Anonymous #racist

[List of nicknames for CoViD-19]

Airborne AIDS, Ancient Chinese Secret, Asian Ailment, Asian-American Virus, Asian Contagion, Asian Microinvasion, Asiatic Alveoli Assasin, Bamboo Shoot Poops, Batbola, Bat Eating Nigger Gook Flu, Bat-Man Virus, Bat SARS, Bat Soup Boogaloo, Bat Soup Croup, Bat-Soup-in-Mouth Disease, Bat Stew Flu, Bat Su Pneumonia, Beijing Bellyaches, Beijing Bronchitis, Beijing Bug, Beijing Bung Lung, Beijing Surprise, Big Trouble from Little China, Black Pepper Death, Bolshevik Bronchitis, Boomber Entomber, Boomerpox, Boomer Remover, Brack Prague, …

[for the full long list, follow the link]



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