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Good time to remember that the iron guard literally skinned Jewish children alive during the bucharest pogrom.

It's also a good time to remember that it wasn't just the Iron Guard (which unlike the nazis, never reached the same power of political control).

The Iron guard was even dissolved by the January 1941. In the Bucharest Pogrom abut 125 people died.

Following pogroms were more brutal (iasi pogrom killed 13266 people) and were organised by the military and police.

And yet tons of people today call Antonescu a national hero. It's disgusting.

Posted by f567:
Except they don't do it because of that. They do it because he stood up for Romania. Are you aware that the democratic government before him gave up half of Moldova without a fight. The Finns didn't do that!

The fascists came to power in Romania because they wanted to fight for Romania and they did.



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