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I think this sub needs to fix their view towards the people who dislike yaoi and yuri. Why do I always get downvoted for just thinking Ike and Soren are bros, or Raven and Lucius are best friends? Seriously, it happened twice in the last day, with one concerning that manga post. Keep in mind that them being hetero is just as likely as them being homo, so stop downvoted people who think they're straight.

Probably because if you take that same relationship to opposite-sex friendships a majority of people will think they're in love, or will say that their love is subtext. It's a little unfair to see the same subtext applied to same-sex friendships in media and have people that are absolutely against those pairings. Plus, uh, disliking yaoi/yuri in general sounds pretty bad? Not liking those two ships I can understand, but if you hate all gay pairings across the board... I'm like, Little Miss Gay Ships and I have het pairings I would die on a hill for.

eah, I do dislike it in general. I have nothing against gay people or gay marriage in real life, but I've never liked gay ships in fiction, especially video games. I'm not sure why, there's just something about them I just really dislike. Plus, unless it's really obvious that a character is gay like Leon and Niles, I have a hard time seeing them. I would never, ever have guessed that there would be people who think Python and Forsyth have a romantic relationship, or Lyn and Florina. But really, should I be hated for that? Why is it "pretty bad"? Why are people allowed to make even a straight character into a gay ship, yet I get downvoted when I ship Ike with a woman? I'm not gonna dispute gay ships that are canon, but I'll argue with someone who claims a non-canon ship, gay or straight, is canon.

I mean, I'm with you on the "don't say ships are canon unless they're explicitly said to be canon" but the problem with disliking all gay ships is that it does come off as homophobic. You don't need to be overtly gay to be gay, so you are going to get backlash if you refuse to see anyone but very gay borderline parodies of gay men as gay.

Why do you people always pull the "homophobic" card? I explicitly stated I have nothing against gay marriage or people in real life. Does my preference in video game ships make me bigoted?!



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