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As a country we are prepared to resist the hypocrisy of the wealthy nations. But we need MassResistance to partner with us in ensuring that the wealthy nations of the world don’t use their financial strength to bully us into submission. Therefore, we are ready to forge a partnership with MassResistance against LGBT activities in Ghana.

We are encouraged by your timely intervention in Sri Lanka and we are confident that you will not disappoint us in resisting those disobeying God who Himself condemns homosexuality as a SIN.

Since then we’ve worked with Freedom International to move forward! One of the first things that foreign-funded groups do in an African country is attempt to indoctrinate youth with LGBT ideology. So the most important project would be make sure that children are well prepared to reject it and proclaim the truth. Frank and his group decided that the best way to do this would be to form “anti-LGBT clubs” in every secondary school – just the opposite of what the West does!

Frank and his team have been working with teachers across the country. They have already set up clubs in a few schools – and more are on the way!

As Frank has reported back, they are going strong. The clubs meet for two hours per week. They use resources by MassResistance, Freedom International, and other pro-family groups. Students often are divided into smaller groups for effective teaching and learning. Healthy relationships are a key part of the learning. The other key goals are to expose, confront, and stop the LGBT propaganda coming from the multinational corporations and foreign embassies.

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Because it's brainwashing 101. I'll keep reminding people as many times as I have to until people get it that this is what they're trying to do. To brainwash people, you have to inundate them, bombard them 24/7/365 with "the message" and give them no relief or no alternatives that don't preach "the message." Every piece of media the subject consumes must preach "the message" so that eventually they'll just instinctively repeat/regurgitate "the message" themselves. If the subject has access to anything that doesn't preach "the message" or worse explicitly countermands "the message" then the brainwashing could fail completely.

That is why the Woke literally do want every book, movie, TV show, and video game to be Woke. It's so that their lies and propaganda are seeped into everything and we have no escape. Make no mistake though, it's not us living now that they're focused on. It's future generations. They're playing a longer game. Kids are going to grow up in a world where their media is woke and they'll grow up believing that wokeness is normal. It falls on us, the non-Woke to fight against and defeat Wokeness NOW before it's too late.

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You are the one who is missing the point regarding the relationship between gender and biological sex, that being that gender is a communication of biological sex. An accurate communication of this is vital for social stability, considering humanity’s nature as sexual beings. As has been the case throughout human history, the family is a fundamental building block of society, and sexuality plays a role in a family’s establishment. It should stand to reason then that sexually aberrant behavior such as transgenderism is a destabilizing factor for the whole of society

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Anyone who writes anything truthful about trans issues is immediately labeled a bigot by the Pronoun Mafia. If I write about the unfairness of biological males competing against females in athletics, I'm history's greatest monster. Of course, being opposed to letting third-graders opt for genital mutilation without their parents knowing about it means one is hopelessly transphobic.

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I don’t think the progressive morons posting in defense of Drag Queens under “Not a Drag Queen” tags, or writing impassioned pleas on blogs for the public to not conflate Drag Queens with Pedophiles are intelligent enough to comprehend (or maybe they just don’t care) that even if Drag Queens are themselves not molesting children at events,
that Drag Queens (or LGBT adult persons at “Pride parades”) exposing children to “adult” (sexual) themes and nudity is meant to accustom children to adult-child (sexual) contact, in order to make the child easier for a pedophile to molest – it’s a part of the Grooming process, as part of Queer Theory.

Pedophiles go to where children are, and it doesn’t matter if it’s a Democrat or Republican backed cause or group, doesn’t matter if it’s a church with children, “Pride” parades where children will be present, etc.

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Parents don't have rights, but children have rights.

And apparently the children's rights involve being supported and "affirmed". "Affirmed" being a word that basically had no meaning 3 - 5 years ago. And now we all know what it means.

But parents don't have any rights. Boy when did that happen?

Gee. I don't know how well i see this going for the government who says parents have no rights except the responsibility to push the government agenda on their offspring. Whom the government has more right to than the parents.

Apparently there is also no plan to codify rights for parents either. Just morons like this rubbing it in your face that, no, actually, you have no rights. And we're all just offspring producers for the state whom you serve unquestioningly.

Don't worry, if you won't have kids, they already have a plan for that too.

Jesus this is getting really creepy up there in canada.

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But what may even be worse: how the bill cements the abuse of the asylum system to further the Great Replacement. The bill’s brilliant idea to speed up asylum claims is to put these decisions in the hands of asylum officers, many of whom would be Leftist bureaucrats and activists hired by the Biden Regime. Instead of rejecting most of the ridiculous claims of these illegals, many will be accepted and the illegals would officially be granted asylum status. This would give them a permanent basis in the country and make it much harder to deport. This bill would handcuff Trump’s ability to deport them if he becomes president next year. This is one of the chief reasons why this bill is worse than no bill at all [Senate Border Bill Would Upend US Asylum at the Border With Emergency Limits and Fast-Track Reviews, Associated Press, February 5, 2024].

It’s also pointless. President Biden could aggressively enforce immigration law right now if he wanted to. He could restore Remain in Mexico, make it easier to deport illegals, and unleash ICE without the need for congressional approval. This is all within his power.

But he doesn’t want to do any of these things. Instead, he wants a “bipartisan” compromise to give him political cover while continuing the Left’s chief goal of replacing the Historic American Nation. Biden can claim he solved the border crisis while allowing the invasion to continue on silently. Sadly, a number of Republicans are willing to give him what he wants.

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When I popularized ComicsGate as a hashtag, it was from my research finding out information about a secret group of facebook professionals conspiring against YouTube reviewer Richard C. Meyer to try to “goad him into throwing a punch” and trigger what they hoped was his PTSD from combat in order to get him branded as dangerous and thrown out of conventions.

These were “professionals” actively colluding and conspiring to try to harm someone to keep them from having influence in the industry — people who work for Marvel, DC, Image, IDW, Dynamite, and others. The cause of it was because of politics — specifically a left wing monopoly trying to harm all right wingers in the business and make sure we don’t get to produce books or have any influence. They want all books to force LGBTQWTF on children, none to have male or white lead characters (unless villains), and to push identity politics so that not only are the primary demographic of readers kicked out of comics, but so that they stir up anger to get white, Christian, Republican, men out of the country.

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I believe that was the point when this insanity was initiated under Obama's regime. Walt Disney has European Christian ideals and was proud of his European heritage. The last 10 years, that has not only become taboo, but is actively attacked and will kept getting attacked until there is nothing of that sort left. I can't elaborate here further, but understand this, nothing is a conspiracy when the far left labels it as such. That goes for your observations over what is happening in the US, Canada, Australia and every single European country right now. Disney has become anti-Disney, because it exemplified the Euro-Centric American culture and was a huge reason behind the culture of the US becoming a dominant one.

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Part of the craze of adolescent girls declaring themselves to be boys is a female version of the Peter Pan syndrome of boys not wanting to grow up into men. Puberty is scary for girls and not a few girls would like to just stay the way they are a little longer and not turn into women right now. Lots of parents kind of feel the same way.

Roughly, age 6 to 11 is kind of a halcyon era of childhood that other Great Apes species move through much quicker. It’s a time to learn lots of little skills without being distracted by sex. Lots of girls can’t wait to get to puberty and womanhood and boys, but lots of other girls don’t want to be in such a rush.

So then these natural feelings get plugged into a crazed ideological fad because crazed ideological fads are how we roll these days.

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In Jamaica, the pro-family movement is serious! Since the Biden Administration began flying the LGBT “rainbow flag” outside the US Embassy there (as well as others around the world), local citizens have been outraged.

The Jamaican Coalition for a Healthy Society (JCHS), the nation’s largest pro-family group, has been regularly protesting outside the front of the embassy demanding that the flag be taken down.

The group says that the United States’ efforts to push the LGBT agenda in their country represent the worst kind of cultural imperialism. As one JCHS spokesman told the news media, the US Embassy publicly flying the LGBT flag is “a symbol of disrespect on Jamaican soil” and “an insult to our country.”

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How deep in the trenches of the political and cultural divide do you have to be to think that setting up freaking RAZOR WIRE to protect your own damn border is seen as extreme to the point that you need to take control of the state's national guard?! Hell, my girlfriend is Puerto Rican, and SHE thinks the government's take on this is insane! Good news is that 25 states of the United States, literally HALF, are backing Texas, bad news is that the other half either don't care or are against Texas. Folks, this is how the first Civil War freaking started: dispute over states' rights! Except back then, it was over whether or not states could secede from the Union (and no you sad, sad victims of our modern education system, it WAS NOT about slavery as that was invented by the Union and weaponized by President Lincoln and almost backfired in their faces), and now the same thing is happening again for the same damn reason, that of a tyrannical and overbearing government! Joe Biden and his administration are on their way out, and they know it, so this has the reek of a last desperate grasp of power. If there is a civil dispute, the current administration could use that as incentive to try to stay in power, and I DARE you to try and tell me that they won't try to spin it that way in the coming days!

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Dana points out that, first of all, the Herald-Leader did not include a mugshot of Bradford, and furthermore, they omitted the original charges, which would have sent her to prison for at least 10 years, instead of the three-and-half she got in the plea deal. More importantly, however, they did not mention that the two students Bradford molested were female.

The Herald-Leader omitted this information despite the fact that the two victims were interviewed by local TV news

Years ago, I realized that the media deal with what we are now supposed to call “the LGBTQ community” not as reporters, but as public-relations agents. Their overriding concern is to ensure that the public receives only favorable information about gay people. Even when the news about gay people is very negative — and hey, the AIDS epidemic was kind of a bummer — the coverage is designed to encourage sympathy for gay people, who are portrayed as Just Like You and Me (Only Better).

So here you have a story about a lesbian teacher who molested two girls over a span of 10 years. In at least one case, the molestation began when the victim was just in middle school. This is rather heinous, and the LGBTQ Publicity Agents at the Lexington Herald-Leader therefore hit upon the clever idea of omitting the gender of the victims, so that readers would have no idea that the case involved homosexual behavior.

For the record, I have no idea whether gay people are more or less likely than heterosexuals to commit such crimes, and would be skeptical of any social science “research” on the question, whatever it showed. My point is that journalists ought not to be in the business of suppressing facts.

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Moms for Liberty co-founder Tiffany Justice conducted an interview with Reid last Friday, where she was asked by the host why she wanted to see books such as "All Boys Aren't Blue" removed from public school libraries.

Justice essentially stated the material should be yanked from school library shelves due to containing rape, pedophilia, sex toys, and incest. Why is any of this featured in a book designed for minors? What reasoning could their possibly be for children to learn about sex toys? This is clearly grooming behavior.

No books are being banned,” the Moms for Liberty co-founder interjected. “I want to be clear, no one is banning books. Write the book, publish the book, put it in a public library. We’re talking about a public school library."

Yes, a public school is supposed to be for a whole community. They should not be catering to a specific group of individuals who want to normalize the sexualization of minors. I mean, this is not rocket science, nor should it be a moral conundrum. This is not appropriate material for kids to be exposed to, thus it does not belong in a school library. The end.

“Children don’t have unfettered access to the internet at school,” she added. “I did a records request and I wanted to see what kind of internet sites are banned in schools. If we’re going to talk about banning, and the subject matter in the books that moms are concerned about, they’re the same things that kids don’t have access to on the internet. So it just feels very hypocritical, right? Why is no one out there protesting for, you know, ‘Free the internet in schools!’?”

Rather than answer the question, Reid pivoted to talking about how conservatives are trying to ban not just these sexually explicit books, but beloved classics as well. Some of the titles she rattled off include "The Diary of Anne Frank," "Slaughterhouse Five" by Kurt Vonnegut, Judy Blume novels, and books concerning the Civil Rights movement.

It's pretty clear Reid recognized she was faltering, as she tried to change the subject and try a different angle to make it look like conservatives are fascists trying to censor progressives.

Justice made it clear during the interview the requests were made by local chapters of her organization, not the national organization.

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Kids played “pretend” or “make believe” all the times and acted like they were robots, or dinosaurs, or other non-human things. When they’re young this is seen as exercising their imagination or even cute. It used to be that as the kids got older, not only parents but society at large would tell them it’s time to grow up and play pretend. In this day and age, identifying as something you could never be has been normalized. After all, if a girl can be come a boy, why not a robot or a dinosaur. After all, such “identity” has already been established to have nothing to do with physical and/or biological reality.

Identifying as a robot seems almost mainstream and socially acceptable compared to the aformentiond Tumblr madness. And that is how for well over a decade the crazyness of Tumble has been distilled down into an almost anodyne embrace of identity politics and the dissevering of “identity” from objective biological reality.

If people feel secure enough to publically say this, just think how much worse the next phase, currently sub rosa, will unleash upon young people!

This will not end well.

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I don't follow much wrestling in general, but American UFC wrestler Sean Strickland got quite the haymaker for the wokiots -- especially those that corrupted the LGB community circle -- and the globalist tyranny that has been throwing us "peasants" down, especially during the era of the Bat Ship Crazy Pandemic.

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Lisa Frankenstein: Mary Shelly Rolls In Her Grave

Where the fuck do I even fucking begin with this fuck!? So my girlfriend and I go to see Night Swim and this unholy abomination before God was shown on the theater screen, and when the trailer ended I turned to her and I said "There is a LOT I hate about this fucking movie, going by the trailer alone". So, apparently, we have a protagonist who, somehow, manages to bring back the body of some dead guy (I'm assuming by the magical properties of "plot") and becomes his living girlfriend, all the while defying societal norms in an attempt to "live her own truth" and "accept how awesome she is", and I'm only assuming this based on how cunty Lisa herself is acting throughout the trailer. Do I even NEED to say what all is wrong with this, you've seen the trailer at this point, YOU KNOW what's wrong with it: the Mary Sue insert main protag; the propogandist attack on societal norms thinly veiled as "attacking the patriarchy"; ALL the characters existing solely to either prop up Lisa and her struggle, or exist as shallow cardboard cutouts as strawman arguments AGAINST the ideals being pushed in this drek!

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I've seen this one before. It's interesting how feminism only exists because of these spinsters who wanted to redefine feminine roles because they basically failed at being women. I will say that there are some gender norms that are way too rigid, and feminists are right to try to break those down because it makes people overall more free to express themselves in whatever way they want. But I also think that most conventionally feminine women who identify as feminists only do so because of social norms, not because they actually want to be equal, because women are basically NPCs who believe whatever they're told. I think all women know subconsciously that they're the inferior sex and that's why they still expect men to pay for their shit and will dump any guy who isn't capable of leading them. No matter how feminist they claim to be, they're still fundamentally submissive and want men to provide for them and make decisions for them. When I'm dealing with women, I basically treat them like children and tell them what to do, without overtly disagreeing with their feminist views. Women are comfortable with this contradiction between rhetoric and behavior because they're basically incapable of rational thought. You should follow Red Pill advice, but don't ever talk about the Red Pill.

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“The same belief in magic reveals itself in the claim that certain words or ideas associated with ‘white privilege’ are a form of ‘epistemic violence’, capable of wreaking untold psychological damage on women and minorities. When a group of LGBT+ activists at a university claim that giving a platform to a ‘Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist’ will ‘erase’ the identity of trans students, it is tempting to dismiss this as hyperbole. But maybe we should take what they say at face value. If we grant them that courtesy, we have to conclude that the members of this cult attribute a terrifying supernatural power to those in possession of ‘white privilege’. They really do believe that the people at the top of the intersectional hierarchy can literally ‘erase’ people by uttering certain words, almost like magic spells. In this context, the ‘safe spaces’ that have been created in universities, in which students are protected from the harmful effects of these spells, are a bit like churches — holy places where evil cannot penetrate.”

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Trannies Gone Wild: Iowa School Shooter Identified as ‘Trans Activist’

Unhinged tranny activist Dylan Butler, age 17, opened fire inside the Perry High School, which he attended.

He posted this photo before the shooting from the school bathroom.

They’re so traumatized by their own gender dysphoria and mental illness, they have to kill innocent people. The only small consolation is the tranny took his own life. He should have done that before he decided to show up at the school.


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For the record, Mr Bakunin, the words you are repeating are the answer to a specific question of what I thought the writers of LEGEND OF KORRA were thinking when they decided to use lesbians rather than male homosexuals as the couple of choice in a children’s cartoon to lure innocent and trusting kids into believing homosexuality is right and normal and ergo Christianity is wrong and abnormal.

But it seems as if you did not consider the possibility that this quote should be read in context. If you read the question to which this quote is an answer, a reader is asking me to speculate on the motivations and thought process of writers supporting your position.

Yes, your position.

You see, your side, not my side, thinks of rednecks and conservatives and Christians as being obsessed with a psycho-pathological phobia and hatred of gays. Your side coined an silly term for the alleged phobia because it did not exist until you invented it: homophobia.

My question to you is this: do you believe that some, even most, hetero men have a visceral and instinctive desire to beat homosexuals to death?

Why is it bigotry if I speculate that this belief in homophobia, fairly common among your side, was perhaps the reason behind the writers’ decision to use Korra and Asami as their couple of choice rather than, say, Aang and Sokka?

I do not hide the fact that a visceral abhorrence to homosexual acts (albeit never to the person tempted toward such acts) is a rightly ordered and indeed a laudable reaction. All emotions, visceral or otherwise, should be ordered as nature and reason command.

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It's probably still an absolute minority of homosexuals and who are 'into' such things, but the clash of worldviews is fierce.

To a Judeo-Christian, or many other traditional moral systems, it's fairly simple. Homosexuality is a form of deviancy, and once someone goes from struggling against temptation like we all do, to trying to redefine moral law so 'it isn't actually wrong, in fact you're wrong for trying to tell me it is wrong,' at that point, they have shifted to a moral system that lets them redefine anything they want as right or wrong, to their preference.

Once someone has taken that step, it's a lot easier for them to take further steps. More steps continue to make it easier to keep going in that direction, but it's the first step, and the acceptance of the ideology that under-writes it, that is the most important.

Either morality is an external law handed down from on high, and we are all subject to it, or it's a subjective thing determined by human opinion. Once you've entered the latter system, there's nothing except personal preference holding you back from defining literally anything you want as morally acceptable.

And once you've decided to let your personal desires and urges redefine one thing as not actually wrong, you've already made the habit of letting your base urges over-ride your rational thought, so why not take it further?

It is no coincidence that the pioneers of post-modernism were so often pedophiles, and used their new philosophical and moral system to lobby the French government to abolish the age of consent.

Because once you accept the post-modern worldview, age really is just a number.

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Hmm. We are naming the shooter and talking about motive. On the same day. Why wasn't the trans shooter in Tennessee like this? I wonder I wonder. Also, no scary rifle used here. So much for the idea that banning ARs would impact kids being crazy and doing stupid shit.

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Similarly, the first demand, nay, MANDATE upon government of our Bill of Rights to the US Constitution was “Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion nor prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” It was proposed and passed by the very men who were printing and distributing Bibles as school books on behalf of the government, funded by the treasury. I’ve written extensively on this theme https://www.scottlively.net/2018/09/18/the-coadjuvancy-of-church-and-state/ And yet, with no legal grounding in four thousand years of jurisprudence globally, having merely been DEEMED a category of human rights by the wishful proclamation of special interest groups in the 20th Century, the First Amendment fell to the “Gays” as easily as the Magna Carta had done. America’s natural family and marriage-based societal immune system collapsed and now our country is so morally disease-ridden and crawling with parasites of every kind we may not survive.

Scott Lively #homophobia #fundie #transphobia scottlively.net

The first of the state churches to fall to the “Gays” was the Anglican Church of England, whose stand for biblical morality had been strongly bolstered by the cornerstone of modern human rights jurisprudence, the Magna Carta. The first demand of that incredible document (a copy of the original I personally viewed at Salisbury Cathedral) states in pertinent part: “the English Church shall be free.” That juridical foundation-stone served as a bulwark against all threats to the biblical worldview in English law for eight centuries until the rise of so-called “Sexual Orientation Regulations (SORs) erupted like oozing sores on the British body politic, somehow trumping biblical morality.

I played a small part in that battle, as well, by divine appointment spending a night with my family at the home of David Anderson in Edenborough, Scotland on the very weekend he was tasked with writing a policy paper against the repeal of Paragraph 28 banning the promotion of LGBT issues to schoolchildren in the UK. We only met David, who happened to be the head of the Scottish Evangelical Alliance, because we stopped to chat with one of his church members that day who was passing out gospel tracts downtown. That parishioner then, impromptu, arranged for our stay at Dr. Anderson’s home. That very night we hammered out a great policy paper. But, again, using political dirty tricks, the LGBTs prevailed over the Christians in the British Parliament on that issue, striking down Paragraph 28, leading directly to today’s horrific pandemic of sexual deviance among UK schoolchildren.

MassResistance #fundie #homophobia massresistance.org

Beginning last summer, our Wisconsin MassResistance chapter in Kenosha successfully pressured the local school system to remove several horrible pornographic LGBT books from the school libraries. This was applauded by parents.

But it angered the rabid pro-LGBT anti-family leftists who are obsessed with pushing their filthy material on children.

On Sept. 29, the MassResistance parents in Kenosha were shocked to read an article in the local newspaper. A coalition of local far-left churches calling itself “Congregations United to Serve Humanity” (CUSH) was collecting copies of the “banned” homosexual- and transgender-themed books pushing sexuality on children.

They told the newspaper that their collection will include graphic homosexual sex books such as Gender Queer and This Book is Gay. CUSH would then create a “traveling LGBTQ library” to make the books available to children across the city.

CUSH outrageously labeled their pornography effort as “Freedom to Read” (a phrase peddled by the American Library Association). In their public announcement, CUSH dishonestly mixed the LGBT books with so-called “banned” books from decades ago and “civil rights” books which parents have no problems with. But it was clear that their true intentions were to promote LGBT pornography to children.

PaladinJustice #racist #homophobia gab.com

The alleged killer looks like a bean man. She's following in the ways of her Aztec ancestors. Anyone who still thinks lesbians don't have a screw loose and are incapable of violence doesn't know lesbians. The lesbian couples I knew at the university decades ago were in constant physical altercations, but no murders that I know of.

Kamuroshiryu #biphobia #kinkshaming deviantart.com

No one should be ashamed of making straight ships between fictional characters and this is where Genshin Impact sets the most despicable example since My Hero Academia. As a hetero lad, I could not care worth a fin if LGB ships exist but if there are artists that are threatened to delete a straight ship off of Pixiv or any other art site by cyberbullies, then I must express annoyance to it.

Robert Spencer #transphobia #homophobia pjmedia.com

One notorious example of this came on May 5, 2022, when the Department of Agriculture’s Food and Nutrition Service (FNS) announced that it was planning to “interpret the prohibition on discrimination based on sex found in Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, and in the Food and Nutrition Act of 2008, as amended, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), formerly the Food Stamp Program (7 USC § 2011 et seq.), to include discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.”

This new interpretation would mean that “state and local agencies, program operators and sponsors that receive funds from FNS must investigate allegations of discrimination based on gender identity or sexual orientation. Those organizations must also update their non-discrimination policies and signage to include prohibitions against discrimination based on gender identity and sexual orientation.”

Biden’s leftism isn’t generally recognized as a religion, but it very much is one, as can be seen all over, for instance in the transgender pronoun fantasies and hunt for heretics who dare to “misgender” a particular fantasist, and the fervor with which supporters of abortion vowed to fight against all restrictions to the practice after Roe v. Wade was overturned. But since this secular ideology is not understood to be a religion, it is not seen as an established creed in violation of the First Amendment, as it would be in a sane polity. If it were, then the solution to it would also be found in the First Amendment, in the prohibition of such an establishment, and provisions such as school lunch money being withheld from schools that refused to indulge insane gender faddism would be seen as establishing a religion and accordingly ended.

Matt Margolis #transphobia pjmedia.com

“LGBTQIA... there's so many letters, they've just added a plus at the end," he said. "That's where we are now. What's going on? So, the same movement, because if we're gonna call that one thing was let's play it fair, the same movement that said that the sex of the person you're attracted to is hardwired on the day you're born—that was the premise of the gay rights movement for it to count as a civil right—that movement is now saying that your own biological sex is totally fluid over the course of your life. You can't believe those things.”

Ramaswamy continued: “And by the way, let's think about the feminist—the women's rights movement in this country, which said there's many ways to be a woman: You can have long hair, short hair, you can have wear a skirt, you can wear jeans—now says that ‘Oh if actually, you want to behave a certain way, that means you're a man.' So I think that the hypocrisies ]go all the way down. And I'll tell you what's going on. You can't believe both of those things at the same time, if you're operating according to principles of sheer logic. But you can if you're adopting a faith—a cult-like belief system.”

Ramaswamy went on to call transgenderism a mental health disorder, which the woman was clearly not thrilled with, even though there’s no reason to believe she didn’t expect such a response from him. She appeared to want to walk out of the event, but never quite made it. But he continued by citing the stories of well-known detransitioners who are now both in their 20s who were butchered as young teens. Their lives have forever been ruined because they were led down the path of transgenderism instead of receiving the mental health treatment they should have been given.

Christian Post #conspiracy christianpost.com

More proof that wokeness is a religion

A member of the Fairfax County School Board in Virginia was sworn in earlier this week on a stack of pornographic books that have stoked outrage among parents who object to such material being used in public schools.

Karl Frisch, a Democrat who serves as vice chair on the Fairfax County School Board and has pronouns in his X bio, opted to be sworn in Wednesday for his second term on books that reportedly included The Perks Of Being A Wallflower, Lawn Boy, All Boys Aren't Blue, Gender Queer: A Memoir, and Flamer.

Frisch did not immediately respond to The Christian Post's request for comment.

Four of the books Frisch featured during the ceremony are among the top five most banned books, according to the American Library Association, and have been at the center of a political firestorm that has engulfed the largest school district in the U.S. for years.

Massresistance #conspiracy massresistance.org

We should take Chanukah’s lesson to heart. Even though the forces ruling us want to drastically change society and replace God in our lives with the secular state and ever more ruthlessly impose godless secularism on us throughout society, do not give up. The battle is not lost. Seemingly impossible circumstances can and will be overcome with God's help.

That is God’s message to all of us: If you do your part, God will do His. But you must be willing to fight back. If the Maccabees hadn't stepped up, what would have happened?

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Why I am saying Marvel is currently delivering social justice advertising is, just recently and judging by Disney's ownership and direction over the company, they have decided to make a reboot where the X-Men will be race-swapped and some of the characters will either have their sexual orientations or genders changed in order to boost their Blackrock ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) scores in which doing so shall please Larry Fink and many other shareholders that want their coffers filled in desperately.

Now don't get me wrong when anyone thinks I'm a bigot for hating the X-Men for having women or ethnically diverse characters that have already existed for 60 years (and that is counting the X-Men's cancellation in 1970 due to low sales until its revival 5 years after that) within the comic books, cartoons, videogames and even a fair share of anime. I don't really hate that fact, it is just that the social justice activists that infiltrated Marvel and Disney wanted to insert their "current day" identity politics drivel into the works of fiction along with our favourite characters, and that ruins the X-Men for who they are, strong and flawed characters with complicated backstories. They are nobody else's personal mouthpiece which Stan Lee surely did not want, even if he was alive. The X-Men already have a lot of wonderful female characters, so making a film based strictly on a third-wave feminist lens by making the team purely female is just illogical since none of the lovely ladies like Jean Grey, Ororo Munroe, Laura Howlett and Betsy Braddock should be treated like visual icons for cultural Marxism, but just characters that good-minded individuals like me can relate to.

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Usually"? No, you fucking freak. When I was 9 I remember when we'd call eachother faggot, browse 4chan and Rotten.com, and rally around someone's dad's porno mags.. Girls were averse to our antics - there was absolutely no androgyny. Never was there a question of who was what in terms of appearance and behavior.

Stop turning kids into vegan cats.

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Another tactic to create more broken homes so the government to step in to become the parent. You see, stable homes = stable people in society who can manage their own affairs with a level head. These creeps hate that, they want broken people in constant need of the government support.

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The co-founder of The Satanic Temple has been labelled ‘transphobic’ and condemned by Satanists after posing for a photograph with a gender critical anti-woke atheist.

Satanists are now calling for Lucien Greaves to be removed from his position as spokesperson for the temple for taking a photograph with former American Atheists President David Silverman.

According to trans activists in the Satanic Temple, the man he took a photo with, David Silverman, repeatedly tweets gender critical comments and is critical of transgenderism being pushed on children.

According to a report in The Atlantic "Many Satanic Temple members objected to their leader posing with such a figure.”

Additionally members began demanding he was removed from his position

“There were calls for Greaves to apologize, to cede power, to reaffirm his support for trans rights.”

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I guess it’s worth reminding everyone that these “hate crime” statistics are always fake, usually in multiple different ways. They include comments on the internet as “attacks,” they rely on self-reporting, they include any incident, even if it has nothing to do with sex/race/”gender.” The ADL is the most ridiculous with their “rising anti-Semitism” statistics. You open that up and it’s like “some Jew said he saw a post on 4chan that hurt his feelings.”

I’m not going to go look at the anti-tranny crimes in the UK. I don’t care, actually. If people were running through the streets and no-scoping trannies CS:GO style, I would not care at all. I mean, you shouldn’t kill people, that’s wrong, but if I read about it happening, I literally would not care at all, and would actually just chuckle.

I remember wiggers, and punk rock, and edgy Marilyn Manson satanism. I remember raves and glow sticks and those balloon pants.

It all seems so very innocent now.

And it doesn’t seem that long ago. It feels like we’ve rocketed from some edgy stuff and some “let them do want they want in their own bedroom” stuff into “hi, I’m your son’s teacher and he’s gay so I sent him to have his dick cut off. If you complain, you’re going to prison.”

I guess the primary change is that there is no longer any kind of metric for normalcy. No one has any idea what “normal” means. Nothing is true so anything is possible.

I regret bearing witness to all of it.

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Now we know that Trump wasn't just lightning in a bottle. To quote Ian McKellen:

A great power has been sleeping for many long years. But the coming of Trump was like the falling of small stones that starts an avalanche in the mountains.

Whatever your feelings or givings about the candidates, they are, at the very least, giving the people something they have been starved for for far too long: Purpose and hope. And the results are mirror images of the 2016 American election. Which brings me to one caveat: if the global current happenings are repetitions of what happened in the US, wouldn't that mean that next elections would be, for want of a better phrase "secure and fair" as ours was? But whatever happens, one thing is certain:

A thing is about to happen that has not happened since the Elder days. The Right Wing is going to wake up, and find that they are strong.

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Teacher speaks out against Liberal Parenting

And single motherhood, too. Both of these are bad for children, because they tend not to incorporate discipline into the children's lives and make them respect everyone around them. With no discipline, children grow up to be criminals and other kinds of bad people who harm everyone around them in various ways. When you're a bad person, you might get your life snuffed out by a cop, a vigilante, or someone else defending themselves and/or their loved ones.

Here's a study showing why conservative parenting is better than liberal parenting.

Where I found it at (MSN, a leftwing website, had it): https://archive.ph/MDYMa

The very page itself with sources in some of the links to back it up: https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/restoring-america/community-family/children-liberal-parents-suffer-mental-health-issues