Majestic leader #ufo

A little background. I started getting abducted at a very young age. When I learned to read I started reading UFO books. The aliens questioned me nightly on UFO knowledge.

They were very interested in my theories on alien races. They also were interested in what story I found the most interesting that day. I tried not to cooperate with them, to this day I still sleep with my bedroom light on. I also have two memories of killing greys. I reached out during one abduction and snapped a greys neck. I threw open my bedroom door and literally clobbered a grey upside the head with a baseball bat. I killed it.

Needless to say, we did not get along. One thing I need to share with the UFO community is about alien implants. They are much more sophisticated than you probably believe. They can see what you see and they can listen to your conversations during the day. The way I know this is by the questions the greys asked me nightly. They would ask me questions directly related to things I said and saw.


On March 10, 2009 I was abducted for eight hours. I witnessed the destruction of the greys homeworld. They brought me back and I layed down in bed for just a couple minutes until the alarm went off. I turned it off, sat down on the side of the bed and thought, I will never be abducted again. I was ecstatic.

Given what I had just witnessed I did not want to believe what I had seen with my own two eyes. I did not want it to be true that I had just witnessed billions of deaths. The first thing I did was jump on youtube.



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