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RE: Protesters Tear Down Obelisk in Santa Fe Plaza

Indigenous woman from Chihuahua: "For all that it represents, this type of monument shouldn’t exist."

More people proving they can't create anything but they can tear stuff down.

Yes, this. You know if these people were so creative they could create art and other things to put Euro's to shame. That is one of the best ways to show one's culture.

I went to a nearby large art museum with family when I was a teenager. A local wealthy family had funded an African Art room among the more normal variety of art on display. Though each rather primitive piece had glowing commentary as to the artistic value my Mom was appalled at the low quality of it. Much of it was said to be of the highest quality and from the last 50 years.

The next room was the Oriental exhibition. The section from China included several items from 600-500 BC. I'll never forget my Mother's comment upon that. "Chinese art from 2000 years ago looks about 2000 years more advanced than contemporary African art."



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