usachinanukewar #fundie

Compared to Jesus, Satan is simply a chained, ferocious dog that cannot bite me, but only can bluff me. The real most horrifying Entity is Jesus Himself. Believe me. Through blood and tear, I learn this concept, that is, Jesus is Emperor and I shall never disobey Him. I’m Jesus’ darling, but I’m still His humble servant.
And tell you all what my immortal plan is, that is, once I’m immortally in Heaven, Jesus is gotta be my immortal gorgeous white “Alexander the Great”. And, I’m gotta be Jesus’ “Hephaestion”, an immortal “Hephaestion” concubine with an ass of immortal tightness. We both can go naked swimming, naked diving, naked sun-bathing, naked playing volleyball, doing everything just all naked in the Pacific island, a private island, just Jesus and I, a 2-guy world. I’m gotta be the sweetest, immortal ice-cream boy that always melts down in the arms of Jesus on His shirtless and white and sun-tan Big Chest when we hang out in the island in the Pacific. I’m Jesus’ Massage Boy, too.



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