’s soul, this remains through life-times. This has nothing to do with one’s present belief system. Certain people who have success in their prayers have superior ability, as I mentioned above. Another one is being at the right place and the right time and encountering certain energy that produces miracles and having that belief at that time. Yes it happens, but is very rare.

Now, as for the real miracles [and yes, these do happen], there is an explanation. Human-hating alien entities as most of you know are behind Xianity, Islam and related programs. These aliens made a deal with the Catholic Vatican centuries ago: wealth and power in exchange for souls. To make these phony so-called “religions” believable, every now and then, these aliens will heal a believer who is afflicted. This is to give credibility and also the healed one advertises in most cases. BUT, for every one who is healed, millions of believers continuously suffer and never recover.

For another, this is not a spiritual thing, as the believer never has any knowledge regarding how he/she was healed and of course, attributes all to that so-called “God” of theirs. I remember a xian woman who was weak and had a tumor removed and before this, she kept on about how “the Lord” saved her and such. She came out of the surgery permanently deaf in one ear and half of her face was practically gone, but that enemy alien had her soul, as she would go to prisons and spew out that xian filth in gratitude to jewsus. It is obvious here given this example, one of many, why this human-hating alien scum throws in a healing every so often. They completely possess her mind and soul.

Just stop to think how much illness, afflictions and other problems that plague humanity because of a lack of spiritual knowledge, keep the xian programs going. Xianity profits off of all of this. This keeps xianity alive and thriving. Now, if xianity were really benevolent as they claim it to be, then why wont those aliens, jewsus and his degenerate ilk give humanity the spiritual knowledge and power so people can heal themselves? This here is another obvious example of how xianity hates humanity. Of course, they TELL you. That is the problem. Too many people are too fucking lazy to do any research or to find any truths for themselves in spite of the obvious. Also, xians are taught top have faith, and never to question.

No scam or swindle can be accomplished without the victim having faith and of course a lack of knowledge.

I have heard in my life comments of how “Rome could have put a man on the moon.” This would have happened if the Jews hadn’t interfered and failed in bringing down the Roman Empire and destroying it with xianity. As most of you know, Rome got too advanced and sophisticated for its time and the knowledge was taken away and destroyed and all of Europe descended into the Dark Ages where the xian church had total control. It took over 1,000+ years to even begin to recover. Most of the population lived as illiterate serfs [slaves].

Now, if humanity hadn’t been repeatedly attacked by human-hating aliens and their programs of xianity and Islam and their tool, the Jews, we would have had the secret to immortality a long time ago.

In summary, never be taken for a ride by any xian that claims he/she is healed or that jewsus heals and related bullshit. Again, this is no more than spiritual exploitation. It’s all for show.

Satan also heals and he gives us the knowledge we need so that we can heal ourselves.


High Priestess Maxine Dietrich #racist josministries.prophpbb.com

The Jew has gotten away with unimaginable atrocities against Gentiles because of their spiritual powers against us. The extent that their filth is embedded is another shocker most people are not even aware of. In addition to their spiritual powers, most of which xianity and Islam are the hosts for, the teachings society have been indoctrinated with are also a major assistance in their advancement. No, they do not have total power, otherwise this entire would have succumbed to bolshevism, but their power is nothing to take lightly.


With the recent years, post WW2, there has been a resurgence in occult and spiritual knowledge, especially in the West. Before this, much regarding spirituality, the powers of the mind and such was not readily available to the average person. This is why with all Jewish programs, they use their tools such as xianity to attack and suppress science and literacy.


The Jews have gotten away with their atrocious crimes because they have kept and used occult power for centuries, while forcibly disarming Gentiles with their xian programs and of course, their "purges" of which most know of the Inquisition:


There are some idiots who try to claim the xian church was "infiltrated" by Jews. No, this is not the case. The xian church has always been chock full of Jews and controlled by Jews, though they often use a Gentile front person, who is under their thumb to divert attention away from them and to confuse the populace. Another thing I want to mention is what Satan told me regarding Martin Luther. He was another phony. He did what he did and pretended to be against Jews in order to break up the centralized power of the Catholic Church and it worked.


The rituals I have posted that reverse their torah in Hebrew, if we do enough, they will destroy them. I will have more forthcoming. Never underestimate the enemy. This is what they want you to do. Gentile humanity has never been out from under their control for thousands of years. There was once a Golden Age when the world was free of them. Following their invasion, Europe suffered under the Dark Ages for over 1,000+ years. Only when the Jews were forcibly expelled from Western Europe, did the Renaissance occur. Science and education were revived, though much was lost and destroyed in the preceding years. The Jews then headed East to Russia and Poland and the surrounding countries where they instituted their bolshevism, turning these countries back in culture with a drastic drop in living standards and mass slavery and of course, the mass murders exceeding the hundred million mark. During the Inquisition, the Jewish run and controlled Catholic Church wiped out entire villages, putting many Gentile children as young as two years old in "witch houses" to burn to death.

Unless the entire world wakes up and unless the programs of xianity, communism and anything related- Islam, etc., are completely destroyed, humanity has no future. I can't keep going on here, but I study for several hours every single day and what I have been researching and learning about these programs and their Jewish masters is indeed horrifying.


Can a Jew be strong spiritually? Given their massive vortex of spiritual energy, centuries of it, yes. They are not only a mind-hive, as High Priest Don wrote about, how they are communists at the soul and in some cases aren't even personally aware of this, but act out even unconsciously to promote xianity and communism, but most importantly, at the soul which drives all of this and their nefarious mission against us. It bleeds over into the individual Jew.

High Priestess Maxine Dietrich #racist josministries.prophpbb.com

[A Kabbalistic group supposedly put a curse on an Ukrainian governor.]

The news article below blatantly reveals how the Jews use occult powers, curses, and such to dominate and to control. Most people are under the spells of xianity and Islam. Again, as I have written repeatedly, xianity and Islam are tools to remove spirituality and along with this, for the majority of members here who are knowledgeable in the occult and the powers of the mind and the soul, can see how the xian mass/service is a subliminal tie-in to Jewish ritual murder. This is nothing more than spiritual warfare and how they have disarmed Gentiles spiritually for centuries and have made us their host.

People who have no knowledge of the occult are plain victims, while the Jews assume a "god' position. This is why so many are so arrogant and overconfident.
I would also like to add how so many are indoctrinated into repressing their feelings. I have written about this in many articles- the topic of "hate." In Satanism, you are free to hate as you wish. Repressing hatred will not make it go away. Repressed hatred along with other emotions the Jew-run system fears will only cause major problems in the way of illness and psychological problems further on. Then, some Jew psychiatrist [most of them are Jews] will charge the victim exorbitant fees, along with prescribing psychiatric drugs for repressed emotions, and other problems come with this.

Those of us who are adepts at black magick - exacting justice, know there must be some level of hatred involved. Given there are many more Gentiles than Jews, there is strength in numbers. The Jews know this and they fear it. Massive hatred can accomplish much in the way of justice. So, the Jew-run system works to forcibly indoctrinate the populace against seeking justice and of course steering everyone away from hatred. "Jewsus loves you" and the xian love, love, love and all of its sick nauseating perversion of the love emotion works to keep the level of hatred down, so the Jews can victimize whomever they please. The love, love, love is so chock full of hypocrisy, it is sick. Then, the Wiccan movement and other related trash preaching the love concept, the "three-fold" crap and then there is the "ten-fold" and even the "hundred-fold" to instill fear, which leads to failure, and passing the buck in the way of doing nothing to stop major injustice and victimization, so the perpetrators just keep on doing what they are doing and victimize others, until everything is so out of control that civilization ceases to exist.

Idiots who follow and believe this junk also preach strongly against any justice. Christianized witchcraft- turn that cheek, walk that extra mile and turn all of your justifiable emotions in on yourself to make the Jews more money and to eventually destroy yourself from within through repression.

The enemy advanced unchecked- easily and without any obstacles when no one ever stands up to them in any way. This is what they want. Do nothing, stay hidden, and keep believing in their endless lies. When your mind and soul are truly liberated, you will see how so many are only programmed. Just programmed and nothing more.

The news article below is very blatant. This has been going on for centuries. Through slavish worship and support of xianity and its twin of Islam and other programs that indoctrinate the populace to be cripples, the Jews have their control and Gentiles pay the price in more ways than one. The Jews use ritual murder and related to manipulate events and to control and those who are unaware or lack knowledge in this area are powerless to stop it.

In the case below, the Jews cursed one of their own and they do this quite often. This example is very blatant of what they have also done to Gentiles, even countries. Given how brutally hard life has been in Russia over the centuries, and the Jewish history there, it is an obvious example and those of us who are psychically open can sense this.