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If homosexuality were recriminalized, this insanity wouldn't be happening. As it stands, the police (most if not all police depts. throughout the nation employ openly homosexual men and women, some even transgender) are enforcing laws protecting immoral behavior. In this case it appears that they're concerned with the possibility of civil unrest and took actions to prevent it.

Miranda Cole:
Being attracted to the same gender is not something you should be able to “criminalize.”

LOL...this coming from someone who supports the LGBT movement (i.e. the 'gaystapo') that is currently criminalizing people wanting to help those lost souls with same sex attractions to understand them and possibly even overcome them.

Miranda Cole:
There is no gaystapo. You just want people to think there is so you can create an us-vs.-them illusion because of your own personal fear and hate. You are to be pitied.

And denial isn't a river in Africa.
I often times refer to your tyrannical LGBT movement as "jack booted thugs", but 'gaystapo' is much easy to type.
BTW, "ACT-UP!" founder and defender of pedophilia Larry Kramer admitted they and early homosexual militants used tactics from Hitler's Mein Kampf.



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