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It stands to reason that big-box retail establishments like Walmart or Target should be places where families feel comfortable taking their kids. All year around, that is. But there's a problem, and it stems from a phenomenon that one sees in social issues.

Every social controversy - civil rights, same-sex marriage, you name it - starts with some legitimate grievances. But the problem is that there is a lot of money in social activism, and plenty of the more vocal advocates end up as minor-league celebrities, and so when the movement achieves their goal, they can't just fold up their tents and go back to their regular lives. No, the movement has to keep going so the graft can be kept up, and that requires the issue to become more and more ridiculous, and the request for acceptance becomes demands for approval and then for celebration until the whole thing descends into absurdity.

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Personally I think that one of the major problems we have is how easy it is to just declare yourself to be trans and do the bare minimum of looking like a man or woman and Leftists just go along with it because they are afraid of looking transphobic. No amount of questioning what so ever about the "trans" person's intentions.

Like remember Jessica Yaniv? That one "Transwoman" who would go to women's spas and demand the owners give them a bikini wax that they couldn't do due to not being properly trained for the male anatomy? And then filing a lawsuit against the spa for discrimination so that Yaniv can get money from them? And doing this to multiple different spas?

Or Chris-Chan. One of the internet's most infamous lolcows who became a transwoman simply because it can increase his dating pool with lesbians? And Leftists actively defend them since they declared themselves a woman when, going through his well-documented history, he really shouldn't be given any benefit of the doubt?

People like this are why we need to revitalize the term TransTrender, i.e. People who pretend to be trans because they get both social brownie points and a convenient shield to protect them against pushback whenever they do something screwed up. They are seriously making actual trans people look like a bunch of whiny bullies who use their weaponized victim card with impunity whenever they get any pushback for their antics.

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The differences between biological males and biological females explode during puberty," he began. "Girls, during puberty, develop 14% smaller hearts. Their lungs are 12% smaller... You cannot debate that. It's just a biological fact. That helps boys take in oxygen and pump blood more efficiently than girls can. That gives boys a clear edge in endurance sports like swimming, for example, cycling, rowing..."

Kennedy still wasn't done explaining the differences between boys and girls.

Girls develop a wider pelvis. That decreases the amount of force their legs exert when they're lifting, when they're kicking, when they're pedaling. That's another relative disadvantage, vis-à-vis boys or men, when you compare female athletes to their male counterparts. Now boys, in contrast, develop broader shoulders—a biological fact, folks—that allows them to make space for more upper body muscle mass and gives them a decided advantage when competing against a girl. It's hard to think—I can't think of a sport in which a higher muscle-to-fat ratio isn't helpful. The average boy will grow five inches taller than the average girl. It's just a fact. Even when men and women are the same height men have higher levels of bone density, which helps them move more forcefully and to escape more injuries.

Now, Democrats have, in the past sixteen years or so, gone all in on the idea that the physical and biological differences between males and females are irrelevant to what someone 'identifies" as, yet, as Kennedy so succinctly explains, the moment you let a male play on a women's sport's team just because he "identifies" as a woman, he's got a built-in advantage, and will steal opportunities from his female counterparts.

Will Democrats ever admit this?

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I recently reviewed the new film "God and Country." Briefly, my first takeaway from the film was that the threat of Christian nationalism was being intentionally overhyped in order to frighten the viewer. The idea is presented that there is a vast, well-funded, and powerful network of people who will seize the day after the election to create an America that is forever stuck in the racist, sexist, dystopian 1950s. My other takeaway? Watching the various vignettes and examples of what the filmmakers call Christian nationalism, interspersed with the commentary, one is left with the impression that anyone who is not a progressive is a suspect. I felt like I was being presented with two choices: Us or Them. There is no middle.

Christian nationalism has always been a part of the Left's talking points, and thus far, it has taken a back seat to MAGA Republicans and white supremacy. But it is about to be fused with them to become the third part of a triumvirate designed to further isolate those who do not see eye-to-eye with Left.

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It became more common for minors to troon out in the latter half of the 2010s, as gross perverts online became more emboldened in grooming children to be confused about their sexuality or “gender identity.” Identifying as queer or trans became a fashion statement for many zoomers, similar to punk or goth, but with far more self-mutilation and chemical castration. It’s gotten to the point where it’s estimated that as much as 40% of zoomers identify as being LGBTQ. An obvious disaster for any future population growth, a sure sign of future societal collapse. And also a major self-own, as it casts reasonable doubt on the “born that way” meme.

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Occidental Dissent is listed as a “hate site.”

Can you think of a death or a murder though with a more hateful perp than this one?

Derek Chauvin had his knee on the neck of George Floyd because he was high on drugs and resisting arrest. Bionca Ellis stabbed a three-year-old White toddler to death and the media is silent about it. The coverage of George Floyd provoked months of violent riots during the 2020 election.

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We told you so.

'Gay marriage' was only the surface issue. The deeper matter was 'who gets to be the moral authority? Who gets to tell culture and society what is morally right and wrong?'

And now that sex pests have seized that authority, you get to see what happens when it's godless degenerates, rather than imperfect Christians, who set the rules.

There are a lot of agnostic and atheists over the last ten years who've had some serious regrets over working to force Christianity out of the cultural center of America and the West, at this point including Richard Dawkins, the writer of 'The God Delusion.'

People are starting to realize what a profound epithet 'godless heathen' really is.

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Like many others he doesn't realise that, the real combat is the globalists against the patriot.

The world of the merchant, the money, the seduction by a totaly free and unregulated capitalism, who just want destroy everything who could limit his power, and his domination, and those limits, those last barriers are

- The love of peoples for their countries, their land, their culture.

- Everything who is about religion, spirituality.

-The familly, the education and everything who imply morals values.

- But also the freedom of mind, of thinking.

And things like that NPC don't realise or don't understand it.

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The queer mafia never ceases to amaze me. One day they act civil the next they are completely unhinged. Queers, and tranies are nothing but deranged…but not at birth. This garbage happens thru gay clubs, parades, and even drag queen story hour. Parents are beginning to wake up to reality that these people need help badly. Sadly, they were the ones that got the government to cover for their bull shit. Can’t tell them their chosen lifestyle is wrong….its called hate speech. Hell, ANYTHING to say against they chosen life style choice is considered hate speech. Perhaps one day people will see this kind of lifestyle as a threat to their children and put a stop to it….like sending these people to see real doctors….not someone that will agree with their bad choices.

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Spider-Man is a conservative Marvel superhero, created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko in 1962. The Spider-Man comics were considered groundbreaking from their inception in that the hero's alter-ego, the shy and conservative Peter Parker, often faced personal struggles more closely associated with everyday life than usual superhero fare. Notably, Parker has held a wide variety of jobs, depending on his status at the time, ranging from photographer to dishwasher to high-school science teacher. He is also notably humorous, unlike many superheroes, such as Batman. Some fans have called his ability to enrage enemies through endless taunting and sarcasm his "extra superpower".

Spider-Man is a religious Christian, known to pray during moments of great emotion—whether in desperation during a pitched battle or in quiet gratitude while lying in bed watching his wife sleep[1][2]. His Aunt May is also shown praying the Our Father in the original Spider-Man (2002) film. Many also point to Christian symbolism clearly used in the films, where he is depicted as a Jesus-like figure in multiple ways.[3]

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There are normal people who are gay/Bi/lesbian than straight, and then there are the, to use old cultural terminology, "mincing gays" which pretty much have become the face of the Rainbow Tumour. The latter are the ones who have gone mainstream.

And the "non-binary" folks I've seen? 90% of the time they're just ugly women, and 10% they're basically gay men in denial.

Unfortunately, when people think Rainbow Tumour, they don't think of the "normal but different orientation" people as a first thought; they automatically think of "fucking grooming weirdos" and "everything must be gay!" nutjobs.

Sadly enough, a lot of older gay men and women have said that if they'd have known what their campaigning would've resulted in thirty or forty years or so down the line, they'd have put down their picket signs and lived out their lives quietly somewhere. Even they're disgusted, and the fact that many want to retro-group back into just the LGB community than the LGBTQIA+Kitchen Sink community kinda says it all.

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{from 2014}

And you did not retract your statement, where you defined masturbation, which is the act of discharging semen not in the act of sexual reproduction to include discharging semen in the act of sexual reproduction. This is like saying black is white or night is day. It is inexcusable. Before leaping up to make additional false accusations and saying additional arrant logical fallacies, please acknowledge your defeat on this point before moving on to the next.

The next point will be just as disappointing to you, however: the act of sexual reproduction is the act of sexual reproduction, otherwise known as coitus, whether or not the act culminates in reproducing the young. So, after saying black is white, you say white is not white.

The reason why sex should and must be defined as the reproductive act is that anything else is illogical, insane, and, frankly, unhealthy. Humans have allowed new venereal diseases to spread in the modern generation which were unknown in the ancient world, since the pursuit of perverse sexual pleasure, involving the abuse of sexual organs by thrusting them into orifices where nature never intended them to do, is unhealthy, and spreads disease.

To me, sex is sex and perversion is perversion. That is because a thing is what it is. I am not ignoring what you call other applications: to the contrary what I am doing is correctly identifying them as sexual perversions, that is, namely, an unnatural abuse or misuse of the sexual organs by those to whom the natural pleasures of the natural uses thereof are insufficiently stimulating.

To me, the sex act is the sexual reproductive act. Masturbation is not the sex act, it is self gratification by an abuse of those organs.

You see the problem you are having is that facts and logic are on my side. All you have is a dark, turgid, hysterical emotion based on a frantic denial of reality and a love of wrongdoing. I am not from the generation where everyone is given a participation trophy. You speak in ignorance. Your thoughts are not in order. You misuse common philosophical terms. Your behavior is a simple and neurotic trick of merely accusing me of your own shortcomings, and when that accusation is proved false, merely making the next, and the next, without once actually thinking about what you are saying.

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(Conservapedia is cherry picking)
Science journal and science magazine quotes about atheism and mental processes

“A slew of cognitive traits predisposes us to faith.” - Pascal Boyer, in the British science journal Nature[81]

“Atheism is psychologically impossible because of the way humans think... They point to studies showing, for example, that even people who claim to be committed atheists tacitly hold religious beliefs, such as the existence of an immortal soul.” - Graham Lawton in the New Scientist science magazine [81]

(From the later source: https://web.archive.org/web/20160413003609/https://www.newscientist.com/article/mg22229670-600-losing-our-religion-your-guide-to-a-godless-future/ It doesn't say what Conservapedia claims it says)

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(Two entries from “Conservapedia proven right”, consisting of a prediction, “liberal claptrap in response”, and the supposed vindication.)

Conservapedia states that the homosexual population has a significantly higher incidence of a number of diseases.

Liberals deny this and refuse to accept the science and statistics.

The homosexual Elton John fell ill in 2019

Conservapedia predicts the marriage of Marxism and the homosexual agenda in a united front.

Right-wing conspiracy theories.

Gay marriage becomes the law of the land.

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Honestly, I've gotten to the point where I've lost all patience with almost the entire "LGBT" crowd; I get that not all, or even most, of them support the insanity, but I don't think it matters anymore. Whenever I see someone say they're "non-binary" now, all I can hear anymore is "death to Jews", "death to America", and "we are coming for your children"; just them asserting that as part of their identity immediately ties them irrevocably to a monstrously evil ideology in my mind, and I feel like I'm only a few steps away from no longer seeing them as human anymore.

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Trannies feel the need to place their politics everywhere because that's their one and only personality trait. Being Trans is political. It's why they always say "Trans Rights, Trans Rights" to each other without defining what those rights actually are. When they post the flag, it's to signal to other members of the "In group" that they're an ally/friend.

So the bumper sticker on Claire's truck in 2077,

the graffiti in A Hat in Time,

And now this,

Is it any wonder why people have a Pavlovian instinct to reject them when they see these colors/flag? This is a dog whistle, essentially. People sympathetic to this cause put it in as an empty virtue signal but it's really Aposematism to anyone not sympathetic. "This creation has been subverted by ideologically aligned people and buying it or playing it is at least acknowledging trans ideology, which is what they really want, so stay away." Is what it's saying when the "out group" looks at these colors.

The sad thing is trannies will never understand that if they don't force their ideology they might be accepted. The way they're doing it now is like using a crowbar in dentistry.
And all of this isn't talking about legitimate reasons to dislike trannies, namely being the pedastry that's practiced in the community.

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I still think the whole "Queers for pallystein" bunch are peak masochism. I mean they're advocating for a group that would slaughter the lot of them without a second thought or a hint of remorse. That's not even D-u-m dumb or s-t-o-o-p-i-d stupid. That's just plain suicidal! Is their logic that "if we advocate for pallystein they'll be more progressive towards us?" because that'll never happen! EVERY muslim majority nation outlaws rainbow lifestyles, some of them on penalty of death.

I really hope some of this bunch are stupid enough to actually take our advice and travel to a muslim majority country to try and advocate for their lifestyle and then watch their shocked pikachu faces as they get hurled off of a rooftop to the cheering crowds of bag heads below.

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So if a creepy dude in a dress is leering at you or your little daughter in the women’s restroom and you dislike it, then you’re the problem. Ignore the multiple examples of “transgender” or “gender fluid” males sexually assaulting, injuring, and even raping women and girls in bathrooms; all sane people must cater to those with mental illness. In short, the inmates are running the asylum.

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No, you don't. You people, your type. SJWs. NPCs. Millennials. Woke-folk. You are all such dishonest hypocrites. You always parrot these empty platitudes, but it's a lie. But then SJWs always lie. Not only do you think there are wrong ways to play, you think there are very, very specific things you must do, and if you don't? Well, you must hate your players. You're a terrible person, a racist, fascist, whatever.

You're incapable of thinking for yourself, so must strictly adhere to approved thoughts, statements, and other behaviors. Or at least purport to do so in public, whilst compelling others to do so constantly. But what else would you expect from an NPC, consistency? Fairness?

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I mean that's some social justice drivel if you've ever seen it, what's funny is even on the comments pages I see the anime fans calling that shit out as well. If you ever see writing about how persecuted somebody is and that's all the story is about unless there's some kind of genuine backstory behind it it's usually a major red flag. I remember looking at the my anime list forums every now and then and it's funny how they really, really don't like the SJWs and often point out the dipshits are coming in from twitter to start fights.

No no, it's nothing to do with the fact that being LGBT has become a political label and the people who adopt it are fucking insufferable poisoning the well and causing drama wherever they go even in their own family, it's because they're gay. SJW writing always has some kind of theme revolving around persecution, they can never have characters being normal.

By the way, I know true anime/manga fans here have already made this point for the normies but there's a big difference in Japan between these sorts of genres 'featuring' gay people and what the SJWs are doing, a very big difference.

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Mayor Trujillo got two things right. The neutral flag policy was an attack on the pride flag, because there was an appropriate flag policy in place before he and his liberal colleagues insisted on forcing other flags on the community. And yes, MassResistance is a well-organized pro-family organization.

It is really shameful that Mayor Trujillo used his position to attack mothers, fathers, immigrants, and Downey residents in general because they did not want to fly the pride flag in the city. It’s really laughable that he calls MassResistance “anti-immigrant,” because we have many immigrants in our activist organization. In fact, in some of our activist groups, we have more immigrants than native-born citizens!

Last of all, it’s obscene that Mayor Trujillo claims that the removal of the pride flag is a step backwards for the community. Have a neutral flag policy is a step forwards for unity in the community. It’s a step forward for standing for truth. The promotion of homosexuality and transgenderism is not the next step in the civil rights movement, but a corruption and a theft of the Civil rights movement. It is deeply offensive that Mayor Trujillo and others insist on stealing the honor and dignity of the Civil Rights Movement to cover up and justify their private traumas and turn sexual perversions into a public spectacle.

To quote Karen Carpenter: “We’ve only just begun.” It is wrong for the city of Downey to provide taxpayer funding for the Downey Pride Festival. Why should any city celebrate an agenda which promotes harmful behaviors which short a person’s lifespan and spread disease. Even Councilman Ortiz opposed the pride festival when he ran for office last year.

This is disgusting behavior from an elected official who is supposed to represent all residents. I think such conduct deserves a motion of censure from this body. No elected official should be allowed to attack and shame city residents, the people whom he is supposed to serve.

Scott Lively #fundie #homophobia scottlively.net

After four years of foot dragging by Ponsor, Liberty Counsel filed a motion that forced him to either rule or allow us to appeal the lack of a ruling. He then did what he was always legally obligated to do: dismiss the case for lack of jurisdiction (because the ATS was no longer operable). BUT what typically would have been a single line or paragraph announcing the dismissal was written like a ruling against me. I doubt he even wrote it himself it was so childish and polemical – like a guest opinion in a junior college newspaper, filled with invective and irrationality. Yet, on its face it looked like the official ruling of a federal court, so when the lead SMUG attorney publicly stated they would use this “ruling” in foreign courts to go after pro-family activists like me, we were ethically obligated to appeal our “win” to prevent that strategy from harming other Christians in foreign jurisdictions who would not realize the rhetoric in the “ruling” was not legally binding. After another 18 months – and a total of $1.5 million spent by Liberty Counsel over the full six and a half years – we finally got the federal appeals court to put that in writing, so finally the case was over.

In a major spiritual twist, three days prior to that final event, Val Kalende, Kato’s successor as head of SMUG in Uganda contacted my attorney to say she had accepted Christ, repented of lesbianism and wanted to apologize to Scott Lively for everything SMUG and its attorneys had done to me.

I’m still waiting for an apology from the person most responsible for my ordeal: Judge Michael Ponsor, the ethicist.

STEPHEN KRUISER #homophobia pjmedia.com

Good for him. It's absolutely insane that people aren't allowed to say "Christmas" at a public school, but a government entity can force an employee to worship its secular quasi-religion.

This is where everything goes awry for people like me. The heavy-handed "you will be made to care" approach by the militant LGBTQ+ mob provokes a rebound reaction. I'm all about live and let live, but around the 500th forced rainbow sighting of June — I think we're already there this year — I'm more than a little irritated with the whole thing.

Obviously, I'm not the only one. I follow a lot of the University of Arizona's athletic accounts on Instagram, and most of them did perfunctory Pride posts. Put mildly, they were savaged in the comments. In fact, there were a lot of "Vote Trump" responses, which added a little something to the madness.

Pride is one of the Seven Deadly Sins, and virtue signaling is stupid.

The LGBTQ+ Alphabet Mafia is not an oppressed fringe group; it's a bully fringe group. Pride Month is not a celebration; it's a confrontation.

OK, it's intended to be a confrontation. What it ends up being is 30 days of the most boring loud people in America trying to shock the public in parades. Not edgy, just cliché.

We will wrap up this Monday on a light note with a bonus video from "Family Guy" that fits perfectly:

Massresistance #homophobia massresistance.org

For the previous three years, the City Council had required the “pride flag” be flown on city buildings during “gay pride month” in June. But this year, the City Council backed down to outraged citizens and passed a “neutral flag” policy declaring that only government flags (so no pride flag!) could fly at city buildings.

To the average person, this makes perfect sense. Why should the government require flying a flag that represents a nasty anti-Christian movement promoting unhealthy and destructive behavior? But the LGBT movement and its allies were furious. They insist that the public must be forced to accept and accommodate their symbol. No disagreement is acceptable.

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On a side note. My cousin's daughter was half paying attention to a cartoon on Nicolodeon. My Grandma was watching it too, but did not really gather what small feats and characteristics about the characters were displayed.

Two college girls were hanging out with each other on a quest. It came to be revealed, they were "dating" each other. And had to break up. The crush between the two girls.

It was propaganda for children to adopt the lifestyle as innocent. Just a mere blush. A certain love like charm, like boyfriend and girlfriend would have.

This is the benign appearing entry into a child's mind and heart. It's the slithering serpent in the Garden. "You shall not die!"

This is a introduction to children to think of romance, crushes. And children have a mind and are intelligent. They are not stupid. They know that this means the terms of endearment which a man and a woman often display. And children come often onto the seen. They understand.

Deviating this with two girls, then tells children that two girls can have those romantic relationships that evolve from a crush. Children are not stupid. Thus, the logic of the cartoon is not innocent, for which it leads to.

Thus, as the authors in the letter above. Surely know, their audience are not stupid. But treat them as Mrs. Sanger loved for her purposes. Referring to them as "feeble minded."

There is nothing romantic about two girls, or two boys loving each other. Nothing!

The love a boy builds an affection for a girl, is willing the good of the other. He defends her. He protects her. He is a Knight! He is a Prince! The opposites attract. The opposites are complimentary. Their completely creative. The girl and girl, or the boy and boy are not. It's dead.

The guy creates a Poem giving her the words that only a Goddess can hear. Goddesses cannot really stand hearing what they want to hear from each other. It's already known.

The boy, the subject of the Goddess, who not like any other as she has known and seen. Brings her delight. She see's a smaller willful subject, unlike her own. He is a strange and unusual creation.

That's the point of boy meets girl.

Girls can live Lesbos if they want. And, they will live for that for a awhile, until a boy awakens their wonder. And find a Prince who slays dragons, and rescues Princesses. She see's him as her complimentary. Not her equal.

Conservapedia #homophobia #dunning-kruger #fundie #biphobia conservapedia.com

In 2007, Conservapedia creates its Homosexuality in animals myth article.

Liberals tout a supposed "gay penguin" in a California zoo.[18] Liberals rabidly deny someone can be an ex-homosexual. Ex-homosexual is faced with a $10,000 fine, spends $7,000 in legal fees, and is forced to go to pro-homosexuality classes by a liberal judge who claimed he engaged in aggressive behavior in a discussion with a homosexual man (during his discussion the ex-homosexual man was holding a baby).

In 2009, the alleged gay penguin in a California zoo starts a romance with a lady penguin and abandons his supposed male penguin lover. The homosexual activist Wayne Besen claims the penguin is living in denial and not an ex-homosexual male penguin. (see: Homosexuality in animals myth).

Massresistance #homophobia archive.ph

Downey, California is a suburb of Los Angeles and a predominately Democrat city. Its 5-member City Council includes two openly “gay” men, including the Mayor. The Mayor helps run the Los Angeles County LGBTQ+ Elected Officials Association.

Nevertheless, four years ago MassResistance had a surprising victory in that city! We organized Downey families to successfully force the School Board to completely remove a Planned Parenthood sex-ed curriculum from the school system.

Pride Flags ordered to fly during June for past 3 years

For the past three years, the City Council enthusiastically passed a resolution ordering City Hall and other city properties to fly the LGBT rainbow flag during the month of June to commemorate “Gay Pride” month. This outraged lots of families in the city who see it as a blatant act forcing the city to celebrate an anti-Christian movement pushing sexual perversions.

LorsCarbonferrite #conspiracy reddit.com

Yeah, basically. I think there are two broad categories of people that push for this type of "diversity": The true Believers, and the Eroders.

The true Believers are the ones that actually believe the shit that they push. They actually think that they're helping making a more equitable society and are making the world a better place. This is probably the larger chunk of the people involved, and they are basically just useful idiots for the second category. They don't care about any issues that straight hwhite men might face (or gay white men at this point), because the Eroders have told them they shouldn't.

The Eroders are only concerned with eroding the current social order and/or disrupting the current power structure so they can claim more power for themselves and their allies. These are commonly the leaders and organizers of these movements. They don't actually care about others, but know that other people do, so they pretend to be these virtuous paragons fighting oppression, meanwhile they quietly (or sometimes not so quietly) sequester more and more power for themselves. This is why there seems to be a treadmill of oppressed groups (and why you get shit like a trans suicide hotline that is never staffed/staffed by people that had almost no training while its organizers use the donations intended to support it to fund a lavish lifestyle); it's because the Eroders use various groups as an excuse to get more power, and just kick them to the curb whenever their utility has failed. This is why gay white men and white women are currently shifting to being in the oppressor group, rather than the oppressed group as they were not too long ago. My guess is that the next designated oppressor will be white trans people, but it could also be a non-white group if society as a whole considers white people to have lost enough power. Whites are currently being gone after because the Eroders have successfully convinced society that western society is strongly white supremacist. If this idea stops being tenable to society and the Eroders haven't yet amassed enough power to just ignore whatever society says, then I think they'll move on to some other group. I don't think they truly hate white people, I think they just want the power to be gained by designating them as some grand enemy.

Snake Baker #homophobia dailystormer.name

I had no idea Japan was killing lesbians.

It’s pretty silly, really.

Lesbians aren’t like gays. They’re not a real thing. All you have to do to make them stop being lesbians is get some man to have sex with them. Super easy. Lots of people do sex, you just put the penis in the vagina and give it a good pounding.


James Fullord #dunning-kruger vdare.com

Stop Your Parents "Posting Hard-Right Memes About Cement Milkshakes” AKA Inconvenient Truth

That link goes to an article that displays the official warning that the despicable Antifa custom of "milkshaking" dissidents might go from assault to aggravated assault with a weapon:

They then claim that police haven't proved it:

"PPB's tweet is referencing the homemade vegan milkshakes that Popular Mobiliization, one of the left-leaning groups, handed out to hundreds of attendees during the day’s events. Several people ended up throwing their 12-ounce milkshakes at people associated with the alt-right and at PPB officers—but most people consumed the coconut milk-based treats.

PPB did not immediately offer proof to substantiate this claim."

So there was a criminal conspiracy to riot, people did throw milkshakes provided by the conspirators, and Andy Ngo was almost beaten to death. And that's what Buzzfeed wants people not to talk about.

Positron #transphobia #dunning-kruger archive.ph

I won't be talking about Tom Serano's biology because it has been shown again and again, for example in the links in this post by @heathercho, that he knows fuckwit. My issue is with his metaphysical claims. Serano asserts that the "gender-sex distinction is rooted in Mind-Body Dualism", but this cannot be right because genders are social roles, and social roles (the expectation to do something in society) presupposes the existence of a body -- indeed, the existence of more than one bodies, for there can't be a society with a population of one.

Serano is right in that Mind-Body Dualism is unpopular in both Philosophy and Feminism (Science never had patience for it at all), but guess what, troons are the strongest believers of Mind-Body Dualism! Just ask a troon where is his "femaleness" located. It can't be in the body, because Biology is transphobic (not to mention that, by popular assent among troons, a troon is not any less trans because he doesn't take estrogen and has no plans to get a dickchop). It can't be in society, because society expect them to take up male roles. His only recourse is to admit that it is all in his mind (or in mental constructs such as language), and that his mind is independent from his body, each has its own identity.

Prove to me that Mind-Body Dualism is true and I might re-evaluate the assertion "trans women are women".

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Before we get into technical issues, let's address the hamfisted Didn't Earn It influences:
You have two blacks, two "evil paleskins" tucked in the back like it was slapped together for bizarro China, and the fifth is conveniently, completely covered up, probably so WokeC can pull a Gaymes Wokeshop and later pretend that their cheap Strongheart-in-name-only imitation was a woman the entire time. Molliver wasn't so lucky, having been both black-washed and sex-swapped into a mentally ill they/themming black chick, which makes it all the more hilarious that he's a thief.

Frankly, the only thing surprising about the cover, besides the lack of blue-skinned gay tieflings, is that they didn't give the red-head a similar treatment, opting to just wallop her a few times with the "realistic woman" stick, but the issues with this piece of, ahem, "art", go way beyond pandering to troons and hideous hobby tourists. But then, what else did you expect from Tyler Jacobson, a guy who attended a pair of west-coast colleges and works for a company that has long considered surface-level diversity a substitute for quality, creativity, talent and integrity?

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Well, great. Maybe there are. But what, exactly, does that tell us about human behavior or human morality? Peacock wants us to think that it tells us a great deal. “This is a queer planet,” the trailer gleefully informs us, for “queerness has always existed.” You just haven’t realized this because you’re so, like, uptight, man: “It’s only in humans that we have such a stigma about it.” For actually, “Mother Nature is pretty open-minded.”

Here again, we see the incoherence of the left. “Mother Nature” is “open-minded,” eh? So there is a conscious being who created and governs the universe? Many, if not most, leftists, would sneer at that idea, for they have rejected the idea of a God who delineates the parameters of morality. The universe is blind and random, they insist, and that means that there really aren’t any parameters of morality at all, and anything goes.

That, however, would mean that these allegedly gay animals aren’t really examples for us to follow, but just random beings doing meaningless things. And so Peacock invents its own god, to whom it gives the venerable name of Mother Nature, and invests her with its own morality, which involves the dogmas that “sex is not just for reproduction” and that “nature is full of queer surprises.”

In saner times, mothers would tell their children not to behave like animals. The idea of emulating them as moral exemplars never occurred to anyone. After all, it’s a dangerous path to start traveling down. Once we justify “queer” practices on the basis of all these supposedly “queer” animals, why stop at that? There is plenty of other animal behavior we could emulate as well, such as chasing down others, ripping them apart with our bare hands, and eating them. PETA would get into a fine snit if Peacock ran a series hailing that kind of animal behavior, but of course, neither PETA nor Peacock, nor anyone else on the left ever worries overmuch about intellectual consistency. In fact, that’s one of the reasons why we’re in the fix we’re in.

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LGBT Activists Harass Torrance Mayor, Lie to Public About their Privileges/Entitlement
The LGBT hate groups are growing more brazen every day.

In Torrance, they insist on being celebrated, even though they claim that they were "born that way," and th

The way that they harassed Mayor Chen was quite disturbing.

Last year, he hosted a public forum to allow residents to hear about ongoing safety and business issues, but a number of LGBT activists insisted on harassing him because he would not approve a "pride" resolution.


The level of entitlement is quite disturbing.

LGBT activists insist on pushing this lie that they are "born that way." There is no evidence for this. And now they are crying and whining about how everyone should celebrate them, and if you don't want to go along with their coercive demands, they label you a hater, a bigot, a homophobe, etc.

This is true bullying, and it's quite ironic that one of the most abusive activists in the room, RG Wong, shamed Mayor Chen about his Asian-American heritage to justify their demands for a pride resolution.

Do these people really take themselves seriously at this point?

Also, does anyone notice the number of people who left the city council chambers while the LGBT activists were whining and complaining about a pride resolution.

The people of Torrance don't want this trash forced on them. They are tired of the woke, broke, joke of regressive leftism.

It's great to see Torrance, a Balanced City, is not interested in tipping the scale in favor of any one interest group.

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Butker’s outrageous crime was that he gave a commencement speech at Benedictine College, and took aim at some of the most cherished idols of our age. He encouraged the graduates to take pride in themselves and their accomplishments: “Not the deadly sins sort of Pride that has an entire month dedicated to it, but the true God-centered pride that is cooperating with the holy ghost to glorify him.” As far as leftists are concerned, to criticize Pride Month would be akin to ripping up Betsy Ross’ American flag while standing in front of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, and Butker wasn’t finished.

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It’s illegal for minors (people under 18) to vote, get tattoos, purchase or drink alcohol, purchase cigarettes, enter adult strip clubs, or buy pornography, but Proglodytes want to chop off their genitalia or add fake ones. Hospitals and healthcare corporations push ‘gender affirming’ programs, hysterectomies, and transgender surgeries on kids who should be occupied with playing sports, hanging with their friends, having a crush, going to school dances and attending pep rallies. The medical community has turned into an industry of child mutilation for profit. The “First, do no harm” concept in the Hippocratic Oath has been eradicated for money.

Kids are being sexualized by perverted LGBTQ+ABCDEF (insert the rest of the acronyms here) and pedophiles who use their positions to push this shit. Children don’t have the capacity to understand the complexities of sex, gender, or the depraved projections of the Left.

“Gender identity” and all the insane concocted ‘pronouns’ did not originate with kids or mentally stable people. Kids don’t think of that shit on their own. It started with unhinged lunatics who pushed this abnormal behavior in the media and in schools. People are sick of it and they’re fighting back. What’s really funny is the hissy fit thrown by these freaks after their videos are exposed by LibsofTikTok and other sites. Simply posting their insanity for everyone to see is enough to bring a meltdown.

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So yeah, Trump held a rally in Jersey where he made a sarcastic remark about Hannibal Lecter, and as usual the typical media autists collectively shit their little diapers in unison as they wail to the heavens that "TrUmP eNdOrSeD a CaNnIbAl, sEe HoW eViL hE iS?!", and everyone who listened either laughed at them or told them to rightfully shut the hell up because no one cares! Everything that has been thrown at this man has failed! No, not just failed, spectacularly failed! His trial and mugshots ALONE have propelled his campaign far further than anything in 2016 and 2020 COMBINED, and the Leftoids are adding fuel to the growing shit-firestorm with their tantrums! At this point, Trump could drop the sacred N-word and every single African American would vote for him!

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'Rules For Radicals' Trenders Are Flooding A Utah Tip Line Over Bathroom Law


That's a weird way to say false police reports and cyber terrorism."

"Gotta do what Trump (one of his staffers, I think) did and make them pay an unrefundable $5 to deliver a tip to the hotline. Real violations will make it through and probably be waived afterward, and fake ones will pad the pockets of the state's admin. Trolls might think twice if they have to submit their CC details for spurious complaints."

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The differences in coverage "is rooted in a gender stereotype: the assumption that people who have been assigned female at birth are supposed to have breasts, and that people assigned male at birth are not."

It's not a "gender stereotype." It's a biological fact.

"No doubt, the majority of those assigned female at birth have breasts, and the majority of those assigned male at birth do not. But we cannot mistake what is for what must be.”

Not just a "majority." It's a universal biological fact with a tiny number of exceptions.

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Basically in The United Humanity's current-day regime, the governments of some of the more Feudal Worlds end up re-writing the lore and histories of their planet so as to re-write history in the new regime's favor. Because those who control the past, controls the Present. And those who control the present, controls the future.

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You cannot equate ancient and near-modern examples of men castrating themselves (or cross-dressers) with late 20th-century trannies. The former did so either because of religious conviction or economic expediency. You don't read records of them claiming "I've been living a lie all along. Now I've found my true self", as modern trannies invariably do. And such existential reflection is good evidence that trannyism is a thoroughly modern phenomenon. It is related to the search of authenticity, the search of how to live life. Before modernity, religions and traditional communities told people how they should conduct their lives. People took it for granted that their lives are a pre-set template, and it didn't even occur to people that there are other options. It is only when religions fail to hold sway, and people had lost their ties to tradition, did people begin to realize that they have the freedom to choose how to live. People found out there are many many ways to create meanings in life, and that they can start living a new life any time as long as they have the will to do so. Some men, then, chose the freedom to live as women.

But why choose to live as women? I suppose Feminism (especially Third Wave) has mystified womanhood as the exotic "other" which appeals to the adventurous spirit of some men -- attaining womanhood is, in essence, a quest for the Holy Grail. If what I say is true, then trannyism is, paradoxically, motivated by a stereotypically male drive for conquest. This may explain why MtFs widely outnumber FtMs.

I can find ladyboy porn going back as far the 80s). How can "traditionalists" unironically claim transgenderism is a recent phenomenon.
I don't know much about Thai culture but it seems the phenomenon of Ladybois have strong social and economic roots. I'm not convinced they are exactly comparable to Western troons. Also 80s is very modern.

The Amsterdam Cohort saw a 20x rise of clinical cases of transgenderism in Netherlands between 1980 to 2015.

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>Autoimmune disease
That's a funny way to spell "stepped into a noose because the crushing weight of reality finally set in"

I have to imagine trooning ain't great for someone with an autoimmune disorder, much less multiple ones. In a sane world, the family would have cases for malpractice against the doctors who fed into the mentally ill man's delusions and quickened his demise.

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Gigantic display of the Ten Commandments in new Minnesota jail offends atheist group: ‘Imposing religion’

Question: If you're an atheist, so therefore you do not believe in the first place, why even give a shit?

Let me use myself as an example, though I'm Catholic, I was once going through a mall and saw a Jehovah Witness table set up looking for suckers, looked at it and then shrugged my shoulders and went about my business.

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Title IX has been a godsend for women in sports, forcing schools to treat male and female athletes and the programs they compete in equally.

But the left has used Title IX to shoehorn their pet social engineering schemes into the mainstream. The new rules would eliminate restrictions on the use of bathrooms by trans students. It would also make a host of changes to how sexual harassment cases are handled on campus, removing the requirement for live hearings and cross-examination.