Brandon, Vincent, michael, and gilsnapper1980 #fundie

On “Review: ‘The Croods’ Tells an Age-Old Story. Again. And Oddly.”

Brandon: Great review on the surface meaning of this movie. Howver There is a deeper aspect of social engineering that requires the average viewer to look deeper. Unforunatel There is Guy…..the light bearer, bringing knowledge, fire and a try something “new” mentality. Look up Lucifer and the description would be the same.

Disregard comment! People aren’t ready for the truth

Vincent: You got it. I was wondering if anybody else saw the obvious sun worship message in this movie. They really drilled home the message to “follow the light” and ignore your father who is only trying to protect you. Lucifer = light bearer.

michael: I noticed the sun worship message too.. Brandon i agree that people arent ready for the truth.. but its happening all around us with other movies and even music.
This is a generation long cold war on religion aimed at the our youths.

gilsnapper1980: THANK YOU BRANDON!!!!! I knew it from the beginning of the movie. The is Luciferian doctrine ans Sun worship! I am a Christian and as much as I like to hear other ppl give it Christian meaning, the movie is far from it. The first Pagan god was the Sun god, they worshiped the Sun.



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