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How is prostitution more predatory than casual sex? This is something never explained

In casual sex there are women getting choked and having violence thrown on to them so why exactly is prostitution worse? It seems like a bunch of moralizing to me to say "It's OK to have casual sex all the time for no money and be degraded tee hee." whereas if a woman gets paid for it they think NO THAT'S WRONG. Moids are angry at prostitutes and strippers because they gamed the system well and offered a product.

Are you a troll account? Everytime you post its like reading a mano sphere post.

I am the red pill for women. I'm not a blue piller.

Ok so give men exactly what they want and harming yourself because knowing you're being used makes it ok.

Everything is transactional even love is exchanged for love. You can't just walk in the store and take the necklace without paying. You give to whomever will give you the biggest exchange. Would you fall in love with someone who hated you? No of course not. That would be stupid.

Life IS full of exchange, but ppl aren't things to be bought and sold without consideration to their safety and mental well being. How happy do you think women have been for most of history where they had to live under this type of system. Oh your husband demands sex after you guys had an argument? Better give it to him and suffer the vaginal damage in silence or you'll be legally prosecuted for not fulfilling your duty as a wife.

I'm libertarian. I believe women should have freedom just as anyone should. I believe in neither feminism's vision for society nor the patriarchy's vision. If people want to buy or sell themselves as fit it's their freedom of choice. I hate how the world is so infantilized. She shouldn't be legally prosecuted but if she wants to get more out of a marriage and does that then that's fine. People make choices.

It's not infantilization when the whole of female socialization is 'be pretty, have no boundaries, and serve men or you're trash'. The 18 year old girl who was exposed to porn at an average of 10 y/o, had their boundaries and opinions consistently ignored, and brainwashed by media and society to place all their value in serving men at the cost or their own self... Should just make her own decision to get into sugar daddying right? The world isn't split into tiny bubbles, context matters. You're not making decisions for other ppl when you give them information about how society has influenced them.

Society is a meme. She chose to look at porn at 10 IMO. She chose to say her boundaries and opinions were bad. She chose to say "choke me" to whatever guy she's having sex with. You are presuming she has no choices in life and she is helpless against this thing called "society". You can question the world you live in. She chose not to. I'm tired of this lack of agency being pushed here. Now if her parents pushed her in front of the stuff that would be different. I was far more influenced by my parents than a bunch of random strangers from the middle of nowhere.

You're pulling my leg now lmao. People believe what they believe because they're exposed to certain things consistently and certain behavior is rewarded/punished. Saying just make your own choice just shuts down any discussion.

Except many people make choices that aren't rewarded. People can choose to expose themselves to anything they want. We have books and have the internet for crying out loud. How come my opinions are different from both the feminists and meninists then when I live in the same "society" they do?



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