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Catholic Bishop Thomas Tobin was attacked over his statements that homosexuality is not supported by the Catholic faith, which is true, but this is indicative of the problem with pride. Pride is not about getting society to treat people equally, that has been happening for decades, it’s about people supporting, celebrating, and assaulting anyone who questions homosexuality. Pride isn’t about love, homosexuals can celebrate love the same way anyone else can, nobody is stopping them from celebrating their relationships like everyone else, this is about mass endorsement being conflated with acceptance.

The only true difference between gays and everyone else is the physical act of their sexuality, and therefore, the only point in Pride is the celebration of that specific physical act. Pride parades are a good example of this because that act is on extreme, near pornographic display, most certainly as a way for them to “get back at the man” in typical childish fashion. The fact that television networks are pushing rainbow flags, and stores are selling children’s shirts with Pride flags on it is something I think we should all speak out against, nobody wants their young child exposed to sexual ideas, but the mob of Pride will attack you for even suggesting otherwise.

The issue with the emotional rhetoric surrounding Pride is that we aren’t having a “discussion” about homosexuality, it’s a hostage negotiation. If you aren’t waving a rainbow flag and telling your children that they should be gay you are a hateful awful monster who should be thrown in the gulag. It is time we start having the hard discussions about what is acceptable to push on children, and you’re going to have to put your foot down and accept that the unreasonable Left is going to call you names for it, but it’s unacceptable that our children are the targets of political rhetoric specifically to weaponize them against their parents.



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