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in regards to this article

sounds like it wasn't even "real" rape. they were both drunk, fucked, and she regretted it later. not anyones fault, just alcohol

She was unconscious when he started having sex with her. That’s not consensual.

if he was drunk then he clearly wasn't in his right mind either.
That doesn’t make it acceptable. And we don’t know if he was drunk or not.

no, it's not acceptable, but it's also not his fault alone, it's both of theirs.
so it’s her fault she was raped?

If a drunk man and a drunk woman have sex and the next day she regrets it, what, the guy raped her? That's fucking retarded.
She didn’t “regret it the next day.” He had sex with her when she was unconscious and unable to consent.

That's what she says now. But you're talking about a woman who's gross enough to cheat on her boyfriend with her "rapist" just to feel empowered. I can't honestly take anything she says seriously, and I don't understand how you can either.

But that's the new thing nowadays. "All women are innocent little flowers who should be able to have sex all they want without being called sluts, but they can also call rape every time they regret it afterwards." Honestly when are we going to stop holding people's hands and let them grow up.



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