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Yeah, basically. I think there are two broad categories of people that push for this type of "diversity": The true Believers, and the Eroders.

The true Believers are the ones that actually believe the shit that they push. They actually think that they're helping making a more equitable society and are making the world a better place. This is probably the larger chunk of the people involved, and they are basically just useful idiots for the second category. They don't care about any issues that straight hwhite men might face (or gay white men at this point), because the Eroders have told them they shouldn't.

The Eroders are only concerned with eroding the current social order and/or disrupting the current power structure so they can claim more power for themselves and their allies. These are commonly the leaders and organizers of these movements. They don't actually care about others, but know that other people do, so they pretend to be these virtuous paragons fighting oppression, meanwhile they quietly (or sometimes not so quietly) sequester more and more power for themselves. This is why there seems to be a treadmill of oppressed groups (and why you get shit like a trans suicide hotline that is never staffed/staffed by people that had almost no training while its organizers use the donations intended to support it to fund a lavish lifestyle); it's because the Eroders use various groups as an excuse to get more power, and just kick them to the curb whenever their utility has failed. This is why gay white men and white women are currently shifting to being in the oppressor group, rather than the oppressed group as they were not too long ago. My guess is that the next designated oppressor will be white trans people, but it could also be a non-white group if society as a whole considers white people to have lost enough power. Whites are currently being gone after because the Eroders have successfully convinced society that western society is strongly white supremacist. If this idea stops being tenable to society and the Eroders haven't yet amassed enough power to just ignore whatever society says, then I think they'll move on to some other group. I don't think they truly hate white people, I think they just want the power to be gained by designating them as some grand enemy.



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