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Re: I have no idea how virgin teenage girls my age (18) cope with the sexual frustration

I’m not a virgin because I want to be, or because I’m trying to “save myself”. It’s just that for most of high school, I was the socially awkward, unattractive girl. High school kind of just felt like this bland journey that I made my way through and eventually got out of. There was nothing really that interesting or memorable about it. If i had the opportunity to lose my virginity I would do it in a heartbeat.

I have literally zero sexual experience and Due to my pent up feelings of sexual frustration, I get extremely horny and I masturbate like 5-8 times a day depending on the day.

I feel kind of dumb writing this, like there are way worse things in the world than feeling horny and lonely like this feels like such first world problems? But its just that every time i think about and see all the people my age who are dating people, or have dated people/ had sex in the past, which is alot of people, and then this combined with horniness, i can’t help bit die a little inside.

Lmao they dont cope, they have sex. I've know even teenage girls who claim to be God fearing with conservative parents who found a way. My libido seems to be becoming stronger and stronger bearing 26. I see no end .

Make sure you're not just masturbating due to boredom. I find I dont get as frustrated when I'm visiting family because my mind is occupied.

Lmao im literally visiting family in a diff country rn still masturbating the same amt at night

When I was in high school I think I masturbated so often because my body liked the endorphins and dopamine released because I was severely depressed. It was more like I was masturbating as a cure for loneliness instead of out of horniness or lust.

Idk if this is TMI, but you can also actually desensitize your clit if you masturbate too much so be careful!

How much should you masturbate to not desensitize your clit

I think once a day or every other day should be fine, but I'd look it up online.

shit im like way more than that ug


They don’t, most teenage girls have sex. I was just one of the loser who didn’t (and still don’t) it makes me depressed honestly because I feel like I’ll be this way forever. It seems like I missed my window.


Literally every attractive girl was having sex in hs no matter how conservative or goody goody they fronted

Stacies are run tf through



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