Garrett Felender #fundie

I wanna share with you some truths tonight that you might or might not of heard before! I pray for those who can hear will hear tonight what GOD is sharing with us.

Homosexuality is actually a demon! It is a demon of homosexuality which turns people from being straight to Bisexual or Gay! The church of JESUS CHRIST must start to learn through revelations from GOD that this is actually being done to people by evil spirits.

This demon assaults the person with thoughts, imaginations and feelings leading this person to change their sexual life style.

This is an outright direct attack from satan against GOD'S creation! Against GOD'S highest creation, we men and women of earth!

You might be thinking - Garrett - People are gay because they have a gay gene in them..... You have been lied too brother and sister. That is absolutely NOT true!

The gay gene is a myth, it is a lie from satan who uses his medical professionals throughout the world to spread this lie to the general population.

You might say - Garrett - People are gay because they have chemical imbalances. Another lie from the pit of hell!

You might be thinking - Garrett - People choose to turn gay! Well, that one is partially true.... Please let me explain why it is partially true. The demonic demon who is in charge of homosexuality pushes men and women, boys and girls and compels them to turn gay! He/the demon does this by flooding the man or woman with gay thoughts, gay feelings, gay dreams, gay imaginations in their mind and compels them supernaturally pushing on them these gay thoughts and feelings.

So as a demon pushes and compels a man or woman to turn gay, that person can many times choose to say yes or no! What level they can choose to say yes or no would depend on how much grace from GOD they are getting at the time for this terrible temptation!

Do the demons have this power? OH YES THEY DO AND MUCH MUCH MORE!

I am not saying that person always has a choice, sometimes the demonic enemies over-power a person and force them to gay! To some of you reading this, you might be quite surprised that this even happens, but I tell you the truth, it does!



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