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How I am a victim of the sexual revolution

You all know about my fetish about women’s asses in trousers especially jeans. Bizarre fetishes have been on the rise as a result of the horrible sexual revolution, in fact my fetish seems mild compared to other fetishes people have.

The aspect of the sexual revolution that gave me the fetish is the unnatural sexualization of women’s asses. It is unnatural because it does not aid in reproductive purposes and also because the ass is the most disgusting part of the body as it releases gas and shit. Women’s asses have been sexualized in clothing advertising where they show off their asses in jeans, and sluts also show off their asses in jeans on the internet as sexual enticement.

So I advize you if you have sons is to teach them to have normal sexual attractions to women’s vagina’s and boobs and prevent them from getting aroused by women’s asses. If you have daughters, teach them to not shake their asses because it is both a sexual sin of enticement, and because it causes boys to have unnatural arousels.



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