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Citation From the March 21, 2024, edition of The Charlie Kirk Show, streamed on Rumble

At what point is it time to start to at least use rubber bullets, or use some sort of tear gas to prevent this and quell this invasion? They have no regard for the process, for legal immigration. And at what point do we use real force? You have to be willing to do it

Somebody asked me the other day, they said, Charlie, why do you -- why are you so pro-Israel? One of the reasons I'm pro-Israel is that when Israel gets invaded on their border, they defend their border. If two -- if 300 Palestinian Arabs tried to run in at Israel like that, it wouldn't end well for them. We're the only superpower on the planet where we just allow people to run over, run them over. And we're supposed to -- unless -- you understand, those military age males are now gonna get cell phones, food, cash, flights to the interior of the United States

Why do we have a military? Why do we have men with guns if we can't use them? Having a country means being able to draw a line on the ground and say, this is our sovereign territory. If you enter, we have lethal force, and we're willing to use it. And you can escalate. You don't have to start with lethal force. You can start with rubber bullets, start with tear gas. You can start with firing next to them. Say, hey. We have weapons. We're willing to use them[…]
Where are all the women and kids? Those are the men that will go into your communities and break into your homes and rape your women, take your children. But, hey, they're -- they're dreamers[…]
Remember the whole whip fiasco? My position all along is, yes, it wasn't true, but of course you should be able to use whips against foreigners that are coming into your country. Why is that controversial?



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